A political role for the Armed Forces
Posted on May 6th, 2016


6 May 2016

It is our armed forces who goes to defend the country under the command of our politicians. They have to advance, retreat, hand over won over ground, become hostages of the enemy, face torture in their torture chambers and get humiliated by the enemy by providing escort  to the enemy at the whims and fancies of the politicians. They have sacrificed their lives in thousands, and there are thousands who are maimed and disabled. Today they are charged with committing war crimes, while terrorist who committed mass murder are being released without having to face any charges. TNA the LTTE rump sits in parliament occupying the lofty heights of being called the official opposition and Sambadan, the TNA leader is the Leader of the Opposition.

When things get out of hand due to sheer political mishandling it is the armed forces who are called to face the enemy. LTTE became a force to reckon with only due to initial mishandling of the initial build up of terrorist forces and blundering by the politicians. They have to go to war not out of their choosing, but to placate the sometimes blundering and idiotic wishes of the political party in power. In the battle field facing terrorists, who follow no rules, not under any obligation to follow the Geneva Conventions on War, they have to think about all the conventions in conducting the war. Any little deviation is highlighted as violations of the Geneva Conventions and war crimes. None of the politicians had ever in their miserable but luxurious lives had to face such split second decisions which concerns one’s own life, those of their comrades as well of others including civilians. All this, while serving the country for a paltry remuneration and being retrenched once the hostilities are over to face life alone, unsung and as of now vilified as criminals.

Over the last 30 years due to bungling commands issued by politicians and those who made a business out of war, thousands of our war heroes  perished under most appalling circumstances – Mullaitivu, Pooneryn and Elephant Pass come to mind.

Sri Lanka and other similar countries do not have the luxury of developed countries where Armed Forces can be kept separate from the political process. They have to find their place at the Legislature the Parliament to voice their opinions and concerns regarding matters of security of the state and war. If it is they who have to face the music when all hell loose, let them at least have their say where laws and other matters concerning their work, conduct and welfare are discussed.

Currently in spite of the growing threat of terrorism and illegal migrants some of whom could be terrorists from across the Palk Straits our Armed Forces are being made to abandon strategically located bases and fortifications. It must be noted that the  State has the right to take over and occupy any land to further the common interest after paying due compensation.

For the Armed Forces it is just a one way street – follow orders – don’t talk back! For how long are they to remain just cannon fodder at the disposal of the politicians? Their voices must be heard. Best place for this is at the Parliament – the Legislature where laws are made!

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  1. Dham Says:

    There was ONE MAN in the recent history who did not follow “a one way street “. Who is he ?

    Wijemuni Rohana.. One day, poli-ticks will be not asking for army security but will ask to remove it, when many Wijemuni Rohana’s arise suddenly.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    It seems Dham is an unrepentant JVP member still carrying on his interminable VIPLAVAYA that needlessly cost tens of thousands of poor Sinhala Buddhist youths their young lives.

    Elsewhere, he lionized Rohan Wijeweera and praised the rump JVP that has now gone capitalist in cahoots with the UNPatritic party.

    All that these VIPLAVAJARAYAS have done it to divide and turn segments of the Sinhala Buddhists against each other, without gaining acceptance for their policies among the citizens of their own community.

    When the FORCE of their ARGUMENTS failed, they turn to the ARGUMENT of FORCE to INTIMIDATE their unwilling brethren!

    Why should we listen to these FAILED micro-despots and ALLOW them to cause MAYHEM in Sri Lanka and DESTROY the Sinhala Buddhist community again and again??

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    As they say in vernacular “how ever much you try to hide one’s true self behind various guises and masks, they have to dance in front of the audience”. Gradually the true character and agenda will emerge. It happened with Lorenzo once.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:


    As one who contributes heavily to the welfare of disabled Sri Lankan veterans and their families, I sympathize with your concern for the military.

    But, I hope you are NOT ADVOCATING a political role for the military, or for a military takeover, as that LTTE propagandist Lorenzo once did.

    Sri Lanka has a tradition of the Military remaining out of politics and following their duty to serve the civilian government. Once that tradition is broken and the military becomes politically active, it impossible to return that genie to the bottle.

    While it is tempting to use the military to solve short term political problems, that represents an abject failure of the civilian system of governance. Since the military cannot be a representative form of government, the people will sooner or later become dissatisfied with the military and will turn against it.

    A military once it becomes accustomed to weilding power may not want to give it up. That will pit the military against the people .
    Sri Lanka’s enemies would love that, especially the separatists. Today, Sri Lanka’s armed forces are highly respected and loved; their involvement in the dirty game of politics will only turn the people against our nation’s defenders.

