Tamils killed by Prabakaran & LTTE – Are Tamils mourning or celebrating these deaths?
Posted on September 29th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

 So LTTE is the sole representative of the Tamil people? Can those who say so explain why LTTE and its leader have killed the following Tamil people? If the LTTE, the TNA, the LTTE Diaspora and Tamils on foreign payroll as NGO activists are all making virtually the same demands using the ‘discrimination’ ‘minority rights’ placards as smokescreen, shouldn’t people be wondering whether they are being taken for a ride? How can you anyone agree to a separate mono-ethnic enclave  via a new constitution & devolution when clearly all these entities espousing for it have not only been killing Sinhalese, Muslims, foreigners but also killing the very people they say they are fighting for? Does the UNSG, UNHRC head, foreign envoys and all other nosy-parkers understand this! Isnt it strange that the present TNA leaders together with all elements that have been supporting the LTTE underground are demanding to mourn the dead LTTE instead of mourning the Tamil victims of LTTE terror? Are Tamils actually elated that these Tamils are dead and happy that LTTE killed them?

Below is a very inconclusive list of Tamils killed by LTTE either because they didn’t tow LTTE line or simply because they wanted to live harmoniously with the Sinhalese & Muslims?

This list is inconclusive though with over 200 names because there are many many Tamils killed by LTTE whose names are not known. These genocide killings will never get any honourable mention even in any UN report.

However, no UN, current government or any of the reconciliation bogeys can divide our nation on ethnic lines as was done in Yugoslavia (Kosovo) and South Sudan because LTTE and other militant groups were initially created by India and these groups were formed of low caste Tamils who were happy to take the gun because it gave them power over their own high caste/class people who were degrading them and taking no notice of them because of their caste.

In holding the gun they had a power over their own people that they never had because of their caste. The upper caste/class quickly turned this around to their own benefit pretending to outsource eelam quest to Prabakaran until such time they could politically capture control knowing that any man who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. Prabakaran was never ready for any political settlement because he knew it would be his end and that is why he vetoed every peace attempt and paper placed before him but used it cunningly to re-group and strategize his next kill. The only time he got caught was when he was frisked off to India and he had to agree to the Indo-Lanka Accord otherwise he would not have been allowed to return to Sri Lanka.

Our leaders have been fooled in not studying not just one enemy but all facets of the enemy in particular the caste reality that prevails still.

  • We do not know how many of the many Tamil militant groups that India created were killed by LTTE. We do know the names of their leaders killed by LTTE, but we do not know how many of their members were also cold-bloodedly killed by LTTE.
  • We do not know how many LTTE child soldiers were killed by LTTE – during the gruesome training, shot and killed when attempting to flee the training ‘orphanages’ in the thick of the jungle, died from severe training or lack of adequate food or even as a result of diseases or snake bites,
  • We do not know how many adult LTTE cadres – men and women faced the same fate either as a result of not following orders, wanting to leave
  • We also do not know how many LTTE injured cadres were killed by LTTE during the final stages of the conflict – we know they were put into buses and the buses blown off but we do not have their names or details.
  • We do not know how many civilians were also killed by LTTE when trying to flee – we know some of them have horrifying stories to tell. How asking to be freed to give milk to one’s baby ended up in the mother getting a bullet to her head….none of these deaths have had UN tears except attempt to credit the deaths into the Tribunal against our soldiers
  • We also do not know the many Tamils who LTTE Diaspora have killed overseas – some for not agreeing to pay monthly ‘tax’, others because they were not agreeable to LTTE philosophy. Many Tamils live in fear still and some Tamils live with injuries as a result of the LTTE sword gangs that prevail in particular throughout UK and EU nations. Most of these Tamils are staying illegally so they cannot even report their state to the police or take hospital treatment lest these incidents are investigated.
  • The only Tamil that had cats lives has been EPDP head Douglas Devananda who has managed to survive 10 attempts by LTTE to murder him.

Note the killings of Tamils before 1983 were specifically targeting Tamil policemen to scare them from joining the police and Tamil candidates of the UNP to also scare them from joining political parties that were not only catering to Tamil sentiment.

LTTE have killed

  • Tamil Mayors
  • Tamil policemen
  • Tamil politicians
  • Tamil Academics
  • Tamil public servants
  • Tamil civil servants
  • Tamil religious leaders
  • Tamil Judges
  • Tamil social service workers
  • Tamil students
  • Tamil children
  • Tamil low caste child soldiers
  • Tamil civilians fleeing for safety
  • Tamil engineers
  • Tamil lawyers
  • Tamil journalists/peace activists and other moderates
  • Tamil rival groups & their leaders
  • Tamil businessmen who did not tow the line

In so doing LTTE made Tamils fear moving with other communities, in TNA and LTTE Diaspora following that same mantra they are also now responsible for the racism that prevails. In UN, foreign governments and other nosy parkers allowing that racism to continue they are not helping people to live in peace but devising ways to piece out island nation and destroy it forever.

