Hilarious : Internationally banned LTTE Terrorist Fronts influence UNHRC resolutions
Posted on October 6th, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

Into the hall of historical shame will enter the present UNSG, the UNHRC heads and officials and all other foreign nations that have been party to successive resolutions demanding investigations against a UN member state. The matter becomes hilarious for no other reason than the fact that the supposed ‘evidence’ against Sri Lanka comes from the documentaries, reports, witness accounts and lobbying funded and organized by internationally banned LTTE fronts domiciled in western nations and influencing the foreign parliamentarians electoral victory. Making things more bizarre is the fact that these foreign governments have netted Tamils from these very organizations and accused them of materially supporting the LTTE. When the West bans LTTE and is aware that LTTE fronts and individuals have been banned and when the West takes no action it doesn’t take a doctorate to realize that the LTTE is and was a tool of the West & India to destabalize Sri Lanka and the Tamil card was earmarked to be used as a bargaining tool when the time came for the West to set a fresh foothold in its pivot to Asia.

The LTTE used its international contacts and the large Tamil diaspora in North America, Europe, and Asia to procure weapons, communications, funding and other needed supplies. The group employed charities as fronts to collect and divert funds for its activities”. http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2015/06/24/us-report-says-ltte-international-network-alive-questions-actions-of-foreign-nations-on-ltte-fronts-banned-by-gosl-incorporating-unscr-1373/ How can a statement from the US Statement on LTTE in 2014 totally ignore the 16 LTTE fronts named by Sri Lanka in April 2014 alongside over 400 individuals some of whom are the very heads whom the US and other foreign governments as well as UNSG and OHCHR head are entertaining in Geneva? The Ban Ki Moon Panel of Experts also deemed the LTTE to be ‘the most disciplined and most nationalist of the Tamil militant groups’. http://www.onlanka.com/news/sri-lanka-must-demand-investigate-the-investigation-unhrc-un-and-its-resolutions-must-be-probed.html The report itself was never tabled before the UNHRC for Sri Lanka to be given an opportunity to respond and moreover a panel appointed in the personal capacity of the UNSG has become the basis of resolutions and investigations ignoring the fact that the report comes minus the sources or witnesses which require any to wonder what kind of justice system is taking place.

Is this some circus of justice where the very organizations named and declared as being the source of the material support that the LTTE ground force was supplied are the one’s who are creating the documentaries, the movies, the reports and even providing the witnesses that has formed the basis for the OHCHR investigations and resolutions against a sovereign nation.

The below picture aptly depicts the level of hypocrisy that prevails when the TNA-LTTE fronts that are internationally banned have no problem in entering and moving among diplomats and UN officials inside the UN and are free to point fingers at the GOSL and armed forces and the Governments and officials have been spineless enough not to respond and ascertain Sri Lanka’s sovereign right.

The photo depicts the following

EPRLF Vanni Area MP Selvam Adikalanathan

TNA – Mavisenathiraja

TNA MP – Sumanthiran

TNA MP – Sritharan

TELO – Jana from Batticoloa Eastern PC MP

GTF leader Father Emmanuel




What is obvious is that the very organizations that are banned funnily enough using the UN Security Council Resolution 1373 are openly going in and out of Geneva and having more status than officials of a legitimate government.

Initially these organizations set themselves up as charities and human rights organizations but with the illegal and legal flow of money and positioning Tamils in places that prostrates foreign parliamentarians before them these LTTE fronts are now calling the shots and foreign intelligence obviously knowing when to draw the line if these entities exceed their limits are happy to watch as these LTTE fronts are now the face that enables geopolitical agendas to take shape in Asia.

What is also clear is that the UNHRC is well aware that they do not have evidence against Sri Lanka’s armed forces but with global propaganda within the control and ownership of the West all that needs to be done to fool the masses is to follow the Goebbles principle of repeating the lies long enough for people to believe them.

There are enough of discrepancies that can be cited to showcase the bizarre justice taking place within the UN system against Sri Lanka. The tragedy is that all the villains have found themselves nuzzled up in influential places and none too happy to follow justice if it curtails their career objectives.

So we end up having to accept half-baked reports, questionable and unproven statements and witnesses that we know do not exist.