    NOTHING could be worse that involving the military in politics. Let us love, support, defend and protect our armed forces and not force them to unravel the divisive problems of governance that is for us civilian citizens to solve!

  5. Dham Says:

    Why are you so angry with me ? You are completely misreading me because of your too much attachment to MR. If I say anything against MR you get angry.
    I was not even a JVP sympathiser all my life. When I was your I was very happy to see UNPeers get killed one by one in 1989. As a good Buddhist now I regret that.

    Please Google the name I have written there and see how it goes. Look at his photo, look at videos if you like.
    Please calm down. MR will never bring ANY success to our land ANY MORE.
    What he has done is wasted – 70% wasted. He himself is to be blamed.

  6. Ratanapala Says:


    I know what I have proposed will run into lot of controversy. I am not any means suggesting a Military take over. I am only saying that they should have a say in the parliament akin to what National MPs enjoy, with some power to guide in matters concerning military and security matters. As you say if we are having a disciplined military, such individuals who knows the country and the world will be better placed than the likes of a President we have who thinks that Buckingham Palace is in the US.

    Just look at our democracy today. Today’s parliament is a shambles. At the 17th August parliamentary elections many from UPFA got elected hiding behind Mahinda Rajapakse’s face and fame. Some of them spent little time in joining up with the Sirisena faction to occupy plum positions in the fraudulent and quasi National Unity Government. The others who lost were also rewarded with parliamentary seats and sometimes even ministerial portfolios. Is this democracy?

    Yesterday in the parliament the ruling party and speaker tried to pass a bill fraudulently. The Prime Minister openly flaunts the standing orders, going above the Speaker in conducting parliamentary proceedings. How much can a nation tolerate in the name of Democracy?

    Sri Lanka as we know is fast disappearing. In the North and East they are almost ready to declare Eelam. In the South land is being sold and acquired by Jihadist with Saudi and other Gulf Country money. Everyday several acres of land in Colombo fall into Muslim hands. Rishard Baiduudeen says he is not in favor of federalism knowing very well that the current status quo is favoring them to take over Sri Lanka from within. Aren’t these happenings good grounds for disturbing the peace in the country?

    We have no hope left with the politicians as they all pander to the minority votes to come to power. While there are political leaders to represent the Tamils, the Muslims, the Christians there are none to represent the Sinhala Buddhists.

    While all this is happening the security situation in the country is fast deteriorating. Soon it will be de facto Eelam with all what it entails. I am sure there must be a way to get to have some sort of representation for the military within the parliament to voice their concerns when matters regarding the security of the country as well as those of the military are compromised by the likes of the uneducated “monkeys’ we have in the parliament today.

    All over the world the call for democracy and human rights have become synonymous with weak governments open to subversion. Democracy is not something that is close to the Asian hearts. Historically we are used to follow leaders. Somehow we have to find true leaders who love the country. Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to name only a few are not prospering through democracy alone. They have powerful military who have a say in matters concerning the military and security matters. Democracy and Human Rights serves as ‘red herrings’ to distract the gullible and fool the so called “educated”!

    As peace loving Sri Lankans we must discuss all means to get us out of the right royal mess our country is in today.

  7. NAK Says:

    Now that it is clear the ruling politicians are not looking after the war heros it is incumbent on the military top brass to protect them from a political betrayal to the international hounds.
    It does not have to be a military take over but they should be able to put enough pressure to leave the war heros alone.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Even if there is a military ‘take over’, the IC will oppose it. See what happened in Burma …..
    Besides, MS has signed in last year a Military Advisor from Britain.

    What we are witnessing is a wordwide failure of earlier existing systems ?

    Switzerland is smart – they are giving some 2,600/person to each citizen there. New wave of thinking coming – People before Money.

    The Gold Standard to print money – does it really matter ?
    The USA debt is mostly to their own Reserve Bank etc. Their external debt is very small in comparison. The US prints money off the Gold Standard.
    Keeping population levels from growing too much is a smart move – offer free birth control & family planning – smart voluntary moves needed from all to keep matters on an even keel.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:


    I hope that the POLITICAL pressure come from us Patriots and the armed forces can stay out of playing politics.

    This is aspect of the GRATITUDE that I have been demanding from Sri Lankans who have benefited immensely not only from the ARMED FORCE, but also from MR and the Leaders of his Government that ported and reunified our Motherland and developed it as never before!

    Sad to say, that GRATITUDE is not in evidence so far as everyone is trying to PROFIT from the ashes of the DISASTER of Jan 8, 2015.

    It is a TRULY SHAMEFUL SPECTACLE of Treason and Profiteering on from the carcass of our motherland hidden under a Yahapalanaya fig leaf barely able to cover it’s awful nakedness!

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