Where the hell these mad Sri Lankan politicians are taking this country?
Posted on May 19th, 2016

Dr Sudath Gunasekara 18..5.2016

I want all Sinhala people to read the following news item that appeared in Times of India on May 17th.

Sri Lanka agrees to provide land to Madya Pradesh for Sita temple

Deshdeep Saxena| TNN | May 17, 2016, 10.01 AM IST

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh government will soon start the construction of a grand temple of Sita, wife of Lord Rama, in Sri Lanka at the place where she underwent agni pariksha (an ordeal of fire). The island nation has agreed to provide a piece of land for the purpose.

An ambitious project of chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, it has been hanging fire for the last five years. In the past, Chouhan himself had visited the places in the island nation associated with mythological characters of Rama and Sita. In the last week of April, a top bureaucrat of MP government visited Sri Lanka to finalise various issues related to the temple, including its architectural design among others. RSS leader Ram Madhav has also been evincing keen interest in the project, government sources claimed. Chouhan had first proposed the project in September 2012 when the then Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa visited Sanchi to inaugurate University of Buddhist-Indic Studies.

The temple is likely to be constructed at Divurumpola, a place which the Sri Lankan government claims to be the site where Sita underwent the agni pariksha. During the recent visit of Sri Lankan president Maithripala Sirisena to Simhastha in Ujjain and later to Sanchi on May 14, the chief minister discussed the issue again. “The government is still working on various issues like who would maintain the temple after its construction is over. It is likely to be maintained by India Foundation, an organisation with which RSS leader Ram Madhav is involved,” sources claimed”.

My comments

This news doesn’t say that the President Sirisena has agreed to release the land to the Indian Minister. But the headline implies that he has agreed. If that is true the President should immediately rescind that decision. Because no he or any other man or woman has no authority to sell the country to a foreign country like that. Even to give a land on lease he should first get the approval from the Parliament. Every inch of this country belongs to the entire nation. Even if it is a private property I don’t think one can sells it to a foreigner without the permission from the legitimate authorities. This applies to every citizen including the President of the country. Any decision going contrary to this I suppose is illegal.

I am issuing this alarm note for the benefit of every Sinhala man and woman who has a concern for the country, irrespective of political affiliation to rise against this betrayal and force the authorities to rescind their decision immediately before it is too late.

RSS (Rara Sevak Sangam) of India where PM Modi is also a key player is an extremist Indian Hindutva organization. As such Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan cannot be a saint either. This could be another step in establishing the Malayanadu in Central Sri Lanka. Now that the Modi Government has already started the first step towards this goal by putting up 4000 houses for Indian estate labour there. Only last week Indian High Commissoner laid the foundation for this plan where Minister of new villages and Infrastructure Development for Tamils Sidambaran has declared that they will be putting up a house for every man and woman It is rather ironical as to why they put up houses for Tamil people in Sri Lanka while millions of people in India ware suffering for lack of houses. This itself is enough proof of their hidden agenda of Indian expansionism.  In that context it is not difficult to understand their motive. But what I cant understand is the attitude of our politicians including the President openly supporting the establishment of the Malayanadu in the central highlands not realizing the betrayal they are doing to this country and its people.

Systematic Indian invasion is seen everywhere. It is getting established in every field, political, economic and cultural, Even the distribution of fuel, More than 70% is in their hands by now. The funny thing in this field is the sheds are ours, Fuel is also ours, Staff ours even the fuel transporting vehicles are ours. Only the profit is theirs Already they have four diplomatic stations ,eg Colombo, Kandy, Jaffna and Hambantota through which they have spread their RAW network. This means they have already established their administrative network all over the Island. In this back drop what I can’t understand is as to what the hell the Sri Lankan Government is doing

Where the hell these mad Sri Lankan politicians are taking this country? Why isn’t there at least a single Mahanayaka Thera who head the Sangha fraternity in this country and who are called the ‘Jatiye muradevatavo’ of the nation or a social leader or a Civil Organization like the ‘Sadharana Samajayak Sandaha” take up these national issue with the President, whom they have elected. People will have to rise up soon and do something before these politicians sell the whole country to India leaving all of us at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

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  1. stanley perera Says:

    Mahanayaka theros are also not second to the politicians. They want the power only. Once they got the power they shut their faces. Mahanayakes are only want five star luxuries.Ordinary people cannot get closer to them.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Fully agree with Stanley. Mahana yakas have also become Politicians. As long as they get their FRUIT BASKETS and Daana, they don’t have to be Jaatiye Muradevatavo. They feel it is not mandatory for them to express their opinion on matters that gravely concern Sri Lanka. We cannot depend on them. All show signs of lunacy. Blessings of The Noble Triple Gem to Sri Lanka.

  3. Dham Says:

    This is worse than giving Elam.
    No words to describe stupidness , greed and selfishness of these criminals who have come to power promising sky and earth.
    They are demolishing temples to construct Kovils everywhere in Hela Bima ?
    Time for Maha Sangha to rise.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  5. AnuD Says:

    I am for a military govt none of the Yahapalana people or none of the Mahinda chinthana people come into power.

  6. L Perera Says:

    The answer to your question Doc is in the caption – TO HELL.

  7. Dham Says:

    “This news doesn’t say that the President Sirisena has agreed to release the land to the Indian Minister. ”

    – However there is another ‘news’ with photos that Bo tree has already been cut down.

