Open Appeal to Mahinda Rajapaksa Ex President-Leave the Chandrika-Maitri trap at least now and take the lead to save this Country and the Nation
Posted on November 25th, 2015

Dr Sudath Gunasekara President Senior Citizens Movement Mahanuwara 25.11.2015

Open Appeal to Mahinda Rajapaksa Ex President

Leave the Chandrika-Maitri trap at least now and take the lead to save this Country and the Nation

As a patriot who love my country and the Sinahala Nation I appeal to MR to leave this Chandrika/My3/Ranil vicious political circle immediately at least now with all his followers elected (whatever left before more frogs could jump), with people like DEW, Vitarana, GLP, Dinesh, Weerawansa and Gammanpila before he is finally sent to the guillotine or to a sausages factory close by.

Had he listened to the advice to do so by my good friend Prof Nalin de Silva before elections the story of the present Parliament would have been entirely different. Similarly if he had listened to what I said in my long E mail of 2nd Dec 2014 and at least didn’t go for elections on Jan 8th, forgetting all the other 99 suggestions I made (in my 100 Panatha), he would have still remained as the President of this country. He dint listen to good counseling for which he is paying back now with compound interest. At least now he should try to be sensible to listen to good counseling because the nation needs a man or woman of his caliber, a man or an iron woman to rescue and protect this 2500 year old heritage and the victory of 2009, ere it is lost in the Indian Ocean forever in the light of what is happening now.  Because reconciliation with this vicious Troika will never works. I would like to remind him the story of the foolish fox that followed a goat for days expecting something dangling in its rear side will fall at any time, but never it never fell. Finally you know what happened to the hungry fox. Again I would like to remind you the advice given by Nalin not to trust My3. He will never change. He has proved by now beyond all reasonable doubts that he is more a Vaireepaala than a Maitreepala. MR and all his followers should have understood this long time ago, if they had closely followed what My3 had been saying ever since he won the elections on Jan 8th. Just think of what happened to Ven Sobita Thera the ‘Nandimitra’ of Jan 8th battle who strived so hard to bring him to power. Yours is only a hopper betrayal but his is million times more serious than an egg hopper. As a result he died. But fortunately you are still alive.

Dear MR you must at least now realize that no one in this world knows everything, except Lord Buddha and no Leader in world history had won a battle or a war without being advised by an eminent adviser. Those of who know history will tell you that Kurushestra war would never have been won by Arjuna if not for Krishna; Vedeha would never have won over Miyumlunuwara if not for Mahushada. Chandragupta would never have defeated Dhana Nanda and installed Chandragupta Dynasty the forerunner of the Mauriya Empire if not for Kautilya. This is why all Kings of yore always had a set of eminent Purohitas lead by an Agrapurohita, who never gave dead ropes unlike the Purohitayas of today.

I suggest at least now you seek the good counseling of a Council of eminent monks of standing who do not sell their advice for personal gain but offer it to you only for the love of the country, the Sinhala nation  and the  Sasana as they always have done throughout in our history. If you don’t do it now and continue to follow the proverbial Goat” I can assure you, it will never fall. Only you will be doomed along with this country and the nation. I am making this appeal to you as I still strongly believe that, going by past performance, you are the only leader among the living professional politicians who can resurrect this nation. As for me I am ever prepared to assist you without expecting anything in return, other than fulfilling our 100 Panatha, for the sake of my country, my nation and my religion.

I also request you to read the annexture as to why I say so.

Teruwan saranai!

15 Responses to “Open Appeal to Mahinda Rajapaksa Ex President-Leave the Chandrika-Maitri trap at least now and take the lead to save this Country and the Nation”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    As always on this matter I DISAGREE.

    Dr Sudath was in the SLFP and would know SLFP IS a great party. It has only 2 lumps of excreta in it – Maru Sira and Bandit. Why should MR leave the party in fear of these two clowns?

    Building up a party from scratch is NOT easy. SLFP will always have at least 25% of the vote.

    MR should STAY within the SLFP and CLEAN it by removing the two pieces of dirt.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    DEW, Vitarana, Dayan and Vasu are not patriots. They OPPOSE UNITARY SL. MR will be in a trap to join them.

    Others are good people. But they too will find it difficult to win elections contesting alone.

    SLFP can be the great party once again if the 2 clowns can be removed. It is worth it.

