Maithripala Sirisena is not the owner of Sri Lanka to  give land to India to build a Hindu Temple to Seetha of Indian Mythology.
Posted on May 29th, 2016

By Charles.S.Perera

After allowing India to build a Hanuman Bridge connecting Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka, and promising to sign the ETCA with India to open the Sri Lanka’s employment opportunities to Indians, Maithripala Sirisena visiting India to meet Indian Prime Minister Modi has promised to give India land in Divurumpola , Nuwara Eliya to construct a Temple to Seetha of Hindu Mythology.

Every Sri Lankan worthy of  being a Sri Lankan should oppose with every force within oneself this abuse of power of  a man who was appointed President of Sri Lanka  thanks to a largely  Tamil and a Muslim vote, taking upon himself the right of ownership of Sri Lanka and promise to give its prime land to India to build a Hindu Temple to commemorate Seetha of Hindu Mythology.

Maithripala Sirisena has taken it on himself to please the Tamils and Muslims who voted for him while disregarding the Sinhala Buddhists.  In opposing Mahinda Rajapakse and the Joint Opposition Maithripal Sirisena shows his hostility towards the Sinhala Budhists who he knows had voted for Mahinda Rajapakse.

Sri Lanka has enough of  Hindu Temples and another to be built by India is one too much. Moreover, Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka by the Buddhist King Asoka of India sending his own son and daughter with Buddhist relics, when whole of India was Buddhist.

Buddhism disappeared in India around the 13th Century, not because Hinduism was a better alternative or the people wanted it, but there were other reasons in a caste infested India, conquered by the Muslims during the 12 to  16th centuries. Breaking up of India  was also due to the Muslim conquests. Muslims did not encourage caste system either and that attracted the conquered Indians, who were by then under pressure of the high caste Hindu priests to accept Hinduism and reject Buddhism.

The strong Hindu priests who survived the Asokan assault of the Hindu religion, were able after the death of King Asoka to gradually harness the  poor Indians back to its fold evoking frightful Hindu demons and fearful gods and goddesses like Kali Amman.  This was a reason that  helped re establishment of  Hinduism in Buddhist India.

The Hindu mythology with elephant headed Ganeshan, romantic Krishna, and powerful  Vishnus brought the Indians back to its cradle of myth, passion and fear..

The Hindu priests had  accepted Buddha as an avatar of Vishnu. They had adopted certain philosophical thoughts from Buddhism. The open debates by Hindu Sankhrachariyarya, also contributed to the acceptance of Hinduism by the Indian people, and the  disappearance of Buddhism by the 13th Century.  The philosophy of Bhagawath Geetha or Upanishads had no impact on Buddhism the objective of which is completely different from Buddhism. India had 65 different philosophies when Prince Siddhartha the Buddha to be was born. India was not short of philosophies.

But it was under Buddhist King Asoka that India flourished . India was then  compassionate, peaceful and generous.

Hinduism was not accepted by the Indian people because it was a better alternative to Buddhism.

In Sri Lanka we have far too many Hindu Temples. Some of them practice animal sacrifice  which should not happen in a Buddhist country.  It is time that the Buddhist Clergy of the tri Nikayas establish a code of worship banishing ritual for Hindu or any god or deities in  Buddhists temples.

The Hindu pantheon consists of  gods of mythology, imagined  worshipped through fear or for hopes  of success in life , or as a safeguard against omens , ill health and protection from enemies.

In allowing a large decorated Hindu Temples built by India will damage the Buddhist Sri Lanka with the establishment of a  Hindu religious cult, against the practices of which Buddha made his sermons.

Theravada Buddhism is very much alive in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka was first Buddhist, Hinduism came after through invaders and plunderers. The Buddhist India of King Asoka was made ugly , cruel and a cradle of violence against the low cast and under privileged.  We do not want that to happen to Sri Lanka nor should we encourage it,  by allowing India to build a temple to  Seetha of Hindu Mythology.

This is what our ignorant President Maithripala  Sirisena who readily bends back words to please the high and mighty’ India and the West is doing.

During the recent visit to see Modi in India, the President Sirisena had promised to give the necessary land in Divurumpola  to India to allow  Chief Minister Ram Madhav to build a Hindu Temple for Seetha.  It has also apparently been decided to hand over its maintenance after its construction to India Foundation of Ram Madhav.