  8. mario_perera Says:

    The pithy and succinct statement of Dham: “Time for Maha Sangha to rise” is the deepest yearning of the mind and heart of the Sinhala Nation. The Maha Sangha constitutes the ‘guardian deities’ of Mother Lanka.

    Nevertheless, the disappointment expressed by Susantha is also a great source of concern. He wrote: DHAM !! MAHA SANGHA TO RISE ?? HOW CAN THEY ? THEY ARE IN HIBERNATION.

    It is through the blows of the hammer that the iron on the anvil becomes fiery red and pliable to the need it has to serve. The beatings that Mother Lanka is receiving must surely render the iron (the maha Sangha) ready to assume its role of destiny as saviours of the nation.

    I am reminded at this moment of the famous Kelaniya Declaration of the pre-independence era. The monks who made this declaration were neither representative of the Sangha Leadership nor authorized by them to make this declaration. This is probably the reason for this act being termed a ‘revolt in the temple’ an expression that was used as the title of DC Vijayawardena’s book of the same name that came out in 1953. Among these rebels were Ven. Walpola Rahula, Ven Bambarende Siri Seevali, Ven Kotahene Pannakitti and Ananda Sagara (who later disrobed and was MP for Horana from 1956-9 as Sagara Palansuriya.

    There are still Buddhist Monks in Sri Lanka who speak this same language. The new saviour monks have to arise from a REVOLT IN THE TEMPLE. The TEMPLE as such will always remain in hibernation mode mollycoddled by the holders of political power.

    It isw with sadness that I am reminded of the fact that Buddhists in the island (conservatives and radicals) were divided over this Declaration in 1947, and there are no shortcuts today either. The tragedy of the Sinhala Nation lies in its divisions.

    I still feel thrilled when reading the opening lines of the famous Kelaniya Declaration:
    “Twenty-five centuries ago, our forefathers established in Sri Lanka a state of Society, Free, Independent and Sovereign, in order to ensure to the people security of Life and Liberty on the one hand, and on the other the right as well as opportunity to seek and obtain happiness. A few centuries later the Sangha, the Treasurers of the eternal values proclaimed by the Buddha, became the Guardians of the Life and Liberty as well as the sponsors of the Well – being and Happiness of that Society.”

    Indeed as Dham proclaims: TIME FOR SANGHA TO RISE.
    The Sangha (and NOT the politicians) are the “Guardians of the Life and Liberty as well as the sponsors of the Well – being and Happiness of the SINHALA NATION”.

    Mario Perera

  9. Senevirath Says:

    සියලු ජාතිකවාදී හිතවතුනි ඔබ හැමගෙන් සමුගැනීමට මට බල කෙරෙන බවක් පෙනේ කාම භෝගී ජීවන ක්‍රමයේත් සල්ලහුක පවත්මෙත් වෙනස පැහැදිලිකිරීම සිංහල බෞද්ධයන්ට අගුණ වගෙය්

  10. Kumari Says:

    I will try to write in detail later. But, didn’t one Mahanayake made not one, but two requests to the President of the country to restore Mahinda’s Army security. Did the man sitting in as President, hear that or see the two letters from the Mahanayake?

    If a foreign embassy even made a slight indication, our man (the black sheep) will go “Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three bags full Sir”.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Ramayana epic story of Guru Rama, Ravana & Queen Sita is an allegorical story, woven around a Guru called Rama. In Hinduism, the eternal battle is between the Mind and the Heart in human beings. Rama represents the eternal and desirable Heart, whilst Ravana represents the wayward and earthly, creative Mind.

    The Story tells of Ravana (the Head & Mind) in Lanka
    Rama is the Heart, in India
    Sita is Purity, abducted by the Mind (Ravana) and brought to Lanka
    Hanuman is the Monkey King crossing over to Lanka to fight to release Sita from Ravana’s hold on her

    Now, in this purely allegorical story, we have in Lanka at present Seetha Eliya & Seetha Gangula in the Upcountry area. Both these places refer to the word “Seetha-ala” which means “cold” in Sinhala, not to Sita, the Queen.

    It is high time the authorities here re-named the two places ‘Seethala Eliya’ & ‘Seethala Gangula’ to remove any misunderstanding. Indian RAW material in the Upcountry of Lanka being allowed here – beware !

    If Temples are built, then pilgrims from India will come and may not go back ! O Tempora !

  12. Ananda-USA Says:


    Nearly 250,000 people have been affected by the floods and landslides in Sri Lanka, and over 225 have died.

    Our people need our help NOW.

    I would encourage you to help. Type “Sri Lanka Flood Relief Aid” in Google to get a list of agencies gathering funds and material aid like meals, foodstuff, clothing etc.

    I did it the EASY way: I sent funds to Sarvodaya (www.sarvodaya.org) through their Paypal account at SarvodayaUSA.org . There is a easy to use Donate button.

  13. Dilrook Says:

    The only doable way out of this madness is federalism, unfortunately.

    As I have said, Tamils (Indians) are after the entire island, not the infertile and arid north and east. Now the north and most of east is fully in their control and they expand to elsewhere. It must be stopped.

