Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhala.
Posted on July 26th, 2016

By Charles.S.Perera

France belongs to French, Germany belongs to Germans, Italy belongs to Italians,England belongs to English, India belongs to Indians. (America there is a problems because America belongs to native Americans). However, America belongs to Americans. Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhala.  In France there are many minorities  Algerians , Polonaise, Africans etc. But they are all French and accept the French Language, its customs and are educated in same schools for the French childen. It is the same with America, Germany, Italy, England, Spain and so on.

The minorities in  France, Germany, Italy, or England do not ask for language rights, and they all speak French the language of the country , they do not sing the French National Anthems in any other language, but in French. The minorities in France accept the French national flag. The Constitutions of these European countries  have their  religions written into it.  It accepts no other Religion.  But the minorities have the right to profess their own religion as long as it does not affect the peace and unity of the country.  The Minorities in these countries have no political parties of their own. They join the main political parties of the country without distinction of their origin.  The children attend same schools and there are no special schools for the minority communities.

So why should it be different in Sri Lanka, which had been a country of the Sinhala from the beginning.  The minority Tamils in reality, not according to fake history being written by  the Tamils, came to Sri Lanka as marauders, plunderers and conquerors.  They came and destroyed our cities and left them in ruins.

There was King Elara 205 years before the present era, who  set up a Kingdom in Anuradhapura  and ruled for 44 years until he was ousted and Sri Lanka was united under one flag by King Dutugamunu.  And then there was Kalinga Magha in 1215 AD  a most destructive Tamil tyrant who set up a regime in Polonnaruva and ruled  for 12 years .  He was  the most destructive man who pillaged and burnt Buddhist places of worship and killed Buddhits monks and built Hindu Kovils.  He was again defeated in battle and chased away by King Vijayabahu.

Tamils had been the most destructive occupiers in Sri Lanka. Even today the Sri Lanka Tamils like Sumandiran, Sampanthan, Premachandran, Shivalingam, Sumanthirant  and so on  are Tamils with the ancient  mentality of Tamil invaders, marauders, plunderers and destructors like Kalinga Magha.  They will not stand for unity, development of Sri Lanka and for the preservation of its culture. They are separatists who will never accept reconciliation.

In the face of the invasive minded Sri Lanka Tamils the Sinhala Buddhists should unite to protect Sri Lanka’s culture, and its historic places.  Sri Lanka governments  had been giving into the Tamils far too much and for far too long, and these ungrateful Tamils dare say that Tamils suffered genocide under Sinhala governments since 1948. This comes from a Tamil man-Wignesvaran, who was born amoung the Sinhala, studied  with the Sinhala, lived his professional life as a judge amoung the Sinhala and married his sons to Sinhala women. How can the Sinhala people keep trusting the Tamils ?

Any body who had lived long enough in Sri Lanka would know that the Tamils had not been treated differently from  other citizens. They have been given  all the rights enjoyed by the rest of the population. But their nature is such that they ask for more giving nothing in return to develop the country or protect it against its enemies. 

Next the Muslims who  came to Sri Lanka only in the 12th Century. When the Muslim traders  were being driven away from the southern seas by the Portuguese, they came to the Sinhala King Rajasinghe II and asked for refuge and protection. The  King allowed them to Settle down in the East and even  allowed them to marry local women. The present day Muslims in Sri Lanka are the  descendents of these early Muslim settlers, who now follow the Tamils asking for separate rights, and illegally clear forest reserves to create Muslim settlements.

The Muslims should if they are a grateful people  be more close to the Sinhala people. But it is the Muslims leaders like Rauf  Hakhim, and Rishad Baduieen who  take the lead in helping the Muslims to occupy  ancient ruins like the Kurugala caves and clear  the Wilpattu  Natural Forest reserves. These are  parts of our national heritage, which belong to every one. But showing no respect to these national heritage to preserve and protect it shows that the Muslims like the Tamils have no patriotic loyalty to Sri Lanka. They are also turning out to be a party to Tamil invasive mentality who want to divide the motherland for the satisfaction of their racial demands.

There cannot be any reconciliation with these two communities who are evidently anti-reconciliation. Under these circumstances it is difficult to understand why USA and the Western countries keep on demanding reconciliation.  If there is to be a reconciliation these two communities should  relinquish their anti reconciliatory demands, and take an oath of allegiance to a unitary Sri Lanka, and renounce their separatist demands for federalist constitution or a separate province for one  ethnic group.

There was an interesting discussion in Derana TV Aluth Paralimenthuwa with Attorney Ali Sabri amoung others. President’s Counsel Ali Sabri said that for real reconciliation Sri Lanka should be like it was before separate Schools for ethnic communities were opened. He said that had even asked Zahira College to give 10 percent of admission to students from other communities.

That was true studying in the same school where you had children from Sinhala , Tamil and Muslim communities there was a communal unity unimaginable today. I the writer still has school friends in Madawala, and when  we meet we do not fail to hug each other to the utter surprise of other Muslims present  that had not known that unity.

