A Simple win is not enough for Mahinda Rajapakse!
Posted on July 26th, 2015


 26 July 15

A simple win is not enough. What the country needs is a massive win for Mahinda Rajapakse. Sinhala Buddhists  only can, do this, in the first place. It is they who can realize the clear and present danger to the unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka as well as for the security of the country in the immediate future and in the coming years.

For this reason all who are of voting age from youngsters to the elderly should make it a point to go to the polling stations and vote for Mahinda Rajapakse on 17 Aug.  This way  the voting percentage must increase from what it was on 8 Jan to much higher figure nearing one hundred percent if need be. It is a must for all those who voted against Mahinda Rajapakse believing in all the mud slinging, to compulsorily go and correct their mistake on 17 August by voting for Mahinda Rajapakse. They would do a favour if at least some could come on Mahinda platforms and make their confessions. This will encourage  others to emulate them and at least go to the polling station and do their confession in silent by voting for Mahinda Rajapakse.  Those who did not vote on 8 Jan and will not vote on 17 Aug will have to repent for the rest of their lives for not doing their duty by their motherland.

In the second place the minorities should realise that they will be able live and prosper in the island of Sri Lanka from Point Pedro in the North to the Dondra heads in the South only by coexisting with the Sinhalese. Sinhalese have not practiced the kind of Apartheid that is practiced in the North and in smaller enclaves dotted around the country where Sharia law is practiced. . Sinhalese have not declared a Bhoomi Putra doctrine to deprive rights to minorities. Therefore it is in their best interest to come and vote for a strong Sinhala Buddhist led stable government led by Mahinda Rajapakse than to a Christian led Western friendly government led by serial looser and mega fraudster – Ranil Wickramasinghe. This aspect was clearly stated by a far sighted Muslim gentlemen at the Mahinda Rajapakse rally held at Kurunegala.  I believe he has lived and prospered among the Sinhala Buddhists and understand the live and let live doctrine so profoundly enunciated by Lord Buddha.

A stable government will see that Sri Lanka prosper in the years ahead. There is much to be shared in the commonwealth of Sri Lanka. It is a win-win situation for all Sinhala, Tamils and Muslims, rather than for a few that favor enclaves feeding on the unsuspecting majority nation of the country. Those who favor division, dismemberment and balkanization of Sri Lanka will see that they will be the ultimate losers while taking Sri Lanka in the same direction that the country had been up to 2005 and later after 8 Jan 2015.  While all other countries in the South East Asia prospered, Sri Lanka was left in the doldrums mainly because of sabotage by the minorities who were intent of the division of the country for their selfish racist and religious interests. These manifestations are easily seen in the actions of Rishad Badiuddeen and Rauf Hakeem who are hell bent on carving out Jihadist enclaves in different parts of Sri Lanka.  On the other hand the Racist Tamils parties are intent on having their own patch of land as an ethnically cleansed area whilst retaining the right to live, work and prosper in the rest of the country.

No country can prosper when the majority is left as bystanders.  This was the lot of the Sinhala Buddhists since Independence from the British and even before going back to latter 19th Century.  No country can prosper if the minorities become parasites feeding on the political and cultural space of the majority.

Mahinda Rajapakse has laid the foundation by initiating to lay the necessary infrastructure for the nation and he will continue to do so in the future.  He valiant attempts to open up the country with major roads, utility projects, country wide electrification are seen with jaundiced eyes by the separatists and jihadists. This can happen only if he is given a clear victory at the coming parliamentary elections on 17 August. This will enable him  run a trouble free administration. There is much to be done in the future.

In Sri Lanka there are no private enterprises capable of funding and carrying out mega infrastructure projects. This is the reason in Sri Lanka and in many other similar countries, this type of work that has long payback periods are only handled by Governments.  The electrical energy needs are almost complete and country electrification is nearing completion.

So far the UNP and former SLFP governments were only intent on feeding bellies and thus vote grabbing. It is commonly known that it is far better to teach someone to fish rather than give fish to consume. Once the necessary infrastructure has been laid it is up to the nation to pitch in and do the needful to make the country prosperous. Waiting for the government to spoon-feed should stop and people must become responsible citizens by themselves.