In September 2015 the Sri Lanka United National Association of Canada issued a report that LTTE fronts were producing fabricated reports & documentaries to frame Sri Lanka. The report accused the 15 LTTE fronts banned by UNSC Resolution 1373 and the 424 individuals as using their accumulated funds earned through human smuggling, extortion and other illegal operations to influence the UNHRC. Referring to ‘Tainted-Freedom from Torture Report’ and video Sri Lanka-the Search for Justice” SLUNA has accused the report of being about former LTTE cadres who had escaped to the UK via LTTE fronts and that the scars on their bodies were done in the UK for payment to facilitate asylum claims. SLUNA also accuses the video as being the same as the C4 video appearing yearly before UNHRC sessions. A C4 director is married to Ms. Sabaratnam who is alleged to be linked to LTTE and is a producer in C4.  Vany Kumar a star witness turns out to be a LTTE activist. http://www.asiantribune.com/node/87970

The links to LTTE and foreign parliamentarians needless to say showcase why there has been inaction apart from signatory arrests just to showcase that foreign nations are doing something against LTTE terror

  • In Canada –  Finance Minister Paul Martin / Ms. M. Minna and several MPs attended an LTTE fundraiser in 2000. Amnesty International accepted Canadian dollars 50,000 from the Canadian Tamil Congress. CTC fund raising event where the cheque was presented was attended by pro-LTTE TNA parliamentarian Sumitharann and the CTC head openly thanked Canadian MP Stephen Harper and Foreign Minister John Baird for supporting their cause. Bob Rae, Rathika Sitsabaiesan and a host of other Liberals whose 13 year rule resulted in pro-LTTE groups collecting $2million a month to send to the LTTE to kill and maim innocent Sri Lankans?
  • Generally panel discussions are almost always funded by or organized by LTTE linked channels.  Australian Human Rights Law Centre had as its panellists Francis Harrison, Gordon Weiss, Bruce Haigh and Sam Pari alias Dr. Parimala Nathan Sampavi alias Sham is the main fund collector of the Australian based LTTE rump group Tamil Youth Organization (TYO). http://www.onlanka.com/news/human-rights-law-centeraustralia-your-panel-are-all-pro-ltte-supporters.html
  • Navi Pillay during her visit to Sri Lanka does not see a single Sinhalese or Muslim victim but has time to visit Ananthy Sasitharan wife of key LTTE leader whom visiting foreign envoys and UN envoys also met.
  • UK Parliamentarians similarly have been openly canvassing for LTTE fronts with no shame.

Into the history books will go the present resolutions/investigations slapped by UNHRC endorsed by Western nations and India and will showcase the hypocrisy in the manner justice is being served. Hilarious no doubt is how internationally banned LTTE fronts are the one’s lobbying and have succeeded to declare Sri Lanka’s armed forces as war criminals and the LTTE terrorists as the UN’s heroes and we are sold some garbage terminology about truth and reconciliation! Daresay the West and India will now re-use the divide and rule to have Tamils bickering against Tamils and Tamils against the Sinhalese and Muslims against the Tamils and Sinhalese because all these divisions are perfect alibis for the West and India to make merry in paradise Sri Lanka!

They say one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter….

Shenali D Waduge

18 Responses to “Hilarious : Internationally banned LTTE Terrorist Fronts influence UNHRC resolutions”

  1. Jag Says:

    Excellent article Ms.Waduge. This should be sent to those pseudo ”protectors of the world”, Cameron Obama et al, to see for themselves. It’ll be very interesting to hear what they got to say.

    “The below picture aptly depicts the level of hypocrisy that prevails when the TNA-LTTE fronts that are internationally banned have no problem in entering and moving among diplomats and UN officials inside the UN and are free to point fingers at the GOSL and armed forces and the Governments and officials have been spineless enough not to respond and ascertain Sri Lanka’s sovereign right.”

    The above says it all. However, spineless Siraa will still have something to say. Hilarious indeed.!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Ananda Sangari called VP his dear younger brother.

    Mangala should be punished for treason.

  3. asoka2468 Says:

    They are also contributing funds to election campaigns in Canada, Europe and USA. By the way Ranil went to Japan with a begging bowl and managed to get $377 mil. Wonder how and what will be done with the funds….

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    EPRLF Vanni Area MP Selvam Adikalanathan

    TNA – Mavisenathiraja

    TNA MP – Sumanthiran

    TNA MP – Sritharan

    TELO – Jana from Batticoloa Eastern PC MP

    GTF leader Father Emmanuel
    Shenali D Waduge in which country these group were banned not even Mother Lanka ? only VP& Co banned all over but 19th of May 2009 no more Even its self declare Thalaivar (Head) KP with SL Govt now !!!

    wake up my Chinhala Sakotharam !!! We are living in United Mother Lanka Now . no more kolavri machang !!!!

  5. Kumari Says:

    Dear Shenali and the readers,

    This shows who is behind international terrorism. According to Russian sources even the ISIS (ISIL)’s underground bunkers remind me of the bunkers LTTE built. This is what you call international Technology transfer.

