OPEN LETTER to Members of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) – Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi
Posted on July 28th, 2015

Asoka Weerasinghe

OPEN LETTER to Members of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) – Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi

Headquartered in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Ladies and Gentlemen of TNA

I read with interest your Parliamentary Election, Manifesto of 2015, and have taken  the liberty to forward you a letter sent to you all a few years ago, which I believe is still relevant.  This is how one Sinhalese-Canadian sees your cunning.  Read it.


Asoka Weerasinghe



Sinhalese influx into North Lanka

Dear Members of the TNA,

I was livid to read what P.K. Balachandra had reported of your concerns about the Sinhalese influx into North Lanka ”.  Let’s get this crystal clear to all you shadows of the late Velupillai Prabhakaran, NORTH LANKA IS NOT A NO-MAN’S LAND FOR US SINHALESE.  It is our land as much as yours.

What is indeed your problem TNA?  What is it in your genes that you feel that you have the right to seek territorial purity for Tamils in the North and yet you think that you men with three finger stripes of ash across the foreheads have the Hindu Trinity rights to invade the South and claim 41 percent of the population of the capital Colombo and own 75 percent of the prime real estate of its suburb Wellawatte, and yet,  keep out the Sinhalese from the North who have every God given right to own and occupy real estate there, especially in Jaffna and live and work there and to be happy ever after like you Tamils living happily ever after in the South and the Hills.

You TNA Tamils have the gall to flood Sea Street in the Pettah with business sign boards hanging from the roofs promoting your –iah” clan in Tamil calligraphy– the Selliahs, Thambaiahs, Nalliahs, Suppaiahs  and Rasaiahs, but have immense difficulty to accept the signs of the Silva Bakery, Perera Grocery Stores and the Sumana Kopi Kade in Sinhalese calligraphy in the heart of Jaffna.  That is a hell-of-a-how-do-you-do, isn’t it TNA?  My knife cuts both ways and not one way and that is where you lot and I differ!

Well…well….well… Premachandran, Sambandan and Sridharan lets cut out this crap once and for all.  Lets not go through another 30 years of violence killing each other just because you think that your blood is more crimson and purer than my Sinhala blood.  Rubbish!  And let your Tamil kids be kids enjoying ‘hide-and-seek’ and  ‘hop-scotch’ and not play ‘cops and robbers’ in Tiger fatigues cradling Kalashnikovs which are heavier than most of them and get killed in the battle frontlines because you adults feared to face the army bullets. I hope you TNAs have learnt a lesson from the past 27-years.

The army has about 40,000 troops now in the Wanni.  Very soon, the troops’ families will join them” you griped to Balachandran.  What’s wrong with that may I ask?

That is what we call Family re-unification” in Canada .  Like, when one of your Tamils get on a plane with a legitimate Sri Lankan passport at Katunayake airport on the way to  Canada’s Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, and then mid-air this Tamil does an ABRACADABRA and destroys the Sri Lankan passport, and when he/she lands on Canadian soil claims with crocodile tears welling in the eyes to be a Convention refugee fleeing persecution and discrimination in Sri Lanka and have no valid document.  The person goes through the normal Immigration Refugee determination procedures to get permanent residency (PR) and a Canadian passport.  Once he gets the PR, then the Family reunification” act kicks in immediately. So this Tamil brings over the mother, the father, the brother, the sister and the whole family caboodle and later all of them become jet-setters travelling to Sri Lanka often, the country that they ran away from saying that they were persecuted and discriminated. This is a classic case of Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the liar of them all!’

If such ‘Family reunification’ is good for you Tamils, it certainly should be good for the Sinhalese army personnel who are legitimately guarding the Sri Lankan territory, especially the North and the sovereignty of Sri Lanka .  If the families are not reunited, they will have a legitimate right to grieve as much as you Tamils have complained to the Human Rights Commission that your rights have been violated by the Sri Lankan Government.  It is as simple as that.  So what is your gripe TNA?

Once a settlement comes up, infrastructural facilities like Sinhalese schools and Buddhist temples will come, and the cultural character of the Wanni will change,” gripes, Suresh Premachandran who is contesting from Jaffna District.

