History needs to be corrected: July 1983 – UNP attacked Tamils not the Sinhalese
Posted on July 23rd, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

The impression made with each commemorative year of the 1983 riots is that the violence and mayhem were committed by the Sinhalese public. This is far from the truth. The Sinhala public have been declared guilty by default for lack of voice by local media, Sinhala organizations, and academics to demand that the story be set straight. It is time for an apology to the Sinhalese for having to been made to apologize for something which the Sinhalese never did. Ever since the 1980s the Sinhalese lost but entire villages and army camps, busloads of Buddhist priests shot dead, buses full of children and women blown up, unarmed injured soldiers fired upon by LTTE and if none of these killings led to violence against Tamils we are not ready to accept 1983 riots for the killing of 13 soldiers. That violence was committed by UNP and the UNP must apologize for it.


 Q: Why do Tamils vote for UNP when all riots were instigated by UNP?

A: Majority of Tamils are living in Western nations because of this & LTTE!

1977 riots:

In debating incidents that occurred in Sri Lanka it is important to take the context and background to them. That 1977 riots again under UNP government according to the Sansoni Commission report was due to the TULF leadership fostering a climate of hostility and TULF refusing to compromise on issue of a separate state while Chelvanayagam himself declared My advice to the Sinhalese leaders is to allow us to go our way ..” (26 March 1977).

1983 riots:

It is beyond doubt that the riots that ensued following the killing of 13 soldiers on 21 July was organized by the then UNP government using thugs and underworld figures who were of all ethnic groups and motivated to loot and destroy. Just because an unsavory bunch of characters unleashed by the UNP ended up destroying lives and property while the Sinhalese people bravely gave shelter to Tamils, why were there no stories covering the kindness of the Sinhalese who shared their homes, fed and gave clothing and kept the jewellery of their Tamil neighbors. What happened instead was to run a guilt trip on the Sinhalese. This important piece of information has been purposely left out of every commemoration held on Black July.

Those commenting on Black July must realize there is a background to the story. No one should assume that LTTE was the innocent party and were targeted by the Sri Lankan Army or the State without reason.

  • Early 1970s India clandestinely trained Sri Lankan Tamil youth in armed guerilla warfare in India. 35 such Tamil groups were secretly trained to destabilize Sri Lanka. Jain Commission report following assassination of Rajiv Gandhi confirmed officially India’s role in clandestinely training Sri Lankan Tamil youth in armed warfare.
  • The Tamil New Tigers (TNT) was a militant Tamil organization founded by 18 year old Velupillai Prabhakaran on May 22, 1972 (this proves that India both trained and supplied weapons to TNT)
  • 1st victim of LTTE – Mayor of Jaffna Alfred Duraiappah shot dead on July 27, 1975 by 21 year old Prabakaran himself (guns available with LTTE/Prabakaran shows India trained & supplied them)
  • Tamil New Tigers rechristened as LTTE in 1976
  • Vaddukoddai Resolution calling upon Tamil youth to take up arms adopted on 14 May 1976 (role of India in this Resolution yet to be investigated)

1981 October 15

  • 2 soldiers killed in Stanley Rd, Jaffna
  • Between 1981-1983 nearly 35 members of the armed forced had been killed by armed militants

1983 July 23

  • Saturday 11:30p.m. army patrol in Thirunelveli is ambushed near Jaffna. A road side bomb was detonated. LTTE fighters fired at the convoy killing 1 officer and 12 soldiers. 2 other soldiers succumbed totaling 15 deaths.

1983 July 24 to 28

  • Riots begin following the funerals of the 13 soldiers held in Colombo

1983 July 24

  • Decision was taken to have the funeral in Colombo. The crowds that gathered were from the wanathamulla slum area and it was these who began the violence

1983 July 25

  • mobs were led by people with voter registration lists in hand torched Tamil homes, looted and destroyed Tamil businesses (showcases riots were organized by UNP government in power)
  • Police are accused of standing and watching (incidentally the Inspector General of Police was a Tamil and the 6 next in line senior officials were all Tamils too)
  • In Welikade prison, 35 Tamil political prisoners who were awaiting trail under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, were massacred
  • Monday, only at 6p.m. President JR Jayawardena announced a curfew.

