The PRRA Killer’s Diary: Ranil W, Rajitha R And The Left
Posted on July 18th, 2015

By Rajan Hoole  Colombo Telegraph,Opinion,Popular Columns 

1989: The Eclipse of the JVP and the Perplexity of the Left – Part 3

The PRRA (Peoples Revolutionary Red Army)

The core of the PRRA was drawn mainly from the SLMP (Sri Lanka People’s Party). It also had close links with the ISU (Independent Students’ Union) whose leader Daya Pathirana had been killed by the JVP and its new leader Dharmasiri was under threat and was killed in the latter half of 1989. Another group SRRA (the Socialist Revolutionary Red Army) had similar connections. The account below relies mainly on a police report.

The beginnings of the PRRA are connected with the formation of death squads, mainly under leading UNP politicians. With the multiplication of these squads, they were loosely linked through a hierarchy of government politicians, military co-ordinating officers and police officers. The North Western Province (NWP) was divided into two areas coming under Cabinet Minister Festus Perera based in Wennapuwa and Chief Minister Gamini Jayawickrema Perera based in Kurunegala. Security meetings were held in these two locations with security officials, and decisions to be carried were made by these politicians. Decisions were also taken about those who did not co-operate. Colonel Janaka Perera was made co-ordinating officer for the NWP from about the end of 1988.

The antecedents of the PRRA were some men of the PLOTE, a Tamil militant group, based at Festus Perera’s house. [These PLOTE members may be those connected with Uma Prakash. Members of this faction who went to India after the internal killing of Uma Maheswaran in July 1989, were brought back from India reportedly after discussions with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe for security operations in Colombo in 1993.] Those based in Wenappuwa are said to have been used to carry out assassinations. They ‘disappeared’ after becoming a nuisance through indulging in unauthorised criminal activities on their own. [Interestingly, Uma Prakash faced a similar fate in early 1994.]

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2 Responses to “The PRRA Killer’s Diary: Ranil W, Rajitha R And The Left”

  1. Independent Says:

    Uma Maheshwaran was a licenced surveyor.

    One day, ( in year 5000 or so ) when they are able to rule the whole of Sri Lanka, all the Tamils who died would become “WAR HEROES”.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Only yesterday rw said white vans are now tourist vans now! Can you believe this man? Big mouth parajithaya also got blood in his hands. Calm down I’m a docotr he said to his victims and then fnished them off!

    UNPatriotic party guys hands
    are covered in blood. These are not allegations. Still they the audacity to point fingers at others. Shameless people!
    Now they are prepared to break up Sri Lanka to get into power!

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