Shenali Waduge article on Norway
Posted on June 3rd, 2016

Prof.Hudson McLean

Norway denies official recognition to Buddhism while preaching freedom of religion & human rights in Sri Lanka Posted on June 2nd, 2016  Shenali D Waduge

Although I have not been active as a scribe, I do read LankaWeb daily, and noted content.

Since I do not reside in Sri Lanka, after the new government of the Sri Lankan Triad came into power, I decided to be an observer, till Gotabhaya Rajapaksa comes into power, with my greatest Icon Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa stands with Gota.

Having read many of Shenali Waduge and HLD contributions, when I saw the article above, I felt that I had to support Shenali Waduge.

We have an old British question.  “If the garbage cleaner, or in the old days in Sri Lanka, as Lorenzo would say, “the Bucket Carriers”, swear at you, would you swear back or simply ignore and walk away?”

Now to the Norwegians.

I have known Norwegians for a long time, and even had a close relationship with a rich beautiful Norwegian girl, who fell in love with me and offered me Comfort, Love and a Job in her family company in Oslo.  Perhaps by now I would be a very wealthy Baron in Norway.

I am glad that I refused.

Over the past years, I was really disgusted to learn about the Norwegian love affair with Tamils and LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists.

Erik Solheim who led the efforts, was  bought by Prabhakaran, and Solheim enjoyed an over-inflated lifestyle with Tamil illegal funds from Narcotics-Money Laundering-Prostitution etc.

Later he was booted from the government.

Then with the sudden oil wealth, Norway got greedy to become a sort of New Colonial seeking opportunities anywhere. Hence Sri Lanka, with the potential of South Asian Maritime Strategic location, possibility to tap into Oil and minerals, lucrative Tuna Belt, etc, Norway got married to Tamil Tigers.

However, mentally, Norwegians suffer from low-level intelligence. They are being laughed at by Swedes no end.  According to Swedes, the Norwegian male has one head. And that is not on his shoulder! But between his legs.

And then, with lots of beautiful blue eyed Norwegian girls, the Norwegian men turns to animal sex  This is public knowledge and it is legal to have sex with a horse, a dog or any animal.

See the Links below-;

Does one need to say more?

Question: How can any one respect a religion when one’s mind is not on its head above the shoulder?

6 Responses to “Shenali Waduge article on Norway”

  1. Senevirath Says:

    Norwegians have sex with dogs ……… that is why they like tamils

  2. ranjit Says:

    Compare dog is too good for both because dog is man’s friend.These two are not friends of us Sinhalese but two scorpions who will attack under the cover of friendship. What MR has done to ungrateful Tamils no other leader has done in our history. He gave all the freedom including freedom to live in peace. Sinhala people gave them food and shelter when they were in danger. PRABAKARAN kidnapped, murdered and made them live in hell during LTTE war. Sinhalese never killed innocent Tamil civillians like those terrorists did. They massacred in thousands in cold blood. LTTE was the war criminal not the Srilankan govt. Why these white pigs do not talk about LTTE crimes? Why nobody talking about India who financed and trained LTTE as a terror organization? HOW many Srilankans were killed by Indian soldiers? Where is the justice? Why these white monkey’s come and pity only the Tamils what about the thousands of Sinhalese massacred by those LTTE butchers? Be fair to everyone you white assholes.
    let the dogs bark as long as they like but our Sinhala nation should not bow down to their demands or should not entertain them or discuss with these enemies to our land and the Sinhalese. We need to stand firm against all evils to overcome all difficulties and get rid of this evil
    govt as soon as possible.

  3. stanley perera Says:

    MR gave raspberries to white, sick assholes like Robert Mugabe did. When MR had the 2/3rd majority he did more to the Rasist Tamils and muslims than to the Sinhala Buddhists. It is my Gota who gave earful to the white skinned buffalows. All other Battaramullos including Kota Bhai Dissanayake and Poison bottle pon..ya. Nowadays those free loaders no matter where they are seem to be sleeping wi.. bo.s. Can you trust these gay ponnayas?

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:





  5. Christie Says:

    Professor, Norway sold a lot of armaments and military technology to India before the oil was discovered.

    So Norway helped Indian terrorist armed, managed, trained, financed and branded Tamil Tigers by India.

  6. plumblossom Says:

    Yesterday, the third largest arms storage facility of the Sri Lankan Army went up in flames. Is this sabotage by the Yahapalanaya Government itself to weaken our Armed Forces? Weapons worth millions of US dollars went up in flames. Was Ranil, Sirisena, CBK, Mangala, RAW, the US, the UK, the EU, Norway, Sweden, Canada behind this? Is this to weaken our Armed Forces so that the TNA separatist terrorists can get what they want via constitutional changes i.e. Eelam?

    A great danger facing Sri Lanka is the proposed constitutional changes. UNP MPs frequently come on discussion forums on TV and state that the policy of the UNP is maximum devolution of power within a unitary state. However, you cannot any longer call yourself a unitary state if you devolve too much power in the first place! Even now with the 13th amendment in force, Sri Lanka is no longer a unitary state. I would suggest that the Global Sri Lankan Forum write a press release suggesting that no more power should be devolved to the provincial councils than they have at present and especially not land, police and fiscal powers. The GSLF should demand unequivocally that North East Sri Lanka is definitely not a Tamil homeland as stated in the 13th amendment but the homeland of firstly the Sinhala Buddhists (as per the history and archaeology of the island) and subsequently and at present the homeland of all the people of Sri Lanka in total. The GSLF should absolutely demand this change be brought on as part of the13th amendment. The clause in the 13th amendment which says that any two provinces can be merged should also be deleted.

    GSLF, please write a press release and release this to the Sri Lankan press immediately before Ranil, Sirisena, CBK and Managla bring on a federal constitution (disguised as ‘unitary’) with extremely wide powers with the North East being merged (effectively an Eelam) as what the TNA separatist terrorists, the US imperialists, the UK, the EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India wants.

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