Why Mahinda  Rajapaksa should be elected as the Prime Minister by the people of this country at the next Election on August 17?
Posted on July 9th, 2015

Dr Sudath Gunasekara (SLAS) Former Secretary to Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike and President Senior Citizens Movement Mahanuwara 8.July. 2015.

  • He is the natural Leader ‘par-excellence’ of the SLFP therefore only he can protect it
  • Maitripala Sirisena is not the Leader of the SLFP or even a member as he has already deserted the Party for good on Jan 8th 2015
  • MR is the only leader who never left the SLFP
  • He is the Iron Leader who defeated the LTTE and who can keep minorities in their place
  • He is the only proven Sinhala Buddhist Leader who can stand against all External pressure and defend the Nation                                    
  • He is the most loved and trusted Leader of the people of this country
  • To rescue SLFP from Chandrika’s malefic influence as Chanrikka kelinne okkoma Pissu” as Sirimavo often said in 1994.
  • He was the Future SLFP Leader named by Sirimavo Bandaranaike
  • He is the Leader loved by the Mahasangha-the traditional Guardian deities of this Nation
  • There is no other living leader who can even hold a candle to him  neither in ability or capacity who could protect the holy Trinity, Rata, Deya and Samaya and make this country a peaceful and Prosperous land where all can live happily
  • As the country will definitely return to pre-2009 situation if the country goes to Ranil and as MR is the only leader who can prevent it


Looking at how the current political climate in this country is taking shape to the utter dismay and disadvantage of this Island nation today what the country needs is an unassailable, fearless and patriotic Sinhala Buddhist leader who can withstand against all divisive and satanic forces acting against the nation, both at Home and abroad and who can save the Sinhala deepa and the Sinhala nation from imminent disaster. To my mind Mahinda Rajapaksa is the only national leader who has proved his mettle in all these feilds. Foremost among his achievements is defeating the LTTE known as the cruelest and the most dangerous terrorist movement in the world. It was described as the most invincible and undefeatable terrorist outfit in the world. But Mahinda defeated it. Next how he resisted the pressure from the mighty West and the Indian giant was remarkable.In this respect I can only of Fidel Castro who withstood against the American giant albeit the fact that his country was positioned right at the door step of the American goliath. Equally plausible was the way MR handled the minorities in this country. Besides, he is also the only leader who can effectively mobilize the whole nation with his common touch and down to earth approach in politics.

Going by past experience, unless someone is blind, either by birth or due to blind political servility he/she would have realized that neither Ranil nor any other party leader can be compared with this uncommon village leader with a common touch. His outstanding charisma, colossal personality and public appeal cannot be matched by any other leader. His love for the country, dedication and commitment to service to people and the wealth of experience he has in store from 45 years in politics and what he has learned from past mistakes would definitely make him a perfect leader who will never fall in to the same pit during day time he once fell when it was night.

In the light of dangerous developments taking place in Sri Lankan politics at the moment after Jan 8 there is an alarming and crying need to immediately start a major rescue operation in this country under the leadership of an unassailable patriotic leader, who could mobilize the masses led by the yellow robed guardian deities (Jatiye muradevatavo) as it has always happened at times of crisis of this nature in the history of this country. MR would be the ideal national leader to deploy this major rescue operation. Such a leader should also be able to mobilize the patriotic rural masses spread throughout this country. The only man whom I can think of for this herculean task is none other than Mahinda Rajapaksa at the moment. It is true that he too has had excesses and committed many mistakes in the second spell (may be due to lack of correct advice, ill advice or not heeding to good advice) of his office for which he has already paid the toll dearly at the last Presidential election.

But I don’t think anyone could have the slightest doubt about his bona fides with regard to the love for this country or his dedication to his religion. People of this country should never forget that he comes from Magama, the birth place of our revered King of Kings –Dutugemunu. I have no doubt he must have learnt a good lesson from his past mistakes so that he will never repeat such follies again. None can rob him of the name and the fame he has earned by defeating the LTTE in 2009. Not even his bitterest political enemy I think could say that it was not an epic victory. It was he who brought peace at last to this country after three decades of terror and death and destruction. As far as I see he has no peer in this regard among the present day political leaders and undoubtedly he stands in par with ancient war hero Kings of this nation. It has already become an indelible part of the history of this nation to be inscribed tomorrow in golden letters in that Great Chronicle-Mahawansa.