Sri Lanka is not the property of Maithripala Sirisena .  He is only the President of Sri Lanka until another is elected after him.  Therefore Maithripala Sirisena has no right to promise any land –prime land at that, to be  given for the construction of a Hindu Temple.  Sri Lanka belongs to the people of Sri Lanka and therefore Maithripla Sirisena on his own   cannot promise to give any land for the construction of a Hindu Temple to India , without consulting the people.

All Buddhists and the Buddhist monks of the four Nikayas should get together  to protest against this high handed action of Maithripala Sirisena-the President, who seems to think he can do any thing with Sri Lanka without consulting the people.

The Buddhist Monks and the people should  take seriously into consideration the anti-Sri Lanka activities that is being  practiced by the Yahapalanaya Government,  and vehemently protest against the President, Prime Minister and the Yahapalanaya Government who  carrying on their planned activities to sell Sri Lanka to India and the West.

With the  construction of the overland Hanuman Bridge, an under sea tunnel to join Sri Lanka to India, the ETCA agreement to be signed in June,2016 despite continued protests against the signing of the agreement, setting up a hybrid court to prosecute our own Armed Forces to please the Tamil Diaspora, USA and the West, and now with the agreement to give  land to construct the Hindu Temple to Seetha of Indian Mythology, the Yahapalanaya government has sold our country without even the people knowing it.

It is time our people get together en mass to say no to Yahapalanaya Government and demand the President Maithripala Sirisena and his  Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe to resign in the larger interest of  Sri Lanka, its culture, its religion and its people.

The worst in the Mythology of Rama and Seetha is that it Praises Rama a Prince of India, and condemns Ravana a King of Sri Lanka. It praises the war,  against Ravana the King of Sri Lanka, by the Indian prince Rama, with the king of Monkeys-Hanuman, the  rarely waking Kumbakarna and an Indian army. Do we want this comedy in Sri Lanka  in this Century ?

What makes it further  unacceptable  is that there is already a Hindu Temple where Seetha was said to have been kept hidden.  Why then  another temple ?  Why could not our dumb President Maithripala Sirisena have said so ?

25 Responses to “Maithripala Sirisena is not the owner of Sri Lanka to  give land to India to build a Hindu Temple to Seetha of Indian Mythology.”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “No need to write volumes on this subject”, but I strongly DISAGREE.

    It took 30 years of writing VOLUMES on this subject by thousands of PATRIOTS to help a Patriotic Government to RISE UP in Sri Lanka and DEMOLISH the attempt of the Tamil Separatists to create an EELAM militarily.

    TODAY, those very same Tamil Separatists who were DEMOLISHED on the battlefield are attempting to achieve what that goal they FAILED to ACHIEVE by WAR by REGIME CHANGE in PEACE.


    You say “Kamalika Peiris’s articles on this subject, if free hand to the armed forces were given any idiotic leader would have defeated the invading Tamils”, but the FACT IS that NONE OF OUR IDIOTIC LEADERS did that until Mahinda Rajapaksa was elected on the platform of defeating the separatists, and proceeded to keep his promise to the people TO THE LETTER!

    JR blinked in the face of INdian aggression, and agreed to the 13th Amendment that bedevils us to this day, albeit under military coercion by India.

    Premadasa did what he could to get rid of the military occupation of Sri Lanka by the IPKF, but he did not build up our armed forces to take over and defeat the LTTE CONVINCINGLY upon the departure of the IPKF.

    CBK half heartedly launched a military campaign (Jayasikuru) with her uncle RAtwatte leading it, but as soon as she ran into military setbacks lost heart. When she lost her eye to an LTTE bomb, all of her courage and duty to her people vanished in a puff of smoke; she became a PEACENIK blaming the Sinhala people for discrimination against the Tamils. The damage she did then, she is still continuing now. She never did enough to marshall all of the resources of the island to support the military effort.

    Ranil Wickramasinghe came in promising to SOLVE the problem, but very nearly would have given Prakaran and the LTTE the sovereign EELAM they thirsted for. Luckily, CBK as Presidenty did the ONLY GOOD THING she did in her entire political career in Sri Lanka when she DISMISSED Ranil’s UNP government and called for new elections rather than allow an autonomous EELAM to be created in Sri Lanka with Norwegian assistance.

    That election in 2006 brought Mahinda Rajapaksa to power, and Gothabhaya to office as Defence Secretary. THat single event COMPLETELY CHANGED THE SITUATION and the MARTIAL spirit of our people and their WILL TO FIGHT BACK. The new DEMONSTRABLY PATRIOTIC government and their EFFECTIVE MILITARY LEADERSHIP helped to recruit tens of thousands of new soldiers, sailors, airmen, coast guard and police whereas in the past under lackluster vacillating-oscillating leadership they had deserted by the thousands!