    The Indian federal model as it is can save Sinhalese. It is the best of all available (emphasised) options. However, as we go after the ideal (no federalism) while allowing Tamilization of the entire island, we are going to lose far more than the north and east. Tamils and other Indians know this very well and use our unitary status and 13A to expand to claim the entire island.

    If the Indian federal model is introduced, Tamils (Nadu) language will not be an official language. It will be confined to the east. Aggrieved Tamils elsewhere can either go there or learn Sinhala. Either way it stops Tamilization (Indianization) of the island. Restrictions on land use must be put in place in catchment areas (which can be legally defined to change the demographic composition of the upcountry).

    The so called International Community that is calling the shots since 2010 are not opposed to this solution. We are the only people against it and unfortunately, it is working against us. At the moment 13A has made Sri Lanka worse than India. Sri Lanka is a de facto federal country (with chief ministers, provincial, reserved and concurrent lists of powers). But far worse than the Indian model which offers many safeguards against creeping minorities.

  14. Dham Says:

    “It will be confined to the east. Aggrieved Tamils elsewhere can either go there or learn Sinhala. Either way it stops Tamilization (Indianization) of the island.” -Dilrook

    1. How ?
    2. What are the assumptions coming at the answers to 1 ?
    3. What are the probabilities associated with validity of those assumptions to derive the statement.

    I can give one example why this statement is not correct.
    Take up country Indians. Their young generation speak Sinhala. Have they Sinhalised ?

    This too will never succeed with the politicians with so much greed , making up stories to let Sinhalse get killed so that they can come to power, blaming others on their own faults yet carrying Mal Watti to temples rule our country with lies, lies and more lies.
    We need to enforce law urgently and brutally.

  15. SA Kumar Says:

    Dr donot panik
    We have right time right people for last 2,500 years in our history by according to Mahavamsam .

    Step one
    Ranil – who signed CFA with VP & CO than took first in commonder Karu Amman to weaken VP.
    step two
    MR – Mustach Sinhala mathaya come from Maddara finished off VP & CO.
    step three
    CBKV- who understood very well what her father mistake & planed new path to united sinhalese & Tamils.
    step four
    MS – new path leader sellected from Polanaruna ( king Elra capital) 40 or 50 years experiance from kirama sevakar to higher ( Health) minister level .
    so all in right step machang .

    Only my personal concern one day OUR both Mother Lanka will ask hers sons We Modaya & Sakkiliya why Sinha-Koddiya or Puli-Kodi is not fly in Japanaya instead of Indian flaying that time We would not have answer – Sad !!!

  16. Dilrook Says:


    I’m not taking about Sinhalisation. I’m after containing Tamilization which spreads via the Tamil (Nadu) language which in turn expands via accomodativeness of it. In India many ethnic groups have survived thanks to demarcation of ethnicity based boundaries. While this is not the best way to national integration, it has at least saved communities. Sinhalese need this protection today, not Tamils.

    The biggest push factor in disintegrating Sri Lanka comes from USA and India. Tamil push although strongest in emotion, lacks geopolitical clout. We have shown our inability to resist US and Indian pressure. What happens now is not the Tamil Eelam project but the Eelam project of claiming the entire island by strategically extending Tamil demographic throughput the coastline (except the Southern Province), creating a Tamil enclave in upcountry, giving it a historical Hindu identity (extremely important – this is why India is building a Hindu Kovil in Sitheliya, etc.) and linking the other Tamil majority areas with it. This will result in what happened to Palestinians in Israel.

    For instance in India Gujaratis have saved their own interests; so have Malayalis, Bengalis, Oriyans, etc. Sinhalese have no such protection.

    This problem cannot be resolved by enforcing the law brutally as the law permits an Indian to take Sri Lankan citizenship at ease (though that is not the intention of the law). 13A is also law. Compared to Tamils, Sinhalese are very docile on self interest matters as a community and have a lower birth rate. Law cannot reverse these without an overall protection of an administrative unit. That will emerge a strong nationalist movement (as in India) of provincial majorities. This is due to the numerical insignificance of minorities in provincial/state polls.

    Once a village or a city or a district or province is Tamilized, it never changes. Many townships within Colombo City and surrounding villages were not Tamil majority as they are now. This trend is irreversible without denying Tamils outside the north and east what they don’t have outside Tamil Nadu in India.

    If not for Indian federalism, Kerala, along with Sri Lanka would have to host the second Tamil homeland.

    I have always opposed Indian federalism at a time when there was hope for the ideal solution. I’m more than convinced it will never happen given the election system, political parties, their leaders and interests. That is why Sinhala protectorates are needed within what is acceptable to the real rulers of Sri Lanka (USA and India).

    Military takeovers, Sangha leadership in governance and election time hope are not going to save Sri Lanka as these will not happen.

  17. Dham Says:

    My question was how a federal system should prevent Tamilization.
    Your example of Indian States may not be valid to us. This si because there is a significance Tamil population the South and Colombo City have more Tamil speakers than Sinhalas.
    Tamilization will still be continued ( I don’t trust a single politician now, they want Tamil, Muslim votes) and we will still loose the whole of Sri Lanka in the end.

  18. Ananda-USA Says:


    You are WRONG! Federalization will not stop the disintegration of Sri Lanka and its ultimate ANNEXATION by India; it will only accelerate it.

