Remembrance of today the 11 Sept. exactly 15 years ago! Horror in New York, an eye witness
Posted on September 10th, 2016

By mahinda karunaratne

My tribute to those who died at site, until I learnt that it was a CIA & US Govt. conspiracy to escape bankruptcy blame at home and justify attacking Iraq and Afghanistan! 


After both Aircrafts were broken in to the two towers (file photo)

Although nostalgia to me after 12 years, but the fear, uncertainty and pain I had to endure by me in particular in my own situations I was in New York that time will never be forgotten. In fact that incident was the main candidate that destroyed my ambitions of going there to get out of my woos and difficulties due to which I left Sri Lanka. Simply to say my American Dream was broken and shattered by 9/11.

That day like several other days earlier, I left Jersey City room where I was temporarily staying by a fellow Sri Lankan and I left the room and got in to metro bus from University Boulevard to come to Port Authority bus stand in Manhatton. As I alighted from the bus there was some this fishy about, people rushing with unusual attitude. Only after coming out of the Port Authority bus terminal, I got know from asking few people that there had been an accident where an Air craft had hit one of the tower of WTC and its smoking. The  NYPD and NYFD are all running in rampage like mad dogs with full of siren sounds from all over, which resembled me the 1991 Gulf war time when I was working in Saudi Arabia at the time.

I anyway rushed to the 9th avenue and beyond towards the WTC to see what has happened and I was closer to the location in direct view I witnessed huge smoke and fleeing people in a rush, some women weeping with tears and it was a real rampage out there. A security officer of a nearby shop smiled at me and identified as from Asia, he is an Indian told me see what has happened, he was so sorry to see the incident although he commented s an accident. As we were talking I spotted another Aircraft coming closer too low unusual for such large Aircrafts and I quickly started to think would this be not an accident but some kind of sabotage, before I concluded my thoughts the second Aircraft in my clean view blasted on the west tower and it started to blow up, I said the security guard that this is a sabotage or some kind of an attack he did not believe or did not have sense to understand, so I told him watch news later on and turned quickly and started running towards the port authority bus station to get back as soon as I can to jersey City to where I was staying, the reason is that if entry points were closed I will be caged up in New York city without food and water and no place to sleep.


New York City has three entry points namely the Hudson underpass, Holland Bridge and Verrazano Bridge where all three entry points can be closed when necessary so none can come in or go out.

I noticed there were hundreds of ambulances plying amok and taking injured in a rush to hospitals, on the road side I came across some fallen, aged and young alike but unfortunately I was not in a position to help them since it was not my home country, and situations under which I was terrible. With sad feelings, I had to pass them leaving the task to NYFD rescuers of their duty.

I did not posses more than 5 dollar which I brought only as return bus fare and had only my water bottle in the bag, should I get late to go I have no food, no cash to buy food.

While I was coming to the NY bus terminal, there were scores of chaos on the streets as well as in side the port authority train / bus terminal,  no metro buses were available, I was shivering and in fear but noticed a private bus operated by Hispanic was about to leave which runs a bit far away from where I stay, but I decided to board although I will have to walk a long distance from where I will have to get off.

I was one of the last few passengers they boarded to stand and travel, but I noticed there were many who were unable to board the bus and the bus I boarded was the last the driver said. That means I knew the Authorities had already given instructions without panicking the public much, as the bus passed the Hudson underpass, the entry gate was closed while we passengers were watching. I could not understand what others say as many were Hispanic people, but their moods gave me the feeling they were worried much.

When I reached the Jersey City where I was staying and it had direct view of New York City over the Hudson River when I came to the verandah. I came and changed my clothes, came out to see what is happening and around 2 pm local time I was watching the WTC was collapsing just as some as spreads, a scene very rare and shocking.

From that time my heart was also in shock as I knew that big disaster could be nearer and these incidents will shatter my dream and just as I thought in few weeks I had to move out of New York to Texas and from there to LA and finally to DC looking for survival and work to live.

What happened and being happened in USA is history and its glory is gone, which I noticed by rapid declining economy, miles long abandoned factories, shops just out of cities, empty streets, medium and small business that closed almost on daily basis were all catalysts to ever declining glory of the USA of yester years.

It economy entangled in misery, there were no jobs for migrants, no proper scope, migration laws tightened, visa status cannot be changed due to the newly imposed Homeland security law and exactly six and half years later I decided to get out of USA and forget the American dream. It can never be recovered for both Americans and me alike!

The rest you all know about USA now!   

The world is entangled with same conflicts that entangled in the 19th century as we are coming closer to 100th anniversary of WWI.   Throughout the history it has proved that whenever the Imperialists encounter economic and own failures they went in to war with others, the only way they could straighten faults and overcome economic bankruptcy. They very badly need a war, that’s the truth. For that matter Verbal attacks on Russia and China goes on, some armed vehicles and Aircrafts being moved to the NATO front in Europe.

 The time is very much apt now and be prepared for a war!!!  It’s quiet obvious history repeats though may be in different form of structure and outfit, but by same integrity.  Attack on Iran is nearing as I am writing this which will set fire to a long conflict. This time it’s not just bombs, but Nukes. Hah…..ha………………………………!

 Anyway, let’s pay tribute to those unsuspecting innocent who died on 9/11 in New York. The federal news says only 3000 + dead but at the time in that early morning there should have been over 20000  people of all walks inside the WTC the workers, customers and visitors and also one Sri Lankan kiosk shop keeper on the ground also perished.

May you be well and happy?

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  1. RohanJay Says:

    False Flag! The US Govt along with other American imperialist agencies and other western imperialist agencies in other western countries were willing to murder 3000 innocent Americans in the most horrible fashion in front of the world’s tv screens in real time. In September 2001. Just so that the Imperialists in the west can go on their global rampage and start attacking countries destabilizing the world into high gear so that US and NATO countries – the west can go around the world attacking militarily innocent people so that they can conquer and dominate the world for their globalist agendas of the west.
    I think it was called their project for a new american century and they needed a pearl harbour event to kick start their world destabilization program and global military rampage of US and NATO for their globalist domination of the world. UN help facilitate this agenda!
    Shame! 3000 innocent Americans had to die terrible deaths and millions upon millions of poorer innocent people in other parts of the world middle east and central asia in particular had to pay with the their lives just so that the US and NATO can push their imperialist world domination agenda on the rest of the world. That is the truth of 11th September 2001 false flag event.

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