The hijacked government that was formed after 8 Jan had enough opportunities even as a ruse and to hoodwink the electorate, carry out a blameless and exemplary interim government. To begin with they failed by appointing a major Christian Administration. The likes of Christian Ranil, Catholic John Amaratunge as the Ministry of the Interior, Catholic Ravi Karunanayagm as the Finance Minister, Born Again Rosie Senanayake as the Minister in Charge of Children Affairs – (Jesu Pihitai Ape podi ewunta!) Evangelist Eran Wickramaratne showed how representative the new administration is? With this lot the Sinhala Buddhist nation is similar to a chicken coop protected by skulk of foxes.

They failed by being involved in the biggest financial fraud Sri Lanka has seen since Independence.  Their blatant attempts to hide the truth have convinced the intelligent electors of the guilt of Ranil Wickramasinghe in aiding and abetting of this fraud. They failed by stopping all the development activity and initiating kangaroo courts looking for ‘frauds’ , but could only find petite frauds or none at all. They failed by not allowing mega projects such as Major Road works, Port City project etc to go ahead while investigations for alleged malpractice are carried out. They failed by denying the financial viability of all minor contractors and subcontractors  and all those who depended on them for a living. They failed reduce the cost of living as promised ; most election promises remain unfulfilled and the intelligent electorate is now convinced that they are only ‘election promises’ – similar to rice from the moon.

Mahinda Rajapakse has learnt the lessons of 8 Jan and is now poised to run an effective administration with the able assistance of his brother – Gotabhaya Rajapakse. We hope and pray that the war hero Gotabhaya will once again come to lead the Defence Establishment and provide the necessary security for the nation that is a sine quoi non for future prosperity of our island nation.

I repeat:

All those who are of voting age from young men and women to the elderly should make it a point to go to the polling stations and vote for Mahinda Rajapakse on 17 Aug.  This way  the voting percentage must increase from what it was on 8 Jan to much higher figure nearing one hundred percent if need be. It is a must for all those who voted against Mahinda Rajapakse believing in all the mud slinging, to compulsorily go and correct their mistake on 17 August by voting for Mahinda Rajapakse. They would do a favour if at least some could come on Mahinda platforms and make their confessions. This will encourage  others to emulate them and at least go to the polling station and do their confession in silent by voting for Mahinda Rajapakse.  Those who did not vote on 8 Jan and will not vote on 17 Aug will have to repent for the rest of their lives for not doing their duty by their motherland.

 Failure to do so will bring another Portuguese Era to our Motherland and an end to the Sinhala Buddhist civilization that we so painstakingly protected for over 2600 years.

7 Responses to “A Simple win is not enough for Mahinda Rajapakse!”

  1. charithsls Says:

    I was emphasizing on this point from the outset. Not only stressing on all the young & old patriots to vote, MR camp should look to garner support from other sources too.We should try to get as many Buddhist votes as possible. First thing should have been to extend the olive branch to BBS SF or JHU etc at the beginning. We have to be shrewd rather than vindictive to achieve our goal. It is too late now but should continue to try to rope in a big fish or two from the opposition camp. Is it not possible to come to some understanding with the JVP even at this late stage?? I think MR camp should try, forgive & forget the past.
    To get Sinhala Christian vote, should get Dayan,Carlo,Rajiv etc who command a good social status to lead from the front in Christian constituencies & meeting with their clergy & membership.

    (As Samaraweera is doing) to get a brigade of youth to work on the social media day & night.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    I agree in parts and thanks. Mahinda needs all what he can get but not from factions that will demand a pound of flesh for their measly contributions. This is why we need to concentrate on the full Sinhala Buddhist vote. Other votes are fiat or decreed votes that can sway with the views of their leaders, what they stand for or even from foreign powers – Indian, American or even Vatican. At the last Presidential elections the majority of Sinhala Christians did not vote for Mahinda and so were the Jihadist Muslims, Racist Tamils and Indian Tamils from the Hill Country. These votes are unreliable and even if given they are for a ‘pound of flesh’. We can call everybody to answer the nations calling, but that is a long shot most of the time.