Really, Suresh!  Isn’t that the normal sociological phenomena?  Come to Canada ’s Ontario ’s Scarborough .  Within the past 20 years, the Tamil refugees have turned the place into a Little Jaffna.  There are Tamil Grocery Stores, Sari stores, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Vadai and Thosai boutiques, Tamil Curry Huts, Hindu Temples you name it, and they have it.  Added to all that they also have gun-totting and knife-wielding Tamil gangs to claim their patch of  Canadian territory.  Isn’t that a natural phenomenon in an evolution of a new society?  So let’s cut your whining as the Sinhalese are no different from you Tamils.  Perhaps they are a bit lighter in complexion and talk English with a slightly different accent.

It is time that you Tamil ‘Eelam’ dreamers accept that you are a minority in Sri Lanka  which is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and  multi-religious society and that you Northern and Eastern Tamils should learn how to live peacefully together with the majority Sinhalese as the Tamils do in the South and the Hills who have been doing it for donkey’s years.

And your claim of a Tamil Homeland” in Sri Lanka ’s North and East has created a problem in my mind, because that’s a bunch of baloney.  Is it why you ethnically cleansed the Sinhalese and kicked 27,000 of them out of the North between 1971 and 1981, by killing and terrorizing.  Then of course, in October 1990 you all kicked out 100,000 Muslims out of the North giving them 24 hours to move out.  After those dastardly acts, and now you all think that the North and the East are purified and are yours and for the Tamils alone, and portray such legitimacy internationally.  Ha! Come again. Give me a break TNA.

Remember how you Tamils ethnically cleansed the Jaffna University campus.  Let me tell you what happened and after 33 years my blood still gurgles with resentment.

On 22nd July 1977, the United National Party (UNP) formed the Government after an overwhelming victory.  Three weeks later on 13th August, in Jaffna , Tamil extremists attacked the government buildings and Sinhalese shops, and you guys still spit about the July 25, 1983 riots when the Tamil shops were attacked by Sinhalese mobs in Colombo.

There were around 400 Sinhalese lecturers and undergraduates at the Jaffna University at that time.  The Vice Chancellor on hearing of the anti-Sinhalese disturbances closed the University.  While Tamil students went to their homes, the Sinhalese students had no place to go.  The staff met and decided to move them to the Third Floor of the Main Building .  While some Tamil staff members went to their homes a few stayed back to protect their Sinhalese colleagues and students, (Well…all Tamils are not bad and so are the Sinhalese who took in thousands of Colombo-Tamils into their homes to keep them away from being harmed during the July 83 riots).

Around 10 o’clock that morning a group of Tamil Tigers tried to force their way to the Third Floor, but were prevented by the Tamil staff members.  Tamil Tigers went back, threatening to return.  The Tamil staff members stayed on.  At about 2 o’clock in the afternoon an armed gang of Tamil Tigers forced their way in.  The Tamil lecturers again did not allow them to go up and at this point, a professor informed the Government Agent (GA) of the situation.

The GA arrived around 5:00 PM and provided meals to the Sinhalese students and lecturers who had not eaten since morning.  By 7:00 PM he arranged the Army and Police to escort the 400 students and lecturers who were taken south out of Jaffna in buses all lying on the floor out of  the line of a hail of rocks and stones.  Just a note for you TNAs.  The July 1983 riots didn’t flare up suddenly.  This ethnic cleansing of the Sinhalese was part of the powder-keg that you Tamils started stuffing for it to explode one day and it did happen on July 25, 1983.

You griping TNAs, should note that while the Sinhalese undergraduates were stoned out of the Jaffna University Campus not a single Tamil undergraduate was touched by the Sinhalese in the Peradeniya and Colombo University campuses.  My TNA friends, why are you hiding this incident to your western cronies?  Admit to them that you guys are no paragons of virtue.

Tamil nationalists point out that the predominantly Tamil Wanni has been substantially denuded of Tamils by the war which had gone on for 30 years,”  you TNA Thambis were crying to Balachandran. Don’t we all know it!

The Tamils had a choice and they were the architects of their destiny, don’t you think so TNA?  You Tamils got on your mythical train of Eelam which wasn’t going anywhere other than burying children under 12 inches of soil because you all abducted them and sent them out to war to be killed by bullets.  The smart Tamils placed their palms together, looked up and thanked God for providing them an opening to get out of Sri Lanka in search of greener pastures bypassing their Motherland India and in countries further west.  So they got on planes to fan out, and so they paid volumes of money to ship captains to take them by sea and dump them near a western shore.  That was the choice of your people TNA, so let’s not gripe.