But I cannot accept what Ali Sabri said was genuine. I feel it was only for the TV Cameras. In reality Muslims  have changed and care less whether Sinhala is the majority.

In that same Dererna TV discussion the senior journalist  Mohan Samaranayake said that we cannot claim that Sri Lanka is the land of Sinhala Buddhists as Buddha himself had refused ownership of any thing.  But the Buddha was the enlightened Compassionate one that belongs to all beings without race or colour. We are still unenlightened beings and as Sinhala we cannot  refuse that Sri Lanka is the land of the Sinhala and all others are citizens of that land most welcome and accepted as equals, provided they do not claim ownership to the whole of Sri Lanka or parts of it.

The President Sirisena likes to make speeches. But if he does not keep surveying his Prime Minister and the UNP who are slowly preparing to sell the country to USA, the West and India with his ego centric attitude getting into the shoes of a pseudo Dictator, Sirisena will not have a country to lead as its President. Maithripala  is  not aware that Ranil has reappointed his buddy” Arjun Mahendran the sacked Governor of Central Bank to another high post in the Government.

The self satisfied Maithripala Sirisena does not know that his Prime Minister has give six acres of prime land in Colombo for the construction of an American military base for its Marine Forces. Ranil Wickramasinghe  is also proposing to  lease half of the oil containers in Trincomalee to India.  Ranil Wickrmasinghe who cares less for Sri Lanka its culture or Buddhist religion, is planning to become the executive Prime Minister and the President in 2020.

Maithripala Sirisena the President who is blissfully ignorant of his Prime Minister’s deals with USA, the West and India  has  asked the National Integration and Reconciliation Ministry to draw up a draft national policy on integration and reconciliation.  Maithripala cannot understand that the Tamils in Sri Lanka do not want reconciliation. Further proof of this comes from the  Jaffna University students savagely assaulting the Sinhala undergraduates.

Now Sirisena is planning how to stop the Pada Yatra” the foot walk”  proposed by the Joint Opposition.  He says that his dissent with the former President began with the Moragaskanda Project.  Maithripala Sirisena who cannot control his anger and hatred is not fit to lead Sri Lanka as its President.

Sirisena  should take a lesson from Mahinda Rajapakse who was gentle and humble (mudu anathimani as in Karaniya metta Sutta) to offer Maithripala Sirisen the Presidency of the SLFP after he was defeated at the election. No good can come to Maithripala Sirisena if his only intention is to take revenge from the good ex-President Mahind Rajapaksa.

His assertion that his dissent with the former President  began with  the Moragaskanda issue is nonsense, because Maithripala was lured by Chandrika Kumararunga to become the Common Opposition  Presidential candidate.  It is greed for power, fear and an inferiority complex that has made him  revengeful towards Mahinda Rajapakse.

President Sirisena  is making up other stories to cover up his hypocracy. Sirisena  is jealous of the  popularity of the ex Presiden Mahinda Rajapakse.Therefore, he allows Ranil Wickramasinghe pursue with his FCID to prosecute Mahinda Rajapakse and his Family, and all those he consider a danger to his popularity.

The masses of the people, other than some of the English Educated Colombians, the Tamils and the Muslims,  the bulk of te Sinhala Buddhists are with the Ex-President Mahinda Rajapakse. Mahinda Rajapakse will be theirs’ and their generation’s  heroic leader. Maithripala Sirisena will never reach that height of popularity.

Maithripala Sirisena should take stock of the situation of the Country and stop trying to please and win over the Tamils and Muslims taking away the rights of the Sinhala People. With a Prime Minster in control of the Government, this is not the time to write a new Constitution. If Prime Minister is allowed to do as he likes, he will  have a New Constitution prepared  to conform to the wishes of USA, the West and India.

Ranil  has already his man at the head of the preparation of the Constitution-Jayampathy Wickramaratne. He is the wrong man to handle the constitution making process. He is anti Mahinda Rajapakse and pro Ranil Wickramasinghe. He has no sense of cultural and historical importance of Sinhala people in Sri Lanka. He speaks of a country acceptable to all ethnic groups.

Jayamapath Wickramaratne showed even his inability to discuss calmly  and answer the  questions put to him by the journalist Favaz Shaukelali at the  discussion in the MTV News line held  on 22 July, 2016.  Jayamapath Wickramaratne has no independent objective political views.

The Constitution should be prepared only when the country is settled down and under a leader who could understand the importance of a Constitution for Nation building, without leaving room for separatist intentions of unpatriotic communities take away the legitimate rights of the Sinhala people to whom  Sri Lanka belongs.

In writing a new constitution  the Sinhala flag, brought down by the British colonialists to raise their Union Jack, should find its rightful place. For that the two stripes representing the Tamils and Muslims should be removed, as it is a mutilation of that Sinhala flag which was brought  down by the British in 1815. It should also give the rightful place to the National  Anthem, which should be sung in Sinhala.  A new Constitution for Sri Lanka if necessary should not have the 13Amendment. It should give Sinhala Language the Official Status, and a clause to protect Buddhism.