    Don’t tell me that ANYONE could have done it! CERTAINLY NOT the GANG OF FAILED LEADERS OF THE PAST who have returned to power in Sri Lanka with Foreign REGIME CHANGE assistance and are dragging down our Motherland to DESTRUCTION EVEN AS WE SPEAK!

    Like those who mocked Columbus saying ANYONE could have discovered America if only they sailed far enough to the West, NO ONE DARED to do that for the fear of falling off the edge of the flat-earth!

    Likewise, we Patriots know very well that NO ONE DARED to SUMMON the ENTIRE NATION to ARMS, CONFRONT the Foreign Backers of the Tamils, and RISK their entire family’s future in the caise of saving their Motherland like the Rajapaksa Family and their supporters in the UPFA.

    Together with Dham, Susantha and other assorted NAYSAYERS, you can MOCK & DERIDE the achievements of Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Family until the COWS COME HOME, but the FACTS & TRUTH will prevail in the hearts and minds of miilions of Sinhala Patriots as to who rescued our Motherland from ABJECT MISERY and DISINTEGRATION!

    You say “I think MR is a big opportunist. He is still showing the true colours. If not he and the family could have moved away from politics and given the leadership to a worthy person.”

    And you think that CBK, RW and Mangala Samaraweera are not opportunists?? CBK, a British citizen now, comes hotfooting to SL to connive with her former enemy RW, and to hatch a plot to recruit the PAMBAYA Sirisena as a figurehead President while she plays on the puppet strings? It is EXTREME personal jealousy and animosity against the revered war-wiiing liberator of our Motherland Mahinda Rajapaksa that drove her to do it. She will destroy herself through her own jealousy.

    Need I say more about RW than point to his SERIAL failures, and his ASTOUNDING LACK OF PATRIOTISM displayed throughout his catreer? A man who could not EVER lead his own party to VICTORY, found a way to become the Prime Minister through the back door through a Foreign Orchestrated REGIME CHANGE plot. It was NOT HIS INTELLECT that allowed him to make frequent visits to the US, but his role as the Ahmed Chalabi (Would be President of Iraq who conned George Bush into invading his Motherland) of Sri Lanka. RW is fast converting Sri Lanka into a vassal state of the NeoColonial Western Powers and a satellite of India, and into a Patchwork of ETHNIC COMMUNAL BANTUSTANS. Have you examined the ethno-religios composition of his Cabinet? Most of the major Portfolios are held by Christians, Muslims or Tamils while powerless portfolios are held by Sinhala Buddhist who have sold their community for a handful of gold coins! This, in a nation with an overwhelming Sinhala Buddhist majority.

    Mark my words …. there is a TSUNAMI BREWING, and when THAT TSUNAMI hits ALL of these TRAITORS will be swept away into the sea, and into refuge with their foreign benefactors to enjoy the money they have looted from our Motherland!

    You say” You have traveled to US on your own steam and enjoyed te life there with the credentials you gained through the free education system provided by our country.”

    Yes, although I did receive my education up to high school at S. Thomas College in Sri Lanka, and my BSc(Eng) degree at the Univ. of Sri Lanka, Peradeniya, I acquired my graduate education entirely in the USA without additional help of Sri Lanka through winning Teaching and Research Assistantships and Fellowships. This includes an MS degree, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. My subsequent employment was at universities, major industrial companies, and national defence laboratories of the US Government. I taught myself to invest my savings in the US stock market and real estate and this accounts for the bulk of my assets, not my employment earnings per se.

    However, ever since I left Sri Lanka, I have continuously assisted my very large extended family living in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan charities, and other unrelated Sri Lankan people in many ways, amounting to sending more than 50% of my lifetime earnings to Sri Lanka. Even today, I am extensively involved in patriotic, charitable and business activities to help Sri Lanka prosper and its most vulnerable people survive. This is something that makes me very happy.

    I would NEVER HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DO SO MUCH for Sri Lanka’s benefit had I remained there without going and working abroad. I too have sacrificed, being away from my loved ones most of the time. MY POINT is, I think I HAVE EARNED THE RIGHT to be CONCERNED ABOUT Sri Lanka as much as any other Sri Lankan, irrespective of where I have worked for most of my life, for I HAVE HEAVILY CONTRIBUTED and I AM HEAVILY CONTRIBUTING TO THE WELFARE OF MY PEOPLE.