    Unfortunate thing is out of all those who are living without the fear of Terrorism how many still remember those dreadful days prior to 19 May 2009. Sujeewa Senasinghe the Deputy Minister of Justice couldn’t even remember the day. The safest thing is to increase the vote of those the nation can rely on – Sinhala Buddhists the bed rock of Sri Lanka’s security and independence from foreign domination.

    It is the Sinhala Buddhists who still remember the likes of King Dutu Gamunu, King Dhatusena, King Wijayabahu etc even after thousands of years – out of gratitude.

    We must never let Mahinda Rajapakse ever to go into alliance with the likes of Rauf Hakeem, Rishad Baidudeen and similar. This kind of vermin come to get their pound of flesh and that alone.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Former Sri Lankan president questions government’s accomplishments during 100 days

    July 26, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s former president and the UPFA Kurunegala District candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa today questioned what was accomplished by the government during the 100 day program.

    Addressing a public rally in Tangalle, the former president said nothing happened during the 100 day program, even after 180 days except for taking revenge

    Rajapaksa said the people saw the cost of living was sky rocketing during the 100 days.

    He said the United National Party (UNP) has been talking about forming a national government after the election but there will not be a national government since the UPFA will have the majority to form a government after the election.

    The former president said the UPFA is confident of winning a majority of seats in parliament.

    Speaking of the Tamil party’s call for power devolution and re-merger of North and East in its election manifesto, Rajapaksa said the UPFA will not allow anyone to divide the country.


    THANK YOU, Mr. President, for you have STATED ALMOST EXACTLY what I had said in the following comment at LankaWeb on the CONCERTED EFFORT being made by the UNP and its followers to DEFAME President Mahinda Rajapaksa:

    My comment:

    There is a CONCERTED EFFORT to ONCE AGAIN propagate BAREFACED LIES and UNSUBSTANTIATED DEFAMATORY ALLEGATIONS against President Mahinda Rajapaksa by his opponents on the EVE of the Parlamentary ELECTION on August 17, 2015.

    One example is the allegation that the Ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa attempted to hit a man (later found to be intoxicated) who had grabbed his arm at a recent political rally.

    The attitude is: LET us say WHATEVER OUTRAGEOUS LIE we can CONCOCT NOW, make IMPOSSIBLE ELECTION PROMISES NOW, somehow WIN the ELECTION, and then VANISH into the WOODWORK after the ELECTION, when no one will be able to find and hold us responsible.

    That is largely what they did to WIN THE Presidential Election on January 8, 2015 … accusing MR of UNLIMITED CORRUPTION and MINIMIZING his accomplishment on behalf of our Motherland.

    We saw that ourselves in the ATROCIOUS BEHAVIOR at LankaWeb of that LTTE Operative LORENZO, now posing as a PATRIOT supporting MR hoping to repeat the process at the very last moment. That is WHY I am doing as MUCH as I can, as long as he blogs here, to keep our MEMORY of LORENZO’s PREVIOUS ANTICS alive at LankaWeb.

    After the Presidency was WON by Somarama Sirisena, much of the 100-day Program that was promised, has been ABANDONED.

    Let me ITEMIZE some of these:

    1. The financial salary and benefit incentives that were offered to bribe the voters have proved to be impossible to give and maintain in effect, for it would bankrupt the nation … the money is just not there.

    2. The promised reduction in the prices of staple foods and other essentials had to be retracted as the costs to government skyrocketed. Now with economic activity in the nation disrupted by all the uncertainty and foolish uncoordinated policies implemented post-election, the inflation in the cost of living is much higher than before. Are the people better off now? No they are not.

    3. The Western Powers who egged the YAHAPALANAYA Crew before the election (read IMF and World Bank) have backed-out and denied the loans sought by the UNP govt to replace the Chinese loans they had alleged were obtained at very high interest rates. Now they had to eat crow and beg to keep the loans from China which the UPFA GOSL had negotiated at a time when NO LENDER would underwrite Sri Lanka’s development at any price.