Date Killed The Victims
27 July 1975


Prabakaran’s first victim was a Tamil

1.        Alfred Duraiappah, Tamil Christian Mayor of Jaffna. Killed by Prabakaran with own gun as he came out of the Vishnu Kovil. The Mayor was just 49 years at the time of his death. He was a lawyer. Amirthalingam’s response was that Duraiapah was killed because he betrayed the ‘cause’. Amirthalingam was also killed by LTTE probably for the same reason!
14 February 1977

Prabakaran’s second victims were Tamil policemen on duty

2.        Kandiah Karunanithy PC3164 CID, Kankesanthurai police

He is the first police officer to be murdered by Tamil militants

7 April 1978

Prabakaran’s second victims were Tamil policemen on duty

3.        IP T. I. Bastiampillai – Inspector of Police, CID shot along with his police team by Sellakili, a bodyguard of Prabhakaran
6 May 1978

Prabakaran’s second victims were Tamil policemen on duty

4.        IP, PATHMANADAN Investigator into terrorist activities.
Shot on 24 January 1978

Died on 20 April 1980

5.        Mylvaganam Canagaratnam TULF MP for Pottuvil. In 1977 he joined the UNP and made District MP for Batticoloa by Prabakaran himself in Colombo.
7 September 1978 6.        IP KUMARU – another Tamil policeman on duty
1 July 1979 7.        IP GURUSAMAY – A witness of the SANSONI Commission
2 October 1980 8.        SUBRAMANIAM – UNP Organiser for KILINOCHCHI
24 May 1981 9.        A. Thiagarajah Former ACTC MP (Vaddukoddai); UNP candidate; for District Development Council (DDC) elections – 1981 / MP for Vaddukodai / former principal, Karainagar Hindu College
15 November 1982 10.      VALLIPURAM THAMBIPILLAI – UNP organiser for PUNNALAIKADDUVAN
19 January 1983


