What really happened on Jan 8th 2015
Posted on July 7th, 2015

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara. President Mahanuwara Senior Citizens Movement 8.7.2015.

In certain political circles and NGOO and some Civil Organizations funded by sinister foreign forces and urban based anti SLFP forces who have no vote base but who think they are the King makers and who even claim paternity to the Jan 8th change, now a days, it has become a fashion to say that there was a political revolution in this country on Jan 8th. This displays not only their ignorance of the concept of revolution or their inability to comprehend what really happened on Jan 8th   or their refusal to accept the real modus operandi behind this sinister coupe. Sometimes they may be doing this just as the tortoise hiding itself under its shell. Since there was only a change of the President and there was no major change of Government or the policies of governance, I do not know whether it could be called a ‘revolution’ by any means within the generally accepted meaning of the word revolution in political parlance. Neither a forcible overthrow of a government or a social order took place on that date. Therefore in my opinion it is silly to call Jan 8th a political or social revolution.

Leaving that apart talking about the Jan 8th ‘Revolution’ I would call the change as the result of a disgraceful coup d’e tat by the Western powers, India and all anti Sinhala anti Buddhist unpatriotic forces at Home spearheaded and manipulated by Chandrikka, of course on reasons of personal vendetta, to overthrow Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Sinhala Buddhist majority Government. To me it is as simple as that. If someone has called what happened in 1956 a political and social revolution, definitely I would have agreed, but never this.

What really happened on that day in my opinion was only a change of the man who held the post of President in this country. In other words the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa an acclaimed nationalist leader was replaced by Maitipala Sirisena one of his own Party men and Party Secretary who fell prey to anti national and anti Sri Lankan forces, invariably persuaded by Chandrika and personal grievances, that have been simmering within him for a long time. As far as an ordinary man can see, finally what happened as a result of these personal and exogenous interests and conflicts was only a transfer of Presidential powers from one person to another and a windfall for the UNP that had gathered rust and dust for 21 years under the weak and in-effective leadership of Ranil wickramasingha and few of his handpicked favorites who does not have their feet on ground. But for a prudent one it means much more than that. There appears to be wheels within wheels and a world of master conspiracies of both national and international, behind it.

What really happened on that day in any case cannot be termed a victory for the masses. Though stunning, it is only a temporary defeat for the patriotic forces in the hands of well organized unpatriotic and anti national and anti Sri Lankan forces both at Home and abroad, more especially for the Sinhala Buddhists who will rise from the ashes again like a phoenix in no time under the command of an unassailable and strong Sinhala Buddhist leader as it had happened throughout the past 2500 years in this Island.

On the other hand this so-called change is definitely a victory for the minorities who are trying always to fish in trouble waters. An analysis of Janu 8th results clearly shows this position. Although a major portion of the 62.2 million votes polled by President Sirisena came from the UNP vote base, say around a conservative 4 m votes, aroused to make Ranil, the master loser in Sri Lankan elections, the Prime Minister, on the back of Sirisena,s victory, the critical factor of his victory was the minority vote, especially the Tamil and Muslim substantiated partly by the three components, JVP, JHU (determined to defeat MR) and the new votes. It also included a sizable anti Rajapaksa SLFP vote that was determined to punish him for misdoings of his Government and some of its members, both in Parliament and Provincial and Pradesiya levels, during the last lap of his Government (2010-2015) and alleged arrogance and family rule

People also know that the President thereafter changed the Prime Minister.  He appointed Ranil as new Prime Minister obviously who did not command the majority in Parliament and a Cabinet of ministers even by violating the Constitution of the Republic as he did so without first removing the then Prime Minister. The next crucial question is whether there was a legitimate and a real defeat of the then existing Government as a result of that election. The answer is a very big NO as that election did not affect the strength of the party positions in Parliament. Therefore strength of the then Government still remains in the opposition. Even the Speaker and the Deputy of the same Government continues. It is as simple as that. What we have today is an unconstitutionally constituted illegal and minority Government the architects of which will have to pay a severe tall the day they get ousted. Since the then Prime Minister has not legally ceased to be PM as provided under Sec 47 the question arises as to whether the appointment of Ranil as PM and other Ministers to the Cabinet thereafter are legally and constitutionally valid may be queried one day.

The other major changes like abolishing the Executive Presidency, changing the voting system, depoliticizing public service and many others were also not done. But of course promises never made like giving land to estate Tamils, Presidential pardon for criminal like a Tamil woman who vandalized Sigigiri gafiti even with providing employment under the Government and releasing thousands of state lands in the north and east threatening the even national security etc were hastily done for political expediency. Are these the type of changes the pro-Government agents are afraid of losing if a real change takes place on the 17th under MR? Or is it a resurgence and awakening of the national feeling and patriotism in this country under MR that these forces are afraid of. Or do they want the LTTE back at home, or the North and East to be made one District again? Or a separate Kingdom for Muslims in the South Eastern part of Sri Lanka and a Malayasnadu for Digambaran and Kandurat Janata Party on the central Hills and throw the Kandyan Peasants who protected this country for 350 years fighting against western invaders, to the Indian Ocean? These are the most pertinent questions all Sinhalese people of this country should ask all politicians ON THE 17TH OF JULY, whether they are UNP, SLFP, JVP or JHU.


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    Dr. Suddath, do not get offended, your last paragraph is wishful thinking! Why do every Article writer and comment writer do not mention the This disgraceful Punk the election Commissioner? My answer: they have been threatened. If there was no ballot stuffing and Computer stopping and restarting; how can the election be won.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    I agree with Lankaputhra. It is wishful thinking. It will NEVER happen.

