UFPA leaders! Safeguard yourselves to safeguard the nation.
Posted on July 17th, 2015

B. Rajanram

Some how even the economy, culture, traditions, lands and lives of Tamils in Sri Lanka were saved from the verge of danger of being destroyed by the misguided Tamil youths and the foreign agents . The credit is for  those who stood against all kind pressures from different sources.

In January 8 2015, same anti motherland forces won. Hope that Mr Mahinda Rajapakse will be elected again, sustain the peace gained in 2009 and address the Tamil issue by finding right Tamil leadership. Tamil leadership is always proxies of UNP since independence. There is a need for foresighted, respectable and honest Tamil leadership. Every single act of UNP had great negative impact on Tamils in the past. But Tamils do not hate UNP because they are influenced by UNP Tamil proxies (Federal Party, AITK, TULF, TNA). Tamils in the North and East do not enjoy the democratic rights, freedom of speech, choice,  as rest of the country. Thanks to the democratic system of our land. Otherwise Tamils would not have known even an election.

But the forces against the motherland are well funded, well resourced, well organised, well supported outside the country and well manipulative. The elements of former military general, elements of JHU, elements of underworld gangs and corruptive elements from law enforcement department at the behest of UNP may act physically against the UFPA candidates in order to create chaos and vacuum so that they can stay in power forever. Any turmoil in the south will have adverse impact on Tamils and endanger peace they enjoy now.

UFPA organisers must ensure their safety for the sake of motherland with the help of public and government forces.

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Well spoken Rajanram. Sri Lanka is for all. Any division of the country as envisaged by the Separatists of the TNA, TULFI, ITAK etc will only bring eternal warfare in Sri Lanka on non existing and ever moving borders. There will be a rush to grab the resources of this beautiful land. It will start with water wars and go to other things.

    At present all minority communities live all over Sri Lanka peacefully. What irks the majority Sinhalese is the call for the formation of enclaves either Tamil, Muslim or Christian – simply because these are constructs of endangering the majority Sinhalese, their culture, their historical land and peace.

    No country or land has ever prospered by endangering the lives of the Majority. The constant denial of their due political space to the majority Sinhala Buddhists in favour of Tamils, Christians and Muslims in Sri Lanka is at the end of all instability in Sri Lanka. Since Independence all so called major political parties have pandered to un-justful minority demands as advance by the former Colonial Powers and the Christian Church.

  2. NAK Says:

    Well said, Rajanram. The sooner the Tamils in Sri lanka realise this the better for all.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    It is heartening to read what Rajanram has written.

    Perhaps a small minority of Tamil people is re-emerging from the prejudiced bulk of the Tamil population, brainwashed over four decades in captivity, and harried from pillar to post by their self-appointed saviours blaming the Sinhala people for their self-inflicted suffering, is reaching out to the Sinhala Buddhist majority to together recreate a Sri Lanka in which we can live together, thrive together and enjoy the benefits of this ENTIRE Resplendent Land.

    However, if the ample evidence provided by recent electoral results, and the INNUMERABLE reprehensible acts of Tamil leaders to demonize the Sinhala Buddhists and to plot the division of the country in collusion with foreign powers, we MUST CONCLUDE that the bulk of the Tamil people still nurse communal aspirations of a separate existence.

    As such, the Sinhala Buddhist majority must REMAIN COMMITTED to preventing those SEPARATIST goals from being achieved and destroying the integrity of Our Motherland, while at the same time assuring that EQUAL RIGHTS are GUARANTEED WITHOUT EXCEPTION, and the EQUAL RESPONSIBILITY to remain LOYAL to our Motherland is LEGALLY ENFORCED.

    In other words, the STICK of EQUAL RESPONSIBILITIES must accompany the CARROT of EQUAL RIGHTS in assuring the safety and prosperity of all of our people.

    I expect it to take another 50 years of STRICT VIGILANCE against SEPARATIST moves by the Tamil (and Muslim) people before we can expect to achieve that ideal of ONE INDIVISIBLE Sri Lankan Nation, of ONE INSEPARABLE Sri Lankan People, sharing ONE INDOMITABLE Sri Lankan Destiny.

    We HOPE & PRAY that the Tamil People will produce a set of NEW ENLIGHTENED LEADERS who will work to bring the benefits of cooperation to their community, by INTEGRATING their community into the larger Sinhala Buddhist fabric of Sri Lanka.

    If the last 30 years (and the preceding 3000 years) has shown anything, it is that the Sinhala people will NEVER GIVE UP their Motherland, and there is NO OTHER WAY forward. All other paths will CONDEMN the Tamil community to gradual impoverishment and disappearance through emigration to foreign lands.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    NEVER GIVE UP their Motherland, and there is NO OTHER WAY forward. All other paths will CONDEMN the Tamil community to gradual impoverishment and disappearance through emigration to foreign lands.- Agreed
    From Elara to VP tried & failed
    one permenat problem you my sinhala sakotharam you have last 3000 years TN is 20 miles ( Modi want to redusted to zero) way from NPC !!!
    Our Ceylon Tamil population never change in Mother Lanka , you know what mean !!!

  5. Independent Says:

    Many Sinhala people have given up their motherland gone to western countries and some have even given up their Sri Lankan citizenship. Not because they don’t love their motherland but since 1948 politicians have only managed bring down the country from better than Singapore to 100 places behind Singapore. Biggest contributor to this debacle are the racists Tamils who can never learn to live happily. The 2nd contributor is corruption and third being the selfishness of the politicians.