11.      K. T. Pulendran Member of Vavuniya Urban Council, UNP organiser for Vavuniya District shot S. J. Muttiah UNP candidate, Chavakacheri
29 April 1983 12.      K. V. RATHNASINGHAM – UNP Candidate for UC elections – POINT PEDRO
30 April 1983 13.      S. S. MUTTIAH – 1st Candidate for UC elections, CHAVAKACHCHERI. (retd PWD)
4 June 1983 14.      SINNATHAMBI THILAGAR –UNP, Candidate for Local Govt elections
12 August 1983 15.      AG RAJASOORIYAR – UNP Chief Organiser for JAFFNA.
20 August 1983 16.      Velamurugu Master TULF organiser; Member, Kalmunai Citizens Committee
1 September 1983 17.      Ms MALA RAMACHANDRAN – UNP Member of Municipal Council
18 September 1983 18.      S. Gopallapillai UNP candidate
5 May 1984 19.      SINNATHAMMBY APPUKUTTY AMBALAVANAR, JP – LTTE killed a Justice of Peace!
25 May 1984 20.      VATHTHIYAMPILLAI FRANCIS – Gramasevaka of Madagal
1 September 1985 21.      K THURAIRATHINAM – TULF MP for POINT PEDRO.
18 September 1984 22.      SAMYTHAMBI GOPALAPILLAI – Special Service Officer of Thambiluvil.
8 December 1984 23.      U RAMAIAH supervisor of Cement Corporation – KKS
24 February 1985 24.      S GNANACHANDIRAM ex District Judge, Point Pedro and Government Agent, Mullaitivu
26 June 1985 25.      C.E ANANDARAJAH – Principal of St’ Johns College – LTTE killed him for organizing a game between the students and the Sri Lankan forces
22 August 1985 26.      D K THAMBIPILLAI President of Citizen Committee Oddusudan
2 September 1985 27.      M. Alalasundaram – TULF MP
3 September 1985 28.      K RAJALINGAM – TULF, MP for UDUPPIDDI.
3 September 1985 29.      V. DHARMALINGAM – TULF MP for MANIPAI Father of Mr. D. SIDDHARTHAN (PLOTE leader). He was a member of ITAK in 1949
3 September 1985 30.      K ALALASUNDARAM – TULF, MP for KOPAY. Kidnapped with Dharmalingam and killed.
3 October 1985 31.      VADIVEL PERIMBAM – Gramasevaka
11 March 1986 32.      P.K KIRUBAKARAN – Judge,Primary Court. – LTTE killed a Tamil Judge!
6 June 1986 33.      Sundaram Sri Sabaratnam – TELO Leader. In 1986 TELO was banned by LTTE. He was cornered by LTTE’s Kittu and loudspeakers were used to warn Tamils of not harbouring Sabaratnam. He was found in a tobacco field. Kittu shot him in the leg to prevent him escaping. Sabaratnam pleaded with Kittu for his life but Kittu shot him using a machine gun. Sabaratnam’s bullet ridden body was displayed at Kondavil bus stand before being handed over to his family. THIS WAS HOW LTTE TREATED TAMILS!
5 August 1986 34.      SIVALINGAM – Principal, Sittandy Ramakrishnan Mission School.
23 August 1986 35.      S VISHVALINGAM – Gramasevaka
9 April 1987 36.      KANAPATHIPILLAI SUNDARALINGAM – Gramasevaka
15 September 1987 37.      P. VIGNARAJAH – AGA, Samanthurai.
28 September 1987 38.      ARUMUGAMPILLAI – Secretary UC, Trincomalee
8 October 1987 39.      S. S. JEGANATHAN – AGA, Batticaloa
8 October 1987 40.      Anthonimuttu, Government Agent, Batticaloa
3 November 1987 41.      DHARMALINGAM – Principal of Puttur College – Notice that the killings of these principals aligned to the recruitment drive by LTTE of children. All principals who refused were killed.
26 November 1987 42.      P. SINNADURAI – AGA, Mr. HANIFFA – Gramasevaka
12 December 1987 43.      P. SUNDARANAYAGAM – Gramasevaka , Kokkadichoalai
14 December 1987 44.      KANAPATHIPILLAI SUNDARALINGAM – Member of Gramodaya Mandalaya
17 December 1987 45.      P. UNDARANAYAGAM Gramasevaka of Kokkadicholai
14 December 1987 46.      K ELIYATHAMBI KANDASAMY – Principal of Palugamam Maha Vidyalaya
14 December 1987 47.      VELAMPPODI GUNARATNAM – Teaching PALUGAMAM Maha Vidyalaya.
14 December 1987 48.      K. E. KANDASAMY Principle of PALUGAMAM Maha Vidyalaya
17 December 1987 49.      K. SUGATHADASAN – Ex President of AMBALANTHURAI Citizens Committee
31 January 1988 50.      S.SITHTHAMPARANATHAN – School Principal
8 March 1988 51.      S VIJAYANATHAM – Secretary of the Ceylon Communist Party in JAFFNA.
20 March 1988 52.      VELUMURUGU – TULF organizer.
28 March 1988 53.      Velmurugu Master,TULF organizer and Citizen’s Committee member, Kalmunai
11 May 1988 54.      NADARAJAH KUGADASAN – Co-operative Manager
13 May 1988 55.      MASALAMANI KANAGARANAM (Principal of Arampathi. Maha Vidyalaya)
6 June 1988 56.      Rev. Fr. Chandra Fernando, President, Citizen’s Committee, Batticoloa
27 October 1988 57.      RAJA SHANKAR – President of the Citizens Committee.
25 January 1989 58.      N K SIVAGNANAM – All Ceylon Tamil Congress (ACTC)
18 February 1989 59.      MYLVAGANAM editor of the Daily ELAMURUSU”
7 March 1989