Here are the facts about the North and East which you claim to be your ‘homeland’.  If it was a joke then I just didn’t get it.  You can read this, absorb these facts and if you don’t like it roll the paper into cigars and smoke it if you wish to but my facts will not lie.

Let me roll back to the pre-development days of the east of Sri Lanka in particular of the Gal-Oya project initiated by the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) after Independence, D.S.Senanayake, as some of you may not  have yet been born, thus the false claim of the Tamil Homeland”  by the older generation may deem true in your naiveté eyes.

With his vision the 62 mile long Gal Oya (river) rising from the Badulla range in the Central Province was dammed in 1949 for the welfare and prosperity of all Sri Lankans.  Let me repeat for the welfare of all Sri Lankans which includes your Tamil people.  The repository of water left after damming now forms the lifeblood of the peasant farmers of the historic region of Digamadulla, who some of them were massacred by your Tamil Tigers for purposes of ethnic cleansing.

Prior to this project, contrary to what you Tamils would like us to believe that it was predominantly a Tamil area, on either side of the Gal Oya River grew relentless jungle.  The actual denizens were Veddahs (aboriginal people and not Tamils) and wild animals.

It is still recalled by a few old Veddahs how their parents trekked a few miles along the jungle trail to visit the dam site overlooking the Inginiyagala rock, which still stands as a giant sentinel and never met a Tamil woman or a man along the way.  Those days only foot paths and animal tracks criss-crossed that vast amphitheatre which was entwined by dense jungle.  I wonder where the hell the Tamils were hiding  in this area as you TNA claim that it was your Tamil country (homeland).  Your claim for this land is an egregious nonsense.

Thus the ‘state aided colonization’ in the Gal Oya project refers to the process by which largely unoccupied and unutilized land belonging to the State which was ‘traditional homeland’ of the aboriginal people, the elephant, the sloth bear, the leopard, the monkey, the deer, the mynah and the jackal were colonized by peasant farmers.  They were given meagre financial assistance to enable them to gain both a livelihood and feed their fellow citizens with the fruit of their toil.

With these facts you better tell us where your Tamils were and at what point did they join the Act?

These are the facts TNA and I don’t believe your fairy tales and nor would many thousands of others.  So lets stop whining about the Tamil cultural character of the Wanni will change” with the Sinhalese influx into North Lanka ”.

Let’s not start another fight.  Let’s not kill each other with another 30-year war. You Tamils in the North and East better learn to live peacefully with the majority Sinhalese as they do in the South and the hills of Sri Lanka .

You all should better get used to seeing the business signs of Silva Bakery, Perera Grocery Stores and Sumana Kopi Kade in the heart of Jaffna, as much as we have got used to seeing and patronizing  Selliah Thosai boutique, Rajaiah Pharmacy, Suppiah Sari Emporium and Nalliah Jewellers in the heart of the capital Colombo.


Asoka Weerasinghe

Ottawa, Canada

15 Responses to “OPEN LETTER to Members of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) – Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi”

  1. asoka2468 Says:

    The only solution to this nonsense is to build massive army and naval camps in the north and encourage the personal to build houses and live where you work. Give them low interest loans to build homes. Let them legally buy property and build homes. They will register to vote where they live and the tamils will never be able to elect crazy guys like Sampanthan and Yogi bear.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    I agree with Asoka. Only solution is to increase the armed forces to 500,000 and station them mostly in the North and East from where the Terrorist threat and later Terrorist war once emanated and the rest throughout the country.

    Sri Lanka is a country that suffered at the hands of the Tamil Racist Terrorists for nearly 30 years and at the hands of the Tamil Separatists for much longer – I should say since 1833. The World War II finished 70 years ago and still there are military placements around the world to keep the peace. Also the Nazism the scourge of Europe is never allowed to raise its ugly head in any meaningful way.

    Sri Lanka must not get cowed by the likes of night soil collectors to the North of our country. Sri Lanka should be assertive in carving out our own peace in our own way.