    My niece with her Auditing experience laughs everytime the TV screens show terrorist weaponary. According to her catching the supplier is very simple. As there are only a few manufacturers of weapons you only need to check the manufacturer’s Sales Ledger and the Bank Statement/s. Why waste so much talking when there are simple methods to make some arrests.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    I agree with Kumari that there are simple solutions to most of the problems that beset Lanka.

    * For instance, if the Tamil Language is what attracts Tamil Dalits to Lanka from Tamil Nadu, which in turn is the main push for Tamil Eelam (the Centrepiece of all the Problems), then why not remove the Tamil Language as a National/Official language in Lanka ?

    * Also, throw out Ranil “Chunnel” move to join Lanka with Tamil Nadu. The “Chunnel” is a death knell for all in Lanka, including the Tamils of Lanka. It will ensure that the Caste System (Control of Tamll Society through a man made Caste System tied to the Hindu religion), will be re-imposed on Lanka, dragging everyone down with it. NOTE THAT THERE ARE SOME 15 MILLION TAMILS OF DALIT ORIGIN IN TAMIL NADU WHO WILL CROSS OVER TO LANKA ONCE THE ‘CHUNNEL’ IS IN PLACE. They have crossed over in tens of thousands even without a ‘Chunnel’ – imagine what would happen with the ‘Chunnel’ in place !
    Are some leaders in Lanka suffering from PTSD to suggest a ‘Chunnel’ for self annihilation ?

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    DALIT is whole indian (Hindu Relgion) problem not only Tamil problem .

    Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar who inspired the Modern Buddhist Movement and campaigned against social discrimination against Untouchables (Dalits) !!!

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamils of Dalit origin in Tamil Nadu have become Lanka problem, like it or not. The Dalit folk in other sub-states of India are NOT a problem for Lanka. Also, it is the Tamil Leaders (and possibly later some in Tamil Nadu), who have created the problem in Sri Lanka by demanding bifurcation of Lanka as early as 1930s, to form Tamil Eelam in Lanka. The Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 asserted this demand using violent means. This is just what happened with the LTTE – terrible violence toward all others in Lanka for nearly 30 yrs went on till ended in Mar 2009.

    We do know about Dr Ambedkar, Dalit person, who embraced Buddhism. He wrote the Constitution of India – a great Indian. Dr Ambedkar was not from Tamil Nadu. It is the Tamil Nadu Dalit problem that impinges on Lanka.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    Sorry I do not agreed with Mr Fran Diaz
    Tamils of Dalit origin in TN is Indian problem & TE in SL is We-Ilankai Tamils problem no connection between them .

    We-Hela Demil asked TE since 1930 to 2009 not because We need TE , We need United Mother Lanka excectly like in Indian system( Central & state Govn).

    We all have now ( Central & Provincial Govn) big thanks goes to MR & family ( YES, blood in his hand like Prince Arjuna in Maha Bharada (killed his half brother Duriyodanan).

    live & let live !!!

  10. Fran Diaz Says:


    Permit me to be frank. No intent to hurt anyone here.

    Tamils of Dalit origin are the folks who were brought to Lanka to work in the Plantations sector by the British & hte Dutch – numbering over one and a half MILLION in those Colonial times. This was a huge number for those times. No caste Tamils came to work in Lanka plantations. The trend to use Tamil people of Dalit origin in the Tea plantations continued even after Independence in 1948. After the Tamil Language was put in place by SWRD in 1958, Language became the epicentre for Tamil identity, as done in India where all sub-states are divided through language. The Tamil leadership today is almost all Vellala, leading Tamils who are not Vellala, as done in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Leaders deal in Cold War politics to gain Tamil Eelam, bound together by the Tamil language.

    Sri Lanka’s greatest concern today is Tamil Separatism. After Indpendence, Lanka has had tens of thousands of Tamil Dalits pouring into Lanka particularly during hard times in Tamil Nadu e.g. Famine due to drought (1960s) and LTTE (1970s onwards); and Cold War politics brings in more of them to pad up numbers; Atrociites against Tamil Dalits in Tamil Nadu (see articles in L’web on this sad matter) make them flee even more toward Lanka. All this makes Lanka more and more important to Tamils of Dalit origin in Tamil Nadu. It seems obvious that there is NO REDRESS or proper JUSTICE for Tamils of Dalit origin in Tamil Nadu itself, and that is why they pour into Lanka, which is the nearest place for respite.

    When wars start to protect Lanka from Tamil Dalits who form the bulk of LTTE type of fighters, how can we say that the Dalit problem in Tamil Nadu does not affect Lanka people ?

    Please do not go into denial mode. We have to face facts as they are, however unpleasant. And please do not use utterly pointless cliches such as ‘live & let live’ as though that solves the problem. It does not, and neither does denial of the problem. Let us get serious about this. It is no joke when tens of thousands die for nothing and Lanka is dragged into international courts for protecting the nation and the people.