1983 July 26

  • UNP Govt imposed strict censorship of media
  • Estimates of Tamil deaths vary from 387 (official figures) to 3,000 Tamils

1983 July 28

  • Thurs, President JR finally makes a state address

1987 May 26

  • Operation Liberation, soldiers had Prabakaran trapped in Vadamarachchi but India orders his release

1987 July 29

  • Indo-Lanka Accord signed between Rajiva Gandhi and J R Jayawardena under curfew

1987 July 30

  • IPKF Indian soldiers arrive to disarm LTTE boasting they would do so in 72hours

Role of Media

  • Responsible for fueling tensions. Both Sinhala & Tamil media guilty of slinging hate messages against each other none of which the Sinhala or Tamil public shared.
  • “The rioters seeking out Tamil homes and burning them had a particularly detailed knowledge of who lived where and who owned what.” 
    – London Times, 8 August 1983
  • “Clearly this was not a spontaneous upsurge of communal hatred among the Sinhala people – nor was it as has been suggested in some quarters, a popular response to the killing of 13 soldiers… It was a series of deliberate acts, executed in accordance with a concerted plan, conceived and organised well in advance.”
    – Paul Sieghart; ‘Sri Lanka: A mounting tragedy of errors’; International Commission of Jurists Report, March 1984

The dead /destruction & looters

  • Official figures place deaths between 300-350 / unofficial numbers without names of dead are between 1000-2000.
  • International Commission of Jurists declared that 50 of the 350 dead were Sinhalese (this was never covered by media)
  • International Commission of Jurists report also declared that some of the homes/businesses of Tamils were self-inflicted (to collect insurance or make it easier to apply for refugee status) Some Tamils pretended to be victims and lied their way abroad.
  • The looters had no ethnic, religious or other factor except the desire to loot. Thus they were from the slum areas and included Sinhalese, Muslims and even Tamils. These looters were the ones that set houses & businesses on fire. These looters were all connected to the UNP politicos and it was they who gave them Voters List so they knew which homes were Tamil. This aspect is ignored. Also ignored from publication is the fact that Sea Street and roads where the upper rich eliteTamils lived were spared and no hooligans attacked these roads.

Role of India’s Raw in 1983 :

  • Role of RAW was to destabilize the JR Jayawardena government elected to power since 1977.
  • 1983 was that watershed moment that gave legitimacy to  clandestinely trained groups. We are well aware that todays conflicts arise as a result of engineered events and 1983 cannot be ruled out as being one such event.
  • The Jain Commission report suffices to put to rest the notion that LTTE and armed militant groups did not emerge after 1983. Sri Lankan Tamil groups were taken to India and trained clandestinely as far back as 1977 and then sent to Sri Lanka under the tutelage of RAW.
  • Arms, ammunition and other materials supplied by India were those that killed the 13 soldiers in July 1983 after numerous futile single shootings of soldiers & police did not generate the backlash that was part of the plan.
  • The refugee exodus to India provided an alibi for the Indians to intervene and was part of the stage-managed tactic.

Tamils & UNP:

  • The blame for the destruction of the Jaffna library and the July 1983 rests solely with the UNP Government.
  • There is no spontaneity when voter lists have been given to thugs and underworld gangs operating under the patronage of the UNP. JR took the opportunity to shrewdly shove the blame upon the Sinhalese without admitting the guilt of the government.
  • Who benefitted from 1983 will answer a lot of questions. It was the same recipients that longed for another 83 for these were golden opportunities. The statistics will reveal the beneficiaries. Today almost 1million Tamils live as either refugees or hold green cards and foreign citizenship. From this number and through other illicit and illegal activities, LTTE was able to make $250-300m profits annually.
  • There is little mention of the uproar inside the refugee camps where Tamils of all castes found themselves but did not wish to even in their common sorrow share the toilets with one another. The same scenario arose in the refugee camps after the final war wherein the army had to prepare separate toilet facilities for the Brahmin high castes. Even Prabakaran’s parents were attacked and had to be saved and taken care of by the armed forces.
  • We also seem to have forgotten what the JR Government did in 1982 by not holding an election but holding a referendum to extend the term of the UNP.

