The wake of the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) under the current political climate in Sri Lanka
Posted on July 28th, 2015

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The CHANGE the Sri Lankans voted for in the last Presidential Elections held on 8th January 2015, albeit by a narrow margin, is clearly evident after six months of the regime change. Replacement of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR) with Mr. Maithripala Sirisena (MS) is felt like a sore thumb for Sri Lankan expatriates who have been monitoring the global operations of the Tamil Tiger terrorists (LTTE) through various front organizations operating as charitable human rights organizations.

In a nutshell, the transition from R to S has rejuvenated the Tamil Tigers in Western countries. The regime change has been a part of their plan and now the Tigers are re-emerging with a helping hand from the present Sri Lankan government after many years of restraint by the previous. It is not at all good news for Sri Lanka, though the government presents this development as improved relations with the Tamil diaspora in the Western countries in the name of reconciliation. The pro-separatist LTTE activists have been pushing for this regime change and they helped those in power now to get there. Now, the government is trying hard to appease these powerful pro-separatist Tamil groups, hoodwinking the Sri Lankan public. Let us look at just one example. Emmanuel gives Maithri the thumbs up – Global Tamil Forum”

This was the headline news in the Sri Lankan newspaper available for passengers when boarding

Emirate flights (perhaps all flights) to Sri Lanka on 18th May:
For anyone travelling to Sri Lanka, this was the best news thrown at them in the form of the Ceylon Today paper, widely promoted around Colombo, often the only newspaper provided for customers in many upmarket venues. This news gives the illusion that the current MS regime is doing the right thing by engaging the Tamil diaspora neglected by the MR regime. It is an attempt, in colloquial terms to suck up” to the Western governments that are in turn under pressure by the pro-separatist LTTE fronts (masquerading as organizations defending human rights) that show overestimated electoral, financial and societal clout. It is also an attempt to win the electoral support of the influential and affluent Colombo elite who are keen to appease the Western powers, even at a cost to national interests.

Not in one part, did this article reveal that this Fr. Emmanuel, the leader of the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) is an avid campaigner of the LTTE. In fact, the GTF is a formidable LTTE front. This is how the Sri Lankans today are deceived by their elected leader MS and the unelected (as appointed by MS) Prime Minister Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe (RW).

Below is photographic evidence (from Left) of Fr. Emmanuel addressing an LTTE gathering in Germany in 2009, an old photo from Jaffna days with Castro who was in charge of overseas LTTE procurements and the good Father” complaining to Mr. David Milliband about Sri Lanka at pro-separatist event held at the British parliament.


Most Sri Lankans appear to have no idea that there is a very dangerous development with the empowerment of the LTTE fronts that are spearheading a campaign to achieve their dream, Eelam, an unfair mono-ethnic Tamil state carved out of Sri Lanka. They are certainly gaining grounds and are politically lobbying at high level in Western countries. For example, UK-based GTF and the Australian Tamil Congress (ATC), another LTTE front, had discussions accompanied the TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran to a meeting with the Australian Foreign Minister Ms. Julie Bishop on 25 March 2015. The purpose of the visit was to push Australia to support the UN resolution to conduct a war crimes probe on the last days of the war with the LTTE – as Sumanthiran told Tamil media. Previously, when the Sri Lankan High Commission was Headed by Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe (who was appointed by the MR regime and recalled by the MS regime), the Australian government appeared to listen more to facts, not fabrications of the pro-LTTE groups like these. Now, it’s all going backwards. This is the sad reality of Sri Lankan diplomatic scene now.
After their 33-year long brutal terrorist war failed in 2009, the LTTE in the West declared a political war” (manipulating international politics) against Sri Lanka. This was done in great style at the Philadelphia Convention Center in USA in May 2010 with the inauguration of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) with the support of LTTE fronts attending from all over the world.


Sri Lankans must have a look at the high level organization of this TGTE and the map of Eelam” it is claiming. Are you ready to hand it over more than 35% of Sri Lanka, with most of its coastline to these protégés of Prabhakaran?
From Left: PM of the TGTE, V. Rudrakumaran, a prominent Tamil lawyer based in the USA, addressing a parliamentary assembly held on 10th Dec 2013, at another unknown location in the USA which appears to be a classroom in a primary school and with GTF leader Fr. Emmanuel on 18th May 2012.


So what has this parliament voted on?

TGTE Adopts Resolution Calling For Prosecution of Sri Lankan Military And Political Leaders

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) unanimously adopted the resolution” Accountability mechanisms” should be established so that these military & political actors are prosecuted, under all available means in international law.” Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) NEW JERSEY, USA, December 12, 2013 / 1) Urges UN….
This was the game plan to get the Western countries turn against the LTTE’s arch rival – Mahinda Rajapakse and his team that defeated LTTE terrorism in 2009. This is all about revenge.


The LTTE in the West manipulate the Western media to provoke anti-Sinhala-Buddhist sentiments in the international community.