With his departure from the seats of power on Jan 8th it appears as if a return to the pre 2009 situation is in the offing due to the policies of the present regime. The Satan is already at the door step. There is no time left any more for us to think. The need of the hour to save this nation from this imminent crisis is a true Sinhala Buddhist Iron leader. None of the national parties at present have a leader who could fill this vacuum. The UNP (Unpatriotic Party) as many people call it is packed with rootless men and women whose love for the country is highly questionable, particularly at the higher echelons. The SLFP that was started as a real Sri Lankan political party today is being driven along a blind alley to its doom by Chandrika and Maitripala to a no return situation paving the way for a minority dominated UNP Government, orchestrated by the West and India.

The Hela Urumaya today has become a Hela Karumaya and the JVP outfit eternally locked in within the fossilized skulls of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky on the other hand do not understand whether they are standing on their heads or feet, has become a virtual political dud check confined to mere political rhetoric fired by jealousy, hate  and class struggle. So in my opinion the only salvation left for Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka today is a new coalition of all patriotic and progressive forces led by Mahinda Rajapaksa, the acclaimed leader of the majority of this country. Therefore I suggest the patriotic forces who love this country to form a National Patriotic Front immediately under the leadership of MR with pro- MR SLFP MPP as the core group, and form a grand coalition like the MEP formed in 1956 under SWRD and begin this Great National Rescue Operation immediately without going with the begging bowl to Maitripala. I also would suggest that patriotic groups like Bodu Bala Sena also throw their full weight to mobilize the masses to support this new coalition against the common enemy that is the UNP led anti national front without trying to field their own candidates which will only benefit the UNP. I have no doubt Mahinda can mobilize the majority of Provincial and Divisional level Councilors under his able leadership within hours.

The new coalition thereafter must immediately launch an aggressive nationwide village to village, house to house and heart to heart awareness programme to educate the masses of the imminent dangers before them and the crying need to rise in unison to save the country as the noblest mission in their life. Let the campaign knock at each and every door in this country, touch each and every heart,  let no stone left unturned and let no gun is silenced until you finally win the war.

Thereafter Maitripala and Chandrika together can perform the grand burial rituals of the old SLFP along with their vanity. The tragedy staged by Chandrika in the present context has once again proved what that Great Lady Sirimavo Bandaranaike told me several times when I was her Ministry Secretary Sudath Chandrika kelinne okkoma pissu, man kiyana kisi deyak ahanne ne”. I think now she has definitely reached the climax of what her mother, who knew her daughter better than any other, said then.  I only feel sorry for MS who has become a victim of her pissukeli?

My best advise to her is please ‘stop further damage to that Great Party founded by that Great uncommon man of that generation, your father, and nurtured and protected by another more uncommon Great woman, your mother, both of whom entered history as two most uncommon leaders in world history. SLFP is the Political party of the common man and the common woman in this country that has brought about recognition and opportunities unseen and unheard before by them and bestowed enormous blessings, particularly to the underprivileged and the neglected rural folk in this country through the political and socio-cultural revolution launched in 1956 by those great Statesmen like SWRD and Philip Gunawardhana supported by many other patriotic forces and social leaders and the’ pachamaha balavegaya of Sanga,veda,guru and govi kamkaru’,  the five pillars of our social system, as it was popularly called then. SLFP is the people’s political party that freed the common people from the bondages and shackles of feudal social system under the then ruling UNP. It is also the Party that opened new vistas of social opportunities for the common man that would have remained day dreams for them under the UNP. Of course the present day generation may not know this. But that is the hard fact of history of Party politics in this country.

Now having said this finally, I appeal to all patriotic people to rise above party politics, forget your outdated and outmoded conservative or emotional commitments and blind allegiance  to your traditional parties and bury the UNP, SLFP or JVP hatchets and rally round this core issue of rescuing your beloved motherland and the nation from the dangers of imminent extinction caused by the blunders of the architects of the Great Jan 8th conspiracy. Put the Rata, Jatiya saha Sasanaya before everything else and pray for the safety, protection and the future of the above. Hell with the divisive and devastating political parties introduced by the colonial West to destroy our country and our national unity and which in fact have done so for the past 67 years.  In this instance I would like to remind you the famous Sinhala saying ‘ tella bedimnta bellak tiyenta one’ Likewise first you need to have a country to practice your political ideology.

Also I call upon you to defeat all corrupt, unpatriotic and selfish politicians and those who sell and betray the country and the nation for the sake of few minority votes, especially in the hill country, at the forthcoming election on 17th August . Also make this election the turning point to discard and reject Magodis genre and communal politics.

Make a bold and determination and a firm resolution and a vow too to make August 17 the Historic Liberation Day for the Sinhala Buddhist Nation of Sri Lanka. Let it be the day we make our Independence Complete and also mark that day as the first step of our march towards restoring this country back to the pristine golden era of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura by electing Mahinda Rajapasa and his team on August 17th 2015.

