Security for Mahinda Rajapakse
Posted on July 23rd, 2015


23 Jul 15

The coming parliamentary elections are a crucial one for friend and foe of Mahinda Rajapakse. There are many stake holders International, Religious and Local who are hell bent to see the last of Mahinda Rajapakse. The opposition including the President of UPFA are out gunning for him. Many are hoping for an end to Rajapakse politics – to destroy him politically. However there could be others who desire him physically out of the scene.

It is quite evident that Mahinda Rajapakse lost out at the last Presidential Elections on 8 Jan 15 largely due to an effective and sadly un opposed mud slinging campaign by the UNP ( headed by Mangala Samarweera the slander king), and due to behind the scene manipulations by the  International conspirators headed by the US –CIA and India – RAW.  All these people want Mahinda Rajapakse out of the political scene hook or by crook. It is no secret these forces will try anything including assassination for much is at stake for their agendas for Sri Lanka and for the region. They have so far invested much and do not want to loose out while the ‘irons are still in the fire’. According to not so reverend Rev Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thero – get the rotties cooked while the plate is hot.

Mossadegh,  the Prime Minister of Iran assassination in 1953, assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963, Chilean President Allende assassination in 1973, and many other assassinations later did not happen by chance or because they tripped on their pajamas!   They were well-coordinated assassinations.

Similarly at the present time US is on a campaign of regime change.  Beginning Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine  regime change is in vogue;  now mostly unopposed and in cahoots with ever willing Indian coolies they are eyeing Sri Lanka among many others. India is the cat’s paw of the Western Christian forces and the unwanted neighbor in South Asia.

The enemies of Mahinda Rajapakse includes the Racist Tamill for Eelam , Jihadist Muslims, UNP Batalanda forces, JVP death squads and even those disgruntled within the UPFA.

Yes, enemies of Mahinda include some of those now cowering at his feet. It was not too many weeks ago that they were calling for Mahinda’s blood from many platforms. If not for the indefatigable work of Dinesh Gunawardana, Udaya Gammanpila, Wimal Weerawansa and Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Mahinda could well be still at Meda Mulana. A majority of all the rest in one way or the other abandoned him  – Appachchi Maruna  lot –  and  ran away from him for personal gain, positions and personal gratification. How far these political eunuchs can be trusted in the future is a moot point.

The assassination tools can include shooting, bombing or even poisoning and much more evil brews are in their kitties. These are nothing strange to either CIA or RAW organizations. Polonium poisoning has been used on many occasions elsewhere in the world to get rid of opponents effectively. Drones are another weapon that can be used in the coming days and months. Already a one carrying a remotely controlled hand gun has surfaced in US.  Passenger carrying planes have been shot out of the sky to further political agendas –  recent Malaysian Airlines – MH17 is a case in point. The current President of Sri Lanka – Maithripala Sirisena set the example by the political backstabbing he carried out in November last year.  He has shown that such actions are gainful though morally reprehensible for ordinary folks.

Present time is crucial for the Sinhala Buddhists and them alone. All others – all hues of Sinhala Christians, Jihadist Muslims, Eeelamist Tamils stand to gain by a Ranil victory.  The future of the Sinhala Buddhists and the future of Sri Lanka as one political and geographical entity is on the balance. The forces just mentioned want Sri Lanka dismembered and Balkanized to achieve their individual agendas.

If the Sinhala Buddhist gain ascendance in Sri Lankan politics there will be peace for all. This was clearly mentioned by a far sighted Muslim gentleman at the Mahinda  – Kurunegala rally. The alternative  will be non ending internecine warfare across many fronts and borders. If the unthinkable were to happens,  Ranils wins and he puts his agenda into practice,  there will be unprecedented blood letting in Sri Lanka.

In the end Mahinda Rajapakse went to his only refuge – the Sinhala Buddhists  and their temples and is now on the comeback trail. He must not betray them for a handful of doubtful Christian, Muslim or even Racist Tamil votes. He brought about this present political fracas due to his trusting nature. This time he must face the hard facts – that is his political foundation is nothing but Sinhala Buddhists!

The best case scenario for Sri Lanka is for Mahinda and UPFA to win and win convincingly. A mere simple majority is not sufficient, for a simple cross over can turn tables upside down for UPFA and a government of the UNP formed which cannot be undone for 4 years and six months will come into effect.

For all this Mahinda must survive any assassination attempts. All it takes for the enemies to succeed is a well-trained sniper, a dedicated suicide bomber or an ‘insider’ for a successful poisoning.  His security  and that of our Eternal War Hero Gotabhaya must be strengthened with no stones unturned.

2 Responses to “Security for Mahinda Rajapakse”

  1. Asanga Says:

    Mr. Ratnapala, thank you for this write-up.

    Especially the last para- “For all this Mahinda must survive any assassination attempts. All it takes for the enemies to succeed is a well-trained sniper, a dedicated suicide bomber or an ‘insider’ for a successful poisoning. His security and that of our Eternal War Hero Gotabhaya must be strengthened with no stones unturned.” of prime importance, and must never be out of mind of people close to MR. GR and MR must never appear together…
    The ‘Jackals’ as defined in the ‘Economic Hitman’ are probably now circling, waiting for their chance…The ‘drunk’ arm twister might be the first probe attack..

  2. anura seneviratna Says:

    The drunk arm twister may already have done some damage – need examination.

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