    Also, it will ACCELLERATE the expansion of the so-called Tamil areas of Sri Lanka with a VERITSBLE FLOOD of Indian Tamils into Sri Lanka thereby realizing the Greater Tamil Nadu concept for which Karunanidhi had prepared maps over 3 decades ago.

    The only way for Sinhala Buddhists to SURVIVE and protect this land thrice Graced by the Lord Buddha himself, is to keep Sri Lanka whole by UPROOTING the very concept of the 13th Amendment and power DEVOLUTION of power to Provincial Councils.

    Make no mistake; a violent civil conflict will rise again, this time to sweep away power devolution completely. All TRAITORS will have to flee for their lives to the countries that engineered the REGIME CHANGE of January 8, 2016; they are ALREADY sending all their assets for safe keeping there!

    All of this will be achieved only through the sacrifice of the blood of tens of thousands of our Sinhala Buddhists of ALL AGE GROUPS.

    That is the PRICE our own TRAITORS have COMPELLED US TO PAY oncr again to secure our future and our heritage.

    It will not be the communist Viplavakarayas of the JVP that will rise this time; it will be ordinary Patriotic Sinhala Buddhists belonging to the moderate, but Nationalist, political parties.

    This is what I predict will happen well before the next general election if the SLFP does not come together with the JO and regain control of the GOSL.

  19. Dham Says:

    Ananda may be right. MR is very likely planning revolt by fooling people and letting others killed for him to come to power and rule. It will be another 1989. If he succeed it will be another North korea, if he looses ….. don’t know what .. may be part of India. Either way expect 40-50 thousands to be killed this time.

  20. Ananda-USA Says:


    You are as usual, plying your myopic Mahinda hating agendai willing to sacrifice the Sinhala Buddhist cause on the altar of your VIPLAVAYA.

    I have been observing your antics at Lanka Web, always promoting the JVP. Everything you say centers around undermining Mahinda and preventing his resurrection. But, neither you, nor the JVP greedy for power by any means, nor the UNPatriotic party, nor the assorted minorities conniving to breakup and feed on the body of Mother Lanka will succeed.

    When the PATRIOTIC TSUNAMI hits, it will sweep away all the TRAITORS who brought our Motherland to its knees! Listen carefully ..
    Do you hear the distant rumbling .. soon to grow into a thunderous

  21. Dilrook Says:

    Ananda, that is the gold standard. However, there is no political party or powerful civil group to do that. Even Mahinda is unwilling to remove 13A. It goes against Indian and US interests as well. On paper there is merit in standing against their interference. However, there is no politician or other national leader to do so. Then there are never ending Tamil grievances. Despite being the richest community in the country in terms of net income per head, Tamils continue to demand and get appeasements.

    That is why we have to be practical. By allowing Tamils a federal state just as in India, their continued begging would not mean a thing. It also puts and end to demand creep of Tamil demands. In India, Tamil demands are not entertained and they have to be satisfied with what is given.

    USA, India and others demanding devolution will have their way to an extent and will not oppose it.

    This second rated solution is even considered as there are no democratic leaders or parties to uphold the gold standard. I don’t believe in violence, military running the country or revolutions.

    The north and the east cannot split from Sri Lanka due to economic dependence. India will also prevent Sri Lanka’s collapse in such a case as it is a carbon copy for disintegration in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, etc.

    The Indian model allows the subdivision of a state which 13A doesn’t. That can be used to further divide the Northern Province (low caste Tamils east of A9 in Vanni) and Eastern province.

    I have changed my position on 2 important issues – executive presidency and federalism. Ideal situation is to have an executive president and stop vote manipulation in the north, upcountry and the east while restricting what a president can promise and do. But that is not happening. As long as it is happening, the EP is a threat to national security than a boon post-war. If we have a party to remove 13A, that gives hope.

    Otherwise continuing the current federal model (Sri Lanka is a de facto federal country since 1987; meaningfully since 2013) worsens the plight of the nation and Sinhalese. Namesake unitary is not helping and people cannot be fooled by that meaningless word unitary in a constitution that allowed chief ministers and specifies powers vested in provinces that cannot be taken back practically.

    Between the current Sri Lankan federal model and the Indian federal model, I prefer the latter.

  22. Dilrook Says:

    Dham, that is because the presidential election gives an easy win the candidate who has Tamil support. Sirisena won only 40% of Sinhala votes but won the presidential election. This led to awarding Tamils various appeasements which in turn increased Tamilization of the south. When power is devolved as in India, regional parties emerge that only look after regional interests. They will not care about offering a political solution to Tamils. At the moment the Southern Province has to vote between 2 manifestos one promising LLRC and the other LTTE. As you correctly said, both are the same. The Indian model allowed Modi (I have my reservations about the person though) but the Sri Lankan federal model will not even allow that.

    Sri Lanka is already a federal country. But lacks safeguards the Indian model has. Don’t be fooled by the unitary provision which has no meaning. There are many other contradictory provisions in the Constitution. While it recognises equality of persons as a fundamental right, it also allows the continuation of former laws (including Thesawalamei law) giving them constitutional protection and causes discrimination! It also says sovereignty is exercised by parliament but does not allow parliament to touch provincial powers!

    The choice is not between unitary and federal as Sri Lanka is already federal. The choice is between the Sri Lankan federal model and the Indian federal model. Removing 13A, etc. is gold standard no one stands to.