Other myths and inaccurate references:Blaming Sinhala Buddhists

  • The efforts to single out Buddhists and lay blame on them and create situations that divide Buddhists from the rest of the citizens in Sri Lanka are many.
  • Immediately after the riots Anandatissa de Alwis, Minister of Communications and Constitutional Affairs did not hesitate to add that Christians would be next target thereby creating the division between Sinhalese Buddhists and Sinhalese Christians. The media under non-Buddhist hands were quick to do the rest. Thus, the media shunned the brave efforts made by Sinhalese Buddhists to save the Tamils.
  • It is important therefore that the Sinhalese Buddhists do not shoulder any guilt or self-blame for what the UNP was instrumental at creating
  • Proof is in the pudding – it is because the Sinhalese Buddhists were not violent in 1983 and continue to follow the path of non-violence that even after LTTE mayhem and terror struck Sinhalese Buddhists even their places of worship and Buddhist clergy they did not react and attack.
  • A single incident (unrepeated since 1983) has taken the global stage over 3 decades whereas over 300 attacks by LTTE get little global attention or mention. Thus, if 1983 was a revenge attack for killing 13 soldiers why did the same revenge not take place for over 300 LTTE attacks?
  • Why do those that fund and sponsor commemorative events of 83 July not do the same for LTTE attacks?

Elusive gratitude

There is no need for the Sinhalese people to apologize for 1983. If at all any apology is due it is from the UNP Government. The people had nothing to do with the riots and those that eventually took part were ruffians belonging to all castes, creeds and religions for they had a field day looting businesses and homes.

What is also omitted from mention is that Tamils have always preferred to live amongst the Sinhalese. Even at the height of LTTE terror, Tamils did not desire to remain amongst the LTTE and even now post-conflict Tamils prefer to live amongst the Sinhalese.

Now into the 31st year since 1983 it would be nice if the Tamils came out with a public acknowledgement that 83 was not the fault of the Sinhalese (in particular the Buddhists) and also publicly acknowledge that the Sinhalese sheltered and looked after the Tamils and even their belongings. That gratitude and thank you has yet to be forthcoming and instead large sums of money is spent on funding commemorations aimed at demonizing the Sinhalese. In stark contrast in 1977, 10% of the population in Jaffna were Sinhalese and they were all chased out and did not get any refuge.

Shenali D Waduge

23 Responses to “History needs to be corrected: July 1983 – UNP attacked Tamils not the Sinhalese”

  1. Christie Says:

    No Lady: The 1983 is another perfect Indian job like 1951 then 1956 later 20105 and 2015. Note 2005 Indian imperialists made an error that was corrected in 2015. Indian Empire planned 1983 for a while. They trained their terrorists in PLO camps. July attack was to coincide with the World Council of Churches Conference in July 1983. That is how more than 300,000 Indian Colonial Parasites went to Canada seeking asylum.The UNP or whoever rose against Indian Imperialists were not an organized mob.
    It was a quick violent reaction against more than two centuries nonviolent aggression and oppression by the Indian Colonial Parasites.

  2. Christie Says:

    “1956 later 20105 and 2015” correction: 1956 later 2005 and 2015.

  3. Asanga Says:

    Does anybody know if the ethnicity percentage in and around Colombo was close to what is now, in terms of Sinhalese vs. other ethnic groups?

    Especially if as Shenali says, the initial riots started around the Wanthamulla area, which has a lot of intermixing between different groups, chances are pretty good that at least 30% of the attackers were not of Sinhala origins.

    Maybe its the same for suburbs as well, unless someone suggests that Sinhala Buddhists were ‘imported’ from rural areas to carry out the dastardly tasks!

  4. SA Kumar Says:


    Sinhala Buddhists were ‘imported’ from rural areas to carry out the dastardly tasks!- My Father lived 60 years in Colombo 10 until 1983 & confirmed no rioters are local and got voting list.

    1956 to 1983 all are pre planed (3 to 5 years festival) by You Sinhala Modayas againsed We-Tamil sakkiliya !!!!

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    Shenali D Waduge

    My Chinhala Sakotharam does not matter how many articale and analys you can write but fact of the matter is We both know what happened 1956 to 1983 ( You sinhala got shit out from We-Demila ) than 1983 to 2009 ( We-Thamilar got shit out from You Chinalavar).

    from 2009 to (16th Aug 2015) now so far so good We both know where standing !!!

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Our thanks to Shenali for her anaysis of the July 1983 Riots.

    We who was what went on during the Riots thought it was due to Tamil leaders unreasonable and excessive demands for Tamil people of Lanka. At that time, we never suspected India’s role with the 1983 Riots.