However, one does not see at all the necessity to write a new Constitution to Sri Lanka, specially now that the country is communally divided as it had never been before. The 1978 Constitution had served its purpose and it is best to continue with it with necessary amendments as and when required.

No country in the world writes a new constitution every time a new government is formed in the country after an election. Why should it be different for Sri Lanka ?

33 Responses to “Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhala.”

  1. plumblossom Says:

    I think you have got some history wrong. The invasions that happened 43 in all from India, none of those invaders ever settled in Sri Lanka except the very last invasions of Aryachakravarthi and even then only the Jaffna peninsula was settled and even that was sparsely settled. Most Sri Lankan Tamils therefore are not descendants of invaders but rather descendants of those Sri Lankan Tamils who were brought over by the Dutch and the British to work on tobacco and indigo plantations in Jaffna and elsewhere. During that time, tobacco and indigo were extremely valued crops in the world and planted on a large scale by colonialists in their colonies. Yet others would have migrated illegally. Therefore, Sri Lankan Tamils are recent arrivals and not descendants of invaders since invaders never really settled in Sri Lanka. The Arab traders also settled in Sri Lanka possibly just before the arrival of the Portugese and therefore recent arrivals too.

    Kaling Magha was not Tamil but was from Kalinga which is the present day Orissa state of India. Kalingha Magha was a most destructive invader for sure and reined in 1215 AD. Vijayabahu did not get rid of Kalingha Magha but Vijayabahu lived during a much earlier time n around 1055-1070 AD was the greatest king Sri Lanka ever had who were able to liberate Sri Lanka from Chola occupation of the island which lasted for over seventy years. So Vijayabahu with great difficulty was able to liberate Sri Lanka from the powerful Chola occupation. In my opinion, Vijayabahu was the greatest king Sri Lanka ever had.

    Please read articles on Sri Lankan history at the website Lankalibrary and in the ancient history, history and archaeology sections.

    The only way to bring peace in Sri Lanka is definitely for much more Sinhala people to live in the Northern Province and even in the Eastern province. This is the only way to bring peace in Sri Lanka. When people live side by side, they are less likely to dislike each other. We must also have a very strong unitary constitution and a very strong central government with only limited powers only given to the provincial councils. However, the only way to bring peace in Sri Lanka is for a few million Sinhala people to settle in both the North and even in the East. This is the only way there will be peace and harmony in this island for sure.

  2. plumblossom Says:

    One small correction, of the over 43 attempted invasions from India and one from Malaya, only 8 succeeded or near succeeded in actually occupying the island. So Sri Lanka was able to fend off most of the attempted invasions. Of those eight invasions which succeeded in occupying the island or near succeeded it was Kings Dhutugemunu, Walagambha, Dhathusena, Vijayabahu, Parakramabahu II, Parakramabahu VI, Bhuvanekabahu V who were able to get rid of Chola, Kalinga, Aryachakravarthi (Pandya) and the Vijayanagar empires invasions or attempted invasions. Therefore Sri Lanka was quite successful in fending off these attempted invasions. The other three colonisations were portugese, dutch and british as we know.

    Please read articles on Sri Lankan history at the website Lankalibrary and in the ancient history, history and archaeology sections.

  3. anura seneviratna Says:

    Well said Charles, indeed SL belongs to Sinhela.

    ” So why should it be different in Sri Lanka, which had been a country of the Sinhala from the beginning. ”

    Not ” a country of the Sinhela ” but THE ONLY COUNTRY OF THE SINHELA in the world.

    As stated in the first para. about other countries, within the Sinhela country TOO all settler communities must be made to be Sinhela national citizens to solve the problem for good.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Catholic run UNPatriotic party will soon make 3 countries from 1. Traitor alugosu (to Sinhalese only) thambi
    mudiyanselage adarmister jr put foundations to break up Sri Lanka by introducing 13. Not just that traitor
    thambiya took Sri Lankan politics down a dangerous road as well introducing pathalyin to it. Traitor
    alugosuwa used pathalyin to silence any opposition. Since then it has been the modus operandi of the
    traitor UNPatriotic party.

    Now his nephew, die hard catholic,
    token Buddhist alogusu (to Sinhalese only) pol pot ponil wickramaSinhalakiller running Sri Lanka. West,
    india, japan, traitor tamil diasporats all want to dismember Sri Lanka and have their drealam. Once the China
    is out of the way, these vultures can dismember Sri Lanka and feast on it. This simple truth jaathi dhrohee,
    Sinhala modayas don’t understand and support this Sinhalese-murdering, Buddhism-destroying, Sri Lanka-
    dismembering murderous, thieving UNPatriotic party low lives.

