Posted on October 20th, 2015

Sugath Samarasinghe 

The 15th year of the last 3 centuries seem to be disastrous to this country. I am particularly comparing what happened to Sri Lanka at the UNHCR this year with that of 1815. In 1815, the independence of Sri Lanka preserved for 2300 years was offered on a platter to the British by some of the Kandyan Chieftains ostensibly to be rid of the Wadiga King who was described by the British as a ‘tyrant’. Of course the ceding of the country without a fight, for the first time, was done on several conditions written down on what was called The Kandyan Convention. Some of the important conditions therein among others, was the continuation of the Sinhala system of government and preservation of the place of the Religion of the Buddhoo” which the British violated in no time. As regards the latter condition, when objected to by Christian Missionaries, Robert Brownrigg the British Governor of Colombo who presided over the signing of the Convention explained that if they did not concede that, the Kandyans would never have agreed to cede their country. The simple minded Buddhist prelates who were present on this occasion too were so naïve to believe the white skinned British were in fact gentlemen who would honour their word.

Does it sound similar? The Sri Lankan government agreed to make it a joint resolution with the US because the original words Hybrid Courts” was omitted to replace it with the paraphrasing the meaning of the same term with joint mechanism” having foreign judges, lawyers and new laws legal reforms needed etc. if not for which primafacie it would have looked a total surrender. Then, in order to save face our President says that had they not agreed to this arrangement the Report would have been hundred times or thousand times worse. What would have been worse than this, one could not imagine. What he did not know, is that if we did not agree to accept the UNHCR Resolution, they could not have proceeded to have an international investigation in Sri Lanka. They would have had to go through the UN Security Council. The only way they could circumvent this problem was by getting us to agree to accept, by twisting our arm. The situation was compounded by the Prime Minster who probably intended to assuage the Armed Forces saying that it was not the three Services that the Intl Community was after but the Judiciary. It is not difficult to realize once they had dealt with the Judiciary in the way they want, Armed Forces would be the next target. It is difficult to imagine that the Prime Minster could be so naïve not to see through this. It is more logical that he was trying to pull wool over the naiveté of the People with whom the sovereignty is supposed to lay inalienably.

Once all this is accomplished everyone but the government could anticipate what is to follow. Could a government be so foolish or are they trying to look foolish deliberately while they are acting on a predetermined plan like the Pied Piper of Hamlin? Which sensible government of a sovereign country would accept such an intrusive directives to change its laws to formulate new laws, to target its Forces that won a ‘war’ for them after 30 years of fighting sacrificing so many lives and, that too to take effect with retrospective effect, directives also to sack those in command identified by such ‘courts’, withdraw its Forces from specific parts of the country and downsize their Military as directed and also change their constitution on the lines suggested by them? Have we already ceded our country to the ‘International Community’/ Western Powers? Is it any different from what happened in 1815?

It took over 150 years to extricate our country from being a British colony. Could anyone imagine whether we could ever come out of this self imposed subjugation? What shall we do?

I quote below a correspondence between Ehelepola Adikarama who was accompanying the British troops to take Kandy, and Molligoda Adikarama who was leading the Udarata troops at a barrier below Kadugannawa.


ගුණවත් මොල්ලිගොඩ සොහොයුරු තුමනි සොඳ

බලවත්වරත් වරද කලෙ මට වඩිග රජ              තද

තෙරපත් කරලන්ට ඉංග්රිසින් හට                 මෙසඳ

කොහොමත් ඉඩදෙණු මැනවි නොකරමින්     යුද

Molligoda sent the following reply:

  බලවත් සොහොයුරනි ඇහැළේපොල           රයුතු

     ඉඩහැර මම ඉඳිමි ඔබෙ අදහසට                       සිතු

     මෙවිතර කල් පැවති අපෙ ජාතියෙ                  දිමුතු

     පුවතර නිදහස ඉවරයි මෙයින්                     මතු”

Sugath Samarasinghe  

4 Responses to “A REPETITION OF 1815?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Add to that 1215 when MAGHA invaded SL.

    1515 may be when the Portuguese ACTUALLY started destroying SL.

    NOT SCRAPPING 13 amendment is the biggest mistake. Had we done that west and Endia would be wary of what SL might do if the war crimes matter is pushed. They will have no option than to STOP.

    They trapped us first to implement 13 amendment and AFTER we did it, BINGO! Trapped us for war crimes nonsense. We have NO BARGAINING TOOLS left!!

  2. Independent Says:

    All these are distractions. Your friend Sira is looting the country now. Ranil + Mahendran also robbing. People must surround the parliament NOW.

  3. Independent Says:

    That is incredible.! Rapacious ghoul drooling at the mouth at the sight of money asks Rs.10 million as monthly salary.!

    (Lanka-e-News -20.Oct.2015, 11.30PM) During the young age we have heard stories of ghouls and how they drool at the mouth when they see humans who are their prey..In like manner a chief of an Institution had started drooling at the mouth when money is gushing within the Institution which is well known for its huge cash flow. This is an Institution which earns about Rs. 6.7 billion per year!