  23. Dham Says:

    That is the last resort, it is never my choice. If you can give me a “good” Mahinda why should I cry for VIPLAVAYA. That is the only VIPLAVAYA I need. I leave it like that, when you realise it ( unless you are his bro) you just give me a silent salute.
    You take ANY leader of the past and present
    Banda – killed himself
    Sirima – killed only Sinhala Buddhist
    Wijeweera – killed only Sinhala Buddhist
    JR – sacrificed Sinhala Buddhist and killed LTTE
    RP – killed the most Sinhala Buddhist and some Indians
    CBK – sacrificed Sinhala Buddhist
    Mahinda- sacrificed the most number of Sinhala Buddhist , killed Prabhakaran and a lot of LTTE

    Yes. He did the most important task but then forgot about the sacrificed lives because is sons did not die. Stop there and let the UNPeers ( specially Ranil – how on this earth he can win , unless the opponent is worse) ruin everything.
    So what is my choice now ?

  24. Dham Says:

    Even when ExPrez not there appeasement occurred. Thodaman, all the Muslims always in the governing side. It is not going to change unless a real VIPLAVAKARA comes with Sinhala only song again- yes the Platinum Card.
    “Sri Lanka is already a federal country. But lacks safeguards the Indian model has. ” In a way you are right, In India if they talk about separatism they are dead.

  25. SA Kumar Says:

    “Sri Lanka is already a federal country. But lacks safeguards the Indian model has. ” In a way you are right, In India if they talk about separatism they are dead.- if 13A & 6A fully implemented We also have same as India if We talk about separatism We are dead.

  26. Christie Says:

    “Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh government will soon start the construction of a grand temple of Sita, wife of Lord Rama, in Sri Lanka at the place where she underwent agni pariksha (an ordeal of fire). ”

    She definitely was hot after seeing Rawana and definitely enjoyed her stay in the Island.

  27. Christie Says:

    Namaste; Jai Hind Jai Bharat Samraj!

  28. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “I have changed my position on 2 important issues – executive presidency and federalism.”

    TOO BAD Dilrook, you have BUCKLED AT THE KNEES and conceded the battle before it has ended, or gove even half way, and now wants to APPEASE Sri Lanka’s enemies in the hope that we will be allowed to keep the CRUMBS!

    IS IT FOR THAT the people of Sri Lanka sacrificed several hundred thousand lives over the last 30 years, refusing to yield the North and East to an Eelam? They knew that when a part of Sri Lanka is lost, it will be the TIP OF THE WEDGE and all will be eventually lost.

    IS IT FOR THAT over 25,000 soldiers gave up their lives in the last phase of the War; you are doing a disservice to their memory.

    You say, there are no leaders espousing REPEAL of the 13A. IN FACT, there are MANY and they becoming MORE & MORE EVIDENT; Dr. Sudath Gunasekara is ONE OF THEM.

    The Govi, Guru, Veda, Welenda and Bikku traditional Sinhala balavegayas are again rising, joined by newer segments of the population, in opposition to the Yamapalanaya and its RECIPE to DIVIDE Sri Lanka.

    Even MR will see the writing on the wall, and finally abandon this RECONCILIATION CRAP, and will embrace REPEALING the 13A and DISSOLVING the Provincial Councils as his NEW REVISED POLICY. He WILL BEND to the WILL of his SUPPORTERS!

    It took 30 years of STRUGGLE to end the TERRORISM and REUNIFY the Nation at great cost in blood and treasure.

    It was well worth that sacrifice and ONLY hidden JVP propagandists like Dham saying Mahinda “killed people” wantonly in pursuit of it.

    Note Dham’s words: Now the war of NATIONAL LIBERATION is a KILLING OF SINHALA BUDDHISTS YOUTHS in his mind! Who do you think he REALLY IS? WHERE is his heart? Certainly not with the Sinhala Buddhists!! This guy is using a PATRIOTIC WEBSITE to UNDERMINE the Patriotic Cause!

    Don’t throw your glove into the ring in ABJECT DEFEAT, in APPEASEMENT. Stay the COURSE … We will WIN in the END …. I have NO DOUBT OF THAT. It took 30 years to DEFEAT the TERRORISTS and REUNIFY the Nation; it will take MUCH LESS TIME THAN THAT to REGAIN GOVT POWER and CONSOLIDATE the BENEFITS of that VICTORY, FOREVER! BUT, we must STAY THE COURSE instead of ABANDONING the struggle like CBK who went to war and became a PEACENIK as soon as a BOMB blew her eye out … the mark of a CRAVEN SELF-SEEKING COWARD!

  29. Ananda-USA Says:


    Who won the war … the LTTE? The Yamapalanaya GoSL thinks so!

    Do you see the Allies who won WWII, EMPOWERING the Nazis of DEFEATED Germany TODAY? NO! But OUR IDIOTIC Yamapalana GoSL Does!

    My God, the TREACHERY & IDIOCY of the Yamapalana GoSL ASTOUNDS me!

    Who ELECTED them? The ENEMIES of Sri Lanka DID, aided and abetted by SOME Sinhala Buddhists who TIPPED THE BALANCE to ENABLE that DISASTER!

    I URGE those Sinhala Buddhists tricked by the SIREN SONG of Yamapalanaya TO COME HOME TO THEIR PEOPLE, to the Joint Opposition.

