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Posted on July 18th, 2016

Sarath Obeysekera

In a statement issued by His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, on delays in the rehabilitation of those who suffered from the explosion of ordnance at Salawa. The statement “urged government to waive red tape”, to get the job done.

Very often you see politicians invite Buddhist priests to their meetings. During the addressing of the public they tend to call the Buddhist Monks who sit in the front row Ape Hamduruwane” for some reason.

Sirimawo,JR ,Chandrika and Premadasa hardly used above two words in  meetings ,neither the Non Buddhist politicians .Politicians and the members of the previous ruling family are the ones who started using these words and  they should have listened to the Buddhist Priests like the days of Sinhala Kings.

Politicians use ape hamuduruwane” during the their speeches ,but hardly listened to them. I have not heard any Catholic Politician who has  addressed the public in a  political meeting with words Ape Father” ,because catholic priests  hardly attend political meetings or make public statements.

For his Eminence to talk about Salawa tragedy  ,where His Eminence asking government to get rid of the red tape and get the job done ,there may a good reason for the government to listen to him .

Prominent Buddhist priest like Ven Maduluwawe Sobhita is no more to advise the politicians ,except the High Priest of Kandy ,(who  is visited by every politician now and then with a big tray of fruits and Ataprirkara ) but we never heard of any such advice from Venerable Chief Priest to get rid of the red tape !

I am not a high priest but my advice to the state apparatchik is get rid of the red tape” and get the job done not only in Salawa.but also in Aranayake and Meethotamulle .

I have written several times about cutting red tape and get the job done and elaborated the dangers as the writer says  If His Eminence’s recommendations about abolishing procedures were accepted, public servants could look forward to attentions by CIABOC and FCID, and having a tryst with State remand houses.”

We all know that FCID and CIABOS are two state organizations  trying to catch the thieves ( who keep saying catch me if you can ) and yet we do not see any tangible results in locking the thieves up . ( may be they are also following too much of the red tape !)

We cannot blame the public servants who may try to cut red tape and help the public ( not the politicians to fill their pockets )  unless the officers who are being questioned by law enforcement agencies  come out and say I did what I was told by the Minister  and point the figure at the culprit  ,then people will believe in CIABOS and FCID  .and also His Eminence .

Sarath Obeysekera

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