REJECT  proposals for a New Constitution
Posted on November 9th, 2016

Global Sri Lankan Forum

REJECT the proposals for a New Constitution on the Centre-Periphery relations aimed at destroying the Democratic, socialist Republic OF SRI LANKA.

The proposals now submitted by the committee of 11 members having first met in May 2016, and finally on 27th Aug. rejects the NATIONAL WILL as expressed by the Parliament by giving precedence to the Provinces at the expense of the Centre. The one and only reason flaunted by the committee is the undue advantage enjoyed by the Centre when looking at the issues from the point of view of the Periphery. They repeat the term ‘impediment to healthy relationship’ to identify the specific powers entrusted to the Centre for effective governance of a country which faced an armed separatist group and continues to be confronted with separatist claims. The recommendations are by and large an attempt to dismantle the Centre and equip the interested provinces to follow a path towards complete independence. The report clearly states that The UNITARY CHARACTER IS AN IMPEDIMENT” which reveals the preferred directions of the hidden agenda. In short, the committee is overtly interested in a Federal government, a way towards the dismembering of the SOVERIEGN UNITARY state OF SRI LANKA.

Some of the proposals put forward by the committee are as follows.

1 The powers of the Governor to be a real representative of the Centre to be reduced to make him a nominal head of the Provincial council system.

2 The Provincial public service to be brought under the Provincial Public Service Commission.

3 The concurrent list which is in the present constitution to be abolished as an impediment to the spirit of devolution.

4 The Provincial Police to be under an independent Provincial Police Commission.

5 All state lands in the Provinces to be administered by the Provincial Council.

In addition there are other recommendations in relation to Finance and Revenue collections, Parliamentary laws, Reserved list etc. which are said to a part of a  hierarchical pyramid structure” rather than playing an effective role in the sphere of the Periphery.

The pervasive inference of the proponents for more devolution to the Periphery is not difficult to comprehend. It stems from the wrong idea that power sharing only signifies the demarcation of exclusive areas of authority for the Provinces which are to be independent of the Centre”  It fails to acknowledge that  power is also shared when the Centre and the Provinces act jointly and in partnership ….Since where the national interest is concerned it is axiomatic that the Provinces must give way to the Centre…”(late Mr H.L.De Silva, the eminent Constitutional lawyer)


We request all Patriotic Parliamentarians who genuinely consider the importance of protecting the SOVERIEGN, UNITARY GOVERNMENT OF SRI LANKA to rise above petty party politics to UNITE AND DEFEAT THE IMPENDING DANGER OF SEPARTISM.

We, the Global Sri Lankan Forum, find it extremely difficult to comprehend the silence, especially of the Joint Opposition members in the committee who strongly believe in preventing separatism, for their lack of dissenting responses to these obnoxious proposals. If they raised objections, the committee has deviously ignored recording such dissenting views. It is now up to the members of the Joint Opposition and others who share anti-separatist views to explain to the citizens how the proposals were formulated and why the opposing views were not recorded.

Once unitary powers are devolved to entertain the sinister motives of western nations, all the King’s horses and all the King’s men will NEVER BE ABLE TO PUT a dismembered, federal country,  BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. What the terrorists could not obtain after 30 years of armed conflict on the blood, sweat and tears of an entire nation, is being served to them on a golden platter in the guise of this treacherous new constitution by just 11 members of this committee .


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  1. plumblossom Says:

    The new constitution is nothing but a federal state or even worse Eelam. The treacherous Ranil, CBK, Mangala and Sirisena and the godfather of the federal or Eelam constitution Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne are going to abolish the concurrent list. Even India and Pakistan which are huge countries and which have federal constitutions have a concurrent list. Even South Africa which is huge country but is a unitary state have a concurrent list. However small Sri Lanka is going to get rid of its concurrent list as per the wishes of the TNA, other separatists, the US, EU,UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden etc.

    The godfather of the new federal or Eelam constitution the treacherous Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne is going to set up a constitutional court which is above the supreme court to deal with constitutional issues which arises which will be manned by foreign funded NGO lackeys. Not only that, the Governor of a province who is the executive at the provincial level, his powers will be given over to the Chief Minister of the Province.

    Not only that, land and police powers will be given to the provincial councils which means there will be nine different police forces in the country. Vigneshwaram will then use his police force to ethnically cleanse the North of Sinhala people. Giving land powers to Vigneshwaran means he will ethnically cleanse the entire North of Sinhala people using his Eelam police force. Giving land powers to provincial councils in equivalent to handing over Eelam.

    Not only this, the subject national planning is to be handed over to the provincial councils. This is similar to handing over an Eelam if the provinces can draw up their own national plans.

    This new constitution is highly dangerous and equivalent to handing over an Eelam. It should be rejected in total by the Sinhala people and all patriotic Sri Lankan people if they have even an ounce of sense. Let us keep what is there at present which is more than sufficient as per the centre periphery relations.

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