  6. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    You are wrong again.
    We never had recession to reduce our GDP or per capita income. It is just Singapore economy developed faster than Sri Lankan Economy. As long as we have fools like Independent, who always prefer to elect pro-western, reactionary puppet governments, we will never be able to develop our country. Their Western Masters will not like to have economic competitors, but they like to have nations who can sell cheap labour for them.
    Sri Lanka needs a solid legal framework to fight the corruption that has run rampant both in politics and in the state structures. Yahapalanaya is worst. Instead, Within 100 days, them managed to screw up Rs60 billions on broad day light and the fools still worship that leadership.
    Fight against Corruption is not only limited to Sri Lanka, even in the United States President Obama has recently called the fight against corruption “one of the great struggles of our time.” The costs of corruption in the US are immeasurable – injustice, misallocation of resources, economic decay. Corruption affects a staggering number of livelihoods and lives and erodes the faith of citizens in their governments and in the rule of law. The United States views corruption as a growing threat to the national security of their country and allies around the world.
    For years, the United States has led the fight against international bribery. In 1977, it passed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, domestic legislation which prohibits Americans and other persons and businesses that fall under the jurisdiction of the law from bribing foreign officials in order to obtain or retain business.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes indeed, many Sinhala people leave Sri Lanka to improve their lives, to gain access to opportunities unavailable to them in Sri Lanka. Yet, almost all of them CONTINUE to help Sri Lanka and the FAMILIES they leave behind as SOON AS THEY ARE ABLE, and MANY return to build homes on their ancestral lands, or to buy homes and live ALL if not PART of their remaining yeears in Sri Lanka. Most (say 90%) of Sinhala people I know have done this, as I have all my life to this day.

    Born in a land, partially colonized by Portuguese and Dutch (250 years), and wholly by British (150 years), and laid waste every few years eradicating every means of livelihood of our agrarian people, it is a WONDER that we Sinhalese STILL EXIST as a unique and distinct people in this land we call home, preserving our language, our religion and our cultural traditions when other people in similar circumstances have lost track of their land and their roots.

    That gives testimony to the ABIDING LOVE we Sinhalese have for our hallowed Motherland.

    We may leave, but we NEVER FORGET. Speaking for myself, my mind is FOCUSED ENTIRELY on how to HELP Sri Lanka thrive, every day, every hour, every moment, every second; my skills, my knowledge, my assets, are ALL at work HELPING Sri Lanka as I write, and I KNOW that I am not ALONE. I share that MOTIVATION and DEDICATION with MOST OF MY PEOPLE who are living away from our beloved Motherland.

    If you are not among them, then you are in a SMALL minority, but the very fact that you are blogging here, for the better or for the worse, is proof that you too are one of us who care DEEPLY about Sri Lanka, in your own way.

  8. Independent Says:

    Your are in the UK. I have never toured (except for work) any country outside Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand (that again is on the way) but always to my land, when holidaying. I believe among most my friend I am the only one to do so. Most of the have travelled the world. That again could be because I am a fool.
    I have only voted 2 times in Sri Lanka. In 1977 and few months after that when S. De S . Jayasinghe (my MP, Minister passed away and there was a by-election.
    I was working inn Galle as the Assistant District Engineer ( after I resigned from Mahaweli ) when 1977 election was held. Vijayananda Dahanayake used to come to our meetings held with GA, Police and few other heads. He was old that time.
    I was attracted to excellent team JR had, specially Lalith Athulathmudali, Gamini etc. It was not much different form today. Same story. JR almost declared “India is our Enemy”. I liked that. I was 2-3 metres from him. He said , if India attacked , he would fight to his last drop of blood. I was impressed. He talked against nepotism, corruption to bring a “Nivahal Dharmishta Samajayak”. I said before I was a practicing Buddhist from age 4. So, you think, even though my family has always being leftist, voting for UNP was foolish.
    The 2nd time I voted SLFP. Why ? Because JR who talked about nepotism, gave Sunethra ( Jayasinghe’s daughter) to contest my seat.

    So, you believe It is people’s fault that our country has (under) developed at snail’s pace. Go to a mirror and look at the FOOL.

    NMY, I have seen how those “fearless war heroes” come to see my father numerous times to check their “Time” and to do “Bodhipuja” ( say 5-120 time a year). These heroes coming there for promotions, fear of death, cunning manipulations etc, not for the country. At least one of them became the head of the force he was in and won the war under him.

    You can see why Singapore developed fast if you visit a government institution. Singapore is 60% government run. Only 40% private.
    Please don’t fool yourself at this age.

  9. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    You are a highly confused man. JR must have talked against nepotism. But who brought Ranil, his nephew to prominent place in UNP so that he can get the leadership when Premadasa is kicked out.
    JR was the man who brought nepotism to UNP after DS who brought his whole family (Son) and relatives (cousins) into UNP
    Then you say the success of Singapore is due to the fact that Singapore is 60% government run. Only 40% private. You said you have supported UNP but did not know that they got rid of all government run corporations because UNP is totally against government run corporations.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    MOST things Independent says is WRONG.

    But he is right on this one.

    “Biggest contributor to this debacle are the racists Tamils who can never learn to live happily. The 2nd contributor is corruption and third being the selfishness of the politicians.”

    Golden words from a FOOL. IF SL can FIX these 3 problems, SL will be like Singapore or better. To do that SL needs LEADERS. The 3 evils are INTER LINKED.

    IF MR can address all 3 in his election campaign, he will WIN easily. SCRAP 13 amendment and force Tamils to INTEGRATE. Punish REALLY corrupt people (not opposition). PICK selfless politicians to serve people HAGUE or PRAGUE.

    Obviously corruption BS against MR are NOW PROVEN wrong. IF true MR will never come back to politics!! He will enjoy his “18 billion USD” as Mangala says and retire in MONACO. He is in politics because he is CLEANER and SELFLESS. This time BR will NOT be in parliament. That is very good.

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