    Lanka has to protect herself from this onslaught from Tamil Nadu and Tamil leaders in Lanka. There is no other way as Lanka has no jurisdiction over events in Tamil Nadu or India. Concerned Tamils have to make their Root Cause problem known to the world. Slices of Lanka will not do, as the numbers multiply for Dalits of Tamil Nadu. Take the problem to the source, however long it takes. The source of the problem is not in Lanka.

    Time to face facts, however unpleasant and unhappy, and act accordingly to save the Nation and the People of Lanka.

    Believe me, I am as sorry as you are for the plight of Tamil Dalits. But we do NOT want Lanka to be the ‘sacrificial goat’ in all this.

  11. Lorenzo Says:



    Every step is same like LTTE.

    LTTE has created a TEMPLATE for all terrorists to follow.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Sorry not agreed

    We-Ilankai Tamils left almost 1 Million( 800 left & 200 killed ) from mother Lanka since 1983 now 18% Tamil population reduced to 15%
    I am only talking about NEP not Upcountry Tamil .

    Your information about Estate Tamils is 100% correct that is not NEP Tamils problem.

    Our I mean Hela Demil ( Eelath Thamilar) problem solved now . Yes, We Both community paid big very big price for this.

    We do not want any more unnatural dead .

    It is no joke when tens of thousands die for nothing- because our stupidity We paid our Brother & Sisters .

    Lanka is dragged into international courts for protecting the nation and the people.- No, America(Europe) & India helped MR to wiped out VP&co but not taking VP’S head as well because they knew very well that will cost high number of civilian dead .
    We all know what happen at the end now all are history .

    Yes I agreed We both have big Estate Tamil ( I do not want to call the Dalits as well – I am as sorry as you are for the plight of Tamil Dalits. ) problem need to be sort out civilised manner learned from our own experience since 1948 .

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Catching weapons dealers/suppliers is not a solution. We have to go to the Root Cause of Tamil Separatism and expose the reasons to the UNHRC and all other involved bodies, and expose the reasons also for the existence of the LTTE. Why did such a violent group form in Lanka which gave so much to Tamil folk ?

    If some weapons dealers/suppliers are caught/exposed, there will be others to take their place. They are like Hydra heads, chop one and two come up. That is not the solution.

    The solution is to go to the heart of the Problem – expose it, discuss it in Parliament, talk about it, have seminars, write articles, drown Ranil’s “Chunnel” in it, don’t hide it – EXPOSE IT !

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    One more …

    Tamil people of Lanka must learn to judge themselves by themselves and not depend on their Caste Bound Tamil Leaders. Judge your own actions yourself. Do you like yourself ? Let your own Heart be your judge, no other.

    So long as Tamil Leaders call out their Separatist tunes with Vaddukoddai Resolution for violence attached, we the rest of Lanka will have to keep on telling the truth i.e. the Caste structure of Tamil Nadu with atrocities committed against Tamil Dalits who come to Lanka and are misled to violence, cheat & deceit by Tamil Leaders here.

    The Buddha said that “one is high born or low born only according to one’s actions and not by birth”.

    This is true for us all.

  15. SA Kumar Says:

    The Buddha said that “one is high born or low born only according to one’s actions and not by birth”- fully agreed
    We ordinary Mother Lankan Tamils always loyal to Sinhala people so do Sinhalese to us.

    So long as Tamil Leaders call out their Separatist tunes with Vaddukoddai Resolution for violence attached- very sad they do not have nothing else to offer ( like Doucles Devanada said ).

    Do you like yourself ? I do not like TE (Separation) I like United Mother Lanka Every one can live every where in mother Lanka & All speck & write Sinhala Language.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:


    Nice to have you agree with the rest of us in Lanka.

    Can we trust other Tamils to do the same, sincerely, especially the Tamil Leaders ?

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    Can we trust other Tamils to do the same, sincerely, especially the Tamil Leaders ? Yes , Mr Sampanthan , CM Vigi & MA Sumanthiran all are for United Mother Lanka before end of 2016. ie fully implementation of 13A.
    My wish this is right time to implement 6A together as well .

    hope & pray Ranil do not play any short cut like his uncle JR. CBK & MR are ok ( I believe not 100% ) .

  18. Fran Diaz Says:


    The 6-A was NEVER implemented. Your wish will never come true re the 6-A.

    The 13-A in full IS the quick path to Eelam. A separate state has been demanded by Tamil leaders from the 1930’s. Will it change now ? NEVER – only a fool will think otherwise.

    Will we ever agree on these two points ? Not likely.

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