Posted on June 17th, 2016

Ranjith Soysa

We wish to bring to the notice of the Sri Lanka’s professional and the general public about the sinister but a calculated movement launched by vested interests to change the composition of the Sri Lankan population to achieve their traitorous objectives.

The method they adopt to implement their pre-planned nefarious activity is comprised of a number of stages including:

1 To encourage temporary visitors – holders of visit visas who are granted visas on arrival to Sri Lanka- through their contacts in the international human trafficking agents, to regularly visit and stay in Sri Lanka.

2 Once they arrive in Sri Lanka the local interested group leaders meet them and organize temporary hosts for them pending settling these visit visa holders in employment or providing them to live in forcibly cleared government lands as agricultural workers.

3Once, the temporary visitors have ‘disappeared ‘ from the scrutiny of the official immigration authorities they will be absorbed as permanent employees or permanent settlers in the agricultural lands

4 The next stage is to arrange marriages with female members of the major ethnic group of Sinhalese and to convert them to  their religion and to work towards obtaining  citizenship of Sri Lanka.

5 Another method adopted by some of the extremist organizations is to prevent the Sinhalese IDP s and settlers receiving title deeds and other land documents from the regional, district and local government authorities by using extra-legal measures and forcing the Sinhalese to leave the concerned areas or to lead almost a nomadic life.

Following are a few examples of this sinister program in action.

1 In the areas cleared in the Wilpattu area, many t of the settlers are of Pakistan and Bangladesh origin who have arrived in Sri Lanka on temporary visas.

2 Thousands of Indian labourers are working in various capacities in Colombo and in the North who hold temporary visas.

3 In a timber complex opened recently, in Homagama,all most all the workers are Bnagladeshi nationals who are on temporary visas. Further evidence of temporary visa holders from Bangladesh was reported when an arrest was made in Panadura of many Bangladeshis along with the human traffikers.

4 In most of the Eastern villages, the Sinhalese who have come back to their villages who were previously driven away by the Tamil Tigers are been prevented from obtaining their title deeds etc thus forcing them to decide whether to leave the area or to face the cruel uncertainties of leading a hand to mouth existence..

  1. In the North too. the Sinhalese who have come back to re-settle are facing similar issues from Provincial and other local authorities forcing them to seek residence in other areas.

Unless, the authorities and the concerned groups examine this sinister program in detail and remedial action taken URENTLY, the vested interests will have their own but illegal way of changing the ethnic composition of the country as well as opening unauthorized avenues for illegal employment at the expense of the local labour.

This is a critical issue to be addressed urgently by all responsible Sri Lanka organizations and all the Sri Lankans who are concerned about the identity of the Nation

Ranjith Soysa


  1. Christie Says:

    Ranjit Thanks.

    The 1956 Banda’s government stopped settlements of landless Sinhalese. That is the start of our problems. The Minister of Irrigation in Banda’s was brother in law of the god father of the Indian terrorist arm trained, armed, financed, managed and branded Tamil Tigers by the Indian Empire.

  2. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you Ranjith for drawing attention to this matter.

    After the British & Dutch brought in over one and a half MIllion Tamil people (of Dalit origin, as no high caste Tamils will do labor work in Sri Lanka), as indentured labor during the colonial times, there has been a lot of illegal immigration going on since 1950s.

    After Independence from Britain in 1948, the GoSL brought in Sakkili caste people from Tamil Nadu to carry the buckets of fecal matter in Colombo. Why did it take GoSL so long to put in sewer systems in the cities ? Was it due to partial colonial rule continuing into the 1970s ?

    The same problem has hit USA since they brought cheap labor from Mexico to help the Corporations make profit. Now they have a massive number of Mexicans who outnumber the white Americans.. We should also learn a lesson from it.

    During the 1960s, a famine is supposed to have happened in Tamil Nadu, which made Tamils arrive in large numbers as illegal migrants in Sri Lanka.
    Since then, large numbers of Tamil Nadu Tamils came illegally to Lanka and joined in with Prabhakaran’s LTTE.

    The Sirima/Shasthri Pact to repatriate Upcountry Tamils was never properly honored as India backed off.

    During the 30 year war with the LTTE, almost a million South Indians moved to Sri Lanka since there was no Navy patrol of the seas at all. Now these illegal migrants are being given houses and land and money to please the Tamils and India.

    The refugee camps in Tamil Nadu were originally supposed to have 66,000 people. Now they are saying it is a million. From where did they come? How many of them are actual Sri Lanka Tamils and how many are South Indians who have crept in to the refugee camps? The UN went and grandly gave them all UN identity cards without checking who is who.

    India is bursting at the seams with people who are uneducated with no health care and no jobs. For a few clerical jobs in the Govt of India almost a few million had applied. In this context should not Sril anka be careful of who is allowed into the country? Our uneducated leaders like My3 who only has a 8th standard education seem to have no imagination and no grasp of the danger the country is in. So long as he and his cohorts are looked after they seem to be happy to do the bidding of the foreign powers who put them in power.

    Now they are getting technical assistance from the British to train the FCID, and the army. What is there to train in the army? Our army was one of the finest in the world. They defeated terrorists which the British army could not. We should get assistance from British on how to control illegals coming into the country.