    Soon patriotic Sinhalese will have to say
    it used to be our country. Just one look at the enemies of the state is enough to see where so called Sinhalese’
    country heading. Look at the vultures list.
    jaathi dhrohee Sinhalese
    vairapala sorrysena
    traitor chief pol pot ponil wickramaSinhalakiller
    pacha mpakaya
    xxri xxlla
    arjunaya durjanaya
    bada udin of Sri Lanka Multiplying Community aka SLMC with the racist, fast multiplying lot
    hack him of Sri Lanka Multiplying Community aka SLMC with the racist, fast multiplying lot
    Rxx sambanthan of traitors national alliance and his racist lot
    saxxxli xxlla sb etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.
    list is far far too long.
    Only a fool will think Sri Lanka will last in one piece for long!

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Charles,

    It is good to have you write in ! Thank you for your Patriotic article.


    Dear Patriots of Lanka,

    Unite and Fight back in every Non-Violent way possible. Fight for Justice & Truth. Restore Law & Order ! We are all with you – always !
    There will always be many, many, millions of Patriots in Lanka who will fight on for Justice & Truth, till the end of time.

    Long live the Patriots of Lanka !
    Long live Truth & Justice for the whole world !

  6. Charles Says:

    Thank you Plumblossom for the correction. I shall read the article you referred.

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Very very disappointed with some inaccuracies in the article. There were no tamil kings ever in Sri Lanka.
    You can’t find, or anybody else for that matter, any archaeological facts to support it. Tamils
    came from south india to loot our kingdoms and left. That’s all.

    First lot of tamils were brought to jaffna by the dutch to work in tobacco plantations. The second lot were
    brought by the british to work in tea plantations. The others are descendants who swam/crossed the waters
    to save their lives from the severe famine in hell hole tn in the 60s. That’s all. There are plethora of evidene
    to substantiate these. For a start, it has been proven by carbon dating that the oldest building in jaffna is the
    old dutch fort. To this day nobody has found an ancient tamil brick so far. Funnily enough people find, you know
    who, ancient tamil kingdoms. In www and books.

    We all know all the ancient civilisations existed closed to one very
    important thing. Water. Anuradhapura had Kala Weva. Polonnaruwa had Parakrama Samudraya. Jaffna?
    Jaffna had water 200 feet down and baking sun. You don’t have to be an Einstein to figure out why there was
    no civilisation there then. You can quote from books but we all know there are fiction and fact. We know tamils quote
    from books and try to convince us. As Sinhalese we have to ask them and ourselves, only way to convince us
    is show us some ancient tamil bricks. Not ancient books. We all know, as mentioned earlier, there are fiction and
    fact in books. You see something in books and we can’t accept that as truth. Hope nobody can dispute that.
    Bricks we are after. Ancient bricks! Not books please!

  8. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    How Yapa Patuna became different.

  9. Charles Says:

    Ancient Sinhalaya sorry to have dissappointed you with the inaccuracies of various Indian invasions…I wonder whether you agree with the rest of the matters that I wanted to bring to light……

  10. Christie Says:

    Chaeles, Fiji belongs to Fijians, Mauritius belongs to Creoles, Andaman and Nicobar Islands belong to Bo.

    The problem we have is the same for people of the former tropical colonies of the British-Indian Empire ; now thr Indian Empire.

  11. Christie Says:

    “India belongs to Indians”

    There was no India before the British made India and then both together colonized the British-Indian Empire.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka is mainly composed of Sinhala people. Historically, for thousands of years, it is the Sinhale who developed the country, kept it whole and wholesome (mainly through the Teachings of the Buddha).

    Others are welcome too, but not illegal migrants, hate mongers, land grabbers, terrorists, unpatriotic people, etc. Nearly 500 yrs of Colonisation have brought about Modernization, modern Sc&Tech, reaching out to the rest of the world for Trade/Emigration, etc. There ought to be a Sharing here, not Aggressor Takes All attitude, or neo-enslavement, or huge land grabbing, or sale of country to foreign elements.

    Some Points to honor :

    * Modernization/Adaptation to Climate Change etc must happen without loss of Life Values.
    * The Law of the Land must be honored.

    So far, the Yahap people have broken with both aspects. We need a more honorable govt that will command the respect of the people. We can’t get perfect leaders, but we can get the best the country has !

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Today, under the Yahap set up, it appears to be more fortunate to be an Elephant in Sri Lanka, than to be a Sinhala/Buddhist ?
    Care for Elephants (which is a good thing) is done with more care now a days, but more than for the ordinary Sinhala Buddhists of Lanka ??
    The Laws Protecting the Elephant population here have been done more promptly than for the SBs of Lanka ??
    That is the unfortunate impression we have ….

  14. Dilrook Says:

    I have to take the unpopular position on this. Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and others legally Sri Lankan. In another categorisation, Sri Lanka belongs to those citizens that love the nation, those who don’t and those who hate. Whether we like it not, it has to be accepted. It became obvious at the last election. Despite 58% Sinhalese voting for Mahinda, he lost. We have to work with that reality unfortunately.

