STOP nominating people-rejected politicians re-entering Parliament through National List
Posted on July 17th, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

If the sovereignty of Sri Lanka is inalienable and lies in the People that a set of people are brought into Parliament given strategic portfolios is a violation of that franchise. This is one argument to do away with the National List. Given that this request is nothing any party would agree to, the next argument is that if selection by National List is to continue political parties must ensure that they stop nominating people-rejected ex-politicians and those the people are unlikely to even vote for back into Parliament to be given strategic portfolios through the national list. Let us remind politicians that the basis for introducing people on the National List was to enable people who were distinguished, had academic qualifications, learned into the decision making process who would do a service to the nation. Looking at some of the names in the lists drawn up by both political parties we have to wonder what academic, learning or quality they have offered in the past and are likely to in the future! People-rejected politicians cannot be allowed to enter Parliament from the backdoor and thereafter jump from one camp to the other destabalizing the country.

Politicians nominated by UPFA: Other than Tissa Attanayake who crossed from UNP all the 6 former politicians mentioned below nominated by UPFA as national list have crossed over and accepted portfolios under yahapalana government with one returning to the UPFA. It questions why such people have been nominated

Generally the first 8-10 can secure placement from the national list which means 4 of the 10 are those who are not loyal to the UPFA but had crossed over to Yahapalana government for perks & privileges.

In fact taking the entire 29 list into account

  • A H M Fowzie – crossed over to UNP
  • Sarath Amunugama – crossed over to UNP
  • Tissa Attanayaka – crossed over from UNP to UPFA
  • Dilan Perera – crossed over to UNP by returned to UPFA
  • Reginold Cooray – crossed over to UNP
  • Jeewan Kumaratunga – crossed over to UNP
  • Faizer Mustafer – crossed over to UNP

Note: Prof. G L Peiris/Rajiva Wijesinghe/Dew Gunasekera/Tissa Witarana have always been nominated via National List.

Politicians nominated by UNP:

The first person nominated by UNP is virtually a businessmen and his name has been associated with many controversial issues including the present bond scam. A large number on the list have contested elections and know that they are unlikely to get the people’s mandate at any future elections. While the architect of the 19th amendment draft is also included which also raises how far clauses were national or what suited a political party only. There are 2 Buddhist monks both from a coalition party as well as controversial ethnic minority politicians whose racism has made national headlines over the years. So these lists again contests the quality of people being nominated and likely to enter parliament through the back door to not provide any service to the nation. We have to also wonder if no. 21 on the list is a former LTTE leader’s widow whose anti-Sri Lanka stand is well known.

UPFA National List

  1. A.H.M. Fowzie
  2. Professor G.L. Peiris
  3. D.E.W. Gunasekara
  4. Professor Tissa Vitharana
  5. Professor H.R.S. Mohamed
  6. Dr. Sarath Amunugama
  7. Tissa Attanayake
  8. Dilan Perera
  9. J. Sri Ranga
  10. Reginold Cooray
  11. Jeewan Kumaratunga
  12. Tiran Alles
  13. Malith Jayathilaka
  14. Shiral Lakthilaka
  15. Prof. Colvin Gunaratne
  16. Prabha Ganeshan
  17. Faizer Mustapha
  18. Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha
  19. Prof. Kapila Gunasekara
  20. Dr. B.A. Rathnapala
  21. Charitha Herath
  22. Karuppaiya Ganesh Murti
  23. Leslie Devendra
  24. C. Somaweera
  25. S.M. Uthuma
  26. Jayantha Weerasinghe
  27. Piyasiri Wijenayaike
  28. M.F.M. Muzammil
  29. Gevindu Kumaratunga


UNP National List

  1. Malik Samarawickrama
  2. Karu Jayasuriya
  3. D.M. Swaminadhan
  4. Anoma Gamage
  5. K. Velayudhan
  6. Hussain Ali
  7. Mohammad Jamil
  8. Ven. Athuraliye Rathana Thero
  9. Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne
  10. Thilak Janaka Marapana
  11. Prof. Chandrajith Marasinghe
  12. Nisam Kariyappa
  13. S.K.D. Gunawardena
  14. Asad Sali
  15. Irvin Weerackody
  16. Raja Uswetakeiyawa
  17. Wimal Jayasiri
  18. Suranimala Rajapaksa
  19. Winston Pathiraja
  20. Sirinal de Mel
  21. A. Sasidharan
  22. M. Hameed
  23. Krishantha Cooray
  24. Abdul Hafeez
  25. Mohamed Salman
  26. Ven. Omalpe Sobitha Thero
  27. Mohamed Naja
  28. R. Pancharatnam
  29. P.G. Gunarathna


Therefore, if political parties refuse to do away with the national list then they must assure that nominees to the national list will exclude politicians who have contested and are proven failures or those that the people have rejected and do not wish to have inside Parliament. Such people-rejected politicians should not be brought in through the back door by the leaders of political parties for it is a direct affront to the People. Moreover, in bringing dubious business leaders with existing controversial records and placing them inside Parliament it is enabling legislation to be opened up to corporate interests that affect only a handful at the cost of the lives of an entire nation. The politics in the US is virtually controlled by corporates and such a scenario should not be created in Sri Lanka.

Political leaders in their manifestos must give their stand on the National List for the people of Sri Lanka do not want people-rejected politicians and controversial figures to be brought in through the back door to take decisions in the decision making process of Sri Lanka.

Shenali D Waduge

2 Responses to “STOP nominating people-rejected politicians re-entering Parliament through National List”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Shenali !! I believe that Singaporean Parliamentarians are all Graduates. National List should be for Graduates and Academics only. We have a lot of GEMBAS TOO, jumping from this side to that side, that side to this side. This free loaders have to be done away with. Nobody wants to bell the cat. The Cancer will go on.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    I think it is prudent to have a system similar to that followed by China. In China all members who ultimately aspire to become politicians and legislators have to undergo a system of examinations, I guess similar to those of former Ceylon Civil Service or later SLAS – Sri Lanka Administration Service, but at a lower level.

    They must in the end be knowledgeable in how to carry on the business of legislating as well as have a good knowledge of local and world politics. They must be well conversant with world history and geography and Law of the land and rudiments of law as practiced elsewhere in the world.

    In China I understand this system is highly competitive and all those who aspire to political office have to first qualify from these examinations. All present leaders in China are highly educated and are those who have risen through the ranks and not those who have parachuted due to influence one way or the other. They all have to be members of the Chinese Communist Party.

    This does not mean that bad eggs will not be there. In China when such are found they are given very ‘harsh’ punishments!

    In Sri Lanka it is of paramount importance to have all potential party members subscribe to the party principles and plans of action according to what they are to promise on a party manifesto. Any who subsequently try to cross over should be made to give up their seats in favour of a bye-election. This way it will be possible to stop cross overs on mega buy-outs.

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