    You say “So, I wonder how you got involved in this bring back campaign?. Please give it up and help the present lot to clean up the mess created by the last two presidents.”

    How I got involved is very simple: ALMOST ALL that I LOVE, VALUE and TREASURE is in Sri Lanka, and I want to PROTECT, DEFEND and PRESERVE those things for my beloved people to enjoy in SriLanka. A simple term for that desire is PATRIOTISM!

    My involvement and concern did not begin today; it was in existence and THRIVING when I arrived as a graduate student in the US almost 45 years ago.

    For me, the FACTS as I have stated above and often elsewhere, are that Mahinda Rajapaksa stands heads and shoulders as the Greatest Leader we Sinhala Buddhists have had in 500 years, and certainly since INDEPENDENCE in 1948. He not only defeated the TERRORISTS and REUNIFIED our country, but also sdeveloped a VISION to transform our Motherland into the New Wonder of Asia and was well on his way to achieving it perhaps within a decade if not for the JEALOUS TRAITORS who collaborated with our nation’s enemies to OUST HIM in a REGIME CHANGE operation.

    Was he PERFECT? Almost, but NOT QUITE! Among his failures were not REPEALING the 13th Amendment, NOT DISSOLVING the Provincial Councils as INIMICAL to Sri Lanka’s Survival, placing TOO MUCH EMPHASIS on RECONCILIATION with UNREPENTANT DEFEATED TERRORISTS guilty of MASS MURDER & TREASON, and allowing SOME disreputable people such as Mervyn Silva to damage the reputation of his Government.

    I understand his REASONS for not getting rid of the 13A & the PCs immediately. He had given assurances to implement a modified version of it, and could not completely back away from it until he had done two things: 1. shown the people of the North & East that he was committed to reconstruct and develop those regions impartially. He hoped improvements in economy and quality of life would defuse the communal demands. But, he didn’t have enough time to see whether it would work. 2. Developed and made SriLanka’s economy immune to Western and Indian sanctions he knew would come if he repealed the 13A. For this too he did not have the time.

    One approach to getting rid of the 13A MR could have adopted was to have put it to a Nationwide Referendum after Sri Lanka had almost become a DEVELOPED NATION. With the Sinhala Buddhist majority votes, 13A would be repealed, and MR as the President of a DEMOCRACY would have to bow to WILL OF THE PEOPLE and REPEAL the 13A and DISSOLVE the PCs. In that way, he woyuld not have to break any promise made during the conduct of the way to fend of LTTE’s WEstern Supporters.

    A Nationwide REFERENDUM may still be the way to DEFEAT and REPEAL the13A.

    You say “No body will get directly involved in SL. It is too far from europe or US and the Indians got their hands burnt once. We should be non aligned until we have the the DETERRENT.”

    I DISAGREE TOTALLY that NO ONE will INTERVENE in Sri Lanka. Indians ALREADY DID, and may do it again ESPECIALLY iof they feel that Sri Lanka has been SUFFICIENTLY WEAKENED through internal political dissension.

    Also, Western Nations have shown UTTER DISREGARD for National Sovereignty of other Nations, but fiercely protect their own. The United Nations is a PUPPET of these Western Nations; only China and noe increasingly Putin’s Russia stands in the way. The LTTE/Tamil Diaspora is LINING UP THEIR CHESS PIECES across Europe to get UN support for a Unilateral Declaration of Independence for Eelam, including the Support of ALL Tamil Nadu Political Parties.

    We are at a VERY DANGEROUS JUNCTURE with a TREACHEROUS Western Puppet Government in Power in Sri Lanka that DOES NOT CARE AT ALL about the FATE of the Sinhala Buddhist majority of our Resplendent Motherland. ALL of the ACTIONS they have taken since coming to power through the BACKDOOR, including DESTROYING THE NATIONAL ECONOMY to deliver it as a HOSTAGE to the NeoColonial West, is to UNDERMINE, SUPPRESS and ENSLAVE Sri Lanka’s long suffering Sinhala Buddhist Community.

  2. Christie Says:

    Indian Empire is the owner of Ceylon and Sirisena is just the puppet of India. He was voted in by dividing the Sinhala vote and with the Indian colonialparasites’ block vote.

  3. stanley perera Says:

    It is MR who gave into demands of Indians by installing Consulates in Hambantota, Jaffna and in Kandy when there was a High Commissioner in Colombo. Those Plantation Tamils in Central country or Hambanthota never asked for one. It is not only Sira who bend over back to please India, every leader in the past except Sir John became pawns to India. Dixit to Sinhala leader how to run SL. Sinhala leaders are nivatayos.

