Posted on September 28th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Elder brother of our family is very upset about some other members of the family going to Uncle Sam’s house without informing him. Senior uncle related to the partner in the family has unilaterally decided to allow them to enjoy the party in Uncle Sam’s house,

In a family re union ,elder brother was looking for an important brother who invited him for the party and bolted away ,Brother is furious  and wants to reprimand all others .

Then some cousins have gone to the land of Rasputin without informing head of the family spending enormous amount of money and family coffers are depleting .Another  Big Sister who is quite knowledgeable in Horoscopic matters  were playing innocent ,pretending that she did not know .

We need to educate heads of the family to put strict rules to get clearances when they plan to go for various parties.

Various members of the family who are entrusted to monitor various functions like playing Elle ,Running Bollock Carts ( having issues with lack of stud bulls ),boat service” ,Grocery affairs ,handling local police ,looking after lands etc. etc.
They all behave like spoiled children and do what they like and weekly get together to discuss family affairs where all decision are made have been ignored.

Worse of all is the brother who used to play Elle is now looking after family paru ( boat) business ignoring the elder brother and ganging up with the Uncle .

Anther distant relative of a different cast who got married to a member of the next door neighbours who are in logger heads with the family is trying to create disunity by organizing protests in a Northern village .

Very soon whole family may collapse unless influential uncle let the elder brother run the family in the absence of parents


Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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