Condemn promotion of Separatism by NGO vultures
Posted on March 15th, 2016

By : A.A.M.Nizam – MATARA

In the contemporary world the NGOs have become a powerful tool that are being used by the neo-colonialist rogues to effect regime changes, to destabilize countries and to make spineless leaders of countries dance to their tunes. Many countries highly conscious of their sovereignty and independence do not permit formation and functioning of NGOs in their countries and even imprison the traitors who attempt to form such NGOs at the behest of neo-colonialists.  Unfortunately, Sri Lanka has plethora of these treacherous elements, the dollar voracious vultures who are more loyal and slavish to foreign lackeys than their duty and responsibility to the nation as the citizens of this country.

During the war period these traitors Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu, Kumar Rupasinghe, Jayadeva Uyangoda, Mrs. Nimalka Fernando, and Jehan Perera to name a few acted against Sri Lanka’s efforts to vanquish terrorism and closely collaborated with the terrorists and the diaspora enemies.  Although they contributed very much and to their utmost in bringing Eunuch Sirisena to power these brutes still continue to play a major role to support the separatists and help them achieve their goal of segregating Sri Lanka.

The ruffian Jehan Perera who even held discussions and seminars against Sri Lanka when the subject of Sri Lanka was taken up for discussions at the UNHRC sessions in Geneva continue to support the view that the Sri Lankan army committed war crimes and mass murders in the last stages of the war, a concocted view promoted by the Tamil diaspora through Darusman report.

This ruffian in his latest article in The Island” today (15th March) claims that Sri Lanka is in a transition process and hails the treacherous speech made in parliament recently by former army commander Sarath Fonseka calling for an international role in ascertaining the truth of what happened in the last phase of the war and the so-called White Flag incident.

This ruffian Jehan Perera points out that since the end of the war in May 2009 there has been intense pressure on the government to investigate whether war crimes took place in the closing stages of the war due to indiscriminate and mass killing of civilians and also whether there was targeted killing of LTTE leaders and their families who surrendered to the Sri Lankan military. He commends Fonseka for saying that enquiries should be made open to international observers.

He further states that the Norwegian facilitation, (the sponsoring country for his treachery) attained its high point in 2002 with the signing of the Ceasefire Agreement by the government and LTTE, and this gave the country the best opportunity to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution, the high point of which was the Oslo Declaration in late 2002 in which the government and LTTE agreed to explore a federal solution to address the root causes of the conflict.

He adds that even today the contours of a just political solution will need to lie in the domain of the federal arrangements of power sharing in which the numerical preponderance of one community does not become a permanent tyranny of the majority as seen from the perspective of those who are doomed to be a permanent minority in an ethnically plural society.

He calls that Fonseka’s statement on international observers should be built upon constructively, in order to contribute to greater confidence within the Tamil polity regarding the promise of national reconciliation.

In the name of national reconciliation what these ruffians anticipate is for the Sri Lankan society to bow down and give in to all Tamil demands without any reciprocal measure by them.

First of all Tamils in the North and East should unconditionally condemn any form of separatism, eschew the separatist ideology, declare that they sternly uphold the unitary status of this country and they are totally opposed to federalism and the demand for self rule, self government or regional autonomy. And this should be firmly displayed in deed and not by word. To achieve this objective the government should be firmly patriotic and not a puppet of the neo-colonialists. (End)

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