    4. The infrastructure development projects that were halted under various allegations of impropriety and corruption and lacking sound financial planning, are one by one being restarted as they begin to find that those allegations of corruption were false, the plans are economically sound, and by halting them they are putting people (read as VOTERS in the next election) out of work … for no reason … except the jealousy of the achievements made, and the need to undermine MR and the UPFA now.

    5. They could not carry through most of the “Yahapalanaya” Constitutional Amendments because they simply did not have the necessary votes in the Parliament. In fact, they had to terminate the Parliament early and call for new elections to PREVENT a NO-CONFIDENCE motion against Ranil which would have resulted in his ouster. The UNP in desperation urged Somarama Sirisena to dissolve the Parliament.

    6. In particular, Somarama Sirisena who had campaigned for the Presidency saying he DOES NOT WANT TO BE PRESIDENT beyond 100 days NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, and will step down IMMEDIATELY at the end of 100 days, has NOW CHANGED HIS MIND, and is DESPERATELY TRYING to hang on to his position, even to the extent of OPPOSING the elimination of the Office of the President that he promised. What more can you expect from a hidden BACKSTABBER than a hidden LIAR?

    7. Somarama Sirisena now recognizes that with the passage of the 19th Amendment, he has LOST much of the powers of the Presidency, which have been TRANSFERRED to the position of PRIME MINISTER. Ranil in the meantime is enjoying and exercising those powers for his own benefit, and is quietly PUSHING Somarama Sirisena into powerless impotence by IGNORING him.

    Also, if MR captures the PM’s post, Sirisena fears that he will be in a worse pickle than he is now with Ranil …. hence his DESPERATE unsuccessful FIGHT to DENY a SLFP/UPFA Nomination to MR, and the THREATS that he will NOT APPOINT MR as the PM no matter how big MR wins in the Parliamentary Election. That, by the way, is not Somarama Sirisena’s sole prerogative to decide, because the person appointed must be supported by the vast majority of the MP to be able to govern the country.

    Sirisena would rather survive with Ranil than cope with MR whom he BACKSTABBED after eating Appa with him the night before. Somarama Sirisena is caught between the DEVIL and the DEEP BLUE SEA … the INEVITABLE FATE of all TREACHEROUS DISHONORABLE BACKSTABBERS.

    8. In the meantime, it is OPEN power-grabbing SEASON for the Tamil and Muslim separatists, who are happily consolidating their grasp in the land areas where they form local majorities. The TNA is doing everything it can to make their GRASP on the NPC IRRREVERSIBLE … with an eye out for eventual separation from Sri Lanka.

    9. The “Yahapalanaya” con-artistes, who bitterly complained about lack of political freedom and harrasment under the MR/UPFA regime, launched an UNPRECEDENTED WITCH HUNT of the leaders of the PREVIOUS REGIME, hitherto never seen in the History of Sri Lankan politics. So much for “Yahaplanaya”!

    10. Meanwhile, these very same “Yahapalanaya” miscreants appointed a slew of sleazy people with criminal records and allegations of crimes currently being adjudicated in the courts, to ministries and other important administrative positions. The best example is the Central Bank Governor Mahendran who allegedly started to loot the Central Bank and the National Treasury to benefit his relatives, while dear old Ravi Karunanayake, accused of similar crimes in court cases, looks the other way. The investigative reports on these crimes (such as the COPE report) are being suppressed and prevented from being released to the public before the upcoming election! They have MUCH TO HIDE …. hence the bitter battle being now fought to hang on to power at all costs.

    Is this the much balleyhooed YAHAPALANAYA that we were promised? Sounds more like a YAMAPALANAYA!

    I can go on and on about the OUTRAGEOUS ANTICS and MONUMENTAL FOLLIES of the players of the Yamapalanaya Bandwagon.


  4. Amila Says:

    Agree very much with Ananda’s comments. I remember well how these LTTE operatives behaved in the last election while pretending to be patriots. They are at their game again.

