Wall Street Journal and America again back in the game?
Posted on July 29th, 2015

Dr Sudath Gunasekara  President Senior Citizens Movement Mahanuwara 29.7.2015.

I produce below the heading of a malicious and disgraceful news item published in Wall Street Journal on our former President as reported by GORDON FAIRCLOUGH on July 28, 2015 5:27 p.m. ET

Ousted Sri Lankan Leader Angles for a Comeback

Ex-President Rajapaksa leads ethnically charged campaign, vows closer ties to China


Look at the language WSJ has selected to report this hateful message. Doesn’t this clearly display the anti -Sinhala anti-Buddhist attitude of this journal and the vindictive foreign policy of the country it represents? Isn’t it a disgrace and a tragedy too for another country to blatantly interfere in the internal affairs of another sovereign country in this manner? Do these people of yesterday know that this country inherits a long and unique legacy of a glorious nation called Sinhalayo and Sinhala Buddhists for the past 2500 years? Do they know that every grain of sand in this land is soaked with the blood of millions of Sinhala Buddhists patriots who died in battle against foreign invaders in defense of their motherland? Do they know that in spite of thousands of years of struggle the Sinhalayo and Buddhists still constitutes 75 % of the population of this country? Do they know that Indians, especially South Indians have been fighting and struggling for millennia desperately to annex this tiny and precious Island and in the process they have devastated our pristine world famous Kingdomas of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa up to the end of the 13th century beyond recovery? Do they know that since then our heroic king had been shifting their Kingdoms desperately from place to place like gypsies in desperation in the south western corner? Do they know that from 1505 to 1948 we had been invaded, plundered and destroyed as a nation by your ancestors of Portugal, Holland and finally England? Do they know that until 1815 this country was called Sinhale meaning the land of the Sinhala people? Do they know all people in this country (including Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim) were called Sinhalese up to 1815 and the country remained to be called Sinhale and Sri Lanka even up to 1972 as the term Ceylon duped by the British also meant nothing else but Sinhale.

Do they also know that it was the British who planted the seeds of communal division and hatred on this Island and instigated and trained Tamils in Jaffna to start divisive politics on ethnic grounds? Do they know that as a result British Trained Jaffna Tamil leaders like Arunasalam Ponnanmbalan initiated the EELAM campaign forming Ceylon Tamil Congress in 1911 with the blessings of the British Government? Thereafter in 1921 they broke away from the Ceylon National Congress which had leaders of all three communities Sinhala, Tamil And Muslim and in 1947 a Singapore born Christian Tamil named Samuel Joseph Chelvanayagam who migrated to Sri Lanka at the age of 11 years around 1910 for some reason formed the Ilankai Tamil Arasukachchhi (Ceylon Tamil State Party) in 1948 with the object of forming a separate mono Tamil State in the North and East of this country covering 1/3 the total area and 2/3 the coastal belt for about 5 % of the population of this country while 20 % of the Tamils in Sri Lanka live in the South west  peacefully with the Sinhala majority. Do they know that it was the same Tamil leadership who nurtured their Boys called Liberation Tigers of Tami EeLAM . Do they know that this LTTE outfit was the most dangerous savagious terrorist Organization that killed all the Democratic Tamil Leaders of Sri Lanka, President Premadasa and all potential future Sinhala leaders making Sri Lanka almost leaderless reducing this country to a, politically rudderless Ship and Finally Rajive Ghandhi. I am sure these enemies of Sri Lanka who harbor enormous enmity (may be for LTTE money), for what reason I do not know, should know what happened in 2009.

Thanks to our admired and adored leader of the nation, the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the patriotic forces we were able wipe out these terrorists who were labeled as invincible by everybody including America, England, Norway (god fathers of LTTE) and India (that played the foster father and foster Mother role as well by providing shelter on Indian soil, training them and proving all facilities including arms, ammunition, medicine and food and even by presenting the bullet proof jacket of Rajive to LTTE leader at a meeting in Tamilnadu, may be to protect Pirapaharan from the bullets of the Sri Lankan Army to enable him to realize his EELAM dream, in spite of the warning given to him by the writer of this piece, few months prior to his assassination) for which he paid dearly with his life in retribution.

Now coming back to the WSJ heading, I repeat it again here.

Ousted Sri Lankan Leader Angles for a Comeback

Ex-President Rajapaksa leads ethnically charged campaign, vows closer ties to China. ( I hope MR will reply this allegation ASAP)

Isn’t it a disgrace for WSJ to use words like this regarding a populist leader of another country who is loved and adored by the people of their country as a patriot and a hero who has liberated their country from a barbarous and savage war which has brought fear and for its people, destruction devastation for its economy for 30 long years. It must be made very clear for the WSJ for what it has spilled out as news based on ill-informed or misinformed information it may have picked up either from the dustbins of GTF or LTTE agents, may be for sterling pounds or American dollars that Mahinda Rajapaksa was never ousted by the people of this country.

