India wanted Sri Lanka to stop Colombo Port City – Gotabaya
Posted on July 19th, 2015


Former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa says that India’s National Security Advisor had requested the former Sri Lankan government to stop the Chinese-funded Colombo Port City project as it would pose a threat to that country’s security.

Rajapaksa stated that when the BJP government of India came to power, it was his responsibility to meet and hold talks with his Indian counterpart – National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval.

His primary request was to stop the (Colombo) Port City. If it was presented to our government, then it definitely must have been presented to this government.”

The reason he gave was that the Port City was a threat to the security of India,” the former Defence Secretary said, addressing a seminar on the topic of ‘Mega development, the country’s future and mega myths’.

Rajapaksa said that the former government assured India’s National Security Advisor that the Colombo Port City project would not pose a threat to India.

I don’t know how this government is facing such demands,” he added.

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  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. Ratanapala Says:

    Even if we go to toilet it can become a threat to India. We should disregard this blatant bullying by the repugnant, unsavoury and smelly neighbours to the North of our Motherland and get on with the security of the nation. We must continue to expand our Armed Forces and continue to expand the army bases, naval and air forces to meet the external threat.

    India is the Big Stink in South Asia. It is the singularly the most revolting impediment for progress in the region. It is time Sri Lanka along with other friendly countries in South Asia and South East Asia together with China and Russian establish a collective defence mechanism. India is just a cat’s paw of the United States and is a clear and present danger to all countries that are unfortunate enough to be their neighbour.

    Unfortunate thing is that the idiots in India do not realise that the ultimate aim of the Western Christian nations headed by the US is to dismember and balkanise India similar to the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Sudan etc etc. Their Eelam project is just the stepping stone to realise this end with the connivance of the racist Tamils in Tamil Nadu. This US project includes Burma, and Indonesia among other mega countries elsewhere in the world. The idea is simple – establishment of corruption and subsequent exploitation is simple in small takes!

    Sri Lanka must never contemplate a bridge across the so called Monkey Bridge. This will be a sure way to populate our motherland with Kallathonis ad lib. Majority of Sri Lankans will paddle Sri Lanka away from this mess of pottage called India into the middle of the adjoining ocean.

    Sri Lanka too must be careful of the free influx of Jihadist Maldivians now freely entering Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka has only one President since 2005 and that is Mahinda Rajapakse. Sri Lanka has only one Defence Secretary that is Gotabhaya since 2005. In the minds of a vast majority of Sri Lanka this truth is established. There are two imposter occupying these posts. It is time all patriotic force make them history on 17 August.

    Amme, Thaththe, Seeye’, Achchiye, Puthe’ Duwe’ enna chande denna Agosthu Dahath Wenidata. Kathiraya Gahanne, Manapaya Denna Mahinda Rajapakse Janadhipathi thumata pakshaye ayatta pamanak. A simple win is not sufficient. We need a massive over 2/3 victory to send the Avapalakayo headed by Drohiya Ranil and his gay boys home for ever.


    Susantha Wijesinghe, You are right. Jayalalitha has put to gather a team to annex SL. the team is headed by Sampathan (Who was nominated by John Kerry when he visited SL) and Jaffna Bishop with Dear Thambi letter writer to Prabhakeran.

    Ratanapala, The cat’s paw you mention is TAMILS FOR OBAMA. OBAMA will never allow SL to stand on it’s feet he will hold on to it until he can. Destroy the development project and Ranil punk was readily available for this, but backed off when the Chinese government intervened.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    His primary request was to stop the (Colombo) Port City. If it was presented to our government, then it definitely must have been presented to this government.”- all ok Sir Why you were silence this long as you know this is very important matter for all Mother Lankan .

  5. Sarath W Says:

    It is quite obvious why this illegal government is trying it’s best to stop this project. India is always jelous when Sri Lanka is prospering. That is why they got JR to sign the 13th amendment to destroy the country. Now they got three traitors to do their dirty work. MY3 is an insult to all decent, honest and intelligent Sri Lankans and he should impeached as soon as the new UPLF government is elected.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Endia has always been SL’s enemy #1. Endian imposed 13 amendment is the BIGGEST threat to SL and to MR.

