Can a Mont Pelerinist Honestly Be The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka – The  US Pivots to Asia (Continued from Part 1)
Posted on November 22nd, 2015

By Gandara John

Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister, Ranil Wickramasinghe, is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, the secret ‘Ultra-Right’ club of the White Supremacists that works hand in glove with the US.

In Part I of this article it was discussed how the Mont Pelerin Society comprising white extremists from Europe and America, with founder Von Hayek presiding, assembled in 1947 for a crucial gathering, to discuss the emerging global scenario that threatened their supremacy.

The Mont Pelerinists pledged to roll back history by wresting power from the people of Africa and Asia and retrieving the supremacist’s lost privilege of unfettered use of land, labour and capital in these two Continents.

The Mont Pelerinists planned to achieve this by launching attacks on the States in Africa and Asia, dismantling these States, disenfranchising the African and Asian people, depopulating the two Continents and installing the Corporates as the Supreme Controlling authority that would lay down the law, as would have the European Colonial States of old.

The Mont Pelerinists spelt out broadly the nature of their offensive which would target, the State, the Government of the State, the boundaries of the State and the people of the State.

 Christianity, which had lost its shine as a reason to intervene and aggress States in the Asian and African Continents , was replaced by ‘Human Rights’ considered a suitable substitute to fill the void of ‘civilizing the uncivilized.’

During the past 20 years or so the Mont Pelerinists focused their attacks mainly on Africa, attacking and weakening the structures of States in that Continent.

Recently, the US issued an ominous warning; the thrust of their attack would  change with its ‘Pivot to Asia’ policy; Sri Lanka has been described as the fulcrum in that policy.

As an avowed member of the Mont Pelerin Society Ranil Wickramasinghe may be considered a true and faithful page of the white elitists; in their world he certainly is not imputable for dishonest and treacherous conduct.


The attacks on the ‘States’ in Asia and Africa with an eye to eventually destroying the States  and denigrating their sovereignty were varied and would often transgress and telescope into the other targets of attack identified earlier, Governments, Boundaries and People of these States.

These attacks on the State by the Neo Feudalists included, perforating the State with new boundaries through constitutional mechanisms, heaping terrorism, conducting siege warfare (by applying economic and cultural embargos to force the State to fail), directly interfering in the domestic election processes (to install quisling regimes), replacing internal laws and systems of governance with external laws and systems, creating internal conflicts, instigating armed violence from within and without, hatching and funding ‘Arab Spring’ style protests, bad mouthing the Treaty of Westphalia, and many more. All these premeditated types of attack have had the effect of debilitating the State.

In attacking the concept of ‘Government’ in Asia and Africa the neo liberal Feudalists vociferously projected the view that ‘Government’ must shrivel and give way to the ‘Corporates’ which should exercise unfettered control over the economy.

 The fascist economist Hayek went on a tirade against Afro – Asian Nationalism decrying the Sovereign Rights of the State and declaring that the Rights of the individual need to prevail over that of the State. By so doing the Feudalists were turning the clock back on the Treaty of Westphalia and on Universal Suffrage. By agitating for limited government the Mont Pelerinists were deviously disenfranchising the people.

Stripped of State boundaries and bereft of Governments and Trade Unions to protect them, the people of Asia and Africa in this ‘Mont Pelerin’ engendered ‘One World’ are being pushed as fodder in the direct line of fire of the neo feudalists, the Corporates.

Only those confined to strictly defined areas and useful to the Plutocrats shall perdure; they would be at the mercy of these die- hard eugenists who have vowed to cull the 6.5 Billion world population to a one Billion, exterminating the rest over a period of time by inducing disease, contriving conflicts and wars, engineering famine, forcing sterilization and enforcing abortion.

The attacks by the Mont Pelerinists on the ‘people of the State’ are not confined to the ‘physical’ alone but are at the intellective level too.

At the intellective level the objective is to control the mind and influence public opinion; the Mont Pelerin Society members, who have a monopoly of the global, print, TV, electronic and social media, have littered Asia and Africa with organisations that self describe themselves as ‘think tanks’ to work on the minds of the numberless ‘hordes of peasants’; these pseudo think tanks, masquerading as intellectual institutions where research is selective, dissent frowned upon and peer review absent, are geared to manufacture the consent of the peasant and, to co-opt dissent by means attractive to the dissenter.