    Mahinda Rajapakse was fooled by the Indian High Commissioner, immediately after the 18 May 2009, making him to fear his own army, saying there could be a coup by the Army to oust him. India wanted Prabhakaran dead and as soon as he was dead they put the second part of their plan into action to create a suspicion between the President and the Army. This is what happened. General Fonseka and President Rajapakse both are responsible for this fiasco.

    In a future administration Mahinda Rajapakse must not let this sort of underhand work by the Indian High Commission and RAW happen ever again. He has many snakes around him and he needs to take care with the able assistance of Our Eternal War Hero – Gotabhaya.

  3. Chancy Says:

    Another solution is to settle the 34% Tamils of Colombo in Killinochi which was to be Prabakaren’s Tamil Capital. Why is it that Tamils can live anywhere in Sri Lanka but the Sinhalese can’t live in the North? The US and India need to answer this question as well.

  4. ranjit Says:

    Tamil & Muslims in this country should know that Sri Lankan soil is belongs to Sri Lankans and it is the Sinhala land for thousands of years. They do not have a right to tell us where to live and what to do in our beloved Motherland. We should not worry about these ungrateful two groups as we have shown them who is the Master here and they should obey the rule of law and respect the sovereignty of this nation.

    Mahinda said clearly that our land is not for sale or division but to stay as one for all Sri Lankans to live happily. Sinhalese have the right to live anywhere they prefer same as the Tamils and Muslims do in my country. Govt must provide same facilities as in other parts of the island for citizens to go and live in the North and East and make a good living. Mahinda had good plans for these two areas and he promised that he will continue his work when he becomes the next Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. We should help this great leader to fulfill his promises on Aug 17th.

    The Govt must help to resettle our Sinhala brothers in the North and East as soon as possible to stop Tamil separatists and Muslim extremists. They must send more troops and strengthen the forces around the country to bring more security to the citizens. They should buy sophisticated equipment to monitor and catch smugglers,drug traffickers etc coming from India and Middle East. Must put a full stop to Indian interference in our affairs and stop all cheap and dangerous goods coming from India to our market. We must remember India is not our friend. Prabakaran was their product and we took thirty years to destroy it.That’s too much.

  5. Dr.K Says:

    Dear Asoka Weerasinghe.

    I highly appreciate your letter and I should say it’s very informative. We Sinhalese live in piece and harmony with every ethnic groups including Tamils in Colombo and South as one nation, Sri Lankans.

    Having enjoying their lives in Colombo with Sinhalese why the Tamils chase Sinhalese off Jafna, the northern city of the same country? Is that act humane? The TNA and the Tamil friends have to re-think about their unusual behavior and correct it.

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Mala eelam exists in www and books only. Nobody has ever seen an ancient brick from these kingdoms.
    If you go to Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya etc. you can see plenty of them. We assume those so called kings used cowboy builders? Truth of the matter is they are mythical kingdoms indeed. Should be ashamed of chanting this mantra of mala eelam. Living a lie ungrateful lot. Crying for more and more and
    gettinng it. Even the so called natives of Jaffna living there for only a few hundred years. The oldest building in Jaffna is old Dutch fort. Colombo is theirs. Whole country is theirs. All the coastal belt is taken over by the kallathonis who came save their lives when there was a famine in the 60s. Now want a separate country. Ungrateful foreigners!

    Sri Lanka has only one native like any other country in the world. Stop living a lie. Nadu means country in tamil. Tamil Nadu I wonder what it means.

    Don’t expect preferential treatment! You’re getting more than the native Sinhalese. Be grateful for a day at least.
    Close to million claimed asylum (developed countries only) while branding Sri Lankan government as genocidal when you were actually fleeing barrel man hitler mala paharan’s forced conscriptions. You are getting more than your brethren in tn from Sri Lanka. These people’s ungratefulness to Sri Lanka know no bounds!

  7. anura seneviratna Says:

    ” It is our land as much as yours.”

    As long as the above giveaway mindset, non assertiveness to one’s indigenous national motherland and afraid to uphold our Sinhela National Sovereignty prevails all settler communities in SL (Sinhela Island Country) will continue to take us being fools.

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



    There will be NO tamil *this,* and tamil *that.*

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    “The only solution to this nonsense is to build massive army and naval camps in the north and encourage the personal to build houses and live where you work. ” said Asoka2468.