On the Left: This distorted photo of MR is a disgusting attempt to disgrace Sinhala Buddhists. This is not a real TIME cover page, it’s the work of the LTTE in the West. On the Right: TGTE has already issued national ID cards to foreign journalists. Antony Loewenstein is an Australian freelance journalist hoodwinked by the LTTE fronts in Australia.

The activities of the TGTE in Western countries – what every Sri Lankan MUST see


LTTE activists of the TGTE demonstrating against Sri Lanka in the USA – 2014
Shockingly, these are the mobs currently telling the Sri Lankan government what to do.


Mrs. Balambihai Murugadas, Minister for Women, Children and Elderly Affairs of the TGTE in an anti-Sri Lanka protest in London in 2012


Most recent LTTE event in Australia – to remember Prabhakaran and his terrorist army and to raise funds for future work to achieve Eelam – 18 May 2015, Trade Union Hall, Springvale, Victoria.


Dr. Sam Pari, the spokesperson for the Australian Tamil Congress delivering a racial hatred inciting speech at a previou event in Sydney. She is a champion human rights activist” getting much media attention.


LTTE fronts in the UK taking part in this political war against Sri Lanka after the LTTE was defeated in 2009 – with bogus accusations of a Tamil genocide. Sri Lankans know those 300,000 Tamils were not in concentration camps” but they were in fact rescued from the brutal grip of the LTTE that held them at gunpoint as a human shield against the Sri Lankan defence forces. They were kept in temporary IDP camps and promptly resettled.


The current LTTE leader, PM of the TGTE Rudrakumaran was close to the former leader Prabhakaran.

When you allow GTF and TGTE who are behind the TNA to control politics in Sri Lanka, you allow Prabhakaran to control YOU!
Foreign Minister Samaraweera went to London to meet this GTF, TGTE Diaspora that he says we need for the development of the country.

Why is he lying to the people of Sri Lanka?


Sri Lankans, Wake UP to this THREAT

Over 26,000 valiant members of the Sri Lankan defence forces sacrificed their lives to save our motherland from the cruel grip of the LTTE!
We cannot allow the Tigers to win again!!

Bring back Mahinda to save Sri Lanka!!!

He wasn’t perfect (no political leader would be), but he protected our nation from the cruel LTTE TERRORISM that was a cancer for our country for 33 years….he is the ONLY leader who can save us from the present dangerous situation.

4 Responses to “The wake of the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) under the current political climate in Sri Lanka”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Arse miner catholic traitor chief has already signed a pact to give mala eelam on a plate for tamil votes.
    He has done it before with hitler mala paharan. So it’s not new to him. There hasn’t been a traitor like him in the country’s
    history. Tragedy for the Sinhalese, Buddhism and Sri Lanka is, there are a lot of Sinhalese (Asinhalese) supporting
    this traitor.

  2. NAK Says:

    USA has allowed the Tiger flag to be side by side with its own as they both are in fact terrorists!!

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    And HERE is why India is IMPORTANT for Sri Lanka: we can LEARN from the Indian Federal Model of PUNISHING BOMB THROWERS!

    This is the ONLY PART of the Indian Model of Governance Sri Lanka should adopt: EXECUTE ALL LTTE Bomb Throwers previously “Rehabilitated and Released”!

    SA Kumar, old chap, don’t you AGREE as an uncritical admirer of the Indian Model of Governance? Touche’!

    India executes Mumbai bomb plotter Yakub Memon
    July 30, 2015

    India has carried out the execution of Yakub Memon, the man convicted of financing the deadly 1993 Mumbai bombings.

    Memon was hanged at a prison in Nagpur in the western state of Maharashtra.

    The serial blasts killed 257 people, and were allegedly to avenge the killing of Muslims in riots a few months earlier.

    India rarely carries out death sentences – only three other people have been executed since 2004.

    There was tight security around the Nagpur prison on Thursday morning, and in parts of the state capital, Mumbai.

    The March 1993 blasts targeted a dozen sites, including the Bombay Stock Exchange, the offices of national carrier Air India and a luxury hotel.

    Memon was sentenced to death in 2007 after being convicted of providing financial and logistical support for the bombings.

    Memon was hanged hours after the Supreme Court dismissed a final plea to stay the sentence.

    His lawyers had argued that executions can only be carried out after seven days have passed following the rejection of a mercy petition.

    The court opened its doors in the dead of the night to hear his last appeal for mercy, but rejected it just before dawn.

    The court ruled that because his first mercy petition had been rejected last year, the execution met the required rules, said media reports.