The Mont Pelerinists who had agreed that the ‘Corporates’ would be the instrument through which the white supremacists would establish unified control, this time at a global level, moved a notch forward when in 1948, 45 Corporate funded NGOs were given observer status in the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the UN system.

In 1996 with ECOSOC Resolution 31 the Corporates, like the proverbial camel, enlarged their domain of influence when 3900 Corporate funded NGOs were given consultative status with privileges to place items on the agenda of ECOSOC and participate in all their deliberations. To top it off, the UN Secretary General made a strong recommendation that these Corporate funded NGOs participate in all areas of work of the UN. Sri Lanka’s Corporate prone Foreign Service Brahmins preferred not to demur.

The world needs to be thankful to John Coleman a former officer of the British MI 6 who, horrified by the contents of some of the classified documents he had been privy to and had to deal with, brought out a lot of this material to the public domain. He articulated that in the New World Order the Mont Pelerinists have pledged to establish, there would be a permanent Council of non elected, hereditary Plutocrats who would self select from amongst their numbers, as of a feudal system of old; this Council would serve to be the Government of the ‘One World’.

The new Nepalese Constitution is being held up as a paradigm for Sri Lanka. Wickramasinghe is careful not to use the word Federalism – which it really is – as that is not politically correct; instead he hints at an identity based Federation of several units perforated generally along the provincial boundaries. The perforation would facilitate the breakup of the Sri Lankan State like a broken  jigsaw board, as has been planned by the Mont Pelerinists.

Nepal has been an unmitigated disaster; the State and the people have been under attack for nearly 25 years with events connected with, the murder of the monarch, the expulsion of his successor, Corporate inspired terrorism, NGO fermented Colour protests, dumping of Buddhism from its pristine position in the country, introducing a US inspired Constitution to perforate the State and the programming of the minds of Nepalese by Billy Graham type evangelical NGOs  to make irrational demands that would weaken the State. Buddhism and the Monarchy had been the glue that tightly gummed together Nepal now perforated loosely into several federated States. Nepal is coming apart from its seams, posing a threat to the stability of its neighbours, China and India.

If as planned, Sri Lanka is made a Federation, the Confederacy of Sri Lanka is made a secular unit (effectively and instantly unhorsing Buddhism from its pinnacle), the Sinhalese are stockaded into a limited number of ‘identity- based’ provincial boundaries (resulting in the 72% Sinhala majority dominance over the entire island being reduced to a minority in all the non Sinhala federal units), and the island State is perforated to several provincial boundaries, the ingredients are ripe for the Mont Pelerinists to unglue the island

With US foreign policy pivoting from Africa to Asia and the fulcrum of that pivot being identified as Sri Lanka, the future does not portend well, not only for Sri Lanka but for India too. The pivot took place on 08 Jan 15. Though initially it may seem beneficial to India, eventually it could unhinge India’s South which would seriously impede India’s naval movements from its Eastern Coast to its Western Coast and vice versa, virtually bifurcating India on its North – South axis.

In the last two decades or so, before the pivot from Africa to Asia took place, the world witnessed the attacks on the African States that badly weakened their State structures.

In the immediate five years preceding, the States in the Northern rim of Africa, extending the entire length of the Mediterranean from Morocco to Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt were attacked by the ‘Arab Spring’.

Previously it was the States in the North Eastern sea board of Africa, extending the length of the Red Sea from Sudan to Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia that were attacked by, terrorism, Corporate funded conflicts and economic embargos reducing these States to near failed States.

And before that it was the States in the Centre of Africa where South African and British mercenaries from ‘Executive Outcomes’ were crawling all over that Continent.

Of course in the South of Africa, Nelson Mandela took care of it for them; the man who betrayed the Black Revolution to the white elitists, with a bank balance of a near 4 Million USD at the time of his death, is projected as the face of the Revolution while the true revolutionaries like the murdered Steve Biko fade into the limbo of history.

Wickramasinghe is an avower member of the Mont Pelerin Society.

The pivot is to Asia. The Mont Pelerin Society of White extremists are committed, to disintegrating the States in Asia which includes the Protectorate of Sri Lanka.

The question posed to the Sri Lankan people, the Sri Lankan parliament and the United National Party is, Is Ranil Wickramasinghe, a fit and proper person to be the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka or for that matter even to be the leader of the United National Party?”



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