  3. NAK Says:

    Time has well passed for MR to decide whether he values SLFP more than the country. So far he seems to think only about the unity of the SLFP.
    He seem to be more concerned about accusations of splitting the party than what those who accuse him of that do to the country.
    Everytime he supported the SLFP and tried to keep the party together he only strengthened the traitors to the party.
    What he should realise is that he and he alone has the power to weaken and oust the traitors from the party and that he can only do it from outside the party simply because he surrendered the party to the traitors.
    Also he should, realise soon that this power will not be with him forever as the traitors are hard at work to rid him of this this power.
    Contesting the next election from a new party should not construed as splitting the party as it will only be to corner and weaken the traitors which will be the first step towards gaining the party back.

  4. Raj Says:

    People must remember that a regular commenter here, sometimes two or three times on the same article, is a person who wrote comments against Mahinda Rajapakse for a along time. He is an old enemy of MR. His comment about ‘DEW, Vitarana, Dayan and Vasu are not patriots’, shows his ignorance on these honest patriots. He would have said the same thing about Wimal Weerawanse as well, but this guy does not have the guts, as Mr Weerawanse is a well loved person. Besides, this guy is a LTTE Tamil, posing as an anti-LTTEr, and Sinhalese. Being Tamil is fine, but being an LTTEr disguised as otherwise, is not right.
    If I wrote this comment in Sinhala, he will not understand, hence will not reply. For this comment he will hit the roof.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    I don’t get angry. I laugh. As you know I’m no LTTE. I have always praised (to say the least) anti-LTTE Tamil groups especially Hon Douglas Devananda.

    DEW, Vitarana, Dayan and Vasu are not patriots. They are all supporters of 13 amendment – the curse of SL.

    MR has to guard against them. Vasu’s relative Viggie is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS person.

    I’m NOT opposed to getting their help until winning the election BUT NOT ADVICE.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    I have always praised (to say the least) anti-VP’S Tamil groups especially Hon Douglas Devananda- We all know Hon? DD is pro 13A than why you praised to him our VP’s face book agent ???

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    another advise to Shinhala from VP’S agent
    Israel will strike anywhere in SL anytime to BUST growing uncivilized horror cults ruthlessly- mean time Modi drop parupu parcel in sky of TE . is that you want for Sinhala Lanka ???

  8. douglas Says:

    Raj: I read a comment recently stating that Sonali is a “Second Patriot”; within brackets stated he is the “First Patriot”. Do you recollect that; because I pass off these “Fake Patriots” as people living in “camps” set up for Terrorists .

  9. mario_perera Says:

    I sincerely do not find any logic in the constantly used theme: save the country and the nation.

    From what should this country and nation be saved? It is all summed up in one word: POVERTY.

    I do not want to dwell on personalities because political figures are very unduly even disgracefully raised to the status of ‘divinities’. They are enveloped in a quasi religious aura.

    As long as this country lies in the throes of poverty, it has no salvation in sight. Using the slogan ‘save the nation and the country’ is as obnoxious as spitting in the air.

    This country will never be ‘saved’ under the present world order. This country lives on LOANS, on TAXES, on the indentured labour of our women in the Middle east, and… On CORRUPTION. Corruption is a sure source of revenue for the State coffers. the endeavour to wipe out drugs, for instance, is pure eye-wash. What happened to all the disclosures of Wele Suda about the drug barons who run the trade? He was convicted for the possession of a very meager quantity of drugs. What action was taken against drug baron Duminda Silva for his massive drugs connection?

    Let us look the truth in the eye instead of sweeping it under the carpet. Drugs are a sure source of revenue. What successive government aim at is filling the State coffers, and their own pockets in the process with BLACK money.

    Without the four sources of revenue mentioned above no government can prevent itself from drowning.

    All the saviours of the nation resorted to the same sources of revenue of which black money is a vital indispensable factor.

    For goodness sake spare readers from this nonsensical theme of appealing to spent political personalities to ‘save a drowning nation and country’.

    Mario Perera


    Raj, thanks for recognizing Muslim paid comment writer Lorenzo. He is viscous and well versatile in deviating the article writers focus. This factious comment writers mother and father is afraid to talk about 13A! It is not the 13A, the problem it is the understanding of that the LANKADEEPAYA is today; occupied by Muslim OBAMA’s PRIVATE ARMY. This army was hand picked by OBAMA THE MUSLIM in Sri 2005. Dr. Mendis is one prime person.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    A relative Peace in Lanka first, then removal of POVERTY. Without PEACE, Prosperity is not possible. All moneys will be squandered in internal wars.