    We also helped neighbors and office staff to live safety during that period. To give the Readers a general idea about how Jaffna folk were brainwashed by their leaders : A Jaffna person we helped told us that they thought Sinhala people of Colombo lived in houses that had marble floors. This person was surprised that we had a simple home and no “marble floors” !!

    In retrospect : India too gets caught up in the Cold War games. At the the time of the 1983 Riots, India ran with the Soviet Union. As JRJ went far west, JRJ govt was brought down via the LTTE. J.N. Dixit, the Indian Envoy (who was also a Catholic person, born in Chennai), was the overseer in Colombo for Indian affairs. He saw to it that the JRJ UNP govt did exactly as India (under Indira Gandhi) did exactly as India wanted, in keeping with the pro-Soviet India Game.
    It is pertinent to say, that in all probability, Dixit also wanted that Tamil Eelam in place. He died of a heart attack a few days after the Tsunami of 2004, which destroyed the LTTE Sea Tiger might. It has to be stated also that the JRJ govt. removed the Papal Nuncio who was then in Colombo.

    At the end of the day, the 1983 Riot was well orchestrated and pre-planned largely under Indian ‘supervision’. The Riots enabled nearly a Million Tamil folk of Lanka to go West and form the Tamil Diaspora & Tamil Govt in Exile, both entities working against their Motherland, Sri Lanka, to this day, with only a few exceptions to the rule.

    Lesson Learnt: Watch the Indian political scene closely and act accordingly to save Sri Lanka. Tamil Nadu , the errant breakaway, lead state in India, in particular should be watched super carefully.
    Also, Permanent Agreements should be signed with India to save Lanka’s sovereignity and lives of Lankans.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    At the end of the day, the 1983 Riot was well orchestrated and pre-planned- This is the fact Shenali D Waduge

    We can blame others for who plan but end of the day WE both community are responsible for it .
    Eg: in a family Husband & wife can not blame for other (neighbour or mother in law ) for their own family blame.

    live & let live .
    We like it or not Mother Lanka live forever
    eg: Have We (Both) thought VP born & die in our life time -No but it happened .
    so Can We (both) accepted this is Holly Land of Lord Bhudda (reincarnation of lord vishnu) !!!

    Om Shanthy !!!

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    correction : read as ” We who did not know what really went on during the Riots …”
    and ” …. lead state in South India, ….”


    Perhaps in Healing of Sri Lanka, GoSL should declare a Day of Remembrance for all those who died due to Colonisation of some 500 yrs., Cold War politics resulting in civil wars & all natural disasters such as the Tsunami.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:


    You must complete the sentence “At the end of the day, the 1983 Riot was well orchestrated and pre-planned ….” – LARGELY UNDER FORCED INDIAN SUPERVISION. Without the FORCE from India, it would never have happened. Thus the Cold War politics ruined Sri Lanka and brought a bad name on the SINHALA BUDDHISTS. This group, the Sinhala Buddhists, become the fall guys
    whatever mischief is caused by others.


    Why do the Sinhala Buddhists of Lanka allow themselves to be made the fall guys, every time ?? Is it poor leadership or is it due to unsurmountable forces acting on the island nation ?

  10. Christie Says:

    Hi Folks, 1983 was well planned by Indian Empire. Indian Empire is hell bent on sending as many Indians as possible to the West. They do it in other Indian colonies. Take examples like Uganda and Fiji. Most of you don’t understand what Indian Imperialists are up to and what they do. More than 80,000 Indian colonial parasites settled in the UK blaming Idi Amin. More than 100,000 Indian colonial parasites have settled in Western Countries blaming native Fijians since Colonel Rambuka. Let us wake up and fight the brain washing by Indians. I cannot understand where Shenali is coming from?

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    1983 was a Tamil-Tamil affair. Singhalese had nothing to do with it.

    It is more productive to talk about the 1977 anti-Singhala riots in Jaffna and 1990 anti-Muslim riots in Jaffna.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    You must complete the sentence “At the end of the day, the 1983 Riot was well orchestrated and pre-planned

    Fran Diaz be honest ,We both know they was a shinhala club(like SJU-) formed who had planed all this as Tamil were doing all nasty work( like: eg beating sinhala poor man ate Dosa with out money beated by Tamil etc …) all this made sinhala people mad .
    at the end No curfe for three (7)days & police was spring tia gas against Tamil instead of riots all most 100% sendback to Japanaya .

    so we both community have 100% responsible for 1983 riot !!! no one else to blame.
    but sad thing still We do not learn any thing from this !!!! and still blaming others for our fault .

