Sri Lanka signs agreements with Malaysia and Israel for over 5000 job opportunities
Posted on May 30th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

This seems ridiculous.

Whole business community is complaining about lack of labour force for construction ,shipbuilding etc and the Lady Minister goes and signs  somewhat short sighted agreement with Malasia and Israel  to send our blood” of the development to work abroad !

Government top brass should review the labour requirements in Sri Lank and try to retain them to work in our projects.

Whatever foreign currency we earn from these workers will be drained back to India or Bangladesh if and when we import Labour” for our projects

Sending people away to other countries is not in line  with the policy statement of the Prime minister’s pledge to provide jobs for one million people ??

We should look at the body drain” to Middle East, which create an immense social issue within our families.

It should be stopped and we should create jobs here for our women folks even in domestic helper –market  by setting a 30,000 Rs minimum wage ( equivalent to $200 ) per month .

Women who go to Middles East do not even get that amount in some countries, but when they come with a child some times, whole family disintegrates.

Our people spend 20-30 million rupees to buy a Land Cruiser, but reluctant to pay the most important person in the house hold ( other than your own wife !”)  decent salary ‘

By setting a minimum salary of 2500-3000 Rs we should be able retain them in Sri Lanka

( A  little stupid proposal of course –to allow our people to maintain a $ account and they place that $200 to the dollar account so that the women gets a comfortable feeling !)

200 Garment factory project by President had helped the country to keep them in Sri Lanka and generate the foreign income by exporting the garments to other countries.

Our labour force contributes to develop other countries and we lament about our growth

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

4 Responses to “Sri Lanka signs agreements with Malaysia and Israel for over 5000 job opportunities”

  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    What kind of idea is this !
    Our able people are being tempted to go out on a foreign Brian Drain program again after 30 yrs of LTTE terror ended ?
    And then the ETCA will bring in half educated INDIANS Tamils to Lanka ?
    And a sea tunnel to Tamil Nadu to expedite matters ?
    Whilst 5,000 acre lots are given to foreigners on 99 yr leases !

    It seems to us that the Yahap plans are cockeyed.
    Is the Parliament of Lanka comatose with food & funds ?

  2. ranjit Says:

    Today we have thugs and tiny little brain politicians in this CIA backed govt so what can we expect from these lunatics. People like John bass, Dentist, actor, thugs and murderers comprise the current parliament and the Govt. Instead of keeping our labor force here they are talking of sending them to other countries. What a shame? What they promised during the election time were all lies. They continue this lying still and some of our stupids still believing their lies. What a situation we are in today.My god!!!
    Our country has gone to dogs with no proper handling of govt affairs etc. Our war heroes been treated like beggars. They get insulted in public and no actions by this horrible govt of Sira-ranil. What a pity? The Sinhala opposition led by MR must do more on behalf of the people to bring down this Indian lovers. Please understand India is not our friend.They helped and financed LTTE terrorism and destroyed our peaceful country for thirty years. SO HOW COME THEY CAN BE OUR FRIENDS? They are dirty and they are evil and jeolous of our country and they will do anthing to harm us if we don’t get united and tell them to hands off our land of birth.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Fran Diaz,

    You are CORRECT! The Yamapalanaya GoSL is DESPERATE for Foreign REMITTANCES!

    So, instead of DEVELOPING our country, and bringing our people doing modest jobs in other countries BACK HOME to their FAMILIES and their ancestral LANDS, TRAINING them for REWARDING lucrative jobs that will support a good life for their families, we EXPORT them to continue their banishment to other nations, just so we can get their REMITTANCES to REPLACE the funds LOOTED from our country in the last 15 months!

    In the FULLNESS of TIME, these Sinhala people we EXPORT will settle permanently abroad, sell their lands to foreign immigrants FLOODING IN from Tamil Nadu, Maldives etc who will be HAPPY to REPLACE them, and SETTLE in our LOVELY RESPLENDENT island.

    Gradually, the DEMOGRAPHICS of the Sinhale, the LAND OUR ANCESTORS defended against all INVADERS, will CHANGE from the Land of the Sinhala people, to a LAND populated by Tamils and Muslims, with a residual impoverished group hiding out in the backwaters of the country like the native Hawaiians in the Hawaiian Islands.

    The Sinhala people who were the Proud Majority in Sri Lanka, will become an Abject Minority. The Sinhala Lion will be banished from Sri Lanka’s Flag and the strains of Namo Namo Matha will cease to be its National Anthem!

    While the Sinhala Buddhists BICKER with each other, the RUG is BEING RAPIDLY PULLED OUT from under them.

    It is this gradual disenfranchisement of the native people of Sri Lanka that Dr. Sudath Gunasekera has PASSIONATELY written about at LankaWeb.

    Will we allow the Sinhala people to BECOME EXTINCT in Sri Lanka without a WHIMPER or aGROAN, or will we join together, organize, and fight back for our SURVIVAL?


  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    In today’s world, MONEY seems EQUAL to GOD or even LIBERATION ! Or some think that GOD and Eternal Life can be reached via MONEY, plus Social Status and Respect from Others, with Comforts galore.

    Liberation from what we may ask : Is it Liberation from CASTE & Poverty, coming mainly from Tamil Nadu, plus neo-Colonised, Cold War needs imposed on confused Lanka.

    Lanka is being ‘sold’ to INDIA which country appears to be used to Contain China and may be even other places ?

    In Lanka, the Teachings of the Buddha have been hijacked for survival/security needs and greed, or so it appears at present …..

    Who knows !

    The motto on the INDIAN FLAG says TRUTH WINS (Sathya meva Jayathe !). We hope so.

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