  4. Dham Says:

    MaithreePala Sirisena is simply following his ex- boss.

    He thought he was the owner of little elephant babies, snatching them from crying mothers , offering them to please foreign countries a crime he is paying big time Kamma now. Now he will see his babies dragged away..more will come unfortunately.
    He gave away “Jassim City” by clearing virgin forest as if it were his property to please Jihadis. Yet Jihadis voted MaithreePala and he has to please them now anyway, more than what the boss did.

    Why this blind followers don’t see this is our Kamma.

  5. ranjit Says:

    Though I am a die hard supporter of MR sometimes I am angry with him for some of his silly decisions he made during his tenure in office. My only fear was the LTTE war in my life. I NEVER THOUGHT we would be able to wipe out LTTE completly because of the support they got from all our past Govt’s and the Indians and the western Govt’s. Killing Prabakaran and his blood thirsty murderers was enough for me to embrace MR for my life.I will never change my decision to support him if he is guilty or not for any crimes.
    I agree completely with stanley on his comment about our past leaders and the Indian parasites. These two jokers who hijacked the power by a coup cannot ignore their pay masters during the election so easily because they are in power because of para suddas and the Indian parasites.I never liked them both because India was the one who made that monster Prabakaran who ruined our beloved country for thirty years.Our two jokers cannot understand what these two evil regimes upto India and USA. THEY like to see Rajapaksa dead someway or the other or completely out of politics. Our two traitors will do anything on behalf of their masters to stop the opposition.
    Just listen to our Idiotic current head of the state uttering in world forums? He is not talking about the country or the policies but going aroubd condemning MR and his family.Somehow Sinhala nation must stand up together to save our Motherland from these traitors as soon as possible. We are in danger.If we dont wake up there won’t be a country for us to call home sweet home.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes indeed, as you say “Somehow Sinhala nation must stand up together to save our Motherland from these traitors as soon as possible. We are in danger.If we dont wake up there won’t be a country for us to call home sweet home.”

    Thank you for NEVER WAVERING from the FACTS & the TRUTH of what Mahinda RAjapaksa accomplished ioon our behalf! Only GRATITUDE distinguishes MAN from BEAST!

  7. Dham Says:

    If anyone loves “motherland” over persons who will come and go, they should support Dilrook’s method of insisting of wining without the support of minorities.
    The new alliance shall not consist of ANY minority person who is not prepared to compromise. Actually joining with BBS is a very good guarantee that the next “cunning dictator” will win without Tamil and Muslim votes, so that they don’t have to do more than My3Pala.
    If we involve Basil, JL and Vasu , there is no way we could trust the new alliance.

  8. stanley perera Says:

    No politician in the present day will do anything to the Sinhala nation. Get rid of all Battaramullos and thri nikaya nikamos. Sinhalaya needs a brave Sinhalaya. May be harlf heatedly though BBS and Rawana Balakaya with a war hero will do the job for Sinhalaya.

  9. stanley perera Says:

    No politician in the present day will do anything to the Sinhala nation. Get rid of all Battaramullos and thri nikaya nikamos. Sinhalaya needs a brave Sinhalaya. May be harlf heatedly though BBS and Rawana Balakaya with a war hero will do the job for Sinhalaya.
    If Ravi K loses don tworry sakodaraya you can continue to rob the bast..d sinhalayas through the back door like SB kota, poison bottle ponn..a and all other back door sakodarayass. I will support you sakodaraya from outside the world. Rob the Bas…ds.

  10. Charles Says:

    Ranjit,I understand you,

    As for mel I find Mahinda Rajapakse a « man for all seasons ». There had been no leader like him in the past post Independence period nor at present. For a country like Sri Lanka it may be a long time before we would have another leader comparable to Mahinda Rajapakse. Before him there was SWRD who was able to create another political party to compete against the UNP . That was a great achievement .

    I do not believe a Marxist Party can form a government of its own in Sri Lanka. Leftist parties will have to “piggy back ” on SLFP or another party that could displace SLFP. JVP wants Mahinda Rajapakse out and will work against the UNP to make the people believe that it is an alternative to both UNP and SLFP to form a government. They of the JVP are day dreaming; the people will not trust them to form a Government.