60.      S. Sambandamoorthy Former TULF Chairman, Batticaloa District Development Council
8 March 1989 61.      SINNATHAMBI SABANANDAN – Chief organiser of TULF.
7 April 1989 62.      RAMANATHAN – AGA, Jaffna.
1 May 1989 63.      V. M. Panchalingam District Secretary/Government Agent, Jaffna District
2 May 1989 64.      PANCHALINGAM – Assistant Manager of Marketing Depot – Kilinochchi
10 May 1989 65.      MAHALINGAM – Reporter of the Island News Paper
28 June 1989 66.      K. PULENDRAN – AGA, Kopay
13 July 1989 67.      A Amirthalingam Initially joined ITAK in 1949 & was leader of the Youth Front. He was ITAKs candidate for Vaddukoddai at the 1952 Parliamentary election – Tamils did not vote for him. He was the Godfather of Terrorism. Amirthalingam was quoted in the Sansoni Commission report as having urged the misled youth to take up arms and fight for an Eelam. Amirthalingam and Yogeswaran were killed in his Colombo 7 house shot  by 3 LTTE assailants.
13 July 1989 68.      V. Yogeswaran Former TULF MP (Jaffna) was shot with Amirathalingam inside the Colombo home
13 July 1989 69.      SINNATHAMBI SAMBANDANMOORTHI – Chairman of District Development Council /Chief organizer of the TULF in Eravur.
14 July 1989 70.      KRISHNAPILLAI – Ayuvedic Physician
16 July 1989 71.      Former PLOTE leader Uma Maheswaran
3 August 1989 72.      ARASARATNAM GANESHAPILLAI supervisor of the Irrigation
6 September 1989 73.      P. RAVINDRAN – Station Master
9 September 1989 74.      KRISHNAMOOTH – Gramasevaka Velvetithurai
9 September 1989 75.      SHAMMUGHANATHAN – Gramasevaka
21 September 1989 76.      Dr. Rajani Thiranagama was a Tamil human rights activist
12 October 1989 77.      SIVENDRARAJA – Gramasevaka
6 November 1989 78.      I. Shanmugalingam Staff Reporter, Eelanaadu & Eelamurasu newspapers – LTTE informs family of killing him 3 days later
30 November 1989 79.      SUNDARALINGAM (Clerk of the MPCS Union, Pandirippu
28 January 1990 80.      P. Ganeshalingam Former EPRLF minister, North Eastern Provincial Council killed
28 January 1990 81.      KANDASAMY SADANANDAN JOTHI (Gramasevaka of Nilaveli Division).
7 May 1990. 82.      Sam Tambimuttu – EPRLF MP for Batticola District and his wife gunned down by LTTE Arun Tambimuttu is their son.
19 June 1990 83.      EPRLF Leader – KANDASAMY PATHMANABHA
19 June 1990 84.      P. Kirubakaran Former EPRLF Finance Minister, North Eastern Provincial Council
19 June 1990 85.      V K YOGASANGARI – EPRLF, MP for JAFFNA District.
15 July 1990 86.      K KANAGARATNAM – MP for POTTUVIL
20 November 1991 87.      S WIJERATNAM – Gramasevaka, Kokkadicholai.
23 November 1991 88.      K PODIWEERARTNAM Gramasevaka –Pandariyawela
23 September 1992 89.      SP MR. THEOPHILUS – Tamil policemen on duty
15 July 1994 90.      VELEPODI ALAGIAH – TELO, Pradesiya Saba member
3 September 1994 91.      T JAYARAJAN –Deputy leader of TELO/ Chairman of the Provincial Council in Batticaloa
13 September 1994 92.      T. Jeyarajah Chairman, Chenkalady Pradeshiya Sabha
8 December 1994 93.      G. Mahendraraja (alias Mahattaya) considered deputy LTTE leader, was killed for leaking information to India (he was a RAW agent)
31 December 1994 94.      Karavai Kandasamy Deputy chairman, Vice President of DPLF/ Leader of PLOTE
28 April 1995 95.      K. Vinothan Former SLFP organiser, Jaffna District
11 June 1995 96.      PATHMANANDAN – Chairman of Thirukkovil Pradesiya Sabha.
26 October 1995 97.      Thomas Anton Deputy Mayor of Batticaloa (TELO)
1 November 1995 98.      Mrs. PASUPATHIPILLAI – Principal of Manipay Hindu Vidyalaya – the first Female Principal killed by LTTE
16 April 1996 99.      Nagarmani Rajadurai Chairman, Mandur Pradeshiya Shaba
29 September 1996 100.   Kandiah Amirthalingam Vice Chairman, Vakarai Pradeshiya Sabha
Kidnapped on  August 30, 1991 and killed in 1997 101.   Thiagarajah Selvanithy or (Selvi) /Chelvy – founder of a feminist journal called Tholi In 1997, LTTE sources acknowledged that she was executed along with another dissident, one Manoharan, also a final year University student.
1997 102.   Manoharan 3rd year university student – also kidnapped by LTTE was executed with Selvi in a LTTE prison camp.
5 July 1997 103.   A Thangathurai – Tamil lawyer from Mutur District, Batticoloa. He is also believed to have been behind the felling of a bo tree in Kiliveddy resulting in minor communal clashes. He was not arrested because he was a MP.
3 October 1997 104.   S. T. Tharmalingam SLFP organiser, Jaffna District
17 May 1998 105.   Sarojini Yogeswaran TULF Mayor of Jaffna
15 July 1998 106.   S. Shanmuganathan – A senior member of Indian-trained militant group PLOTE (Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam) He was PLOTE’s Vavuniya Commander. He contested Parliamentary election in 1994 from Vanni District under Democratic People’s Liberation Front and was elected to Parliament. He was killed from a claymore mine
2 September 1998 107.   Nagalingam Manickathasan alias Thasan – deputy leader and military commander of the People’s Liberation Organisation of Thamil Eelam (PLOTE), together with his lieutnenant Illango who was the Vavuniya regional military leader of the PLOTE, and Vino, a former member of the Kaluvanchikudipradeshiya sabha (local authority) in Batticaloa district were also killed. Thasan’s mother is Sinhalese and, incidentally, is the siste r of former Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) general secretary Upatissa Gamanayake’s mother. Thasan was earlier a junior member of the LTTE