    History of Mumbai attacks

    March 1993: Series of explosions kill 257 people and injure 713
    August 2003: Four bomb attacks kill 52 people
    July 2006: Seven bombs go off on crowded trains within 11 minutes, killing more than 180 people and wounding hundreds
    November 2008: Gunmen carry out a series of co-ordinated attacks across seven high-profile locations, including two luxury hotels, city’s main commuter train station, a hospital, a restaurant and a Jewish centre, killing 165 people. Pakistan-based militants blamed for the attacks and peace efforts between the two countries derailed. Nine of the attackers also killed. Pakistani national Mohammad Ajmal Amir Qasab, who was captured alive, hanged in November 2012
    July 2011: Three near-simultaneous explosions during Mumbai’s evening rush hour kill 18 people and injure 131

    Memon, a chartered accountant, was sentenced to death in 2007 by a special court in Mumbai after being convicted of providing financial and logistical support for the bombings.
    The bombings killed at least 257 people in Mumbai

    He was the only one of 11 people convicted for the bombings to have his death sentence upheld on appeal. The sentences on the others were commuted to life imprisonment.

    The additional chief secretary of the state government confirmed to the BBC that Memon’s body would not be buried inside the prison compound, and would be handed over to his family once a post-mortem had been carried out.
    The Yakub Memon case

    05 August 1994: Yakub Memon is picked up from the New Delhi railway station; he claims he gave himself up in Nepal eight days earlier.
    27 July 2007: Twelve including Memon sentenced to death, 20 given life sentences.
    21 March 2013: Supreme court commutes sentences of 10 but confirms death penalty for Memon, saying “his commanding position and the crime of utmost gravity” warranted no less.
    May 2014: President Pranab Mukherjee rejects Yakub’s mercy petition.
    9 April 2015: Supreme Court rejects mercy plea, confirms death for Yakub.
    30 July 2015: Supreme Court rejects final petition filed by Memon – he is executed hours later.

    Memon’s case has divided opinion in India, with many calling for the suspension of the death sentence.

    Yakub Memon’s brother, Tiger, is widely seen as having been the mastermind behind the attacks, alongside gangland boss Dawood Ibrahim. Both remain in hiding.

    Several influential journalists, politicians and members of civil society had sent a letter to the president asking for him to “spare him from the noose of the death for a crime that was master-minded by someone else to communally divide India”.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    TRICKY WICKY the Eelamist is getting Cold Feet! Suddenly …. he wants to remain impartial having been INCURABLY COMMUNAL until now demonizing the UPFA GoSL with Genocide and War Crimes ….. and distance himself from the TNA! Oh, My …. is the water getting too cold for ya, TRICKY WICKY?

    This UNABASHED REPROBATE ….. who thrived with Sinhala support on the Supreme Court ….. a father-in-law to Sinhala men …. FORGOT his Jucicial Prerogative to be Fair, Just and Patritic and joined the EELAMIST Bandwagon to curry favor with the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA once he became Chief Minister!

    Now he senses that the direction of the wind is going to suffer a SEA CHANGE on August 17, 2015 and is moving to a LESS COMMUNAL position saying “I am one who would be able to work with whomsoever our people are pleased to elect.”

    May God Damn his Black Hide …. and THROW HIM INTO the FIRE to ROAST on August 17, 2015. Once a BACKSTABBER …. ALWAYS a BACKSTABBER! TRICKY WICKY the Bloody HYPOCRITE!

    Northern Province CM to remain neutral at Sri Lanka election

    July 30, Colombo: The chief minister of the Northern Province, C V Wigneswaran has said that he would remain neutral and non-partisan during next month’s general election, despite being elected to his seat by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA).

    The Chief Minister has said that it would be wrong for him to be seen at any political meeting of the TNA candidates though it was they who elected him.

    “I am one who would be able to work with whomsoever our people are pleased to elect. Whatever the result may be it is hoped that whosoever is elected should work united for the betterment and wellbeing of our people. The welfare and wellbeing of our people takes precedence over Party considerations,” he says in a statement released yesterday and obtained by Tamil Guardian.

    Wigneswaran said he expects the people to elect in the coming Election those who would work for “our people dedicatedly.”

    He said that the Tamil people need people’s representatives who are “honest in politics, strong in principles, dedicated in people’s service, far in sight and incorruptible in spirit.”

    The former justice of the Supreme Court highlighted that the post war rehabilitation, resettlement and development remains a “piece-meal exercise” that is “not in tune with the needs and priorities of our People.” While permanent political solution to the conflict remains elusive, Justice for the war affected remains distant, he noted.

    “You the people have a paramount duty to send the best among us to tackle these challenges,” he said in his statement.

    Recalling a question posed to him by a politician from the South – whether the TNA would accept ministerships in the new government if offered, Mr Wigneswaran said “my view was that under no circumstances should our representatives accept portfolios until a political solution is found.”

    “Otherwise the demands of our people would get dissipated and we would be engulfed by the majority community. The Ministers would be stifled by Cabinet Responsibility. lt would be the surest way to compromise our rights and aspirations.”

    He said, whatever the outcome at the election is, they will look for the support of the international community to support the Tamil people as they attempt to shape a future that is built on strong democratic foundations.

    “We urge the International Community to walk along with us as we strive to live up to the hopes and aspirations of our peoples,” the Chief Minister said.

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