Not Shiranthi I should be taken into custody – Mahinda  (Mahinda) Lankaweb 16.7.2016.
Posted on July 18th, 2016


Dr Sudath Gunasekara  17.7.2016

A Comment on above statement

Don’t worry Mr. Ex President. They will soon do that as well. They are counting down and marking time only until the proper time come. Don’t forget that it was one of the main pledges Chandrika-Ranil-Sirisena Trio has made to their advisers and conspirators led by USA, Briton, Norway and Western allies and India who hatched the Jan 08 2015 coup to ousted your patriotic Government.

I list below some of the other major sinister pledges they are reported to have made.

1)  Transforming Sri Lanka to a Federal state with separate regions for Tamils and Muslims

2) Sri Lanka to be  transformed to a secular State by paving the way to ‘end Sinhala Buddhist majoritarianism’ as Chandrika has once said to achieve reconciliation’ and eradicate the 2500 year old Sinhala Buddhist Kingdom and its unique civilization.

3) Providing for an Indian Tamil State right at the center of the Land of the Sinhalese by giving the entire tea an drubber country covering over 1/3 the land area of the country to Indian Tamils,

4) Enacting a new Constitution to accommodate these pledges

5) Changing the national flag of the country,

6) Allowing the Tamils to sing the National anthem in Tamil

7) Removing all Sri Lanka Government military bases from the Eastern and Northern Provinces as if these Provinces are not a part of Sri Lanka thereby conceding to a self autonomous EELAM on 1/3 the area of the country and 2/3 the coastal belt with all the adjoining Sri Lankan marine territory

(This in other words virtually amounts to giving EELAM on a platter which the LTTE could not achieve for 30 years by the bullet)

8)  Full implementation of the recommendation of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and to include foreign judges in the Sri Lanka war crimes panel, which is against the Geneva Convention

9) Removing all Sinhalese from east and Northern and Eastern and Provinces and giving Land and police powers to these PCC and stopping all Sinhala settlements in those Provinces in future

10 Accepting North and Eastern Provinces a historical Traditional Home land of Tamils as stated in the JR-Rajive Pact of 1987.

Some of these promises have already been made and steps are taken to implement others as soon as possible.

But these traitors are scared to put you behind bars as yet, as they expect a massive backslash from the patriotic people of this country including the 5.8 million who voted you at the Presidential Election and majority Sinhala Buddhist populous of those who voted them at the last elections but now disgusted and disillusioned with them over their one and half years of misgovernment, mishandling of the affairs of the State and right royal bungling all round, including breach of all false promises they made in Jan 8th  and Aug 17th 2015 . That is why they are doing it carefully and systematically by first taking in the men in the outer ring to be followed by the inner ring as prescribed by Kautilyan strategy. This is also a major part of the psychological war given in Arthasatra to weaken the leader’s morale. By putting behind bars and silencing those popular men with big mouths and capacity to organize the people in the outer rings firstly, they expect to deplete your man power base and thereafter to deprive the leader of those who can make a voice to get the people to the road. This is clearly seen when people like Gammanpilla and Buddhist monks like Uduwe Dhammaloka who speak on behalf of Sinhala Buddhist rights are taken in. You wait and see this trend will follow soon by taking in men like Weerawansa and many more laymen and Buddhist monks who support you will be in Welikada before long.

The leaders of the present anarchic regime have now become confused and impatient as the pressure from the West, India and Colombo based local anti Sinhala anti-Buddhist elements is very high. That is why the Trio has ordered men in the inner circle like Namal also to be taken in on flimsy charges even without a complain. Very soon these people will take in Basil and Gota as well. The ongoing process is only a rehearsal and they are testing the pulses of the people and marking time only. You should not be surprised even if hey imprison all those who have the name Rajapaksa in this country. That is the terrible fear and anxiety, I think, these fellows have to this name Rajapaksa. They must be shivering and screaming in beds at night in their dreams when they think of MR. As such they will resort to anything and everything to remove you physically or at least politically. Both Chandrika and Sirisena have already said this categorically and publicly many a time. One must not be surprised even if they get their Western allies or Tamil Diaspora to eliminate you like what America did to Sadam Hussain and Mohomad Gadapi.

