Trump Praises Sadam and terms him A Terrorist Killer…
Posted on July 8th, 2016


Trump Praises Sadam and terms him

A Terrorist Killer…

Says “he was a bad guy but you know what .He did well

He killed terrorists He did that so good ”

Do we have an analogue in Sri Lanka??

Only difference in American way of handling him was that they did not read read the rights

Wonder he was referring to terrorists rights or Sadam’s rights ??

If Sadam and Gaddafi are living today there would not have been a ISIS

Conclusion   ,.. Americans knew about ISIS and they planned to destabilize Middle East hence they killed both Sadam and Gaddafi ??

Now big powers may want destabilize the Asian development ??

Make your own judgement


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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    The American recipe for disaster is waiting to happen in Sri Lanka. All the necessary ingredients – the ISIS, the Christian /Catholic Church, the NGOs, a pliable government, a pliable opposition in cahoots with the government and a spineless leech as the President.

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