Mahajana Viyawastawa II – A New Constitution that Guarantees to Solve All Our Countrie’s Problems
Posted on June 14th, 2016

Drafted by Lt. Col. (retd) Jayantha de Silva


(The People’s Constitution)


WE, the PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA, convinced that the Constitution of 1978, as amended from time to time, has departed from the high ideals of Nationhood and of TRUE DEMOCRACY, resulting in eroding the people’s aspirations for the country, decree that the Constitution of 1978 (as amended) is hereby REPEALED and have replaced that Constitution and all Acts of Parliament, Bills and Statues thereof, with this Constitution titled the Mahajana Viyawastawa II (the People’s Constitution II), hereinafter to be known as ‘The Constitution’, to be the supreme law of the country, to be followed explicitly and without deviation by those elected by us, the PEOPLE to administer OUR country on OUR behalf, and, having determined by referendum that the vast majority of the people, exercising their free will, have determined to adopt this Constitution as the new Republican Constitution designed by us to achieve the goals of a SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC, while ratifying the immutable republican principles of DEMOCRACY and EQUALITY FOR ALL, and guaranteeing to all peoples FREEDOM, EQUALITY, JUSTICE, FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS and the INDEPENDENCE OF THE JUDICIARY as a heritage that ensures the dignity and well-being of the present and succeeding generations of the PEOPLE of SRI LANKA and of all the people of the World, who come to share with us and future generations the effort of working for the creation and preservation of a JUST AND FREE SOCIETY, and to this end WE, the PEOPLE, charge our appointed administrators and representatives to work towards the development of the country and its economy; and our elected representatives to vote on legislative matters as WE the PEOPLE require them to vote and not as any political party or other organisation would have them vote, as they represent US the PEOPLE and NOT any political party or other organisation; in order to provide a safe and secure environment to bring up our future generations; to which end they are required to follow the directions in this Constitution without any deviation: and therefore, in pursuance of this wish, we DECLARE that on this day, the …… day of the waxing moon in the month of …………. in the year two thousand five hundred and ……….. of the Buddhist Era (being …………. the ……….. day of the month of ……. in the year two thousand and fifteen): do hereby adopt, enact and promulgate this CONSTITUTION, THE MAHAJANA VIYAWASTAWA II as the SUPREME LAW of the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF SRI LANKA to be effective from this day.

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One Response to “Mahajana Viyawastawa II – A New Constitution that Guarantees to Solve All Our Countrie’s Problems”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    There are a few glaring errors. I recommend a qualified lawyer with sufficient knowledge of constitutional law is contracted to do the drafting.

    [Quote] to achieve the goals of a SECULAR….[Unquote]


    Absolutely not. Remove this “secular” nonsense forthwith. There is no right to include this word as people have not demanded or approved it. Sri Lanka shall remain a Buddhist nation or at the very least Buddhism shall be given the supreme place.

    [Quote] have replaced that Constitution and all Acts of Parliament, Bills and Statues thereof, with this Constitution [Unquote]

    A constitution cannot replace all acts of parliament, etc. Instead the constitution must carry an Article to the effect whenever an act of parliament or other law is inconsistent with this constitution, the Constitution to prevail.

    No constitution can solve all problems. What matters is to address long term nationally beneficial matters (only).

    Otherwise good effort.

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