    First of all NO Tamil or Muslim will EVER think of SL as their country. For them SL is a HOST to a parasite. Suck as much blood as they can and crap on it.

    Then there are traditional UNP families. They don’t care what happens to SL. They want SL to be like another Philippines. POOR but pro-western to the hilt.

    ONLY the PATRIOTS will stand by SL. And patriots CANNOT stand with parasites and poodles. TRUTH to be told in PLAIN English.

  3. charithsls Says:

    There seems to be trouble brewing with MS giving conditions to MR not to claim PM post. Best thing would be MR to contest separately.Then I hope MR will join forces with BBS & JHU. Sailor Wijemuni is going to contest from BJP.MR can win only with Sinhala Buddhists votes & that should not be divided at any cost.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Singhala Buddhist votes are WIDELY divided. Very bad but true.

    UNP, UPFA, BJP (BBS’s party), JVP, JHU (with a funny name). SF will also come from some party.

    NOW MR’s strategy should be to WIPE the others out totally in the votes battle. RIDICULE them and CLAIM he and GR did MOST to win the war. Say that they face war crimes BS charges because they are the TRUE heroes who WON the war.

  5. charithsls Says:

    True Lorenzo, Buddhists’ votes are divided so what is the best solution, at least theory wise, to unite. That’s why I’ve been telling MR should think out of box to unite these forces; if Chandrika Ranil Ravi etc can be bedfellows why MR not with Ven Ratna, Champika BBS etc? Even SF. Look at Ranatunga, now in UNP.

  6. Ratanapala Says:

    I agree with Lorenzo. Mahinda Rajapakse must go for broke this time. This time it is now or never. It is a question of whether Sri Lanka will remain as a Sinhala Buddhist country or go down as another Philippines with a new flag and a new national anthem.

    Mahinda shouldn’t wait any longer. He needs to come an lead from the front and not peep from a parapet wall like he did at Matara. Otherwise the separatists like Vasudeva Nanayakkara who became a hero by uttering filth in the parliament will begin to call the shots. People are waiting for Mahinda and now he must make his entry.

    Mahinda must conduct an election campaign as no other – go right down to the grass roots level and get the ordinary folks to vote for him. Already he has waited too long. If he doesn’t make his move now he better not mislead the people who are wanting to see him return to power.

    Mao Ze Dong made the Long March by leading from the front and not by sitting couched up in a cave. Marshall Stalin led from the front never even thinking of leaving Moscow, even when the Nazis were only a few kilometres from Moscow. That is how true leaders lead.

    Meda Mulane hitiya athi – Danwath Wedikawata Enna Aluth Pakshayakin! Naththan Mawbima anathure!

  7. ranjit Says:

    I agree with Rathnapala completely. Mahinda should come out and say loud and clearly his stand in the next General election. We sincerely likes him to come alone without going after Maru Sira because a person who broke the trust before cannot be trusted again. Sira/Choura the evil two is not a match for Mahinda. Those two are not popular and do not have any backing from the majority of the people in this country. Sira came to power by pure luck. Choura came back to take personal revenge from Mahinda with the assistance of foreign Mafia. She is a foreign agent who has come back not to unite but to divide the Sinhalese. A corrupt woman with no shame for anything. MR should not fall in to Sira/Choura trap by agreeing to their demands. As a experience politician he should take his own decisions and face the election without fear. Citizens who love this motherland are waiting anxiously to hear from this great man without delay to prepare for the great battle with treacherous UNP traitors. VOTE FOR MAHINDA IF YOU LOVE YOUR MOTHERLAND.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Charithsls and Ratanapala,

    It is like RE-ENGINEERING the MR team (which I have been telling BEFORE 2015). DROP the JUNK BAGGAGE and leave ONLY the useful hardcore patriots.

    DROP RAJIVA who is also a UNP+LIBERAL.
    DROP SAJIN and other Christian IN-LAWS. They cannot bring votes.

    DROP RATANA and CHAMPIKA. They cannot be trusted. DESTROY them in the campaign. To do that PROMISE TO SCRAP 13 amendment. ALL other fake “patriots” will be shell shocked because they cannot match this promise.

    Get GR to contest. Get Karannagoda. Get Weerasekera. Get Daya Ratnayaka. Get VEN ELLAWALA MEDHANANDA.

  9. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    MR should contest without agreeing to maru sira’s conditions. Maru sira is dithering because traitor catholic
    chief gb rw must be threatening him. So maru sira keep dithering. MR should form a new party, take his loyalists
    from SLFP to save Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism. Sri Lanka in grave danger from these Unpatriotic Party (UNP)

    Catholic chief knows whatever he does, there are a lot pea-brained Sinhalese who think it is fashionable to be
    Unpatritoic Party (UNP) supporters, will vote for him. MR should come out and show their true colours, how treacherous
    the UnPatriotic Party (UNP) is. He can show numerous examples. For a start thambi mudiyanselage alugosu (to Sinhalese
    youth only) putting foundations to divide the country by introducing 13, 13A to central bank robbery by catholic traitor
    chief’s catholic buddy mahendran. Show the damage done 100+ days.

    All the media support the Unpatritoic party (UNP).
    But you can print million leaflets and and distribute in the country to let the people know. There are a lot of skeltons in
    the traitors’ cupboards. Show the country their treacherous acts! No developments! Revenge and corruption! That’s all they ever done. This is what they are doing now! This is gb rw’s yamapalanaya indeed.

  10. NAK Says:

    Dr.What really happened on the 8 Jan was Ranil Chandrika and Sirisena got bagsful of dollars.The rest are just the bonuses

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