    Indeed, this is what we Patriots have advocated for DECADES!

    But, the “Yamapalanaya” GOSL is doing the EXACT OPPOSITE; dismantling military bases, returning key areas to the acolytes of the Tiger Nominated Party (TNA), and abdicating the responsibility to Protect and Defend our Motherland from UNREPENTANT Eelamists orchestrating the division and disintegration of Sri Lanka!

    This is what the Patriotic Voters of Sri Lanka must remember as they cast their vote on August 17, 2015! Will you help to Defend your Motherland on that day? The choice is YOURS!

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    The only solution to this nonsense is to build massive army and naval camps in the north and encourage the personal to build houses and live where you work. Give them low interest loans to build homes. Let them legally buy property and build homes. They will register to vote where they live and the tamils will never be able to elect crazy guys like Sampanthan and Yogi bear.- Too late Indian flag is flaying in Jalpanam !!!

  11. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    I see you trying to convert Sinhalese and English into German. Ya is ‘YES’ and written in German as ‘ Ja ‘

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    A VOTE for the Un-Patriotic Party (UNP) is a VOTE FOR EELAM led by the Tiger Nominated Agents (TNA)!

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    And HERE is why India is IMPORTANT for Sri Lanka: we can LEARN from the Indian Federal Model of PUNISHING BOMB THROWERS!

    This is the ONLY PART of the Indian Model of Governance Sri Lanka should adopt: EXECUTE ALL LTTE Bomb Throwers previously “Rehabilitated and Released”!

    SA Kumar, old chap, don’t you AGREE as an uncritical admirer of the Indian Model of Governance? Touche’!

    India executes Mumbai bomb plotter Yakub Memon
    July 30, 2015

    India has carried out the execution of Yakub Memon, the man convicted of financing the deadly 1993 Mumbai bombings.

    Memon was hanged at a prison in Nagpur in the western state of Maharashtra.

    The serial blasts killed 257 people, and were allegedly to avenge the killing of Muslims in riots a few months earlier.

    India rarely carries out death sentences – only three other people have been executed since 2004.

    There was tight security around the Nagpur prison on Thursday morning, and in parts of the state capital, Mumbai.

    The March 1993 blasts targeted a dozen sites, including the Bombay Stock Exchange, the offices of national carrier Air India and a luxury hotel.

    Memon was sentenced to death in 2007 after being convicted of providing financial and logistical support for the bombings.

    Memon was hanged hours after the Supreme Court dismissed a final plea to stay the sentence.

    His lawyers had argued that executions can only be carried out after seven days have passed following the rejection of a mercy petition.

    The court opened its doors in the dead of the night to hear his last appeal for mercy, but rejected it just before dawn.

    The court ruled that because his first mercy petition had been rejected last year, the execution met the required rules, said media reports.

    History of Mumbai attacks

    March 1993: Series of explosions kill 257 people and injure 713
    August 2003: Four bomb attacks kill 52 people
    July 2006: Seven bombs go off on crowded trains within 11 minutes, killing more than 180 people and wounding hundreds
    November 2008: Gunmen carry out a series of co-ordinated attacks across seven high-profile locations, including two luxury hotels, city’s main commuter train station, a hospital, a restaurant and a Jewish centre, killing 165 people. Pakistan-based militants blamed for the attacks and peace efforts between the two countries derailed. Nine of the attackers also killed. Pakistani national Mohammad Ajmal Amir Qasab, who was captured alive, hanged in November 2012
    July 2011: Three near-simultaneous explosions during Mumbai’s evening rush hour kill 18 people and injure 131

    Memon, a chartered accountant, was sentenced to death in 2007 by a special court in Mumbai after being convicted of providing financial and logistical support for the bombings.
    The bombings killed at least 257 people in Mumbai

    He was the only one of 11 people convicted for the bombings to have his death sentence upheld on appeal. The sentences on the others were commuted to life imprisonment.