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Crafty, two faced Indians want Chinese out of Sri Lanka to please diasporats. So do the west for their votes. When Unpatriotic Party (UNP) at the driving seat it’s win win situation for them. But a very bad omen for the Sinhalese, while
    it is very good for tamils and mussies who are waiting like vultures to carve out separate states from our motherland.

    Sadly there are a lot of Sinhalese (Asinhalese) support the traitor Unpatriotic Party. These Asinhalese don’t know the damage these two faced Indians and west doing to our motherland. By supporting traitor party, they help to divide our country slowly. But the Asinhalese don’t care. They think it is fashionable to support traitor Unpatriotic Party. These Asinhalese think only people in villages and the poor support SLFP. That’s the Asinhalese’ thinking behind this treachery.
    To keep unitary state of our motherland, Sri Lanka have to be distanced from these two faced Indians and the west.

    The Chinese will never want to break up Sri Lanka. Chinese is the most powerful country in the world today. Even the US owe them trilions and trillions of dollars. China is a true friend of Sri Lanka. When China is with you, nobody troubles you! But most Sri Lankans think it is still the us, uk etc. wield the power. Not any more. They will say sanction this sanction that to scare you.

    MR fought against those mighty countries and won. Imagine maru sira battling the west and india! Mouse against lion!

    MR won because mighty Chinese and mighty Russians backed him. Whole world envied his achievements. Whole world respected him. HE PUT SRI LANKA ON WORLD MAP. THERE HASN’T BEEN A GREAT LEADER OF HIS CALIBRE EVER IN SRI LANKA.

    All Sri Lankans indebted to him for saving the country and saving millions of lives by ending a 30-year civil war. Then he transformed the country by developing it at break neck speed. Improved the living standards of people. Improved cities, roads. etc. Unpatriotic Party (UNP) thieves would have taken 500 years to do what MR did in 10 years.

  8. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    No, “India” was acting on behalf of the United States in opposing Port City in the US effort to counter China, just like Japan does on behalf of the US in the Far East. The US is using India as one of its pawns that it hides behind to deflect attention away from its absurd and immoral US China Containment Policy, and “India” so far has been too stupid to realize that this same kind of policy would be turned against them if their country rises much faster to challenge US hegemony.

    The reason I put “India” in quotes is that it should also be noted that it is actually pro-US, anti-China elements within RAW (India’s intelligence service) who were trained by the US CIA that are influencing India to oppose Port City and China’s growing influence in Sri Lanka’s. There are also other elements within RAW that are more pro-India than anti-China, and the Indian public at large is pro-India rather than anti-China. China is India’s number ONE trading partner, so the intelligence community in India can only go so far before they run into a brick wall of Indian corporations and business people, and this is why these anti-China elements within RAW are focused on Sri Lanka’s relations with China rather than India’s relations with China which are getting stronger every day.

    The key is for the Sri Lankan business community to stand up to these anti-Chinese elements within RAW just like the Indian business community does rather than falling for the trick of limiting Sri Lankan growth by realigning with the the former colonist countries in the West rather than a rising China.

  9. Christie Says:

    Hi Folks, the main and immediate reason for the Indian Empire’ fear is simple one. Sinhalese will have an opportunity to enter Colombo business world run by Indian colonial parasites.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    In a nutshell :

    As far as Sri Lanka is concerned, Tamil Nadu politicos want to govern Lanka via Delhi. Tamil Nadu is one of the breakaway states of India. After PM Nehru imposed anti-Secessionist Laws, the TN breakaway dream was transferred to Lanka by the Tamil leaders of both sides of the Palk Sts. Tamil low Caste discontent was /is used to try to achieve the breakaway state in Lanka. Lanka’s JRJ going ultra west made India train low Caste Tamil folk in Tamil Nadu to form the LTTE. It was the LTTE that decimated the UNP leadership of JRJ’s time and Pres Premadasa too plus countless other VIPs
    and ordinary folk, with loss of property running to multi million rupees. It is also pertinent to ask how did the plane in which Upali Wijewardene & group were travelling “disappear into thin air.” He was also part of the UNP.