    Sarath Fonseka, Lorenzo a commentator here and a few have at times pushed the notion Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese but even they have changed their positions. It is unsustainable because it is not true.

    Then there is the issue about how to save the nation. Obviously, only the Sinhalese want to save Sri Lanka. Others live in the country as guests and outsiders. If things go bad in Sri Lanka, they simply take the boat to South India, Malaysia, Pakistan or wherever. In order to save Sri Lanka, Sinhala interests must be protected against very strong opposition from South Indian minorities and their external godfathers. This is the challenge we face. In order to save Sri Lanka, we need to make sacrifices and have to put up with no sacrifices (even disruptions) from parasitic communities introduced to the country by European invaders. It is the same in most countries.

    In summary, the right approach to take is to work to save Sinhala interests of Sri Lanka while accepting the fact that South Indian minorities (though benefit from our efforts) are here to stay and own the nation equitably with us despite not contribution to save the nation. The wrong approach is claiming Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese but appeasing South Indian minorities to win votes. Sadly, this was the position of Fonseka in 2010 and some in the Mahinda group in 2015.

    If anyone wants to represent Sinhala interests, he/she must promise clearly to abrogate 13A and ETCA (if signed).

    Otherwise, they don’t represent the Sinhalese; they are trying to fool the Sinhalese. The courage to abrogate 13A and ETCA (if signed) is the basic minimum for anyone to claim Sinhala votes. If he/she cannot do it, then they deserve no Sinhala votes. You cannot play both ways on crucial national issues like these. You have to take a stand.

    If you are not for abrogation of 13A, you are for it.

  15. S.Gonsal Says:

    Interesting comment by Dilrook.

    Those “tenants” decide who run the property management !
    Why ? Because owners are divided.
    If something broken, it will be repaired by owners at their costs, tenants don’t pay.

    Wait for US elections. If Trump win Rajapakse too will be inspired to go “Sinhala”.
    Otherwise he will go “Sri Lankan” and none of the abrogation will come if he wins.
    We will be “back to normal” and we can keep arguing Sri Lanka belongs to who.

  16. Ananda-USA Says:

    Why do we need 16 Thiruvalluvar Statues to be Installed in Sri Lanka??

    This is MORE TAMILIZATION and INDIANIZATION of Sri Lanka to HELP ANNEX Sri Lanka to Tamil Nadu/India in the future!

    Thiruvalluvar is ALIEN to Sri Lanka, unknown in Sri Lanka, and has NO CONNECTION or RELEVANCE to Sri Lanka!

    There is NO OTHER PURPOSE to this INSTALLATION of an UNKNOWN Tamil Ethicist’s statues in Sri Lanka other than to CREATE TAMIL FACTS on the ground, not only in the North and East, but also in UPCOUNTRY!

    Together with the Ramayana Religious Circuit being set up EVEN AS I WRITE, this is all a DEVIOUS PROGRAM to PERMANENTLY TAMILIZE/INDIANIZE Sri Lanka with things that can NEVER BE REMOVED LATER, to make up for the fact that there are VERY FEW Tamil archeological artifacts in Sri Lanka to support EELAMIST claims to the LAND, and to ultimately CULTURALLY make Sri Lanka an APPENDAGE of India!


    INSTEAD, these TREACHEROUS Yamapalanaya leaders are AIDING & ABETTING this unadulterated CRAP to CONSUME our Sinhala Motherland, STEP BY STEP, INCH by INCH … CREATING NEW FACTS on the GROUND!

    16 Thiruvalluvar statues to be installed in Sri Lanka soon: Minister

    July 25 (Hindu) Sixteen statues of Thiruvalluvar, the author of Tamil treatise on ethics Tirukkural, will be installed across Sri Lanka in the coming weeks, according to V. Radhakrishnan, State Minister of Education.

    Among the places where the statues would be kept would be Mannar, Kilinochchi, Mullativu and Chavakachcheri (Jaffna), all in the Northern Province; Puttalam in the North West; Colombo in the Western; Matale, Hatton and Nawalapitiya in the Central; Rakwana in Sabaragamuwa and Kaddaiparichchan (Trincomalee), Batticaloa and Thambiluvil (Ampara), all in the Eastern province.

    After Haridwar incident

    Asked whether there would be any problem in the country in the light of the recent controversy over the installation of a Thiruvalluvar statue in Haridwar of Uttarakhand, India, Mr Radhakrishnan told The Hindu at his office in Battramulla near here on Monday evening that it was precisely for this reason that he had taken all into confidence before making any move in this regard. While the payment of certain taxes such as import duty had been exempted for bringing in the statues from India, some other levies such as Value Added Tax had been paid.

    Earlier, Mr. Radhakrishnan took part in an event to receive formally the statues, which, the Minister said, had been donated by the VGP International Tamil Association.