    So this chief on learning of this huge earning is yearning for more filthy lucre. This ghoul of a chief has submitted a paper to the Institution’s board to raise his salary to Rs. 10 million per month !

    Like how this ghoul is drooling at the mouth at the sight of money , our readers also must be eager to know who this ghoul incarnate is . This rapacious ghoul is none other than Kumarasinghe Sirisena, the chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT).

    At the outset , Lanka e news reported about how this ghoul forcibly became the chairman of SLT. The salary of this predecessor was Rs.200,000.00 only. Kumarasinghe Sirisena after he became chairman got his salary increased to Rs. 900,000.00 – that is four times more. Subsequently, he submitted a paper to the SLT board when it met last , to raise his salary to Rs. 3 million from Rs. 900,000.00 per month.

    There are 7 other companies affiliated to the SLT. Sirisena is the chairman of three companies including Telcom and Mobitel. Therefore Rs. 3 million from each company is Rs. 9 million . This plus other allowances his total salary exceeds Rs. 10 million!

    In this whole wide world , this is the first time an ordinary degree qualified graduate is demanding a salary of over Rs. Ten million per month.

    Can this individual who said there are no funds to meet the cost of making permanent the Telcom manpower employees , but has no qualms about demanding Rs. 10 million as salary selfishly for himself be called a human? Isn’t this greed for money at the expense of public funds of humans worse than the greed for human flesh and blood of ghouls that survive on corpses ? in case this ghoulsinghe Sirisena was the chief of the general Treasury , what unreasonable salary would he be shamelessly demanding?

    Lanka e news on several occasions highlighted there are two corrupt Directors in the SLT from the time of the Rajapakse era who are destroying the Telecom . They are Ranjith Roobasinghe and Wegapitiya. The massive corruption charges against Roobasinghe is being investigated by the FCID currently. Yet Kumarasinghe Sirisena is absolutely against these two crooked corrupt scoundrels being expelled , for these are Sirisena’s accomplices in Sirisena’s illicit deals , and are hence indispensable from his point of view.

    At the last Board meeting , there was intense debating on the subject which aimed at sacking these two crooks. Even the Directors of the Malaysian Co. the main partner of the SLT , agreed with this proposal. Yet , Kumarasinghe Sirisena most brazenly and unashamedly fought on behalf of these crooks to defend and save them

    Finally , it was agreed that an investigation be instituted against Roobasinghe , but Sirisena opposed the interdiction of Roobasinghe. In any Insititution in this country when an investigation is launched against an individual , his interdiction is mandatory . However to Ghoulsinghe Sirisena , that is of no significance or importance.

    Although in the reports of other media it was mentioned that Wegapitiya resigned , according to reports reaching Lanka e news , nothing of that sort has taken place. He still continues as a member of the board of Directors

    If one wishes to know how Kumarasinghe Sirisena along witth his two criminal accomplices , namely, Roobasinghe and Wegapitiya had been robbing in billions via the SLT ,a simple inspection of the records of the SLT’s precipitous drop in the revenue from international calls alone will bear ample testimony.

    By diverting the international calls of the Telecom to Call termination , Sirisena has pocketed huge sums of money fraudulently , it has come to light.

    Prior to becoming the chairman of SLT , Sirisena was the general manager of Timber Corporation.The present position is his maiden chairman appointment. Lanka e news is fully aware of the corrupt activities he indulged in when he was at the Timber Corporation. Lanka e news is also well aware how he managed to extricate himself from that criminal involvement.

    We are reluctantly compelled to reveal that Kumarasinghe Sirisena is the younger brother of incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena.

    Interestingly , the only qualification the elder brother of this culprit had to be enthroned as president was his steering clear of robbing people’s funds. If this culprit younger brother of the president has even a little grey matter he ought to have known that he should not smear or discredit his elder brother, who is now the president of the country.

    Hence, it will be well for Maithripala Sirisena in his own political interest to bear in mind that previously too, it were the younger brothers of ex president Mahinda Rajapakse who put Mahinda to rout , and they were responsible for his humiliating defeats, and that very often history has been repeated.

    by (2015-10-20 18:58:57)

  4. Nimal Says:

    Sadly Sugath is giving his opinion perhaps as a politician or who wants to curry favours to a politician or want to be a politician in future.
    I just came from there and observed the hopeless and rotten situation there where people seems to be very deceitful and unreliable.politicans are not at all interested in improving the quality of life of the people but out to make a buck, dishonest and self serving.
    There was no democracy in 1815 and care for the people, the way one know in a decent democracy and in fact we mock democracy by our greed to power, jumping from the opposition to ruling side.
    Unlike now the colonials realized that it was the innocent majority who needed the interventions while the people who agreed to the convention was only trying to get to power using the colonials that back fired, where the colonials gave us the modern infrastructure that have been eroded daily by our leaders where few people that matter while we the majority are left high and dry. I met several politicians who are not willing to solve real problems of the people and they are not accountable to hardworking taxpayers. So bring back the colonial types I say.

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