Posted on July 27th, 2015

Dr Hector Perera     London

When I mentioned indoor air pollution I meant the air inside in general the whole house. Most of the times the air pollution comes from the kitchen due to cooking but there are other things that contribute to air pollution. People burn various kinds of substances such as natural gas, coconut oil lamps, and incenses, many kinds of wood, shells including coconut shells, cashew nuts and even pea nuts. When they burn they give out gases that add to the indoor air pollution. How about kerosene lamps and natural gas in the gas cooker? The vehicle exhaust fumes give a whole trail of pollution.

Some people smoke cigarettes and cigars at home while watching the TV. It has been found out there are 3,800 different chemicals in tobacco that adds to the indoor air pollution.

Radon gas an odourless, colourless radioactive gas that comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in rock and soil. It can seep into homes through cracks in the foundation, floors, and walls. I have witnessed some people in rural areas sleep on the floor without cement or tiles that is just on dry clay floors. Also they use cow droppings on the floor instead of cement. I think this is still found only in very remote villagers in Sri Lanka.

We cannot live without moulds, they are everywhere including on the stale bread even if we kept them for too long. Moulds require moisture to grow and tend to be found in damp basements, refrigerators, air conditioners, humidifiers, mattresses, carpeting, under ceiling panels, or behind walls (if there are chronic water leaks). If you leave a slice bread outside for a few days then you will see a range different coloured moulds growing on it.


Household cleaners, degreasers, arts and craft supplies, glues, off-gassing” from newly installed carpets, flooring, particle board, and furniture. People use various detergents to clean the toilets such as bleach. Far too many to mention here but once you go to a shop they get tempted to buy at least one such product. We cannot wash the cups, plates and spoons without some liquid soap or you put them into a dishwasher to clean. Then how about the different kinds of hand washing liquids.

I am sure the ladies know how many kinds of sprays and colognes are used in front of the mirror in the bedroom, they all have their especial odour. That is not the end, what about nail varnishes then lipsticks. Then comes hair sprays and they all have their unique smell spreading all over. Some ladies use hair sprays that long last and ultimate hold all day hold that brushes out easily, leaving hair soft to the touch and gorgeously shiny. They say they are weather protective and a UV filter provides a shield against humidity for 24 hours, preventing frizz and environmental damage. Oh and the best part… no sticky residue and fast drying! The growing up adults buy far too many of these to spray because they get the word to mouth advertising and TV, paper and internet advertising. How about lip sticks, I’m talking about rancid, nasty smells here because I know some of you think that cherry flavored and scented lip gloss is the devil’s work. Lipstick is sticky (that’s why it’s called lipstick, not cause of it’s shape and all lipsticks are made with at least some organic material. We also know that floating particles stick to sticky things and we know that all organic material rots.

Makeup doesn’t last forever. Find out the warning signs for makeup that is no longer good and guidelines for throwing out different types of cosmetics.

Keeping and using makeup beyond its expiry date is not only gross but it’s potentially dangerous. No matter how clean you may be, natural bacteria from your skin makes its way into your eyeshadow, mascara and foundation, which can mean that you’re reapplying that bacteria (after it has had a chance to multiply in your makeup) back onto your skin. Gross. This can lead to rashes and infections, which can be particularly dangerous for your eyes. The moral of the story: don’t hold on to old makeup, no matter how much you love it. How many of these things they use, far too many to mention here but let me say briefly. Thigs such as, MASCARA AND LIQUID EYELINER, liquid foundation, BLUSH, EYESHADOW AND OTHER FACE POWDERS, nail polishes, PENCIL EYELINER AND LIPLINER and many more. I am sure you all can understand that each and every one gives out some kind of smell. These have volatile chemicals dissolved in volatile chemicals that gives out from these substances.

Body smells

First of all, let’s be frank: sweat is not a sweet-smelling scent, um, ever. But there are certain areas of your body like your pubic hair and underarms – that naturally give off a stronger scent than your hair, chest, and back. So if you smell yourself in those “stronger” areas, don’t freak out right away – as long as things smell the way they normally do, you’re probably fine. That said, though, if you notice a strong, more foul, smell coming from those more subtle regions, pay attention. Scott Sullivan, MD, a professor of OBGYN at the Medical University at South Carolina, says a rancid scent could mean your body is struggling with digestion issues. “It’s rare, but it happens,” he says. It may just be a matter of changing up your diet and adding in more high-fibre foods, but your doctor can advise you on the best course of action.

Smelly socks

Smelly socks are socks that have acquired an unpleasant odour due to prolonged use. Their odour, which is complex and remains the object of study, is a mixture of ammonia, fatty acids (in particular, isovaleric acid), and lactic acid.

While odorous socks are repellent to most humans, they are a strong attractant for some animals, including dogs and mosquitos. They have proven useful in controlling the behaviour of these animals.

Although the odour of smelly socks is often associated with feet, it arises independently of contact with human feet in various foodstuffs such as dairy products, cheeses, sausages and fish sauce, and is naturally present in several plants. The smell has also been noted in building and automotive air treatment systems, where it is described as “jock socks odour” or “dirty socks syndrome”.

Just consider for a moment, all warm blooded male animals sniff the females to see if they smell nice enough to mate with. Humans are no exception other than that women smell nice and exciting all the time because women are receptive to men if they are treated with kindness and love and if they know the man and are either his partner or are attracted to him.
Dirty knickers smell of a woman

It is not a surprise that all body parts sweat that is why they wear socks and underwear both men and women. I saw somewhere it mentioned, some women sell their dirty knickers on the internet so there is a demand but most men will be reluctant to deal with unknown women who act in this way.

When I mentioned indoor air pollution, the pollution caused by cooking is a huge topic but however much the people know, they try and ignore those smells. How about the above mentioned smells? We need to aerate the houses to get rid of those smells otherwise the people breathe those smells even when they are sleeping. Yes one might lose some hot air trapped inside the house but is it worth not to ventilate the house? Your comments are welcomed

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