    Don’t vote for ANY SLFP-er who JOINED Palwatte Gamaralage Maitrhipala Yapa Sirisens to OUST the War-Winning MR/UPFA GoSL that had REUNIFIED the Nation & ushered-in a Golden Age of Economic Growth that is NOW IN TATTERS!


    Proclaim Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa! Mea Maxima Culpa! and COME HOME at least now TO RESCUE YOUR OWN PEOPLE!
    Global Tamil Forum welcomes cancellation of Sri Lanka Victory Day parade, calls for full implementation of UNHRC resolution
    Thu, May 19, 2016, 09:28 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    May 19, London: The London-based Tamil Diaspora organization, the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) has welcomed the Sri Lankan government’s decision to cancel the Victory Day Parade that was held annually on May 18 since 2009 to commemorate the war victory over the Tamil Tiger terrorists.

    UK based GTF spokesperson Suren Surendiran Wednesday in a statement said the Sri Lankan government is taking some of the steps recommended by the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), which GTF welcomes, wholeheartedly.

    The GTF spokesperson’s statement:

    The government is taking some of the steps recommended by the LLRC, which GTF welcomes, wholeheartedly.

    Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) in this regard, said:

    “Given the traumatic nature of the long drawn out conflict and the massive toll in human life and property that it brought about, almost all the people who appeared before the Commission articulated a clear need for the nation to collectively empathize with all those victims of the conflict whether they are civilians or soldiers or whether they belong to the Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim or other communities.

    “The Commission, therefore, strongly recommends that a separate event be set apart on National Day to express solidarity and empathy with all victims of the tragic conflict and pledge our collective commitment to ensure that there should never be such blood-letting in the country again. Based on testimonies it received the Commission feels that this commemorative gesture, on such a solemn occasion, and at a high political level, will provide the necessary impetus to the reconciliation process, which the nation as a whole is now poised to undertake.”

    What would also be ideal, essential and mandated by the Government of Sri Lanka co-sponsored UNHRC resolution are:

    – To ensure transitional justice process/mechanism is delivered to the victims of the war that is acceptable to the victims, credible and to international standards.

    – To ensure for non-recurrence amongst other steps, a lasting, acceptable political solution is arrived at for the Tamil National Question that will be acceptable to all communities, most so acceptable to the affected communities.

    – Repeal the draconian PTA, ASAP.

    – Release all private lands that the military holds to the rightful owners, and implement a practical resettlement plan.

    – Release all political prisoners, which has dragged on for far too long since the new Government came to power since 8 January 2015.

  30. Ananda-USA Says:

    More Foreigners KEEN TO HANG our War Heroes!

    Sinhala Buddhists! Are you going to STAY SILENT while are War Heroes who fought on your behalf are RAILROADED & EXECUTED??

    Canada willing to assist Sri Lanka to set up a robust accountability mechanism with foreign judges
    Thu, May 19, 2016, 10:50 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    May 19, Ottawa: Canada is willing to assist the Sri Lankan government to set up a robust accountability mechanism to investigate and address serious violations of international law during the war, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

    Issuing a statement on the Seventh Anniversary of the End of the War in Sri Lanka, the Canadian Prime Minister said he is encouraged by the Sri Lankan government’s commitment to seek accountability.

    “Today, we mark the anniversary of the end of the war in Sri Lanka in 2009. It is a time to honour, remember, and reflect on the victims of this 26-year war.”

    “I am encouraged that the Sri Lankan government is committed to working with the United Nations Human Rights Council and the international community towards seeking accountability in their country,” Trudeau said adding that “a robust accountability mechanism must enlist the confidence of the victims of this war, through the meaningful engagement of foreign and Commonwealth investigators, prosecutors, and judges.”

    The Prime Minister said Canada will continue to engage the international community in investigating and addressing serious violations of international law in Sri Lanka and around the world.

    “We stand willing to assist the government of Sri Lanka in fulfilling this commitment,” he added.

    Noting that Tamil-Canadians are “an integral part of our country and have overcome much adversity”, Prime Minister Trudeau extended his deepest sympathy and support to Canadians of Tamil descent.

    “Over the past seven years, I have met many victims of this war, and have been deeply moved by their heroic stories of trauma and loss. Much work lies ahead to heal the wounds of all those who have suffered, and to achieve long-term peace and reconciliation on the island,” he said.

  31. Ananda-USA Says:

    No election, but govt putting in place regulations to control media during polls – JO
    May 19, 2016, 11:48 pm
    By Dasun Edirisinghe

    Instead of holding local government elections, the government had introduced new gazette notifications to control the media during an election, the Joint Opposition charged yesterday.

    Leader of the JO, Colombo District MP Dinesh Gunawardena said the government is planning to pass the gazette notification in Parliament today (20) without giving enough time to MPs to study and analyse it.

    “The code of ethics for media during an election prepared by the Chairman of the Elections Commission is not the priority at the moment, but the government wants to control the media even before holding the local government polls.”

    Gunawardena said that if the government wanted to introduce such a code of conduct, enough time should be given for parliamentarians, journalists and other stakeholders to study.

    Colombo District MP Wimal Weerawansa said the government was not only introducing new gazettes to control the media but also rushing to recruit a head for the security section of the Government Press all of a sudden in an illegal manner.

    He said the Government Press was a very sensitive place as regards elections.