11 September 1998 108.   PONNADURAI SIVAPALAN – TULF/ Mayor of MC, JAFFNA- succeeded slain Mrs. Yogeshwaran
11 September 1998 109.   Markandu Eswaram Chief Engineer – bombed inside Mayors office
26 December 1998 110.   Pon Mathimukarajah (Mathimugaraj) General Secretary, TULF Nallur Branch
4 February 1999 111.   NADARAJAH SIVARAJH – The Vice Chairmen of Valikamam East Provincial Council and an EPDP member
4 February 1999 112.   BANDARI KANDASAMI – EPDP member of Valikamam East Provincial Council
14 February 1999 113.   P. Kandasamy Member of Pradeshiya Sabha
5 May 1999 114.   Veerahaththy Gunaratnam PLOTE Member, Pachchilaipalli Pradheshiya Sabha
12 May 1999 115.   M. Balasingham Member of Pradeshiya Sabha
13 May 1999 116.   KAILASAPATHI – PLOTE, Pradesiya Saba member of Valikamam East
31 May 1999 118.   THIYAGARAJAH RAJKUMAR – EPDP/Member and Vice Chairman of Provincial Council, Nallur.
16 July 1999 119.   BASKARALINGAM – PLOTE leader in Vavuniya.
29 July 1999 120.   Neelan Tiruchelvam TULF MP (National List) suicide assassination Tiruchelvam was director of the Colombo-based International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) Tiruchelvam, along with G. L. Peiris, were the lead authors of President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s 1995 constitutional reform and devolution plan (also known as the GL-Neelan Package” or The New Deal”)
2 September 1999 121.   Murugesu Gunaratnam (alias Vino) Former PLOTE Deputy Chairman, Kaluvanchikudi Pradeshiya Sabha; public relations officer killed from bomb
2 September 1999 122.   K MANICKADASAN – Deputy leader of PLOTE
12 October 1999 123.   THAMBIRASA VINAYAGAMOORTHI VASIKARAN – EPDP Co-ordination Officer
2 November 1999 124.   NADARAJAH ATPUTHARAJAH – EPDP, MP/Secretary of the Politbureau of the EPDP/Editor of THINAMURUSU” (a Tamil tabloid paper).
10 December 1999 125.   Marias Anton aka David – PLOTE leader
5 January 2000 126.   KUMAR PONNAMBALAM – General Secretary of the All Ceylon Tamil Congress(ACTC)/ leading lawyer
14 January 2000 127.   Vadivelu Vijeyaratnam (alias Sellakili Master) PLOTE Chairman, Point Pedro Urban Council
1 March 2000 128.   Anton Sivalingam EPDP Member
2 March 2000 129.   ANTON SIVALINGAM – EPDP/Member of Municipal Council, Jaffna
7 June 2000 130.   Kanapathipillai Navaratnarajah TELO member
10 September 2000 131.   Chelian Perinpanayagam Former Mayor of Batticaloa, writer, journalist PA Candidate for Batticaloa – General Election 2000
20 October 2000 132.   Kingsley Rasanayagam – TNA MP for Batticoloa
7 November 2000 133.   Nimalan Soundaranayagam TULF MP Batticoloa District
17 November 2001 134.   SINNATHAMBY RAJKUMAR – UNP Candidate for Batticaloa district – General election
18 April 2003 135.   MARIYAMUTTU RAJALINGAM JEGADEESAN the Chairman of the Alayadivembu Pradeshiya Sabha. (member of EPDP).
3 May 2003 136.   DHARMARAJAH JEYARASA – EPDP, Former Chairman of the Nelliady Pradeshiya Sabha
1 June 2003 137.   KALIRAJAH RAMANAN Former member of the Batticaloa Municipal Council and Former TELO member
14 June 2003 138.   Robert SUBADDIRAN –  Deputy Leader of PLOTE.
16 June 2003 139.   PONNIAH RAMACHANRAN PRATHAB, Candidate Contesting the Local Govt. Election for the BATTICALOA Urban Council
1 March 2004 140.   SINNATHAMBI SUNDARAMPILLAI, UNP candidate for the Batticaloa District at the General Electen 2004
30 March 2004 141.   Rajan Sathiyamoorthy TNA parliamentary candidate
24 May 2004 142.   KUMARAVELLU THAMBAIYA (Lecturer of Eastern University)
21 July 2004 143.   RAVINDRAN VELAUDAN @ KAMALAN-the Chairman of the Alayadivembo Pradeshiya Sabha. (Member of EPDP).
16 August 2004 144.   BALRAJ NADARAJAH AIYAR ILEIYAVAN, the EPDP Tamil media spokesman / an EPDP candidate for the Jaffna
District at the General Election 2004 and a Senior journalist
9 September 2004 145.   KUNJITAHMBI SIVARAZA (Gramasevaka Karadyanaru )
10 September 2004 146.   ATHMALINGAM RAMANI @ PANDIYAN,the Deputy Orgniser of the EPDP for TRINCOMALEE
11 September 2004 147.   MAYAN CHANDRA MOHAN @ ARULDAS An EPDP member, (Ex-member of KYTS ATCHUVELI Pradeshiya Sabha).
25 November 2004 148.   Sonnyboy Occersz (alias Rangappa) Senior member, ENDLF
16 August 2004 149.   Balanadarajah Iyer Lead editor, EPDP; founder, Thinamurasu newspaper
18 September 2004 150.   THAMBITHURAI SIVAKUMAR BAWAN, the EPDP leader of THILLADI, JFN. ( An EPDP candidate for the JAFFNA District Parliamentary Election 2004).
27 September 2004 151.   VALLISUNDARAM , a former member of the VALIKAMAM NORTH Pradeshiya Saba (from 1998-2002) and a member of the EPRLF ( Vardaraja Perumal group).
19 October 2004 152.   KINGSLY RAJANAYAGAM , a former TNA MP for Batticaloa.
4 April 2005 153.   THYAGARAJA KAILANADAN (Director of Vocational Training Centre attached to Ministry of Hindu Cultural Affairs )
10 April 2005 154.   SIVARATHNAM ARUNAMBALAM (Development Registrar of Samurdhi)
15 April 2005 155.   SIVARATHNAM ARUNAMBALAM (Development Registrar of Samurdhi)
15 April 2005 156.   LTTE kills 9 cadres of rival ENDLF Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front – created with the help of the IPKF The leader was Paranthan Rajan