    ‘For greater bilateral understanding’

    V. G. Santhosam, president of the Association, said the rationale behind the move was to foster greater understanding between India and Sri Lanka. He also expressed the desire to develop an amusement park in Colombo or Batticaloa.

  17. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Thanks very much Charles. What we saying to these guys don’t try to convince us by all these ancient
    tamil kingdom stories we all know never existed. Why? Because nobody has ever seen an ancient brick
    from these buildings. We all know in tropical Sri Lanka you can’t build palaces with ice blocks. So you have to
    use real bricks.

    These mythical kingdoms exist only in books and www. So give up these ridiculous claims. Admit it is
    Sinhalese’ country. Be Sri Lankans. You happily ran off to developed countries blaiming Sri Lankan government
    when actually you’re fleeing hitler pira(mala)paharan’s forced conscription. Now you proudly say I’m french, i’m
    british, i’m german etc. etc. No demand for a separate country. Maybe later. But in Sri Lanka it is different. They
    think it is theirs and Sinhalese are the foreigners. They demand special treatment. What we are saying if you
    don’t like it you can leave for your beloved tn where you came from with your racism. Sinhalese have been
    too good for you. You have killed more than 100,000+ and still not happy. Now your diasporats use every
    opprtunity to destroy Mother Lanka to achieve your drealam. You racist lot never going to be happy
    until you get your drealam. As Sinhalese, we should not help these greedy, disloyal, ungrateful, never happy, never
    enough racists with their bogus ancient kingdoms claims.

  18. plumblossom Says:

    Actually another small correction, of the over 43 attempted invasions from India and one from Malaya, only seven succeeded or near succeeded in actually occupying the island. So Sri Lanka was able to fend off most of the attempted invasions. Of those seven invasions which succeeded in occupying the island or near succeeded it was Kings Walagambha, Dhutugemunu, Dhathusena, Vijayabahu I, Parakramabahu II, Bhuvanekabahu V and Parakramabahu VI who were able to get rid of Chola, Kalinga, Aryachakravarthi (Pandya) and the Vijayanagar empires invasions or attempted invasions. Therefore Sri Lanka was quite successful in fending off these attempted invasions. The other three colonisations were portugese, dutch and british as we know.

    Please read articles on Sri Lankan history at the website Lankalibrary and in the ancient history, history and archaeology sections.

  19. S.Gonsal Says:

    Agree with Ananda (USA).

    Who the hell is this “Thiruvalluvar ” ? Why should we care about Ramayana ?
    We don’t even have 16 Dutugemunu statues in whole of Sri Lanka.
    This must be stopped now.
    But who is going to do it ? Not even a word of protest by anyone.
    Whole of Sri Lanka has now become an amusement park for Indian grubs.
    Believing in myths, greedy of power, our stupid big politicians go to worship Hindu Gods and now who is going to protest ?

  20. Charles Says:

    Dilrook is ofcourse a very reasonable Sinhala. He will not willingly cause dissension amoung the Communities.

    He is like King Kavantissa. When King Elara setup his kingdom in Anuradhapura, King Kavantissa went to South and ruled the region. King Kavantissa may have thought Sri Lanka is big enough and why go to fight against Elara let him rule peacefully in Anuradhapura and I am quite sqtisfied ruling my people in the south. Unfortunately for him there was his son Gamunu, who said enough is enough and rebelled against his father……and changed history.

    ( I hope I have not got history wrong there)

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    Those who care about Sri Lanka staying undivided must be much more pro-active, and act together too.

    Sri Lankans always waste their energy constantly fighting divisive forces. If the Law is put in place about ‘divisiveness’ and stop the same, then this energy can be put to developing the country, and not wasted in fighting shadows.

    This same ‘fight’ to ‘acquire’ Sri Lanka for Tamils has gone on for over a thousand of years. It is high time it was stopped permanently.

    What a waste of lives, funds, time & energy.

    Get it together through the Law of the Land. Implement the Law of the Land and get rid of the ILLEGAL 13-A imposed under duress by INDIA on the JRJ govt.

  22. Charles Says:

    It was interesting listening to Mano Ganesan in Derana . That is the Tamil mind. Sinhala should not be Jathivadiyo, they should live and let live and keep their mouths tightly shut lest they be called racists.

  23. Fran Diaz Says:


    Appreciate your concerns, but,
    Silence by the Sinhala Community is considered as agreeing with all the bs that is being touted around the world. After the Riots of 1983, Sinhala people kept quiet and did not explain to the world what was happening in Sri Lanka/INDIA, for which they are paying dearly today.

    It is far better to present the FACTS of the case i.e. Earlier need for Tamil Labor from Tamil Nadu during Colonisation, Why Tamil Separatism & STOP division of the Country by removal of the 13-A, plus Tamil Leaders must revoke officially the Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976.

    Use all means to tell the truth to the whole world.

  24. Dilrook Says:

    Charles, I’m after real and effective action that saves the nation, not rabble rousing and misdirected aggression. If Sri Lanka has worthy leaders, worthy of Sinhala votes, they must clearly state they will abrogate 13A and ETCA (if signed). Everything else is just noise.

