Mahinda’s Resolve. Mahinda’s Duty.
Posted on July 18th, 2015


Mahinda Rajapaksa received a hero’s welcome on July 17, as he returned to front-line politics greeted by rapturous applause, undivided attention, and above all, unshaken party unity and loyalty. It was a sight to behold.

The thousands upon thousands of ordinary citizens, the host of party workers, the legion of MPs, the column of SLFP/UPFA leaders, all heard the call and all knew what to do. They rallied around their leader, their true, real, leader. Desperate attempts to stop that historical moment – nomination machinations, televised back-stabs, cheap personal insults – failed abysmally.

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2 Responses to “Mahinda’s Resolve. Mahinda’s Duty.”

  1. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you for this article. MS came to power by putting a lot of allegations about MR which were not proved at all subsequently. Most of the people are angry with MS for several things.
    1. He jumped SLFP ship and ran with UNP and JHU and kept uttering complete falsehoods against MR. He kept promising Yahapalanaya. He has thus labelled himself as a traitor.
    2. What really happened. MS appointed his kith and kin. In case of MR he only appointed Gota, all the others such as Basil were elected to office. Even though MS ran for a Presidential election he brought in Ranil W and the UNP cabinet to replace the existing Prime Minister and the cabinet without an election for them. He also replaced the Chief Justice without proper procedures being followed.
    3. He should have known that Ranil is a megalomaniac and he began running the country to rack and ruin immediately. All the projects started by MR were stopped, he appointed Arjun Mahendran to Central Bank and brought the Finance Ministry under himself. Then the Bond debacle happened. MS then quickly dissolved Parliament to save RW from a No Confidence motion and the presentation of the COPE report. All this does not look good for Yahapalanaya.
    4. During the last 160 days RW and his UNP cabinet ran a fascist Government arresting and jailing people without any proof of a crime and then letting them go after a while.
    5. In spite of massive investigations of MR and his family using not only local resources but also all the resources of USA, UK, Europe etc. no evidence of bribery or corruption by MR and his family were found, Some of them were even jailed before investigation and after a few months were released due to lack of evidence.
    6. It was also proven on Lankaweb by Dilrook Kannangara and Ajith Randeniya that the previous election was fraudulent in the North and East and also Nuwara Eliya. MR should have immediately gone to the Election Commissioner and declared the election null and void.
    7. The JHU which ran on a platform of saving the Sinhala nation are now joined with the national traitors in UNP. So is the JVP which suffered the most due to the killing of 40-140,000 Sinhala youth by UNP. JVP leader Kumara Dissanayake is full of venom against MR even though he did them no harm. He should see who really did what to whom. We really live in strange times.
    8. The master mind behind the entire coup, CBK is also full of hatred against MR though MR did her no harm. She has a anger towards the Sinhalese since her husband and father were killed by Sinhalese.

    In essence I feel Sri Lankans were taken for a ride by some clever manipulations and now the sympathy is for MR. Not for MS who appears to have cunningly won the Presidential election based on false statements uttered from election platforms.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    The Lion King has returned home.

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