28 April 2005 157.   MURUGESU WARDARAJA, EPRLF, A member of PORATHIVU Pradeshiya Sabha (Former EPRLF deputy leader in BATTICALOA.)
28 April 2005 158.   Taraki Sivaram Editor, TamilNet
25 May 2005 159.   PERIYAPUDI SOORIYAMOORTHI , Former Mayor of TRINCOMALEE ( A TELO member)
28 May 2005 160.   Mr. SA THAYAGARAJA (Sub Inspector – Batticaloa )
20 June 2005 161.   MARIMUTTU PASKARAN (Gramasevaka Kalmunai
12 August 2005 162.   Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadiragamar – assassinated while swimming inside his own home by LTTE sniper
12 August 2005 163.   Mr. & Mrs Relangi Selvarajah – Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corp
14 September 2005 164.   HINDU PRIEST SABANANDA SHARMA (Maradanamadam
Hindu Temple)
21 September 2005 165.   A. JEEVARATHNAM (Gramasevaka –Kinniady)
3 October 2005 166.   PARAMESHVARAM ( A Teacher of OLR school JAFFNA)
11 October 2005 167.   NADARAJA SHIVAGADASAN ( Principal of J/Christian College KOPAY) -2005 appears to be the season for LTTE killings of Principals.
11 October 2005 168.   K. RAJADORAI ( Principal of Central College – JAFFNA) – Another Principal killed by LTTE
19 October 2005 169.   PERAIRA WEERASINGHAM (Gramasevaka – KANKANKULAM)
25 December 2005 170.   Joseph Pararajasingham – TNA/TULF MP for Batticaloa shot
24 April 2006 171.   ARIYARATHNAM LINKGESHWARAM (Education Office –
26 May 2006 172.   RATHNAM RATHNARAJAH (Provincial official Director Irrigation Engineer – BATTICALOA)
21 June 2006 173.   SINNAMAM THARMARAJAH (Manager of URELU Cooperative Society)
4 July 2006 174.   Thirumani Ariyaratnam Lingan former member of EPRLF-Varathar faction
10 July 2006 175.   Sinharayar Christopher of PLOTE shot and killed by an LTTE pistol group
4 August 2006 176.   PONNATURAI GANESHA MOORTHI- (Bank Manager of People’s Bank- KANKASANTHRAI)
12 August 2006 177.   Ketheesh Loganathan Co-founder, Centre for Policy Alternatives; Deputy Leader, Government Peace Secretariat – accused of being a traitor to the cause
20 August 2006 178.   S. Sivamaharajah – Former TULF MP (Jaffna District); editor of Namathu Eelanadu (Our Eelam Nation) newspaper
11 October 2006 179.   SHIVAGHANA SELWAM ( Teacher of Saraswathi College- KINNLADY)
16  October 2006 180.   MARKANDU MAHENDRAN (Gramasewaka – J/95 ARIALAI
10 November 2006 181.   Nadarajah Raviraj -TNA/TULF MP (Jaffna District); former Mayor of Jaffna – International Center for Strategic Defense blames LTTE
5 January 2007 182.   Union Leader – V.GANESHALINGAM (Agricultural officer)
5 January 2007 183.   V.MAHENDRAN (Agricultural officer)
12 January 2007 184.   VELLAYAN PREMACHANDRAN (Gramasevaka – J-383 GS Division)
22 January 2007 185.   DARAMAKULASINGHAM ( CTB Depot Manager- VAVUNIYA
26 January 2007 186.   THANGARASA UDAYARASAN – Engineer
12 July 2007 188.   MANIYAM KANAPATHIPPILLAI- Sivapirakasa Maha Vidyalaya – LTTE killed a Principal.
1 August 2007 189.   Sahadevan Nilakshan (22) Journalist, Chaalaram
20 September 2007 190.   MUTHUKUMARAN PARAMASODI – (Gramasewaka- Palaththadichenai)
26 September 2007 191.   Rev. Fr. NICHOLASPILLAI PACKIYARANJITH- (Mannar District Coordinator of Jesuit Refugee Service)
1 January 2008 192.   T. MAHESWARAN – A former Minister of UNF government
7 January 2008 193.   PARASURAMAN NANTHAKUMAR – President of Batticaloa District Volunteer Teacher’s Union
7 January 2008 194.   PARASURAMAN NANTHAKUMAR – President of Batticaloa District Volunteer Teacher’s Union.
6 April 2008 195.   Minister Jeyraj Fernandopulle – Roman Catholic. Assassinated along with 14 others by a suicide bomber who exploded himself at the start of a marathon race which was part of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebration in Weliveriya town
20 April 2008 196.   Rev Fr M.X KARUNARATNAM- Chairman of the North East Secretariat on Human Rights(NESOHR)
20 April 2008 197.   KANAGARATHNAM ANADI – Grama Sevaka Kalmunai
28 May 2008 199.   Paranirupasingham Devakumar – Jaffna correspondent for the independent channel News 1st
2 June 2008 200.   PUSHPANADAN AIYATHURE – Vice Chairman of KALUTHAVALI Pradeshiya Sabha
21 September 2008 201.   SIVAKUGARAJ KURUKKAL – Hindu priest; Chief Priest, Koneswaram Temple, Trincomalee
6 October 2008 202.   Dr. RAJA JOHNPULLE – Organizer of ANURADHAPURA District and wife
6 October 2008 203.   John Pulle UNP organiser, Anuradhapura District; former Sri Lankan Ambassador suicide bombing
11 October 2008 204.   T.M TAVACHELVAM- UNP organizer, Vavuniya
14 November 2008 205.   Kumaraswamy Nandagopan (alias Ragu) President, TMVP shot in Colombo
3 January 2009 206.   PRIEST SELLATHAMBY VINAGARATHNAM (Sathively Kanagranman Temple)
2009 207.   Tamils fleeing LTTE for safety –a young couple who were trying to flee with their child to the government administered area of the North. The LTTE shot had broken a part of the man’s arm but it had also blown out the brains of the little child. Yet he did not want to show the mother that the child had died. He took a piece of mat and wrapped the corpse in it, and in anguish and desperation took a jungle route to freedom. By the time he had met the Army after many days fleeing, hiding from the terrorists there were maggots in his hand but he was still clinging on to the remains of his child when he met the Army men”. (quoting Vijitha Nakkawita)