Let it be known to the WSJ that his defeat was only a direct result of a very well planned anti-Sinhala and anti Buddhist conspiracy and a coup meticulously orchestrated by a vcious bunch of people at home as well as living abroad. At home it was led by Chandrika Kumaratunga and Ranil using Maitripala Sirisena as a cat’s paw, who was disgruntled for not making him the Prime Minister. Beyond the shores the all mighty whole western world and India were there. Unlike Sarath Fonseka, Maitripala was able to muster all UNP votes totaling to about 4.2 m by promising that Ranil will be made the PM if he wins. Ranil who knows his potential of winning elections more than anyone else through bitter experience ,knowing that he want get a better chance than this immediately assured his block vote Added to this was the Tamil, Muslim and JVP votes. A third factor was the SLFP disgruntled votes and new youth vote. This is how Sirisena polled 6.2 m. The role of urban based 100 odd so-called Civil movements and NGOO also supported him. Mahinda  on the other hand as the leader of the UPFA  without anyone else’s support polled 58.4. As such WSL must be warned not jump the gun without authentic data. It affects you credibility.

It is also disgraceful to say Rajapaksa Angles to come back. Its too sarcastic and sadistic as well. It is the people of this country and his admirers who wants him back. He doesn’t fish either nay with hook and line at all. He is also not seeking to be PM by devious methods.                                                                                                              ‘Rajapaksa leads ethnically charged campaign’ is the worst statement you ever made in this news publication. What is the evidence you have to prove your assertion? The whole world knows that he is a Sinhalese- a proud Sinhalese for that matter. Also they know he is a Buddhist. So why can’t he mention that. But do you know that he stands for all people in Sri Lanka. Unlike Samandan and his bunch of Tamil Politicians or Hakim and his Muslim politicians MR never has  said that he is serving only Sinhalese and Buddhists.  Why can’t you see all Tamil and Muslim racist politicians yelling that they are appearing only on behalf of their ethnic communities. When it come to minorities you all keep deaf dumb and blind. Why this duplicity and selective discrimination against the Sinhalese who are the real owners of this country for the past 2500 year and who were having flourishing civilizations for millennia years ago.  In fact you should tender an open apology to the people of Sri Lanka, particularly the Sinhalese for writing unfounded and unauthentic rubbish like this in the name of journalism.

Regarding the statement ‘Rajapaksa vows closer ties to China.’ What harm is there our having closer ties with China or any other country o four choice.  Does this mean that you want us to be friendly only with your friends? Have you people forgotten that, though small in size, we are also an independent sovereign country in any world body? We also have one vote as much as you do. It is a fact that we are a small country, perhaps 1/150th of the size of your country. But we too have a mighty will second to none. We are friendly with everybody but naturally friendlier with countries that are friendlier with us. On the other hand if your country can be friendly with China why can’t we be friendly with her as well? Isn’t this blatant and undue interference with our independence and sovereignty?  Why this duplicity and double standard. Is that the gospel of western democracy?

WSJ Please don’t disgrace our country and our beloved leader.  I demand you tender an open apology to the Sri Lankan nation for disgracing their leader.

Lastly,    I would like to request you to be mindful of the  famous prophesy made by Samuel P. Huntington in his ‘Clash of Civilization and the remaking of the World Order’(1997)   regarding the future of your own country. So please don’t humiliate other countries and their leaders. Please abstain from intervention in matters of other civilizations.  We thought you have learnt a bitter lesson from thr Cuban experience which Island at your door step was your sworn enemy till yesterday. It is high time that you people should get rid of your dominant mentality. You should first learn to respect other nations then only they will respect you.

8 Responses to “Wall Street Journal and America again back in the game?”

  1. Christie Says:

    “The US should have an independent policy when it comes to Indian Ocean affairs; not a policy dictated by the Indian Empire and Indian lobby in the US. China is spending much more in Pakistan compared to whatever funds China gives Sri Lanka (Ceylon). The problems of Ceylon arises from the legacy of British-Indian Empire now the Indian Empire. It was Indian Empire who is involved in politics of the Indian Ocean and would not like external interference from anyone including the US. President Obama was IN Kenya and in Kenya the internal and external politics of Kenya are influenced by the Indian colonists in Kenya. The same applies to Guyana which is in the underbelly of the US. American media should have a bit more open mind when it comes to Indian involved affairs. During the world war two Indians did not back the Allied in the Eastern Front. In any future conflict in the world it is hardly unlikely Indian Empire will back the US or its Western Allies.”