    “The government was recruiting a person who is more than 45-years in violation of the prescribed age limit,” Weerawansa said, noting that the person concerned was a henchman of the government.

    He said the UNP led government had made all efforts to rig the local government polls and they would take legal action against the appointment.

  32. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ranil HAS FUNDS to give Rs 10,000/mth raise to each public servant and to PROSECUTE & PERSECUTE the Rajapaksa Family, but NO MONEY AT ALL for Flood Disaster Victims!


    He has MONEY for his HONEYS, but NONE for the FLOOD VICTIMS! HELPLESS MAN!
    Helpless PM expects worst; inefficient officials overwhelmed
    Fri, May 20, 2016, 06:31 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    May 20 (HKS) Ranil Wickremesinghe, the prime minister of cash-strapped Sri Lanka, has appealed for cooperation to help hundreds of thousands of families desperately seeking relief following the destruction and deaths caused severe downpours, flooding and mudslides past week.

    Victims say an inefficient government and its unprepared officials have been unable to respond in time, despite advance warnings from met officials of the seasonal rains.
    The premier admitted to the news media in Colombo on Thursday the floods are unprecedented and that the worst is to come. He told local media more landslides are expected.
    Sri Lanka does not have a formal search and rescue mechanism, or an adequately-funded relief system. The island is heavily burdened by foreign and domestic debt and its credit rating has been downgraded by ratings agencies.
    Overwhelmed and unprepared government disaster management officials say
    414,627 people belonging to 98,076 families have been badly affected. Sixteen people are missing.
    Some 61,381 families have been moved to 594 camps.
    Premier Wickremesinghe said security forces and the police would be deployed to flood hit areas to protect the belongings of the displaced and those that have been evacuated.

    Read More:: HKS (Source)

  33. Ananda-USA Says:


  34. Dilrook Says:

    Ananda, Sri Lanka is already a federal country. 13A is far worse than Indian federalism. Here is proof.

    Please read the following article by an expert.

    13th amendment is Indian constitution plus
    By Sugath Kulatunga

    What I propose is to reverse backwards from 13A (Indian federalism plus) to Indian federalism.

    For the record, Mahinda Rajapaksa also supports (in addition to promising it in 2005) abolishing executive presidency and 13A (which is far worse than Indian federalism). The unitary clause in the constitution is a trick to fool idiotic Sinhalese. It means nothing. Much like the supreme place for Buddhism which is violated almost on a daily basis as the next Article nullifies it.

  35. mario_perera Says:


    There is much food for thought in everything you say.Your statement: “The unitary clause in the constitution is a trick to fool idiotic Sinhalese. It means nothing. Much like the supreme place for Buddhism which is violated almost on a daily basis as the next Article nullifies it.”

    The clauses you mention may be tricks to appease the majority community who vote these tricksters into power. YET THEY ARE IN THE CONSTITUTION.THEY ARE IN-BUILT IN THE CONSTITUTION. As such they are constitutional law.

    You state: “For the record, Mahinda Rajapaksa also supports (in addition to promising it in 2005) abolishing executive presidency and 13A”. If 13A is abolished the Federal argument collapses from under the feet of the Tamils.Even though the Tamils hold on to the North physically they would not have constitutional support to base their hold on. As regards the East, it is now separated from the North as per a Supreme Court judgment (the only good thing Sarath Silva did during his tenure of office as Chief Justice).

    The UNITARY STATE condition MUST be written into the constitution. That annuls the legal claim for Federalism of the Tamils whatever it be of the physical situation.

    The next step to consolidate the Unitary State is for this and eventually other governments, is to lay claim to the lands held by the military. As I argued previously (the army commander put out the same argument very recently), the army DID NOT takeover these lands from private citizens. They took it over from the LTTE which was (and probably still is) The army of the very same Tamils.The Tamils legitimated their Tamil army, the LTTE. Even now Viggie calls that devil incarnate Prabha ‘hero of the Tamils and celebrations are still held in the north to glorify their army the LTTE.

    The long and short of it is that private citizens (they would not even have titles to that land now) have no more claim to the land now taken by the military.

    These lands must be used for settlements to be handed to the families of the military personnel who fought and shed their blood to free those lands from the Tamil Army, the LTTE, which still remains a potential threat to the nation.

    The issue of the Unitary Nation is intricately woven with the issue of LAND in the North. Even the 13A is grounded on land occupation in the a North.

    We claim a military victory over the Tamil army the LTTE. Yet the military victory without occupation of LTTE held land is a phyrric victory: a hollow victory. It is an illusion, a MAYA or what the Sinhala call ‘ASBENDUN’. The purpose of the war was to enable the Unitary State, challenged and put to derision, by the Tamil army to conquer the land occupied, with the total consent of the Tamil people through their political arm the TNA.

    The land won over by the military is now land of the Unitary State and for the disposal by the Unitary State.

    This is the real crux of the issue.

    Mario Perera

  36. Dham Says:

    It saddens me when a patriot like you had to come to that option. I agree it is worse than Indian Federalism.
    However, the root cause is not all that but the cheating of the Sinhalaya by so called “patriotic politicians” patriotic until the win elections. (There will be oppositions (UNP) who will always manipulate the situations to make the Sri Lanka “United” than Unitary as the name of the party suggests. It is the duty of the “patriotic politicians” to make sure they do not loose power, like PAP of Singapore.