    Mahinda Rajapakse has not robbed, nor have his brothers. Basil Rajapakse is an enigmatic character. He isa person who can be depended upon for good organisation and conceiving workable projects. But still I do not think Rajapakses have swindled state money. This whole story of corruption and stealing had been the work of CIA as a means to make Rajapakse Regime unpopular.

    Because the methods the UNP used probably with CIA help to make the people rise against Rajapakses as it happened in Egypt and Tunisia did not give results. It was at Ranil’s entry into an American University to learn how to change governments that the idea of “ thieves…thieves” seem to have materialised. Even today if you would listen to TV Debates, likeSatana, Balaya, Wadapitiya you see how the UNP representatives lack arguments and readily come out with thefts by Mahinda Rajapakse and the debt trap in to which previous government had put Sri Lanka. This is all nonsense but that is the only argument they have.

    Mahinda Rajapakse had a plan of work Mahinda Chintanaya. I give great credit to it. His mistakes for me was not removing the 13Amendment and not banning the TNA immediately after elimination, of terrorists. But of course if he had done that the repercussions coming from the International Community would have been worse than the Resolution at Geneva.

    He should have sacked Mervyn Silva. His appointing people like Sajin Vass to a cabinet post, allowing Namal to have motor racing were mistakes. But they were minor errors, because as the President of Sri Lanka there is no match to him. Maithripala Sirisena or Ranil are not worth the dust on his shoes.

  11. Dham Says:

    Mahinda Rajapakse had a plan of work Mahinda Chintanaya. I give great credit to it. His mistakes for me was not removing the 13Amendment and not banning the TNA immediately after elimination, of terrorists.

    I am sure you know very well Mahinda Chintanaya was prepared by a panel – all ideas are not his, but you are grossly mistaken that he made a mistake on 13A. No. keeping 13A it is a part of Chintanaya. Now, we got to change that Chintanaya, so that now it should oppose 13A. There is no need to ban TNA but banning racial based , religion based names is very appropriate. We don’t need ‘Hela Urumayas’ when it is incorporated into the government.


    Stanley, no point in looking at a single instant and blaming that MR did not do what you want. Charles, what you have not dug out is Sieetha Davi openly said that RAMA was an IMPOTENT and RAVANA was a master of SEX and he satisfied me in every which way. Sieetah Eliya Hindu Kovila was built during the BRITISH OCCUPATION. Current news is Srisena President wants give all the area, HANUMAN set fire to; back to this KOVILA.

  13. ranjit Says:

    Charles you and me think sameway about Mahinda.”A man for all seasons” and he is a gentleman politician.He don’t utter foolish words like Hitan or Run-nil the joker. What he did to the country in nine years nobody have done in hundred years. We had war and peace together until we demolished the killing machine of Prabakaran. Only Mahinda had the guts and the will power to get rid of that blood bath we went thru for thirty long years.

    When MR time all were quite around the country because MR worked for the whole country irrespective of race, color or religion. He built roads, railway, hospitals, schools, govt buildings etc everywhere in the country.For him all Sri lankans were same. He spoke in Tamil to the Tamils and had good relationship with all. Like Charles said the change happened due to CIA and Indian involvement. We need to find out the truth of this coup and those who were responsible should be brought to justice.I hope that day will come soon and we will have a govt more close to the poor people in this cointry.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thank you very much for bringing up the topic of the Sita Temple in the Upcountry of Lanka.


    This mythical tale of Ramayana is wound around perhaps a real Guru Rama. But still the tale itself is mythology. Similar mythical tales came from Greek mythology too. Christian Greece now looks at her mythology for it was, but INDIA still lets her huge Hindu masses hang onto these tales as though they were true occurences. As Charles states, the INDIAN mythical tale here makes Lanka the enemy of INDIA ! Can this be encouraged ? NO !

    In addition, Yahap people want to :

    – implement ITCA
    – build a sea tunnel to TAMIL NADU
    – lease out 5,000 acre lots on 99 yr leases to foreigners (Brit Tamils ?)
    – New Constitution (what might that bring ?).

    I tell you, dear unaware Sri Lankans, the Yahap is doing the ‘magic trick’ of selling Lanka to INDIA and possibly to other foreign places as well. How the Magic Trick works : With one hand the magician distracts the mesmerised audience, and with the other hand he does a sleight of hand and does his trick ! With one hand the Yahap people distracts the Lankans with false accusations galore of the previous govt folk and with the other hand sells off Lanka to foreigners.

  15. Charles Says:

    Dear Fran Diaz, Thank you .

