I wrote as follows to a leading politician in England about energy saving cooking and waiting for a reply
Posted on November 26th, 2015

Dr Hector Perera  London

I am sure you are aware of the fact that energy is a big question for the general public, the price is always on the rise, not coming down at all. Unlike in hot weather countries, over here energy is used for heating and eating. A large number of families find it’s very difficult to use energy comfortably for both purposes.

Here I have come up with a scientific technique to save a reasonable amount of energy wasted in cooking foods such as pasta, spaghetti, rice then vegetable or meat curries such as chicken or beef. Just like some of our beautiful Sri Lanka ladies, majority of British TV chefs love to shower with cooking aroma while cooking. I am prepared to show the public how to save some energy then avoid any cooking aroma getting deposited on them while cooking. Baking, frying and grill cooking are out of my question because no energy can be saved in those kinds of cooking.

Demonstrated to the public

I have demonstrated to The Sustainable Energy Authority in Sri Lanka how to save a little more than 60% energy wasted in cooking those kinds of food. The people in Sri Lanka mainly eat rice and curries unlike the public in England. I think still quite a lot of people even in England eat rice, pasta and spaghetti as well other than pies, pizzas, burgers and takeaways so some people even in England also can benefit from my energy saving cooking method. That means my method can be used by many millions of people who live in England to save some energy wasted in cooking. I mentioned quite clearly only some energy can be saved because that depends on the utensils including the right kind of cooker.

One of my questions is if my method can be accepted by The Sustainable Energy Authority and approve that the method saves a reasonable amount of energy, why not it’s accepted by any energy authorities in England?  Further the invention commission in Sri Lanka filmed my energy saving cooking and added that to their official web site. I have written to some leading gas companies in England but they are not prepared to come forward either to approve or disprove my method. I agree that the gas companies are business people and their purpose is to supply the gas to the general public. They are not to be blamed for wastage of gas as the consumers have to meet the expenses which depends on the customers. I even placed £50,000/00 yes fifty thousand sterling, in case the energy saving experts in England disproved my technique. The energy authorities in Sri Lanka have already approved my method so questions with them. I am sure they are under the impression that I am not that childish or stupid to place that kind of money, if I cannot prove my scientific energy saving technique.

I was in touch with every possible authority

I even wrote to the Energy Minister Rt Hon Mathew Hancock in the previous Tory government but I didn’t get any reply from him either. I will be in touch with the present energy minister, perhaps I might get a reasonable reply. Then I wrote to DECC, Department of Energy and Climate Change as well. Then they send a whole list of web sites they are involved but didn’t pay any attention to my finding. It appears they don’t want to know. Further I wrote to the mayor of London Rt Hon Mr Borris Johnson but he even not bothered to reply then on repeat appeal he send me a letter saying that it is not his responsibility. He is worried about pollution which is directly responsible for wastage of gas. Then I wrote to BBC requesting to let me show my energy saving on any TV programme so that the public would decide if my method is a real or a fake and useful to them. I must say BBC replied immediately but so far I didn’t get anywhere with the TV people.

I have demonstrated with many TV media in Sri Lanka

Back in Sri Lanka, I have demonstrated my scientific energy saving cooking in several TVs such as ITN, TNL, Derana TV then with Sirasa TV media and no public objected with my work. I explained in simple terms so that the general would understand my scientific energy saving method. Just words only cannot explain this technique, it should be supported with a demonstration. I even demonstrated three times to some public in a complex of apartments in Colombo. I spend for all the expenses for hiring the tables and chairs for the occasion then the work was filmed by a professional cameraman. My intension was to help the public save some energy by following my method of energy saving cooking.

My method is scientific

The method is based on well-established scientific laws. I used scientific terms such as thermodynamic equilibrium condition, intermolecular, intramolecular reactions, thermal capacity, methods of heat loss such as convection, conduction and radiation and a few more terms in explaining this energy saving cooking. Two gas laws that I used in my explanations are accepted even up to date by leading Universities in America and in England.

