The much needed Elephant pass reservoir
Posted on March 14th, 2016

By, Professor Nishan Wijesinha ( Ethul Kotte, Kotte. )

It was my great grandfather Mudaliya Louis Corneille Wijesinha; who was an Imperial British Colonial Genius Scholar who translated the first original manuscripts of the Great Mahavamsa from Pali to English who inspired the need and wrote down the following diagram and highlighted the borders with a rectangular snake black outline to map exactly the area which has to be utilized as the most gigantic Elephant pass reservoir.

This reservoir was most likely to be the largest possible reservoir in the world which could be utilized to generate ample electricity and abundance of water to national consumption.


This was later idealized by former president Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa on his January 2015 election pledges; but fell to disarray as he lost the elections.

And on the other hand it is a closed chapter to the present government which is on a personal attack outlook without heeding to what is needed to the people and the development of the nation.

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    Prof, Nishan, Thanks for publishing this diagram so that every one can see what Jaffna needs. Your quit correct the present Government does not want to help the Tamils in Jaffna. remember what SRISENA President said when he went to Jaffna? “HOW DO YOU PEOPLE LIVE HERE”. Parliamentarian Tamils and ELLAM Tamils do not want to see uplift of JAFFNA Tamils standards. As you correctly wrote MR is the only one who wanted to do this. Thanks again bringing this to the open.

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