  37. Dilrook Says:

    Mario and Dham,

    All that is true if there is sovereignty intact, no Indo-Lanka Accord and the law upholds. Is that the case in Sri Lanka? That was the noble end we sacrificed for the war. What has happened since then? The war victory is an illusion. Displaced Sinhalas and Muslims are not resettled in the north; will never be resettled. Vigneswaran is the least bad option for the north as his successor will be much more hard line than him.

    Pro-LTTEers like Ganesan wins in Colombo District. If TNA contests in Colombo, it can win at least 3 seats. If elections are held under FPTP system, TNA can win at least 2 seats from Colombo.

    It is futile to go for the gold standard solution as no politician stands for it. Federalism is here to stay. Unitary was buried in November 1987. But unlike in India, 13A federalism does not allow even basic safeguards.

    I don’t believe in revolution, military rule or anything radical as it affects the fragile economy of a nation that exports its mothers and imports luxury cars. As the local saying goes, no use crying for the spilt milk, save the little sugar that is left. We have to save provinces outside the north and east as a matter of priority. Once lost, they will be lost for good as we see with the north and east.

    About land, Sri Lanka passed the Prescription (Special Provisions) Act in 2016 which was drafted in 2012. It deprives Sinhalese as it only benefits displaced people from 1983 onwards. Sinhalese were displaced from Jaffna in August 1977. This is the state of Sri Lanka and its leaders. Can you expect the gold standard of governance from them?

    Yes it is saddening but not saving the little left using practical means is catastrophic. If a politician serious enough to win the election promises to abrogate 13A, then we can shed federalism. Until then we have to live with it. Believing that Sri Lanka is a unitary country, Buddhism is supreme or the sovereignty rests with the people is outright naive given what goes on. We are yet to see the real impact of 13A which is far more divisive than Indian federalism.

  38. Dham Says:

    Thank you for the reply ,Dilrook.
    May be this is what MR(=Basil) & Co having is planning as the only solution.

    1. We shall remain the country that “a nation that exports its mothers and imports luxury cars. “
    2. Preserve precious 13A , implement LLRC within 3 months ( to shut up India& the west)
    3. We shall re-write the useless history and accept Tamil Home Land but now we create a Sinhala Home land at least – otherwise we don’t have a “home land” to produce more “mothers”.
    4. “India is our relative”, China is our friend and “the West is our neighbour’s friend” – no problem.
    5. We embrace practicality and give up idealism.
    6. We will have to give up Buddhism and embrace “Mahindagama” too.

    It is impossible to sell this because it appears immoral and cowardly but immensely practical. So we ,the intellect, have to accept endless lying for the time being and become ranjits , anadas and kumaris.

  39. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dr Sudath Gunasekera speaks the stark truth.

    ‘Systematic Invasion of Sri Lanka by INDIA’ :

    First, there was a Systematic Invasion of earlier Ceylon by Colonists, the Portuguese, the Dutch & the British, who brought in over one and half million Tamil Dalits as Indentured Labor for their plantations sectors.

    Now, the Contain China through INDIA program is on !
    Giving a Fed State to Tamils Lanka (Tamil Eelam) will only exacerbate the situation for all in Lanka, as Tamils of Tamil Nadu will find easy access to enter Lanka and not go back. There are over 15 Million Tamil Dalits there, labelled as Dalits on their Birth Certificates. They suffer atrocities on a daily basis. The Govt of INDIA carries out the Census there on a Caste Base. All Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists are classified under Scheduled Castes, a socially low rung in the social ladder. The Caste System has existed in INDIA for over 3,000 yrs. Can a Fed State in Lanka solve that problem ? NO. In fact, the INDIAN Caste System will be imposed on any Fed State >> Tamil Eelam, in Lanka.

    After King Asoka, INDIA embraced Hinduism, and removed Buddhism as their main religion. The Buddha said that one is high born or low born according to one’s ACTIONS ONLY, and not by birth.

    According to this definition by the Buddha, Who is high born or low born here, or in other places in the world ?

  40. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dham, you Damn fool,

    Did you just arrogate to yourself membership in the list (see above) of “intellectuals”?

    You? An intellectual? Where dI’d you get that dan fool notion? A old Viplavakaraya hiding under a Upasakaya sheepskin and undermining patriots is now aspiring to intellect?

    Why don’t you let others decide whether you qualify before anointing yourself liberally?

    There are SOME THINGS … like self-praise ..you should AVOID … especially if you understand Buddhism as you claim! FOOLS RUSH IN where the WISE FEAR TO TREAD!

  41. Dham Says:

    Sorry, Ananda, not me. I meant to say Dilrook and you. It is a mistake as I was involved in the discussion, I assumed myself in the same category but I now realise, I am a damn fool, but I was only 14 years old in 1971 and I was not even in the country in 1989. My hero is Rohana Wijemunige not Rohana Wijeweera. Now he is an astrologer and predicted MY3 will be killed in 2017, if that make you happy.

  42. Christie Says:

    We are slowly becoming an Indian colony with more Indian colonial parasites and vermin.

    The economy is run by Indians and India.

    Mahinda was appointed by India in 2005 but he did not follow India,

    Sirisena is the new governor and follow India otherwise he will end up like Sobitha.

  43. Dham Says:

    Who will be the next governor ? Basil or Gota ?

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