We do not know how many more Tamils the LTTE killed when fleeing. All of these deaths the UN is trying to pin on the Sri Lanka Army as no mention of these firings get into any UN report. The double standards are making a mockery of the UN system and officials.

No freedom fighters kill their own people. Terrorists have no religion, no ethnicity and no love for their nation. They are motivated by killing and the profits they make from it. All those who held guns are still better than the Tigers in suits who are now openly moving around us preaching peace when they were always part of the murderous cult to divide the nation.

Don’t you wonder why TNA, Northern Chief Minister Wigneswaran, academics and students of the Jaffna University et al wish to commemorate LTTE dead (as seen by the drama they made out of LTTE Thileepan) and why none of them has so much as lit a candle for any of the above killed by LTTE. Doesn’t this expose all of the culprits and their lies about ‘looking after their own people’

Shenali D Waduge

Tamils who escaped terror still praising SL Army” http://www.priu.gov.lk/news_update/Current_Affairs/ca201106/20110622UK_Tamil_answers_pro_LTTE_lies.htm

8 Responses to “Tamils killed by Prabakaran & LTTE – Are Tamils mourning or celebrating these deaths?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “Are Tamils mourning or celebrating these deaths?”

    Mourn SOME, celebrate some. Let me be frank and say what ACTUALLY MOST TAMILS think. You and I DISAGREE with these but that is a different story.

    TAMIL PEOPLE believe (I disagree) some were killed by the army, not the LTTE. They MOURN these.

    e.g. Rev Fr M.X KARUNARATNAM- Chairman of the North East Secretariat on Human Rights(NESOHR)

    Some in the list are considered TRAITORS by Tamils. They CELEBRATE their deaths. I disagree.
    Some in the list are considered LOW CASTE by Tamils. They CELEBRATE their deaths. I disagree.
    Some in the list are CHRISTIANS. Not considered TRUE BLOODED SAIVA THAMUL. Tamils don’t mind their deaths. I disagree.