Jayatu Jayatu Lanka! May the Blessings of the Triple Gem be with you!

12 Responses to “Why Mahinda  Rajapaksa should be elected as the Prime Minister by the people of this country at the next Election on August 17?”

  1. Independent Says:

    Mr. Paskaralingem- a Yahaplanya Winner

    Details Created on Thursday, 09 July 2015 17:43 Category: General

    The 79 year old Mr Paskaralingam known to many as Paski was brought out of retirement much to the surprise of everyone and Appointed as an Advisor to the Ministry of Policy Planning and Economic Affairs ( that is what the card he gives people says) . The Prime Minister is the Minister in charge of the Ministry of Policy Panning and Economic Affairs. Most of the major Chinese Indian projects

    ( water, roads and building construction) were put on hold by the Yahapalanaya government claiming they were against national interest. Mr. Paskaralingem who was known to abuse his authority using President Premadasa’s name and was well connected to many business houses, made a hurried exit when President Premadasa died. He re-appeared during the UNF period and disappeared again. He has come back again to continue from where he has started. Mr Paski has had the time of his life approving many of the Chinese Projects that were said to be uneconomical. The Central High Way and Southern expressway extension up to Hambanthota was all approved in record time by Paski to beat the election deadline. Why? It is alleged that Mr. Paski is hand in glove with MCC a Chinese Company and NEM a local company owned by a wheeler-dealer. The Administrative Service is up in arms that Mr. Paskaralingem is not following the due process and with the Prime Minister for undermining the public servants by appointing people like Mr. Paski to run their ministries and departments. It was only weeks ago we highlighted Mr Paski’s involvement in the Maize imports.

    Good Governance Activist

  2. Christie Says:

    මහින්දව මන්තිරියෙකු ලෙස පත්කරගත යුතුය. දෙවනුව අගමැතිකලයුතුය. තෙවනුව 2/3කෙන් මයිත්තිරි අයින් කර ජනපති කලයුතුය.
    සින්හලයිනි ඉන්දියානු අදිරදයට එරෙහිව නැගී සිටුමු.

  3. ranjit Says:

    I hope stupid Sinhalese will not fall in to the same trap again by voting UNP traitors back to form the Govt on Aug 17th. These UNP foreign paid servants are using the same tactics calling Mahinda and S.L.F.P. “HORA,HORA” again to deceive the voter. People should not buy their bogus promises or bogus claims telling the voter all the bullshit stories without any proof. Within five months these UNP traitors have robbed more than any other Govt in the past including the Bond scam. Cut outs all over the place,new appointments were given to their kith and kin with high salaries, Ministers and their families have spent millions on foreign trips within this five months, Spreading lies about Mahinda and his Govt without any evidence or proof, Distribute Gifts although it is prohibited during the election time. They break all the laws while put the blame on others.

    People must chose between Good,Bad and Ugly (Mahinda/Ranil/Choura) Most ugliest of them all is Maru Sira because his words changes in every hour of the day. Nobody knows which side he is supporting. Before he preach others he must preach his own siblings because they are all one way or the other involved in illegal businesses. One of them is a Casino King and another one was King of Sand. People should study these carefully and think who will be a better person and whom we can trust more than anybody? Mahinda has already proved that he is a better person than others not once but twice. Ranil was a failure twice and he was defeated 29 times in elections and he is a western Agent who has no love whatsoever to my Motherland. All his Ministers are inexperience and some are more corrupt than any other politicians in this country. Sira won the election by a coup not by popular vote. It’s a well known fact.Someday it should be investigated to know the truth behind Jan 8th coup.

    I hope majority Sinhalese will rally around Mahinda and bring him to power to save our Motherland before Sira/Chandrika/Ranil the evil trio sell our Motherland to foreigners and break it in to pieces. Do not believe UNP bogus promises.They didn’t do anything during the last five months except reducing the Gas price.They are cheaters,Corrupt,Mudslingers,Inexperience,Uneducated Gays and Christians who works for American and Indian Parasites. If they come to power the Sinhalese have to jump in to the sea because all the lands and power will be distributed among Tamils and Muslims thru the pressure by western Govts and Indian parasites. Help to save our race,Religion and the motherland by voting Mahinda on Aug 17th. It’s our duty and appreciation for the man who saved our beloved country from LTTE terrorism.

  4. Sarath W Says:

    The learned doctor has given enough reasons why we should elect Mahinda, first as a MP, then PM and finally as head of state. It is up to the UPLF members to go on the front foot and tell the masses all these reasons. We should not worry about modi Chandrika any more. Although she said she will also contest if Mahinda is given the nominations she has run away knowing very well she will even loose the deposit if she does. Tell the masses what Mrs B told about her, “Chandrika Kellinne okkoma pissu”. I hope she has left the country this time for the good.