    During the Cold War times and even in the aftermath, foreign countries used the divisive politics of Lanka and India for their own agendas.

    As there is ample evidence to show that Tamil Nadu aspirations are for divisiveness, all Lanka leaders must be made aware of the danger of a possible RAILWAY train connection over the Palk Sts. connecting Tamil Nadu with Lanka. Lanka has done without such a train connection for eons of time, and can continue to do so.

    Besides, who wants to deal with millions of Indian Kallathonis (especially from Tamil Nadu) ??

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    For India, it is OUT WITH PORT CITY and IN WITH TRAIN CONNECTION ! Will it ever solve Lanka problems ? NO.

    For Lanka to heal, CBK will have to first apologise to the Sinhala village folk for the killing of the JVP (no talks held), some 30,000 plus, in the early 1970s. In return, the JVP must apologise to her for the killing of husband.
    Question: Who apologises for the killing of CBK’s father, SWRD ?

    The LTTE reps of today have to apologise for the killing of the UNP leadership, and also apologise to hte nation of Lanka for the utter destruction of 30 yrs.

    Hammering MR and the Rajapakse Family is stupid ! It will not heal Lanka. It only further damages Lanka. Stupidity will take Lanka into division of the coutry, a point of no return.


    More on the Train Connection with India:
    The story of Sita (of Ramayana) being incarcerated in the Upcountry of Lanka : The fact that there is a Seethala Gangula and a Seethala Eliya (translation reads Cold stream & Cold light respectively), is being fabricated as proof that Queen Sita was incarcerated in the Upcountry area ! This is to lay claim on the Upcountry area as part of legend and therefore sacred and ‘belonging to ousiders’. Please do not let this happen ! Re-name these areas as SEETHALA GANGULA and SEETHALA ELIYA, or some other names given to avoid future catastrophes. Otherwise, the idea is to bring hoardes of Tamils and other Indians to ‘visit’ so called ‘legendary sites’ and stay on and lay claim to those areas. We have had enough troubles from India. Let not another catastrophe happen.
    The Seethala Gangula is truly cold (Seethala). A person known to us fainted due to the cold after bathing there many years ago. It is not named after Queen Sita of the Ramayana.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Correction : ” … some 30,000 plus, in the early 1970s by her mother, Mrs Bandaranaike’s then govt.”

  13. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Missed the main point yesterday. India doesn’t want Chinese to control Indian Ocean. With Hambantota Port and Colombo Port City plus various other projects Sri Lanka going to be heavily involved with the Chinese which is a very very good thing while it is a very very very bad thing for India. India is not going to have any control in its backyard. That is the main reason.

    Second reason is if they wrestle control of Sri Lanka, it will immensely please TN. Sri Lanka will be at the mercy of India. They can break up or they can do whatever they want to do. Nobody going to come to help Sri Lanka. This is the danger posed by UNPatriotic party. They go to bed with the crafty indians and the west. Sri Lanka going to be at the mercy of them. Obviously diasporats going to be overjoyed.

    Who can stop this calamity? There is only one man at the moment. MR. He is a gutsy man, a great leader who stood up to western and indian bullies and stopped a 30 year old war. Need any more proof?


  14. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    Ancient Sinhalaya,

    While I agree with your basic point that Mahinda has shown he is capable of standing up to the West, and the UNP has shown they are little more than neo-colonial administrators, the India-China question must be looked at with a much broader lense.

    Just today, China announced that India AND Pakistan will be joining SCO, which has been billed as a security alliance that will rival NATO (Google: “Xi assures Pak of China’s special support after India’s entry in SCO”). As stated in my comment above, India is NOT uniformly anti-China, it is only pro-US elements within RAW that are anti-China, and they seem to be more active in Sri Lanka than they are in India.

    India views Sri Lanka as a security playground for these anti-China RAW agents, and therefore lets them do whatever they want in Sri Lanka as long as they don’t interfere with India’s ‘broader’ interests on the world stage.

