Posted on July 6th, 2015


These are possible cunning methods of confusing MR camp prior to the nomination date:

1..MS to suspend the SLFP membership of MR on the grounds of breach of party discipline. MS can find many reasons, including  MR’s brief appearance at the Matara rally.  Delay the convening of the disciplinary committee until after the nomination date;

  1. MS to make an announcement that the press release issued by UPFA Secretary was a unilateral decision and therefore revoke it;
  2. MS to resign from the Chairmanship of UPFA and appoint MR. A private citizen mounting a legal challenge to the change of Chairmanship;

4.MS remaining neutral during election period, but allow FCID to continue unfounded arrests or investigations;

5.MS authorizing former Treasurer of SLFP  Mr S B Nawinna ( now in the UNP camp)  to provide distorted financial details of the SLFP to Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe opening a false scandal, such as MAHINDA GATE;

6.MS to support a group of anti-Mahinda former SLFP MPs to seek nominations through UPFA  and deny MR  die hard supporters nominations.   MS loyalists to  cross over to UNP after winning the seats;

  1. MS to support a group of anti-Mahinda former SLFP MPs to mount a legal challenge against the letter issued by Mr Susil Premajantha;
  2. MS has already announced that it will a government of Sandanaya after August 17. He did not elaborate the name of the Sandanaya, is it UPFA or any other Alliance?

If any of these or similar actions are taken, it will provoke the MR supporters and could even lead to an unrest.  This is something we should avoid under any circumstances.  Leading upto the election, peace and harmony must be maintained, otherwise we will be playing into the hands of the dictator Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe.

MR camp has already postponed the scheduled rally in Anuradhapura on 9 July.  MR camp must be cautious not to promote or market UPFA and its symbol,  as there is no guarantee that MR will be able to contest under the banner.  It should also refrain of pinning any hopes that MS will participate with MR on the same stage.  This is most unlikely to eventuate

With a very short period left for the election date, it is already too late for MR camp to inform the voters the name of the party or alliance and its symboi.   Why is it so important to grab UPFA, is it the funds available in UPFA bank account that can be used for the campaign or attempting to score points over MS by grabbing UPFA?

President Maithreepala Sirisena cannot be and should not be trusted?  He is under obligation to RW/CBK, Western Allies  and diaspora and will continue to be an obedient servant, as a  former Grama Sevakaya. 

If President Mahinda Rajapkse can contest from his own party/alliance, he can recruit new team of candidates  of his own choice  with sound educational background and free of corruption and criminal records.      He can also deny nominations to well known corrupt  MPs with involvements in criminal activities.   Such an action will further enhance MR’s image and public support.


  1. Ratanapala Says:

    I am in 100% agreement. Mahinda should never fall into this trap set up by MS and his gang of traitors – within the UPFA and SLFP. It is far better for him to ‘ go for broke’ and carryout a campaign like no other in Sri Lanka history to win outright under his own steam. This way he can command the nominations as well as campaign throughout Sri Lanka without hinderance. People have seen what Yahapalanaya is and the time is just right for Mahinda and his supporters to capitalise on all the faults and frauds of the last 100 days and the rapidly deteriorating security situation in the North and in the rest of the country.

    The Western Christian powers led by US will look for every opportunity to destabilise Sri Lanka and bring about a Libya or Syria like situation. The entire country and especially the Sinhala Buddhists must be aware of this possibility.

    It would be suicidal to underestimate the capabilities of RAW and CIA!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Yes. MR needs a PLAN B.

    Now UPFA rejects to give nominations for MR supporters. What will happen is they will NOT get nominations and MR will not have steam because he will be surrounded by MARU SIRA-CBK supporters.

    IF staying within UPFA, MR should contest from GAMPAHA, KURUNEGALA, HAMBANTOTA or RATNAPURA districts where MOST of MR’s supporters are contesting. Then they can SHARE MR’s massive popularity and get into parliament.

    Plan B.

    IF Maru Sira pulls the plug on MR, he should contest from COLOMBO DISTRICT and BEAT RUN-NIL head on. MR should get PRABHA GONASON to contest from his own Tamil party ALONE in Colombo. Then he can go bashing BOTH major SINGHALA parties and get Tamil votes and REDUCE the UNP lead. IF he contests from MR’s party, he will not get votes.

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    Sirisena is doing all the dirty work for the very people who tried to derail Sri Lanka’s victory over Tiger terrorists. Since coming to power he has made many illegal decisions as exposed by almost all the neutral intellectuals, who suppored Sirisena initially. He and Ranil has so far managed only to bring most development projects to a grinding halt and reverse the country’s economic development. Also, Sirisena seems to be mortally scared of Chandrika and it would be good to find out why.
    Sirisena might be doing all this dirty work imagining he would get the Nobel Peace Prize for pleasing the US, but I believe it would be shared between Ranil and Chandrika and Sirisena dumped to where he came from.
    Looking at the corruption and nepotism allowed to happen under his nose and then shamelessly sabotaging the Central Bank Bond issue debate, we cant trust Sirisena on anything. Not even the promised nomination of Rajapakse, without the permission of his boss Chandrika.

  4. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    It is a fundamental axiom in politics that you don’t give the fox authority over the hen house, and Mahinda does not seem to understand the danger he is in if he allows Maithripala – who is controlled by the UNP and the West – to be the leader or have ANY authority over Mahinda’s campaign to get a majority in Parliament. Mahinda needs absolute control over who gets nominated and where they will contest from, who will be the organizers, and control of the MONEY and messaging that will ultimately secure victory. With Maithripala as head of UPFA, Mahinda does not have control of any of these things, and it is a sure bet that while he may win his seat he will fall short of a majority in Parliament with Maithripala undermining every one of his moves and ultimately betraying him in the end with the same 30 traitor SLFP MPs that are currently enabling Ranil and the UNP to impose minority-rule.

    It is time to send Maithripala, the UNP, and US a clear message that Mahinda will control his own campaign, not them, and he will defeat any SLFP defector to the UNP or SLFP traitor in August to secure a majority.

    Bring on the BUDDING FLOWER!

  5. janakic Says:

    Unfortunately Mr. Sirisena cannot be trusted. As per Mr. Dissanayake’s article there are many ways Mahinda can be betrayed. It is too late for Mahinda to take another course of action. Yet UPFA needs to be prepared to submit nominations with Mahinda from another party if required.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    Still it is BETTER for MR to contest from ESTABLISHED UPFA.

    That is why he tried HARD to do so. He is an experienced politician.

    BUT IF Maru Sira starts playing dirty games then MR will have to have a OWN party. WW’s NFF is a good party for MR to contest from.

  7. Ratanapala Says:

    If Mahinda R comes from UPFA he will have to rub shoulders with Ooru Kata Rajitha. What a shame that would be! He will not have the freedom to give nominations to his trusted supporters. Now they are trying to exclude Prasanna.

    Honda honda sellam elivena jameta!

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