    This time the UPLF must select good candidates for the north and the east and educate the Tamils and the Muslims that they can have all their rights only if they join hands with the Sinhalese. Show them how their leaders have deceived them for 67 years and enjoyed all the benefits for themselves. The diaspora is looking after their interest only, by stirring up trouble so they can get their citizenship in western countries.

    This election campaign must be well plan, stick to the facts given by the doctor, talk about the good that Mahinda has done for the country, the lies and mud slinging by the Horapalanaya crooks, and the damage done to the economy and national security.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    holy Trinity, Rata, Deya and Samaya and make this country a peaceful and Prosperous land where all can live ( since 1948 to 2009 tried & failed) happily-

    SO Our Nalai pirakkum TE day dream (Tomorrow We get TE) not dead yet !!!

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    “I hope stupid Sinhalese will not fall in to the same trap again by voting UNP traitors back to form the Govt on Aug 17th. ”

    I too hope.

    But for that MR should take up SINGHALA interests. He must say he is going to SCRAP 13 amendment that makes racists like Vigneswaran, etc.

    Otherwise people DO NOT see much difference between MR and Karu, Sajith.

    No point blaming voters. Voter are always right.

    I sincerely hope MR will promise to get rid of this dangerous 13 amendment dirt at least this time and win 2/3 again.


    Lorenzo, lets look at this in a practical and a strategic manner. If MR goes to scrap 13th then there will be ripples in India. But if he abolishes 19th and gradually go back to the original constitution, then he can gradually remove the executive powers and pass them to the parliament then in my opinion at least it will work. 18th must be as is. MR must ask the people using a call in show what they want then use that to cove out a clear path.

    What went wrong with the Malwatte Mahanayake?? (ref Daily News) He is asking the people not vote for MR?? You brought in Parmadase’s sons name, now what about the MRRKALA money gets from Sweden?

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    If MR goes to scrap 13th then there will be ripples in India. !!! Big Brother, ya no one can touch except We-Demila (kicked out IPKF from Mother Lanka) .


    SA Kumar (Hela demala, You put it and not me) We can live together Sinhala and Tamil but first, bot must be taught at elementary school that they are NOT TAMIL NADU TAMILS. They are Sri Lankan Tamils. An example; there is a community living below Trinkomalee, they speak and live like Portuguese, they are dark skinned and looks like Tamils. Their schools only teach Portuguese.

  10. Nimal Fernando Says:

    [” I sincerely hope MR will promise to get rid of this dangerous
    13 amendment dirt at least this time and win 2/3 again.” ]

    Precisely, Sir … I hope so too …. For the nation to be clean again.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    LANKAPUTHRA – We are not Sri Lankan Tamils, never will be We are Hela Demila (Eelath Thamilan -in Tamil) .
    Sorry puthra We both community live last 2,500 years also will live 2,500 years or more in mother lanka but We never live together and will not .
    when ever invader come to Mother We both community fight together to get rid off (eg : IPKF) them than We fight each other what a funny Modaya & Sakkiliya community We are !!!!

  12. Sooriarachi Says:

    We cannot blame the voters if they get swayed by the amazing campaign against the nations interest by parties affiliated to Ranil’s UNP.
    Latest news is that the EU has approved 1.2million Euros to fund the election campaign on the pretext of educating the people. We know Sri Lankan people have been exercising their franchise since 1930s and they do not need such education. However, being economically disadvantaged, many might accept bribes to vote against Rajapakse. This is the only “education” the 1.2million Euro might provide, as I see it. In fact parties like JHU too seem to have capitulated to these benefits and have joined the UNP stating they want to protect good governance. What a joke! Are acts such as sacking a Chief justice unconstitutionally, appointing a Prime Minister from a minority party, appointing relatives to high positions, dissolving the government a day before tabling the report on the Central Bank Bond scam as well as debating the no confidence motions against Ranil and Ravi, good governance? Unfortunately, unless the people are correctly educated, those who can influence people with bribes and control the media to manufacture false propaganda, might prevent Rajapakse’s return. That’s bad luck for the sovereignty and economic development of the nation. Having fought and protected the nation from invaders from South India and Europe and then defeated the recent terrorist movements, Sri Lanka is now pushed to the wall by its enemies. Pathetically even, the proud history of the Sinhala nation might also be muddied, twisted and mauled with an imaginary recently invented history, like our friend SA Kumar has commented above.

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