    The US, on the other hand, sees India as another ‘potential’ Japan who they can hide behind in South Asia as part of their China Containment Policy just like they hide behind Japan in the Far East to pursue the same policy. India sometimes plays lip service to this ‘front’ role, but today’s announcement concerning India joining SCO must be a blow to the US’s strategy of using India as their front to contain China.

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    SCO is not a NATO like cowboy group.

    SCO will NEVER join forces in ANY defence matter because each SCO member has different security interests.

    Endia will remain SL’s number one enemy and Endia will remain USA’s TOP agent in south Asia.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Currently the Endian military is engaged in MALABAR military exercises with USA, Japan and other pro-US countries against China.

    Endia can never be trusted!

  17. Ratanapala Says:

    Constructing Port City in Colombo will be our first step towards total security from the Indian hegemony in the region. This project must go ahead. The name Indian Ocean is a misnomer. It should be named Ravana Maha Samudra so that smelly Indians and their monkey armies will have no say over it.

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    FULLY AGREE with Ratanapala.

    Colombo Port City MUST go ahead. It is VERY IMPORTANT for SL to remain NEUTRAL and NON ALIGNED. Glad China has TIED all development projects to the go ahead of the port city project. No port city, NO aid to SL. China should also RAISE interest rates on its loans to SL if the port city project is delayed.

    The term “ENDIAN OCEAN” is also wrong. MANY commentators in THE DIPLOMAT have also pointed this error out.

  19. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:


    SCO is a ‘counter weight’ to NATO to deter the cowboy act.

    Sri Lanka can not stay neutral or it will undermine its own development. It has to do EXACTLY like Pakistan and accept help from the West on a ‘no internal meddling basis’ while getting the lion’s share of the development dollars from the China because they have much deeper pockets as demonstrated by their recent 46 BILLION USD investment in Pakistan. Sri Lanka must also allow China to secure the sea lanes that are transporting mostly Chinese goods in this part of the world with Chinese military assets, including submarines. India can join in this effort, but not as a US China Containment front; it must be solely to safeguard Indian trade that passes around Sri Lanka.

    The US does NOT have a genuine interest in securing trade routes in this part of the world, so both Sri Lanka and India need to be wary when the US offers military presence half way around the globe. Anti-piracy is fine, but prowling Chinese (or Indian) trade routes from Iran is totally unacceptable.

  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    There is a CONCERTED EFFORT to ONCE AGAIN propagate BAREFACED LIES and UNSUBSTANTIATED DEFAMATORY ALLEGATIONS against President Mahinda Rajapaksa by his opponents on the EVE of theParlamentary ELECTION on August 17, 2015.

    One example is the allegation that the Ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa attempted to hit a man (lated found to be intoxicate) who had grabbed his arm at a recent political rally.

    The attitude is: LET us say WHATEVER OUTRAGEOUS LIE we can CONCOCT NOW, and make IMPOSSIBLE ELECTION PROMISES NOW, and somehow WIN the ELECTION, and then we can VANISH into the WOODWORK, where no one will be able to find and hold us responsible … AFTER the ELECTION is won.

    That is largely what they did to WIN THE Presidential Election on January 8, 2015 … accusing MR of UNLIMITED CORRUPTION and MINIMIZING his accomplishment on behalf of our Motherland.

    We saw that ourselves in the ATROCIOUS BEHAVIOR at LankaWeb of that LTTE Operative LORENZO, now posing as a PATRIOT supporting MR hoping to repeat the process at the last moment. That is WHY I am doing as MUCH as I can to keep our MEMORY of his PREVIOUS ANTICS alive at LankaWeb, as long as he blogs here.

    After the Presidency was WON by Somarama Sirisena, much of the 100-day Program that was promised, was been ABANDONED.

    Let me ITEMIZE some of these:

    1. The financial salary and benefit incentives that were offered to bribe the voters have proved to be impossible to give and maintain in effect, for it would bankrupt the nation … the money is just not there.

    2. The promised reduction in the prices of staple foods and other essentials had to be retracted as the costs to government skyrocketed. Now with economic activity in the nation disrupted by all the uncertainty and foolish uncoordinated policies implemented post-election, the inflation in the cost of living is much higher than before. Are the people better off now? No they are not.