    The Moragahakanda project has brought to surface what we all feared – yet another evil of 13A. Now TNA controlled NPC wants to stake in it (13A allows it) to stop Sinhala people benefitting from the project and dictate terms to where the project leads. This is very similar to LTTE closing Mavil Aru waterway in 2006 done with 13A.

    What’s the use of claiming Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese if 13A hinders the very existence of the Sinhalese? All politicians that don’t promise to abrogate 13A and ETCA (if signed) believe Sri Lanka belongs to 13A and ETCA.

    You are correct in that historical account. However, King Kavantissa sent his army commander to kill Elara’s army commander even before Prince Gamunu was born. His severed head caused a celebration. He also built a Sinhala Buddhist shrine in Trincomalee – the most useful shipping hub for Anuradhapura. That gave Elara a difficult choice – allow the continuation of the shrine and let Sinhala soldiers spy on Tamil invaders’ movements in Trincomalee (most of their soldiers came from South India by boat) or destroy it and earn the anger of most people in Rajarata. The tsunami circa 190BC on the west coast would have devastated Mantota port for sometime which was crucial for Tamils to move to and from South India to Lanka. That heightened the usefulness of Trincomalee which the wise king blocked.

    Although he initially stopped young Gamunu from going to war, that worked well for him to raise an army and be ready. He learnt many things of war. Finally when the young prince was ready to take on the enemy, King Kavantissa not only gave his blessings but also the army (including his ageing army commander). Had the young prince gone to war prematurely, our history would be completely different.

    Naked aggression achieves nothing. Clever and surgical moves within democracy and the law can do wonders as we saw from 2005 to 2009.

    As we have to be careful of the UNP regime, we also have to be very careful of some JO leaders who want to grab power by letting UNP rulers (some are serial killers as I have pointed out) massacre Sinhala youth, sign ETCA and divide the nation (so that UNP will be unpopular and JO can win votes). Leaders must sacrifice their lives for the people, not the other way round.

  25. S.Gonsal Says:

    “Leaders must sacrifice their lives for the people, not the other way round.”

    – This is wishful thinking. Can I have just ONE example since 1950 ( from all over the world) ?. How can we expect that to happen now ? If leader “does not steal ONE rupee ” that is a miracle of Asia . Some public don’t even care that, if leader has done just ONE good thing, good enough to worship for ONE life.

  26. Charles Says:

    Dilrook You are representative of Just reasonable Sinhala Buddhists, noble,altruistic and generous. You as most Buddhists would not like to hurt the feelings of those who are not friendly. But have these Tamils and Muslims understood those great qualities of their Sinhala Buddhist compatriots?. Do they extend their hands to accept your friendship , your generosity without making demands in return ?

    And for your great Buddhist human qualities of welcome and affection you extended to them, they still accuse you for genoside, discrimination and ask to be separated from the likes of you. In those circumstances is it not right to remind them after all this country belongs to the Sinhala who welcome them and only ask them to extend to the Sinhala their hands of friendship and brotherhood ?

    Is it too much to ask them to live live with us as our friends in prosperity and in poverty, sharing together what ever we have ?

  27. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well said, Charles!

    Like Dilrook, the great majority of Sinhala Buddhists want to live in peace and amity with ALL of our fellow countrymen, irrespective of ethnor-religious communal differences.

    But, when they refuse that hand of friendship and fellowship, and threaten our intrinsic interests demanding separate pieces of our Motherland, and thereby undermine our Culture, our Security and oir livelihood in this land of our ancestors, inviting foreign powers to to threaten us and enslave us, we will ACT FORCEFULLY to preserve this island home of ours.

    As Charles pointed out, the majority communities of every one of these Western Powers that preach human rights and
    democracy to us ad nauseam, forget all of those sermons and ASSERT their majority community ownership of their countries when their own essential interests are threatened.

    Britain is for Britons, France is for the French, Germany is for the Germans …and so on ad infinitum … but Sri Lanka is not for the Sinhala …. it is to be divided and handed out part by part to each community that asks for a separate piece against the loud protests and cries of the Sinhala Buddhists. They use our very good nature against us to force us to accept these crimes against us …. asking us not to “Betray Buddhism”!

    As a Sinhala Buddhist, I have some news for them: I am a Sinhala first and a Buddhist second, especially when the enemies of my people are breaking down the gates! In being so, I am ONE with ALL of my hefoic ancestors who died to preserve the Sinhale!


  28. Dilrook Says:

    Dear Charles and Ananda, I disagree with your view on me. I support any means (emphasised) to achieve a state where Sinhala interests are protected in the long term. However, some attractive kneejerk reactions are not going to achieve that and we must not fall into those but use all our might to do what achieves results. We have to be aware what the enemy reaction is and if it is going to be unbearable under economic and military realities, we must change our approach.

