The Horapalanaya Modayas
Posted on July 7th, 2015

 By S B Lokuge

Yet another idiot from the horapalanaya has come up with an absurd allegation that President Mahida Rajapaksa has ordered breakfast from the Hilton worth Rs  9.4 million and has not paid the bill. First the traitor MY3 said Mahinda ordered a luxury plane for US16 million. Then Avamangala told Rajapaksas stole US 18 billion from the country. These idiots have no clue how many breakfasts can be bought for Rs 9.4 million or a luxury plane can be bought for US 16 million and how much US 18 billion is. No wonder the economy is ruined when idiots like them control it.

This is a good sign for the country. The horapalanaya crooks are panicing because the Nugegoda man is coming back. They have nothing to show in nearly six months of confusion. The governor of CB has committed the biggest fraud in the history of the country. The finance minister was absconding when he was due in courts. The traitor had to dissolve the parliament to save Ranil and his ministers from the no confidence motions. The economy is in ruins.

So what can the modays do? They keep on sling mud at Mahinda hoping some will stick. Some people believed those yarns and voted Mahinda out In January. Will the people fall for them again? The illegal government sought help from US and India to bring back the  wealth of the Rajapaksas allegedly  hidden overseas. But so far they have failed to prove a single instance of fraud.

4 Responses to “The Horapalanaya Modayas”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    What the MR camp should do is DO THE SAME THING.

    Within 150 days UNP has robbed even more. TELL THESE to the people.

  2. ranjit Says:


    King of liars trophy will goes to UNP mudslingers.

    King of corruption trophy goes to UNP Ali Baba and 40 thieves.

    The best story telling trophy goes to UNP gays & Pimps.

    The best story making trophy goes to UNP traitors.

    Pacha Bahu trophy goes to Kiriella for his remarks in Kandy.

    The best loser’s trophy goes to Ranil (on his 29th defeat)

    The best coup plotter award goes to Choura Regina.

    The worst traitor to the land award goes to Maru Sira.

    TODAY MOST OF THE AWARDS WAS WON BY UNP AND THEIR LOKA PACHA TEAM. Citizens be aware of evil schemes,plans and their long list of PACHA stories created by themselves to deceive the people of this country. Pretenders,Liars and Anti Sinhalese elements in this treacherous UNP party should be exposed and chased out from politics in the next General election. United we win divided we lose.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    These traitor thieves can’t keep streets in Colombo clean for a day. How can they run an economy?

    Corruption and treachery!That’s what these thieves were good at then. That’s what thieves are good at now. Keep them in power for 500
    years they will take the country back 500 years. Also don’t forget the thieves will divide the country into 3 to please
    2 sets of foreigners! You have a choice traitor Sinhalese who think it is fashionable to supoort these out and out
    traitor party. It is in their name! Unpatritoic Party! Get it stupid Sinhalese supporters of these traitors?

  4. Sarath W Says:

    This absurd allegation came from that idiot Nalin Bandara who is panicking because Mahinda is tipped contest from Kurunagalka district. This modaya assumes we are all bigger modayas than him. Lot of people believed these allegations before the presidential elections and voted against Mahinda. Now they must be furious that these modayas keep on doing it without any proof.

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