    3. The Western Powers who egged them on pre-election (read IMF and World Bank) backed-out and denied the loans sought by the UNP govt to replace the Chinese loans they had alleged were obtained at very high interest rates. Now they had to eat crow and keep the loans from China which the UPFA GOSL negotiated at a time NO LENDER would underwrite Sri Lanka’s development at any price.

    4. The infrastructure development projects that were halted under various allegations of impropriety and corruption and lacking sound financial planning, are one by one being restarted as they begin to find that those allegations of corruption were false, the plans are economically sound, and by halting them they are putting people (read as VOTERS in the next election) out of work … for no reason … except jealousy and need to undermine MR and the UPFA.

    5. They could not carry through most of the “Yahapalanaya” Constitutional Amendments because they simply did not have the necessary votes in the Parliament. In fact, they had to terminate the Parliament early and call for new elections to PREVENT a NO-CONFIDENCE motion against Ranil which would have resulted in his ouster. The UNP in desperation urged Somarama Sirisena to dissolve the Parliament.

    6. In particular, Somarama Sirisena who had campaigned for the Presidency saying he DOES NOT WANT TO BE PRESIDENT beyond 100 days NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, and will step down IMMEDIATELY at the end of 100 days, has NOW CHANGED HIS MIND, and is DESPERATELY TRYING to hang on his position, even to the extent of OPPOSING the elimination of the Office of the President. What more can you expect from a hidden BACKSTABBER than a hidden LIAR?

    7. Somarama Sirisena now recognizes that with the passage 19th Amendment, he has LOST much of the powers of the Presidency, which have been TRANSFERRED to the position of PRIME MINISTER. Ranil in the meantime is enjoying and exercising those powers, and is quietly PUSHING Somarama Sirisena into powerless impotence by IGNORING him.

    Also, if MR captures the PM’s post, Sirisena fears that he will be in a worse pickle …. hence his DESPERATE unsuccessful FIGHT to DENY a SLFP/UPFA Nomination to MR, and THREATS that he will NOT APPOINT MR as the PM no matter how big he wins in the Parliamentary Election. That, by the way, is not his sole prerogative, because the person appointed must be supported by the vast majority of the MP to enable stable governance.

    Sirisena would rather survive with Ranil than cope with MR whom he BACKSTABBED after eating Appa with him the night before. Somarama Sirisena is caught between the DEVIL and the DEEP BLUE SEA … the INEVITABLE FATE of all TREACHEROUS DISHONORABLE BACKSTABBERS.

    8. In the meantime, it is OPEN power-grabbing SEASON for the Tamil and Muslim separatists, who are happily consolidating their grasp in the land areas where they are local majorities. The TNA is doing everything it can to make their GRASP on the NPC IRRREVERSIBLE … with an eye out for eventual separation from Sri Lanka.

    9. The “Yahapalanaya” con artistes who bitterly complained about lack of political freedom and harrasment under the MR/UPFA regime launched an UNPRECEDENTED WITCH HUNT of the leaders of the PREVIOUS REGIME, hitherto never seen in the History of Sri Lankan politics. So much for “Yahaplanaya”!

    10. Meanwhile, these very same “Yahapalanaya” miscreants appointed a slew of sleazy people with criminal records and allegations of crimes currently being adjudicated in the courts, to ministries and other important administrative positions. The best example is the Central Bank Governor Mahendran who allegedly started to loot the Central Bank and the National Treasury to benefit his relatives, while dear old Ravi accused of similar crimes, looks the other way. The investigative reports on these crimes are being suppressed and prevented from being released to the public before the upcoming election! They have MUCH TO HIDE …. hence the bitter battle being now fought t hang on to power.

    Is this the much balleyhooed YAHAPALANAYA that we were promised? Sounds more like a YAMAPALANAYA!

    I can go on and on about the OUTRAGEOUS ANTICS and MONUMENTAL FOLLIES of the players of the Yamapalanaya Bandwagon.


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