  13. Asanga Says:

    My tamil Sakotharam,
    (We can blame others for who plan but end of the day WE both community are responsible for it)

    Please tell that to thousands of Sinhala families who kept their tamil neighbours safe in their houses when the mobs came.
    Please tell them that they are responsible for mass murder because they put the valuables of their neighbours under their beds and guarded these.

    Please also tell that to those tamil families that they did an awesome job, when they went off to the west, worked hard, raised their children to hate Sinhalese, and sent their hard-earned countless dollars, francs, euros, kroners and what ever else to combat ‘discrimination’ by having brain-washed young kids (not theirs mind you but those of the ones left behind in the North and East), blow themselves up along with a whole bunch of ‘Racist’ Sinhalese…

    Your people fell into a well orchestrated trap…but yes, I do agree with you, lets live and let live.

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    Please tell that to thousands of Sinhala families who kept their tamil neighbours safe in their houses when the mobs came.-
    YES Agreed – include My father was safed by next door sinhala lady in hers toilet while mobs were burning his shop.
    even yesterday I was talking to a old person at Temple He was telling me how his work(Sinhala)mate helped (hired a car) all his Tamil mates to ship port (1983).

    they went off to the west, worked hard- Agreed again mate , this include my self.

    We both are mad community mate , We both are hard working people but I do not know why We are in this situation ? is that Our Karma ???

    live and let live !!!

  15. Fran Diaz Says:


    I can only sadly say that it were the TAMIL LEADERS who started the ethnic mess with their call for 50-50, Federal State for Tamils only, etc.

    Also, Tamil leaders in Lanka and Tamil Nadu transferred the Tamil Nadu Separatist Aspirations to Lanka after PM Nehru enacted Anti-Secessionist Law in India (1963). Tamil Leaders must take the blame for starting it all. If Tamil leaders take ownership for starting communal disharmony, then we can start talks. They have to also apologise to the entire Nation of Lanka for the troubles of 30 yrs with the LTTE.

    As Christie says, India has her own Agenda of power spreading through Indian migrants, usually low caste folk, including Tamils.

    Put the Indian Agenda, Cold War and Tamil Leaders Separate State aspirations together with the LTTE terrorism and you can get an idea what odds Lanka Sinhala leaders faced.

    Lanka is a tiny nation and has treated all her people quite well, considering we were a Third World nation.

    If Tamil Leaders own up to their faults and apologise first to the Nation of Lanka, can ALL at least start on a program of getting together and live in relative peace.

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    TAMIL LEADERS who started the ethnic mess with their call for 50-50, Federal State for Tamils only, etc.- before that DS Senanayaka started his part 1947 .

    Please stop blaming for our problem Eg: Sovit union, USA, India, TN, cold war, Hot war etc….

    We-Tamil want Separate TE but settle with Federal State !!!

    Live & let live !!!

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    After the FORCED INDIAN SUPERVISION OF 1983 Riots were over and done with, FORCED INDIAN 13-A was pushed down the throat of the JRJ govt.

    The Time magazine of those days expressed this event well : Picture of JRJ with the island of Lanka as a tear drop from his left eye ….. Yes, a tear drop because JRJ knew that the 13-A was a Separatist death knell, coming to Lanka from Delhi via Tamil Nadu Separatism/Tamil Caste wars transferred to Lanka for Cold War purposes too.

    It really is time for that apology to the Nation of Lanka from Tamil leaders.

    Will Lanka ever get an apology from the Colonists for bringing in Tamil low caste folk from Tamil Nadu, over a million of them under the rule of the gun in Lanka ?

    We hope good sense prevails and wounds are healed forever through apologies.

  18. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Also Please do not blame us(Tamil) who started like egg or hen which come first .

    We Both community stated We both have 100% responsibility for our own mess & We both should be sham on us .
    look at India How poor people very high level of uneducated ( not even write their name in their own language) how language , how many religion

    have own man blown-up to kill pregnant women , school children , bhuddist monk ?
    have their own forces dropped boom to blown-up pregnant women , school children elderly people ?

