Windfall for MP´s – 
Posted on March 14th, 2016

 P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

According to a media report the govt and the opposition had approved a range of allowances for MP´s. Based on this,  MP´s are to be paid Rs. 75,000 to maintain an office, Rs. 50,000 for calls, and Rs. 50,000 as a housing allowance. They are also to be paid Rs 2500 for attending meetings and Rs 4000 for being present at committees of Parliament.  Both the govt and the JT opposition had unanimously agreed to a range of allowances for MP´s and they work hand in glove when it comes to getting funds to their pockets.

In addition to these they are also entitled to stationery, security, car permits, 5 star meals from the Parliamentary Restaurant etc.  Of course they argue that they  are ´dedicated to serve the nation´ and therefore entitled to these benefits. It is common knowledge that  as long as the ladle is in their hands they will serve themselves !

Then it appears that Ministers have other perks as well. Because, recently when a Minister went to Singapore for medical treatment the report was that it´s costs were to be paid by the govt.  The irony is that the surgery he went for could have been done easily in Sri Lanka. So it is not known whether there is a ´Govt Health Fund´ for Ministers.

With regard to use of public funds, there was an interesting story in the media. A spa had been opened by a Minister, from Ministry funds.  May be because he thought hardworking Ministers have to rest their mind and body ! According to the report, the spa was under the guise of a Physical Exercise Centre  for therapeutic treatment. It had been managed by his wife and young females as therapists from his electorate , paid by his Ministry. And he is of the opinion that there should be one in every electorate.

Minister´s and MP´s may claim that they are   ´dedicated to serve the people ´. But the burden of funding additional allowances fall on the taxpayers. And people are complaining about the rising cost of living. Farmers are going on protest marches to get fertilisers. These are swept under the carpet.

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  1. stanley perera Says:

    The word “POLITICIAN” is banned by law. Instead the word “FREE LOADERS” has been introducedby the world community. FREE LOADERS are banned from joining the International Association of World Community. IAWC suggestthe FREE LOADERS must claim daily allowance for breathing oxygen and H2O. Must also claim abbolution allowance. Good on you FREE LOADERS. God save the tax payers.

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