    Our leaders have got their priorities all mixed up. The stupidity of the Sinhalese will lead to our losing the country to Muslims and Tamils from India and the neighboring countries. When there are issues staring you in the face why do our leaders run behind everything else ? My3 and the Yahapalanaya are so proud that the Western world is praising them for what they have done to the country. Do they stop for a minute to ask are the majority Sinhalese happy with what is happening? They are so keen to settle the Tamils and Muslims while the Sinhalese who lost their lands in the North and East are not being considered for resettlement.

    It is the British ‘Divide & Rule’ operating in Sri Lanka. The traitors who were put in power by the foreign powers will have their pound of flesh when the time comes, no fear. There is no such thing as a ‘free’ lunch.

  3. Cerberus Says:

    Correction on last sentence to read as “The foreign powers who put traitors in power will have their pound of flesh when the time comes, no fear. There is no such thing as a free lunch. “

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Ethnic Composition of Sri Lanka was seriously altered when the Colonists British & Dutch brought over one and a half Million Tamils of Dalit origin into Sri Lanka to work in the Plantations Sectors of Tea & Tobacco. Cheap labor was needed by Colonists for the lucrative Plantations Sector.

    Tamils of Dalit origin from Tamil Nadu are the people who crossed over sea water to come to Lanka as they believed that crossing sea water lost the Caste stigma. No higher Caste folk from Tamil Nadu came over to work in the Plantations sector. This is the sad fact.

    Today, there are over 15 Million Tamils of Dalit origin in Tamil Nadu. They are oppressed through the Caste factor. Their Caste is stated in their Birth Certificates. In Sri Lanka, Caste is not stated in the Birth Certificate.

    INDIA does her Census based on Caste.
    Minor religions there such as Christian/Catholic, Muslim, Buddhists etc are categorised under Scheduled Castes, a group that is socially lower in the rungs of Indian society. These people tend to leave INDIA if they can.

    Neighboring Countries such as Sri Lanka will always be vulnerable to illegal migrants from INDIA and other surrounding countries. For instance, the Maldives may go under sea water due to Climate Change and rising sea levels. Maldivians will leave their homeland and come to hospitable Lanka, won’t they ?
    Also, poverty ridden and Climate Change affected Bangladesh people will leave B’desh and come to more hospitable countries.

    Sri Lanka authorities will have to formulate laws to protect their country and abide by those laws and stop illegal migrants pouring into Lanka. The alternative will be to lose Lanka to migrants and minorities.

    Please note that the 6-A, a law already in place, has never been activated.

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sri Lanka Multiplying Community aka mussies and quietly multiplying and multiplying and taking over area by
    area. Ever so crafty mussies outnumbered Sinhalese and tamils in the east. This is pioneered by traitor ashrof.
    Thank god traitor no more. Then another mussie comes forward and do a lot of damage and takes back seat.
    The new terminator was bada udin traitor. The low life destroyed Wilpattu and now keeping a low profile. Soon another
    mussie will come forward and do the destruction and disappear from the scene. That’s how these traitor low lives
    destroy Sri Lanka.

    Once the mussies settle down, they will get a breeding machine and start multiplying and multiplying. Why not?
    They did it in old iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, maldives, malaysia and indonesia. Multiply and
    multiply and outnumber! It works, they know. In Sri Lanka, you get FREE education, FREE medicine. Why not?
    You can get most Sinhalese deshapaluwan to lick their backsides for a few votes. So win win situation for the
    mussies. They have their own schools. Sinhalese aren’t allowed. They fill them up to the rafters and quietly
    start to creep into Sinhalese schools and start outnumbering Sinhalese students. That’s how ever so crafty
    mussies destroy the natives. If Sri Lanka don’t limit FREE education, FREE medicine for 2 children to a family
    Sinhalese going to be outnumbered within 50 years by the fast multiplying xxxx.

    All Sinhalese couples doing
    jobs and struggle to bring up one chilld while mussies, mostly in businesses, wives stay at home and
    multiply and multiply. So automatic birth control for the Sinhalese. Multiplication for the mussies. Things can only
    get better for them since numbers are rapidly increasing meaning more mussie ministers, dep ministers,
    mps, mayors etc. etc. More and more Sinhalese deshapaluwan licking their backsides for the mussie votes.
    Win win situation for the mussies. For Sinhala modayas? They haven’t got a clue about
    what’s happening.

  6. Cerberus Says:

    Ancient Sinhalaya I agree with you. We have two sets of laws in Sri Lanka. Mussies have Sharia law and are allowed to marry up to 5 wives. The Sinhalese and Tamils can only marry one wife. I remember buying hoppers near the Wellawatta spinning and weaving mills. There was a shop with 5 women seated and making hoppers. The mussie man just sat there and collected the money from customers. That is how clever the mussies are. We MUST have one law for all in Sri Lanka. Unless they do it we will lose it to the mussies.

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Thanks Cerberus. I wouldn’t eat food from them if I were you. They cleanse food served to Sinhalese.
    Special treatment? Yes very very special treatment. Cleans out your ability to father/mother offspring.
    With sterile agents. So if you planning to have children, best advice to you is avoid eating from mussie
    restaurants. Surprised you never heard about this. On the other hand it is not surprising since anything
    harmful to the Sinhalese never get publicised since all media are controlled by the catholic-run UNPatriotic
    party henchmen. Best place to get more details is www.

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