British TV cooking demonstrations

I have watched far too many cooking programmes in British TV but to my surprise none of the so called eminent chefs have not demonstrated my kind of energy saving techniques in their cooking. Some of the chefs love to get showered with cooking aroma while cooking and occasionally the cooking aroma catches fire. May be they are under the impression that higher the fire more viewers get attracted to watch their shows. I have a feeling that some of those kinds of cooking totally put off the public about home cooking and more people get addicted to junk foods which are not quite healthy. That kind of cooking demonstrations discourages the public to cook and gives the impression that cooking is a tedious matter. I will be able to demonstrate that cooking is an absolutely easy task.

I hope you would take this matter into your considerations despite that you are responsible for far too many political problems to solve here and abroad. I am sure you would understand as the winter approaches many people have the problems with energy with for eating and heating. As I mentioned before I am not able to demonstrate how to save energy in all kinds of cooking. I am very specific in my work. I am not a chef or a cook but a chemistry teacher with BSc [Hons] MSc PhD qualifications. I apply science in cooking to save energy then to avoid any cooking aroma while cooking. Sir, you may inquire more details of my work then if I deserve any recognition please see to this matter at your convenience. I am confident that I deserve some kind of recognition for SCIENTIFIC ENERGY SAVING COOKING TECHNIQUE. I am still wondering why my work is not good enough for the TVs in England, perhaps I didn’t contact the right people to show my work in the TVs in England. Your comments are welcomed perera6@hotmail.co.uk

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  1. Tilak Says:

    I have read my good friend Dr. Hector Perera’s lament on two websites constantly and how desperate he is becoming ‘ obsessed’ with his topic of ‘ a scientific technique to save a reasonable amount of energy wasted in cooking’. He is so convinced with his research that he has thrown a challenge with a big amount of money such as £50,000 on the table, for anyone to disprove that his theory is wrong!

    I, too, have a written and published a couple of articles some time ago about his new found research at first, and I am fully aware of his attempts in trying to convince so many ‘people’, authorities and TV guys with a view to convince them and to get some one to accept his theory ; He has, to my knowledge, demonstrated personally a couple of times, spending a lot of money out of his own pocket too, both in London and in Sri Lanka too, to do this. In fact, once he has demonstrated how to cook rice and chicken at my place as a validation to prove his theory.

    I have always intimated to him the fact that by just telling the world that he has a ‘ secret’ theory and coming out with highly technical chemical jargon or philosophies will not work. What I have seen from my own eyes is that Dr. Perera controls the gas or electricity on a cooker gradually, ensuring that the lids of the cooking utensil are closed during the operation from A – Z, and reducing the flame or electric rating gradually during the process, bearing in mind that such utensils have to be good quality stainless steel to ensure that steam does not leak out -, ‘not to get the curry smell absorbed into one’s clothes and hair as a body deodorant’, as he put it!

    Well! Such a simple process will be acceptable to any one who knows the basic art of cooking, but what is this great secret behind his theory more than just demonstrating this simple exercise? THIS IS WHERE THE CATCH IS ! He swears by his ‘ secret’ and is over confident, but the sad part is that, he does not appear or prepared either to come out with it openly ( may be in fear of any ‘intruder’ might concoct it and make millions out of his theory) or vacillating without first getting his formula patented officially under his very own name rather than appearing to be ‘ an obsessed’ researcher !

    By repeating what he has demonstrated and the amount of communication he has done with the ( as he put it ) most important people, authorities or to television companies, will not get him anywhere, in my mind, until he makes up mind his mind and do something constructive as mentioned above, as otherwise it will only make him more and more frustrated, exasperated, discouraged and at the end ( if not already) disheartened.

    Some might think he is ‘ off his nut’ to place such a lot of money of that magnitude on the table to challenge others, but I wonder whether anyone will put £50,000 (even if one has that amount of money to take up a challenge of that nature) simply to see how the fire is controlled during a cooking process with lids closed all the time! Surely, it has to be much more than to it! The Secret appears to be hidden all this time !!!

    In my humble thoughts, Dr. Perera needs to do much more than just a ‘demonstration and communication’. First things first, and he has to patent his magic formula and come out with it first, and may be later put his theory in the form of a Text Book and sell it! There are so many cookery books on sale today in the market!

    These are the only two ways I can think of him getting his frustration out. Sorry to sound unsympathetic or insensitive, but one has to face the reality and take appropriate approaches in a convincing and in an apt manner which is acceptable to any ordinary mind.

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