    The main problem of Sinhalese as I see it is “symbols over substance”. We like symbolic things and very poor on substance. ‘Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalas’ is only symbolic and has no substance in it. It cannot be used legally, politically or economically to benefit the nation. Take another example of unitary/federal. How many Sinhalas are aware Sri Lanka is a federal country? Very few. The Constitution says Sri Lanka is a unitary country and we believe it. However, in substance Sri Lanka is a federal country. No unitary country has elected Chief Ministers and provinces/states with irrevocable powers. Not even the parliament, the president and people (Sri Lanka’s sovereignty is supposed to reset with them) can take back 13A provincial list of powers! That makes us more federal than India.

    At Independence, we had two Cabinet ministers wearing the national dress (SWRD Bandaranaike and JR Jayawardhane). The latter did irreparable damage to the country with 13A and the Peace Accord (and leaving his nephew in politics). The former almost turned the nation federal in 1958 if not for people protesting. DSS and some others clad in western attire did far less damage to the nation and never thought of federalism. Our ‘symbols over substance’ mentality tells us the opposite.

    We must also look at critically on the 1972 event of becoming a republic. Has it really helped us or did it replace British colonialism with much worse Indian colonialism? Symbolically, severing the last shackles of British rule in 1972 is fantastic. However, India immediately filled the vacuum. So in substance, we becoming a republic worsened our fate. Had we remained in the obnoxious British Privy Council’s purview, 13A, Peace Accord, ETCA, etc. would not have happened. However, at the same time we don’t have a problem our president working hard to get Commonwealth Group leadership position for 2 years and CHOGM in 2013!

    Sirisena’s entire conduct is based on this weakness of us. His outright lies fooled enough people twice to change government.

    By 2014, the war victory had become only symbolic as in substance LTTE’s front TNA had claimed the entire northern province and turned it Tamil only with most army camps gone. But most Sinhalas foolishly think we won the war and the win stands. Some politicians weep over attempts to sign ETCA (symbolic) but deafeningly silent on whether they will abrogate it (substance).

    The folk story of ‘gamarala saha panikkiya’ is based on this weakness of ours. We as a community must overcome this weakness and start to seek substance not symbolics.

  29. S.Gonsal Says:

    Well explained Dilrook !
    Your argument really awaken us. Thank you for the SOS call.

    “However, at the same time we don’t have a problem our president working hard to get Commonwealth Group leadership position for 2 years and CHOGM in 2013!”

    Sorry feeling when we recall this STUPID act. What did we achieve ?
    1. Aggressive and criminal North Palaath Sabha
    2. LTTEr in hiding as Chief Minister.

  30. Nimal Says:

    Sri Lanka belongs to people who work hard,pay taxes,care for one another.
    There’s no place for racists, communalists and separatists.

  31. S.Gonsal Says:

    Actually there are no racists, communalists and separatists in Sri Lanka except Tamils and Jihadists ( required by their religion). They pretend to be racists or non-racists to win votes. If Donald Trump wins, you will have to change your stand. He will prove how to win votes by being an outright racist than a pretender.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:

    False understanding in the minds of Tamil Leaders
    Re the 13-A :

    * Sri Lanka was FORCED to be some type of Fed State (hastily copied mini version of INDIAN govt) due to the ILLEGAL 13-A imposed by force/threats on the JRJ govt. Therefore, the 13-A must be removed. The collective force of all PATRIOTS OF LANKA can move this ridiculous piece of legislation out of the Constitution.

    * The other false understanding is the Vadukoddai Resoln (1976) – Eelam through Violence, which must be removed. It was after the VR that the 1983 Riots were also forced on Lanka by INDIA, and the Tamil Refugees west west and formed the Tamil Diaspora, and the LTTE was formed and trained in INDIA.
    INDIA has done untold damage to Lanka and continues to do so in the guise of ‘Reconciliation’.

    If INDIA truly wants Reconciliation in Lanka, then kindly allow us to remove the stupid 13-A, and take care of your own Tamil Nadu Dalits and others without shipping them to Lanka.
    Also, provide tea plucking machines for the Upcountry tea workers and move them all to dwelling outside the tea areas. That would be REAL kindness.
    We can see through INDIA’s duplicity.

  33. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is not as though Sri Lanka is a massive land mass that can accommodate all the dispossessed people of Tamil Nadu and others in the Indian Ocean region !

    Also, it is not as though Lanka leaders created the tea & tobacco plantations and brought Tamil Indentured Labor into Lanka over a 100 yrs ago. Those responsible for the line rooms in Upcountry tea plantations went away, and left the ‘baby and the bath water’ for Lanka leaders to handle, plus the Tamil Caste issues, unresolved to date.

    That Lanka has survived these onslaughts from Colonists & neighbor INDIA is no small miracle.

    No apologies have been ever tendered by the aggressors for the loss of lives (Sinhala, Tamil & Others), funds, Land, property, and reputation to Lanka.

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