    Reprint of my earlier entry :

    By making terrorist outfits out of small dissident groups in various countries, the whole world has been de-stabilised. If each country is to govern itself, then the governments of each country must identify problems before they go out of control. Otherwise, outside powers will come in and de-stabilise that country and divide the land on a permanent basis.

    Tamil terrorism has its roots mainly in Tamil Nadu Hindu Caste system. This system has gone on for over 3,000 yrs. There are over 15 Million Tamil Dalits wanting to flee Tamil Nadu, and Lanka has the Tamil Language in place with no caste lines on the birth certificates along with FREE Education & Health Care, also close enough for a boat ride from Tamil Nadu to Lanka.

    * Tamil terrorism has been enhanced due to the Cold War (1946-1991) needs and still went on till 2009 when the MR govt put a stop to it.
    * Tamil terrorism has ended with enhanced foreign interference, and an unstable new govt bringing in an impoverished Sri Lanka.

    Yahapalanaya watch it ! Don’t overdo the Reconciliation bit. Take another lesson from France. France had allowed enclaves of extreme Muslims – it was so bad that the French Police or outside folk could not enter those areas. Right now the North & East of Lanka, people other than Tamils are not allowed to settle down there. However Tamil folk can live anywhere in Lanka ! Is Lanka N&E an extension of Tamil Nadu already ?

    People of Lanka will have to make sure that :

    * Make sure that the extreme Tamil terrorists in jail are not released until they are properly re-habilitated and the doctors say so.
    * Throw out Ranil’s ‘chunnel’ to connect Lanka and Tamil Nadu, into the sea !

    Long term solutions :

    * Remove the Tamil Language as an Official/National language in Lanka.
    * Any Lanka citizen can settle down and do businesses in the N&E and in the rest of Lanka.
    * Take note of troubled spots and act before they go out of control.
    * Zero tolerance on illegal migrants.
    * Zero tolerance on rioting.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    Fran has some good suggestions BUT when in power MR didn’t even think of doing ANY of them. He will never do them.

    Maru Sira will also not do them.

    It is a waste of time.

    “For goodness sake spare readers from this nonsensical theme of appealing to spent political personalities to ‘save a drowning nation and country’.”

    1. Do they AGREE to save the nation?
    2. Are they CAPABLE to save the nation?

  13. vichara2 Says:

    MR knows what is best. He will bide for his time. That is how he won the war. He selected his commanders and strengthened the forces and gave them the equipment before starting the war.
    The present govt. is a marriage between a buffalo and a cow. Already the disagreements have emerged. Open battle will start with the local elections. Let politicians who defect go and enjoy their benefits. But the Saloon Door can be kept open. The timing will be when MS/Ranil govt take definite steps to prosecute our soldiers.

    MR will do what is necessary as long as he does not depend on astrologers and soothsayers.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thank you for your comment.

    In times such as this, it is never a waste of time to make practical suggestions. We all welcome any suggestions from any quarter – suggesitons that are meaningful and viable. All suggestions must be to ensure a lasting Peace with some Prosperity for all.

    I do not know why you keep on stating that MR should have done this or that. MR is an astute politician and knows what he is about. He knew what he could do and couldn’t do. He had the support of the US to train the Lanka army at that time. US also located LTTE arms ships. India cannot be relied on for anything. For them, Tamil Nadu comes first, not Sri Lanka. Please do not forget that India delivered the coup de grace on Lanka with the imposed under Duress 13-A, which has the Tamil language as an Official language of Lanka, attached to it.

    MR had no way to move forward. MR was cornered very quickly after the end of the war with the LTTE, by false accusations of War Crimes supposedly by the Armed Forces of Lanka as well as by the MR govt. This was the work of the Lanka Opposition, the Tamil Diaspora, various foreign powers, the UNHRC, possibly the churches, etc.

    However, we ought to make lemons out of lemon aide, and take this chance to put matters right in Lanka.


    Making Lanka a salubrious spot with ‘oven ready’ welcome mat (no Caste, all Tamil language rights, jobs, free education & healthcare etc. etc.), for over 15 million Tamil Dalits who suffer atrocities in Tamil Nadu is a dumbest thing GoSL can do. These Tamil folks are being used by foreign powers to destabilise and divide Lanka.

    * Taking care of their own Tamil Dalit citizens is the duty of Tamil Nadu leaders. It is not the duty of Lanka leaders or others in Lanka.

    * It is the duty of GoSL to protect our Armed Forces.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as : lemon aide out of lemons … !

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