  5. charithsls Says:

    Come on Ratnapala let’s first be Buddhists here & forgive & leave hatred out. We’ve a mission here to win this election handsomely. We’ve put out our policy which we’re not going to change whoever joins us so let any one join us to achieve this goal. If there are justified demands of course we should be flexible enough to address their grievances in our dharmishta way.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Somarama “Sirisena’s efforts to tarnish the image of Rajapaksa and his cohorts through multiple criminal and corruption charges cut no ice. “

    Indeed, the VAST MAJORITY of Sri Lankan voters have now seen through this MACHIAVELLIAN BACKSTABBER and SERIAL LIAR for what he TRULY is: A revengeful man greedy for fame and fortune who has become a puppet of Foreign Powers and that he willing to strike deals with separatist ENEMIES of Sri Lanka just to HANG ONTO TO POWER!

    Somarama Sirisena delivered Mother Lanka bound hand and foot to its enemies on January 8, 2015,
    just as Pilimatalauwa delivered Mother Lanka bound hand and foot to the British Colonialists in March, 1815! SHAME!

    The name of Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena has earned INFAMY as a TRAITOR in Sri Lanka’s Hallowed History glittering with the names of its MULTITUDE of HEROIC Patriots, Mahinda Rajapaksa and Gothabaya Rajapaksa foremost among them!

    Second Battle to Decide Rajapaksa’s Fate

    July 27 (NIE) The Sri Lankan parliamentary elections slated for August 17 are essentially about one issue: whether former President Mahinda Rajapaksa should or should not be at the helm of the island nation’s affairs.

    Contrary to expectations, his defeat in the January 8 presidential polls did not settle the matter. Winner Maithripala Sirisena had failed to take over Rajapaksa’s formidable outfits, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and the United Peoples’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), which had a majority in the 225-member parliament. Sirisena used his prerogative to put his electoral ally, the United National Party (UNP), in power.

    But a lack of a parliamentary majority stymied the government’s efforts to carry out the sweeping constitutional changes Sirisena had promised. Critical money bills were not presented in parliament for fear of defeat. Sirisena tried to buy over SLFP/UPFA MPs by offering them ministerial berths, but few fell for the bait as the majority were confident of winning the parliamentary elections under Rajapaksa, who, in their estimation, had a clear edge over Sirisena among rural Sinhalese Buddhists who comprise 70 per cent of the population. Sirisena’s efforts to tarnish the image of Rajapaksa and his cohorts through multiple criminal and corruption charges cut no ice. In desperation, Sirisena cast his lot with the UNP and its alliance, the United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG), which had successfully propped him up in the presidential election.

    The UNFGG is gung-ho about its prospects as it believes that Rajapaksa’s base and morale have been further eroded due to the 7,000 complaints and cases registered against him and his cohorts. And being out of power, the state machinery, which he brazenly misused earlier, is no longer available to him. Further, he has made no efforts to win back the minority Tamils, Muslims and Catholics whose en masse support for Sirisena had tilted the balance in the January 8 poll. Rajapaksa’s dalliance with China continues to irk regional power India and the US-led West, which could impose economic sanctions over the war crimes issue through the UN. On top of it all, a recent survey by the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) found that 58 per cent of Lankans were satisfied with the Sirisena regime. However, Rajapaksa hopes that quarrels over plums of office among the UNFGG MPs will enable him to use his skills in horse-trading and capture power eventually.

  7. Dilrook Says:

    I have no regard for Saravanamuttu’s CPA survey. They are more accurate predicting Tamil Nadu elections than Sri Lankan elections. However, if their 58% is taken as correct for argument sake, and assuming TNA and JVP to win 9% of the vote in total, that reduces UNP + Sirisena’s votes to 49%. Many Sirisena catchers are contesting from UPFA who will get Sirisena’s votes. If this amount is 4%, then UNP vote is further reduced to 45%.

    As the only people oppose Sirisena are from the Mahinda Team of UPFA, they have 42% to start with. Added with 4% from pro-Sirisena elements into UPFA, the total UPFA tally is 46%, higher than UNP.

    UNP can never form a stable government with either JVP or TNA. It has to rely on UPFA crossovers. The strategy should be to defeat them in the preference vote battle and for UPFA to win as many seats as possible. When an unstable government collapses, it is very bad for it at the following election.

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