    The additional chief secretary of the state government confirmed to the BBC that Memon’s body would not be buried inside the prison compound, and would be handed over to his family once a post-mortem had been carried out.
    The Yakub Memon case

    05 August 1994: Yakub Memon is picked up from the New Delhi railway station; he claims he gave himself up in Nepal eight days earlier.
    27 July 2007: Twelve including Memon sentenced to death, 20 given life sentences.
    21 March 2013: Supreme court commutes sentences of 10 but confirms death penalty for Memon, saying “his commanding position and the crime of utmost gravity” warranted no less.
    May 2014: President Pranab Mukherjee rejects Yakub’s mercy petition.
    9 April 2015: Supreme Court rejects mercy plea, confirms death for Yakub.
    30 July 2015: Supreme Court rejects final petition filed by Memon – he is executed hours later.

    Memon’s case has divided opinion in India, with many calling for the suspension of the death sentence.

    Yakub Memon’s brother, Tiger, is widely seen as having been the mastermind behind the attacks, alongside gangland boss Dawood Ibrahim. Both remain in hiding.

    Several influential journalists, politicians and members of civil society had sent a letter to the president asking for him to “spare him from the noose of the death for a crime that was master-minded by someone else to communally divide India”.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    TRICKY WICKY the Eelamist is getting Cold Feet! Suddenly …. he wants to remain impartial having been INCURABLY COMMUNAL until now demonizing the UPFA GoSL with Genocide and War Crimes ….. and distance himself from the TNA! Oh, My …. is the water getting too cold for ya, TRICKY WICKY?

    This UNABASHED REPROBATE ….. who thrived with Sinhala support on the Supreme Court ….. a father-in-law to Sinhala men …. FORGOT his Jucicial Prerogative to be Fair, Just and Patritic and joined the EELAMIST Bandwagon to curry favor with the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA once he became Chief Minister!

    Now he senses that the direction of the wind is going to suffer a SEA CHANGE on August 17, 2015 and is moving to a LESS COMMUNAL position saying “I am one who would be able to work with whomsoever our people are pleased to elect.”

    May God Damn his Black Hide …. and THROW HIM INTO the FIRE to ROAST on August 17, 2015. Once a BACKSTABBER …. ALWAYS a BACKSTABBER! TRICKY WICKY the Bloody HYPOCRITE!

    Northern Province CM to remain neutral at Sri Lanka election

    July 30, Colombo: The chief minister of the Northern Province, C V Wigneswaran has said that he would remain neutral and non-partisan during next month’s general election, despite being elected to his seat by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA).

    The Chief Minister has said that it would be wrong for him to be seen at any political meeting of the TNA candidates though it was they who elected him.

    “I am one who would be able to work with whomsoever our people are pleased to elect. Whatever the result may be it is hoped that whosoever is elected should work united for the betterment and wellbeing of our people. The welfare and wellbeing of our people takes precedence over Party considerations,” he says in a statement released yesterday and obtained by Tamil Guardian.

    Wigneswaran said he expects the people to elect in the coming Election those who would work for “our people dedicatedly.”

    He said that the Tamil people need people’s representatives who are “honest in politics, strong in principles, dedicated in people’s service, far in sight and incorruptible in spirit.”

    The former justice of the Supreme Court highlighted that the post war rehabilitation, resettlement and development remains a “piece-meal exercise” that is “not in tune with the needs and priorities of our People.” While permanent political solution to the conflict remains elusive, Justice for the war affected remains distant, he noted.

    “You the people have a paramount duty to send the best among us to tackle these challenges,” he said in his statement.

    Recalling a question posed to him by a politician from the South – whether the TNA would accept ministerships in the new government if offered, Mr Wigneswaran said “my view was that under no circumstances should our representatives accept portfolios until a political solution is found.”

    “Otherwise the demands of our people would get dissipated and we would be engulfed by the majority community. The Ministers would be stifled by Cabinet Responsibility. lt would be the surest way to compromise our rights and aspirations.”

    He said, whatever the outcome at the election is, they will look for the support of the international community to support the Tamil people as they attempt to shape a future that is built on strong democratic foundations.

    “We urge the International Community to walk along with us as we strive to live up to the hopes and aspirations of our peoples,” the Chief Minister said.

  15. SA Kumar Says:

    IT WILL NOT FLY IN YAAL PANAM FOR TOO LONG. LAST DATE AUGUST 18TH- Susantha Wijesinghe that is my wish as well
    that why We kicked out IPKF even though they offered NEP in gold plate .

    NB/ 33 Years war gave us one good thing now you Sinhalese have very good knowledge about Tamil than We-Tamils.

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