When you look at the way how they have blatantly violated the Constitution of the country with impunity or public uprising, starting from the

1 Removal of the CJ and the

2 Appointment of the new CJ

and followed by

3 Appointing Ranil as the new Prime Minister

4 Removal of the sitting PM,

5 Appointing the leader of the Opposition,

6 Appointing the Chief Whip of the Opposition,

7 Appointing defeated candidates as MPP,

8 And even as Cabinet Ministers

9 Singing the national Anthem in Tamil and

10 Refusal to appoint the Joint opposition Leader as the legal Leader of the Opposition in Parliament,

One should not get surprised at all even if they resort to the meanest crime on earth to get their goals fulfilled.  They might even resort to inviting IPK or UN forces to quell and suppress any public uprising.

Mahinda Rajapaksa and his supporters will have to be extremely mindful of this situation and keep their eyes and ears fully opened in view of these imminent dangers. People of this country, especially the grateful Sinhala Buddhists have to be extremely vigilant to protect this man as the country needs him. It is very unlikely to get a patriotic Statesman like this for a long time to come even for another 500 years in this country. It is also important for all those who love him and their country to protect him from all these dangers for the sake of the country, people and the religion.

People in this country know that there would not have been a country left for anybody even to misgovern as they do now, had MR not defeated the LTTE terrorists in 2009. They also know very well that even the most three basic functions of a State (government) as stated by ancient sages like Kautilya namely,

  1. Raksha- protection of the State from external aggression
  2. Palana- maintenance of law and order within the State and
  3. Yogakshema-safeguarding the welfare of the people

have come to a total stand still today in this country.

In short besides good governance as they preach and boast day and night, there is no Government at all in this country today. When you look at the way things are happening there is absolutely no sign of any of these lofty ideals being practiced or their possible return in the foreseeable future. Instead of protecting the State from external aggression what these treacherous lunatics of the present Government are doing is opening the doors ajar and inviting all anti Sinhala, anti-Buddhist and anti-national forces of the world led by the so-called international community to come and destroy everything in this country we have protected for the past 2500 years. I don’t think I need to tell you about the state of law and order in the country or the welfare of the people as even a tiny naked tot on the wayside will know the appalling situation prevailing in the country.

‘History of a great country both ancient and modern cannot be swept clean like a blackboard so that we might inscribe our own there’ as Edward Said has once said in his Orientalism. The general populous in this country know who gave the historic commanding leadership to the elimination of the 30 year LTTE terrorist menace in this country. If he had not given that historic leadership when all previous leaders had miserably failed and some have even supported the enemy (Eg JR, Premadassa, Chandrika and Ranil) today we would not have had a country for these bunch of jokers even to misgovern or anyone of us even to breath.

Even the Chandrika-Ranil-Sirisena Trio now gunning at Rajapaksa would have been brutally murdered in broad day light long time ago ( to her it really happened but fortunately for her and unfortunately for the country) by the Tigers, if there was no Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Head of the State at that point of history in this country.

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  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    The present regime came into power mainly on the back of a record but unrealistic turn out of Tamil voters in the North and East? The % of voters that “cast their vote” was so high, it is the belief amongst many that the northern province administration had committed electoral fraud by casting votes of the absentees? From that point on, this regime has acted with impunity, violating the constitution of the country, as listed in Sudath Gunasekara’s above article, and gradually undermining the interests of Sinhala Buddhists, whilst destroying the economic progress achieved by the previous regime. The big question is what is the JVP up to by working with this mob, some of whom were accountable for massacring Sinhala youth just on the suspicion of being JVP members or supporters or merely being young potential recruits for the JVP movement. Is the JVP also now subservient to this mob, enjoying the perks offered, or are they biding their time, waiting for the point when the masses would no longer stomach the injustices committed by this regime against the Sinhala majority and then launch their long coming revolution in the south and overthrow a corrupt unpopular government, thereby also paving the way for the Tigers to re-emerge in the North? Sadly the country has gone backwards under President Sirisena, who seems quite content merely accepting with a big smile all the flattery bestowed on him by calculating cunning foreign “dignitaries”, whose aim is to keep him in a fools paradise and make him use his wide Presidential powers he still holds, only in support of the actions and activities of the current Western leaning regime.

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