    It has to be you to take up the subject my article try to high light. The commentators were more interested in personal political opinions of other commentators rather than expressing their opinion on Maithriplala Sirisena’s abuse of his poisition as President to give away prime land in Nuwara Eliya to India to build a “huge” Temple for Seetha, which the Buddhists have to rise up against leaving other political issues. What have we got to do with a Temple for Seetha.

    Buddha’s teaching was to high light the absurdity of Hindu Religious cult that professes bathing in Ganga and Yamuna rivers to wash away sin and make animal l sacrifice to please unknown non existant mythical gods and so on. There should be a popular anti Seetha Temple manifestations to stop Sirisena from giving land to India.

  16. Dham Says:

    There is no single factual evidence you have given to prove that MY3Pala is donating a land “exclusive to India” ( as you mean in your topic). You are also saying he has already allowed to build a “hanuman bridge”. These are all hearsay only, so commentators ignored you, obviously, talking about more important issues. Don’t worry, if it really comes someone you love so dearly will sacrifice his life to stop it.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    We have to take the Sita Temple matter more seriously. Or else there will be more claims by the Hindu folk for the Upcountry as well.

    Take the Kataragama Hindu Temple matter – how did this come about ? May be there is some truth to the tale, but the bottom line is that Tamil folk, especially of Dalit origin, go there to expiate their ‘sins’ in various ways, such as doing body piercing and rolling on the ground, etc. Sinhala and others go there too to make vows, poojas, and ask favors from the deity.
    The ‘expiation of sin’ is the main theme here in Lanka as Tamil folk of Dalit origin in Tamil Nadu have been taught from some 3,000 yrs ago that they are born to Dalit status because they have ‘sinned’ in past births. This is a very serious matter as their birth certificates say so.
    In the early times, and even now, Dalit folk believe that merely crossing sea water is sufficient to remove Caste. See book ‘Images of Sri Lanka through American Eyes’ (Ed. HAI Goonetilleke).
    There are over 15 MILLION Tamil Dalit folk in Tamil Nadu.

    Sri Lankans had better take these matters quite seriously.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Charles,

    We cannot thank you enough for the efforts you put in Save Lanka. We are with you.

    It may be comforting for all of us to know that the pinnacle of Hindu Teachings, the Four Great Yogas, are akin to Buddhism. Especially Raj Yoga, which teaching has Meditation.


    The matter of haivng the name ‘Lanka’ has enormous bearing in relation to INDIAN HINDU Epic story, the Ramayana. However, as Kamalika Pieris points out in her recent article, there is ALSO A ‘LANKA’ IN INDIA, and other places as well, and we are of the opinion that it may be THAT LANKA that the Ramayana story refers to ? After all, the other HINDU Epic story, the Mahabharata, has Kurukshethra area as the place of the Battle (between Heart & Mind), and that is located in INDIA, not in ‘Lanka’. People who know more about the matter can enlighten us further.

    Be that as it may, it seems very important that in order to avoid further strife with INDIA over religious matters/Caste and Tamil Nadu, that the present day name for our island home ‘Sri Lanka’ is changed to ‘Sinhale’ or similar name.

    So, as the Floods recede, Sri Lankans have their tasks cut out for them to Save their Homeland, now called ‘Sri Lanka’ and later perhaps ‘Sinhale’, or ‘Sri Sinhale’, or by some other name.

  19. Charles Says:

    Dham I know that you are behind Yahapalanaya, though showing a neutral face here. I do not seriously think you would be interested in Seetha Temple would come up or not . I do not really care much for your comments. People like Fran, Ananda, Susantha, Ranjit,Lankaputra,Christie, Stanley are more posiitive and I care for their comments.

  20. Sooriarachi Says:

    I do not know how one could justify the construction of a Temple for Sita, as she was only an abducted woman of King Ravana, who brought her to live with him in Sita Eliya or some such place. Is there any good reason to deify her?
    If this is purly to promote tourism from India, without surrendering to any false tales India might coin, then, it might bring +ve financial results. Maybe they could also construct a ‘DanduMonera’ and a Chaturanga Board(chess) with Ravana playing chess with Sita. This might attract tourists from the richer western nations.
    However, we need to be very wary of India, every step of the way. We cant trust India for anything, especially after giving birth to Tiger and other Tamil terrorist groups (war crimes UNHCR doesn’t want to talk about), and then, resorting to the low down back stabbing of Sri Lanka at the UNHCR.

  21. Ananda-USA Says:


    You are SPOT ON regarding Dham.