    A FEW are considered INNOCENT and blame LTTE for killing them. Tamils consider them to be COLLATERAL DAMAGE, essential sacrifices to “win political rights and TE”. For some, Tamils blame the govt. for putting them in harm’s way!

    Now please don’t shoot the messenger. I DISAGREE with what my community thinks but I cannot change them.

    Viggie is getting EXTREMELY POPULAR among Tamils today. he has beaten Sampanthan in racism. Unless you are a full or half Tamil you can NEVER understand the mindset of a Tamil.

  2. AnuD Says:

    It is time to forget the past. It is time to let LTTE to come back. Don’t go on the defensive with Tamils. Get ready for offensive with Tamils. Allow LTTE to proliperate and see how Wigge and TNA are going to do it. Only thing is, at that time, Military should not be available to protect them. They know how to do it.

    It will work for Sinhala People.

    We nave to worry only about politicians in the south.

  3. AnuD Says:


    “Are Tamils mourning or celebrating these deaths?”

    It is impossible to have the perfect war.

    So, nothing to do.

  4. Sooriarachi Says:

    Wigneswaran, Sampanthan and others should thank the Rajapakse government and the Sinhala dominated armed forces for sacrificing their lives and security to rescue the Tamil hostages and liberate Tamil dominated regions from the clutches of the LTTE by eliminating them from Sri Lankan soil.

    Had Prabakaran lived today, he would have by now sent both Wigneswaran and Sampanthan and theit ilk, 6ft under, had they stepped into the North or any LTTE dominated area, and these two names would have been in the above statistics of Prabakaran’s victims. Prabakaran hated the so called ‘high caste’ Tamils who always discriminated against their so called ‘low caste’ Tamils, just like what is happening even today in India.

    May I also add here that the ‘high caste’ Tamils cunningly mislead the world saying their grievance was against the short lived ‘Sinhala Only Official language’ legislation of 1956, when in fact they were more angry about the ‘equal opportunity’ legislation, that allowed the ‘low-caste’ Tamils to regain their human rights, which was denied to them until then, and still denied to them in Tamilnadu.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you, Shenali, for your edifying articles.


    Tamil leaders have misled the Tamil people of Lanka.
    They tied the Tamil Caste Wars anger to achieving Eelam in Lanka.

    The Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 (still not officially revoked), put in place the culture of VIOLENCE among Tamils of Lanka.
    INDIA capped it by training the LTTE in Tamil Nadu in the 1980s.

    The rest is history.

    Immediate Solutions :

    * REMOVE the ILLEGAL 13-A imposed under Duress by INDIA on the JRJ govt in 1987, in the Cold War times when INDIA was leaning toward the Sov Union.
    * REVOKE the Vadukoddai Resolution officially, at least at this late stage.

    We wonder how the west would have handled a similar problem as Lanka has with the Tamil leaders ?

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    There is NO NEED to consult Tamils or win their hearts and minds in war for national security.

    If you look at the list 15 Tamils were killed by LTTE BEFORE SL army entered the war in 1983.

    Tamils enjoy everything SL provides but their HEAD, HEART AND SOUL are in TAMIL NADU.

  7. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you Shenali for drawing the attention to these criminal acts by the Tamils against their own people.

  8. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you Shenali for the valuable information. This should go to the history clearly mentioning as victims of LieTTE… otherwise crazy historians like Nirmal Dewasiri will add these also to the list of people killed by the Rana wiruwo..

    Thank you Lorenzo for disclosing the truth… “Tamils enjoy everything SL provides but their HEAD, HEART AND SOUL are in TAMIL NADU”

    That is the very reason they do not think as Sri Lankans. But in India, Tamils also think as “Indians”.

    This proves that the Ealam project is not for Sri Lankan Tamils?? It is for the global Tamil community living in 100’s of various countries.

    The true Ealam is lying in Tamil Nadu and just for the fact that Indian constitution did not allow them to get separated, we as a innocent neighbour have to pay the price of providing their dream Ealam project in our tiny Island.

    This should not happen and should not be allowed at any cost. If the Ealam project wins, they will also see that it is the beginning of the end of Sinhala race from the world.

    Who is the minority in this situation the world should protect??? Why should not we submit a paper to UN and all the world’s governments with the full and true picture??

    To do that we need an intellectual patriotic government with true Sons and Daughters of Mother Lanka, who can be Sinhalese or Tamils or Muslims or Malays or Burghers with the love to the mother land. Lanka Web published so many good articles during MR’s rule and if they have read them and implemented, SL will be still flourishing under the MR government towards prosperity.

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