    But We both Done !!! What proud nation We both are !!!

    God shack we need to settle this problem forever now .

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    Please grant me permission to continue.

    I want to explore even briefly the MYTH & MYTHOLOGY also transferred to Lanka via the Hindu religion and the Caste System of India (therefore Tamil Nadu too).

    (1) The ancient belief that Crossing Sea Water lost Caste invited low caste Tamil Nadu folk (where Sri Lanka is concerned) to struggle to do just that. In the book “Sri Lanka through American Eyes” (Editor: HAI Goonetileke), this fact is emphasised.
    Question to ask at this time : Does crossing sea water really lose Caste ?
    To those who are observers of the phenomenon, it seems that crossing sea water just puts distance between the low caste Tamils who cross sea water and Tamil Nadu, where to them the Caste System is born. The pain starts in Tamil Nadu, not in Lanka. So, for a permanent solution to the pain, address the caste problem in TN itself. One way to do this is to issue new birth certifictes, sans Caste.

    (2) The Epic Tale of the Ramayana : Is truly a story of spiritual growth. The core of the story says that King Rama’s Queen, Sita, was abducted by ten headed Ravana, King of Lanka. Now, there are no ten headed human beings or visible demons anywhere, in India or Lanka. It is merely an ALLEGORICAL tale, with the island of Lanka used by the storyteller as the HEAD (Mind). The HEART is the body part where King Rama the Pure one resides. The Heart/Body section is India. Now, in the minds of the simple village people of India, this tale may be taken literally and this makes Lanka a BAD place, to be cleansed and conquered. In the Hindu religon, the battle is always the MIND vs HEART. We have to make sure that, at least in Lanka, this is made clear. Or else it is likely that Lanka will be thought of as a “bad” place, the place of demon King Ravana, and various bad examples made of some of the Sinhala/Buddhist folk who are driven to the edge to react adversely.

    You can see how all successful Sinhala/Buddhist leaders have been and are being eliminated, and no one seems to mind !
    There are no reactions from the stunned and hammered Sinhala/Buddhist community of Lanka or from the so called guardians of Justice, International Community with their NGOs and other UN type organisations. So we, the Sinhala/Buddhists of Lanka, who have really treated Tamil folk quite well compared to how they are treated in Tamil Nadu, have to shout out the truth even at this late stage. Or else, it is total annihilation/enslavement of the Sinhala/Buddhists of Lanka, and Lanka land mass will be shredded out to various greedy factions.

  20. SA Kumar Says:

    or a permanent solution to the pain, address the caste problem in TN itself.

    MY Dear Fran Diaz sorry to say caste problem never go way until Hindhu (Sauva) religen disapiare? will that happen ? No We both know that.
    Yes I totaly agreed We Lanka Tamil have castle problem than TN Tamil because I found out We Lanka Tamil control Bhiramin ( Iyar) & 90% educated (passed GCE O/L) thanks to SWRDB for his Mahavidayala (Secandary school in village & all subject education teach in Tamil)

  21. SA Kumar Says:

    ….. We Lanka Tamil have less castle problem than

  22. Fran Diaz Says:


    When SWRD set out the Free Education in Tamil, the conditions in Lanka were different. Only various Separatists and various foreign areas such as Tamil Nadu and vested interests abroad benefit from the Tamil language as a National/Official language in Lanka.

    Now it is time to REMOVE the Tamil language as a National/Official language in Lanka. Tamils of Lanka are free to use the Tamil language in whatever way they please, but it should not be a National/Official language of this country.

    Moreover, Tamil Labor is not needed in Lanka anymore. Tea is not a bestselller and teaplucking can be done through machines, and anyone can use these machines.

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil Leaders use the Tamil language as a weapon to separate Sri Lankans. It is their way of using the ‘divide & rule’ of the British Empire.

    Since the Indian sub-states are divided through language only, Tamil leaders of Lanka have always divided the Nation of Sri Lanka through language and after 1976, through violence through the LTTE terrorism of 30 yrs.

    The Vaddukoddai Resolution (1976) declared for Tamils to separate through use of violence is still in place !

    That is why the Tamil language has to be removed as an Official/National language.

    Now that the JVP is happy with the UNP, it is time for real change, for real peace.

    As they say : Enough is enough.

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