    We have had enough time to observe his antics, dodging and weaving to avoid being found out who he really is, using direct and obtuse methods to sling his shots, a big patriot leading the charge at one moment, an upasakaya quoting the Dammapada the next moment, sucking up to gullible people declaring eternal love and friendship, he is an avid disciple of the apparently absent LORENZO, but ABSOLUTELY CONSISTENT in his objective of DEMONIZING and UNDERMINING Mahinda Rajapaksa!

    Mercifully, by now, we all know who/what he is.

    Soon he will decide he is no longer effective, as Lorenzo did, and will engineer a vanishing act … poof! He is gone… only to return as another AVATAR … paid full time to do his job! A cover story may arise … that he has died in hospital or something like that …. and the AVATAR will have been killed off but will still be in our midst in another guise!

    An avatar can change his BLOGGING ID and wear a thin cloak as he disguisd, but his basic characteristics remain recognizable ….. especially if you feed all his comments into a profile recognition software …. now an ubiquitous tool on the Web!

    Danno Danithi! Nodanno Walepethi!

  22. Dham Says:

    Ananda & Charels,
    I reject all your allegations. But you have a right to think so.

    I DO WANT PROPER YAHAPALANAYA but not the current fake LTTE government. However if they can change all that and return goods ( although highly unlikely) , I don’t mind that too.

    You have to stop behaving like a web terrorist, that will reflect upon your brother very very badly, if you love him. BTW did you arrange to kill Lorenzo ?
    One thing I noticed your observances on Lorenzo= Mudson Hackleen = Moses Kumar appears correct ! I did not see any letter from Mudson anymore. But all these characters are supporters of your brother. So, why this Kolaveri ?

  23. Ananda-USA Says:


    What is the matter …. the kitchen getting too hot for you?

    BTW, your sheepskin is slipping off your back!

    You can fool some people all the time, and

    You can fool all the people some of the time, but

    You cannot fool all the people all the time!

  24. Ananda-USA Says:

    AAH! There we have it, you just have to PROD him in the right place! Mama Mia!

    Dham has finally let his sheepskin slip!

    He says “I DO WANT a proper YAHAPALANAYA”!

    But, what he DOES NOT SAY, we can deduce from his ANTICS here?SPEAKS VOLUMES to us patriots! Mama Mia!

  25. Dham Says:

    Some good news for you and me, from ‘yahapalanaya’.

    ‘ත්‍රී රෝද වෙනුවට පුංචි කාර් එකක් ගේනවා‘

    (වීඩියෝ සහිතයි)

    2016 මැයි මස 31 17:59:16 | . , ඉෂංක සුනිමල්

    ‘අපි කාර්වල බදු මිල වැඩි කළේ ලංකාවට ඔරොත්තු නොදෙන වාහන ප්‍රමාණයක් දැනට ධාවනයේ යෙදෙන නිසයි. අනික ඒවාට සාපේක්ෂව ලංකාවේ මහාමාර්ග පද්ධතිය ඇතුළු යටිතල පහසුකම් ප්‍රමාණවත් නොවීම නිසයි. රජයේ ඉදිරි සංවර්ධන වැඩපිළිවෙළ යටතේ ඉදිරි වසර ඇතුළත අපි එම බදු මුදල් අඩු කිරීමටත් ජනතාවට බොහෝ සහන ලබාදීමටත් අපේක්ෂා කරනවා‘ යැයි මුදල් ඇමැති රවී කරුණානායක අද (31) රජයේ ප්‍රවෘත්ති දෙපාර්තමේන්තුවේ පැවැති මාධ්‍ය හමුවකදී පැවසීය.

    ත්‍රී රෝද රථ සඳහා බදු මුදල් වැඩි කළේ රටට උහුලාගත නොහැකි තරමට ත්‍රී රෝද රථ දිනෙන් දින වැඩිවන නිසා බවත් ත්‍රී රෝද රථය වෙනුවට කුඩා මෝටර් කාර් රථයක් සහනදායක මිලකට හඳුන්වාදීමට බලාපොරොත්තු වන බවත් ඇමැතිවරයා කීය.

    ධීවර ඇමැති මහින්ද අමරවීර, වැවිලි කර්මාන්ත ඇමැති නවීන් දිසානායක, සංවර්ධන උපාය මාර්ග හා ජාත්‍යන්තර වෙළඳ කටයුතු ඇමැති මලික් සමරවික්‍රම යන මහත්වරුද මාධ්‍ය හමුවට එක්ව සිටියහ.

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