    Above is a comment on the article by a “Dalit” and an he says he has emailed the same to Gordon Fairclough (Gordon.faiclough@wsj.com)

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sudath, I agree 100% about the ABSOLUTELY BIASED reporting by these Western Media.

    They NEVER LEARN to listen CAREFULLY to the MAJORITY of the people of a country, and to ESPOUSE their CAUSE, do they?

    THAT IS WHY the US FAILS over and over again when they interfere in the internal affairs of other countries: their FOREIGN POLICIES are opposed to the FUNDAMENTAL INTERESTS of the great MAJORITY of the citizens of those countries, and to the VERY PRINCIPLES embedded in their OWN (ie, US) Constitution!

    Some day, some WISE leaders in the USA will DISCOVER this fact that is OBVIOUS to US, and will REVERSE the PRINCIPLES they apply when they try to decide who to support in foreign lands. That will the beginning of the rise of the USA in global popularity, that USA otherwise deserves.

    We can only HOPE!


    Ananda-USA, Today they are no wise leaders in USA as you have stated. It is because TAMILS FOR OBAMA has mulled and misguided the intelligence of the average American by Both Republicans and Democrats. As suddath suggested MR should respond ASPA. We must not forget OBAMA is a Muslim. That is why he appointed A Atul Muslim as the next US ambassador to SL

  4. ranjit Says:

    America is the No# 1 terrorist country in the world.They bully the small countries and grab their wealth and make small countries poor. They were responsible for destruction and deaths in many countries around the world. If they enter a country that’s the end of it.Nothing good will bring by these bullies to any country. If the leaders in countries do not agree with them they will try every trick in the book to destroy him or her because they have the means to do it and the small countries are helpless. UNP is a party which always kept America in high esteem and worshiped. If no Russia and China these Imperialists would have destroyed half of the countries around the world in the name of Democracy. UNP too same as them.When ever they come to power the whole country is in tension and fear. See today what is happening in the country. Murders are rampart. People kill people in broad daylight. UNP leaders act like Gobbels and Gestapo officers are all over intimidating,harassing and arresting innocent people and put fear in to their heads. They do not talk about the policies but abuse and spread lies about the Opponents as advised by their masters America. I hope people in this country will give them a good answer on Aug 17th for NO RETURN.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:


    I am not a dyed-in-the wool OBAMA fan, but he is MUCH MORE AWARE of other cultures and peoples than his predecessors, became President without a supportive captive lobby, and therefore deserves RESPECT.

    Furthermore, Obama is NOT a Muslim as you, and die-hard Republicans, claim. That is SIMPLY NOT TRUE!

    Yes, he had a Kenyan father who converted from Christianity to Islam, but Barack never met his father, who died when he was 21. Barack Obama, lived for 4 years in Muslim Indonesia with his mother who worked there as an expatriate, but was brought up mostly by his Christian maternal grandparents in Hawaii. After graduation from Harvard Law School he lived and worked in Chicago, where he regularly attended a Christian Church.

    I don’t like many of Barack’s foreign policies including those his administration adopted under Hillary Clinton as his first Secretary of State, but PLEASE don’t disparage him UNFAIRLY, for whatever you might say about him, he is a VERY TALENTED MAN, who has achieved success despite all odds through his own INTELLIGENCE and ABILITY, unlike some of his IDIOTIC predecessors who could barely think on their feet!

    It is Barack’s multicultural background and his greater exposure to foreign cultures that gives him a much better sense of balance and fairness towards people who are not from his “community”, whatever that is. After all, being 50% white, if we ignore his beautiful skin color, why should we call him a “Black President”?

    I believe that, like Barack Obama, my own exposure to many different religions, races and societies not only in Sri Lanka, but also abroad in the West, gives me a better balance and appreciation of other cultures. I think that my accumulated background and experience allows me to better judge for myself what aspirations and demands of different people are CORRECT, LEGITIMATE and CONSTRUCTIVE, and which ones are fundamentally FLAWED, ILLEGITIMATE and DESTRUCTIVE, than people without such a broad experience. Barack Obama has the BROADEST EXPERIENCE of any US President, and without a doubt he is one of the MOST INTELLIGENT and CAPABLE Presidents.

    Those personal characteristics alone will not allow him to succeed beyond other Presidents, because every personal characteristic that I consider to be a positive attribute, others view negatively for various reasons, and that makes him the focus of ENORMOUS OPPOSITION and OUTRIGHT ENMITY. Remember, he is the FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN President of the United States …. THAT ALONE is a mighty barrier-smashing accomplishment.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    A VOTE for the Un-Patriotic Party (UNP) is a VOTE FOR EELAM led by the Tiger Nominated Agents (TNA)!

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Bought media galore for UNP & TNA !

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


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