Should Sri Lanka’s civilizational values be replaced with animal cruelty & export of goats for slaughter?
Posted on December 1st, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

What we are seeing is a clash of values with people now needing to decide to return to the simplistic, full of compassion and humane lifestyle that existed pre-colonial or the valueless, animal unfriendly and compassionless society that was introduced after colonial rule and through capitalistic-liberal ideology which is collapsing before our very eyes. The West are departing from the capitalist liberal value systems and are embracing the humane and compassionate ideologies while Asia now hypnotized with greed, hunger for profit, power and glory are moving towards the destructive path that the West is now aborting. We should not turn our back to a supreme culture and value system that was part of our national identity. There can be no virtue in animal export for profit. This venture through private parties must stop forthwith.  

How we once lived

Oh! Great King, the birds of the air and the beasts have an equal right to live and move about in any part of this land as thou. The land belongs to the people and all other beings and thou art only the guardian of it”. There were the famous words by Arahat Mahinda to King Devanampiyatissa over 2300 years ago.  

The words led to all Sinhale Kings by royal edict protecting animals. Protecting animals became a National Culture – a National Value – a National Tradition influenced by the tenets of Buddhism that guided pre-colonial royal rule. 

Capitalist ideology is all about profit at any cost. Open markets, liberal policies mean that everything ends up a commodity with a price value. Nothing is protected and everything is up for sale and profit. Yet, even the most powerful first world countries suffer malnutrition, hunger, lakhs are on food stamps, millions are homeless – they are not better off than those in the third world suffering the same. So what or where is the development when 1% own the same as the 99% own in total? Imperialistic manoeuvres are today being challenged. Former colonial rulers are all facing chaos in their own nations. The pendulum is shifting – days of plunder and pilfering are numbered. People themselves are reaching out to fundamentals of living. Many are embracing the more aesthetic way of living.


Countries like China are rising on their own terms protecting their language, culture and their history. Sri Lanka needs to do the same. No profit can come by compromising the national identity of the country to embrace cultures that are foreign to us. We do not need to copy cultures when we have a rich history that countries some of us are copying envy. We need to preserve that identity not destroy it. Our identity must align with our pride and knowledge of the wonderful ancient irrigation works, the magnificent Buddhist structures/temples and the animal-friendly culture that existed which even the South Indian invader Elara followed.    

Our identity was ceded by our own in 1815, the same is being done exactly 200 years later.  

Sri Lanka built an animal friendly cultural heritage including the world’s first wildlife sanctuary at Mihintale under the direction of King Devanampiyatissa. Under the rule of Buddhist Kings for a period of over two millennium, animal sacrifice was not permitted under any circumstances. Until the fall of the Kandyan Kingdom in 1815 the slaughter of cattle was completely prohibited.

The total disregard for the norms of the older Buddhist culture will not ensure peaceful co-existence. Religious rights have limits. They end when harm or pain prevails to either man or animal.


Just look at this video to understand the anguish of animals The investigation shows there is nothing ‘humane’ in the sacrifice of animals. These animals have their eyes stabbed, tendons slashed, and throats clumsily cut open.


We were known as a Dharmaishta Society wherein all Kings governed the nations upholding the principals of Dasa Raja Dharma – these royal decrees highlighted the legal and social structure of Sri Lanka. Our people were known as the Aryavamsa (noble race). These values and cultures should not be compromised just to pave way for failed experiments of liberalism, multiculturalism, reconciliation and capitalism. 

The high moral and ethical governance changed with the arrival of colonial rulers and practisers of Abrahamic faith – animals were cruelly killed, slaughtered for rituals, sacrifices and became a prize treat at the dinner table. Millions and millions of animals have been cruelly laid to rest. Yet, we can be happy that it is in these Western nations that movements and individuals are rising against animal slaughter, ritual slaughter, against the live export of animals. Ideally, it is the Asian dharmic religions who should be leading the way.


How can anyone merit from taking the life of another – eating an animal sacrificed? There is no such thing as blind faith. People need to realize that there is no blessing in killing a life.People know what is right and wrong. They all have a choice. Life is precious to everyone even non-human sentient beings.  

However, we are shocked to hear that the Government of Sri Lanka has decided to export live animals to be slaughtered.  

Goat export, a profitable venture’ was the news caption of a daily newspaper. One Farhath Amith claims that Sri Lankan exporters can contribute more to the economy by exporting goats! In fact we have come to know too late that goats had already been exported by airfreight to Maldives in 2015. These goats were just 6-8months. Is that no different to shipping a new born baby just 6-8months old? How would both mother and baby feel emotionally? In another news story titled Sri Lanka exports goats to Male’ we are told that Sri Lanka has started shipment of goats to Maldives through a private firm. It is tragic that Sri Lanka’s culture has stooped this low. We are exporting women slaves to Middle East and now we are breeding animals to be sent for slaughter and people are calling this as profitable export. Is there no better ways to make a living or earn profits? Must Sri Lanka give up its core values to allow local businessmen insensitive to Buddhist culture and values to denigrate the image of Sri Lanka?  

A minority religious faith and minority ministers have no right to use their religious privilege to make state policy destroying the cultural ethos and fundamentals practiced for centuries! 


All living things fear being beaten with clubs.
All living things fear being put to death.
Putting oneself in the place of the other,
Let no one kill nor cause another to kill.

Dhammapada verse no. 129


Shenali D Waduge

19 Responses to “Should Sri Lanka’s civilizational values be replaced with animal cruelty & export of goats for slaughter?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    This is horrible. These MUSLIMS are exporting goats from SL to Islamic Maldives!!

    This is an international MURDER RACKET.


  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Shenali has brought out a painful topic that ought to be discussed and faced widely, and settled once and for all.

    We thank her for her efforts.


    The human body is constructed for a mainly vegetarian diet.
    We have teeth made for grinding not for tearing meat as seen in dogs and the cat family.
    We have a relatively long intestine compared with carnivorous animals such as in the dog & cat family.
    Humans develop various diseases (including cardiovascular & cancers), due to excessive meat eating and intake of animal fat.
    Sedentary life styles with a meat diet brings early death to those who indulge in excesses.

    I recall when as children we went about in our down South buggy cart, the bull pulling the cart would balk when approaching the abbatoir – the bull sensed the pain endured by the animals killed inside and refused to pull the buggy in that direction. Indeed, these are sentient beings and deserves our concern and respect for their feelings.

    Killing of animals for food is not necessary. Now we have such tasty products which tastes like meat and chicken etc made from Soy and other vegetables.

    Over to the Buddhist & Hindu priests of Lanka to solve this problem by using land to produce Organic Soy to make great tasting, healthy Soy Products.

    Let’s Move !

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SHENALI !! Thanks for the spot light. I believe you should caution Readers when pictures of a graphic nature is produced. I saw a video clip of a Sri Lanka Abbatoir, where they twist the tail so hard that the animal just drops on the floor. IT WAS SO PAINFUL TO WATCH.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    I AGREE.

    We need some dedicated ZOOLOGISTS to look into this matter.

  5. Cerberus Says:

    Dear Shenali, As usual, you have hit the target. According to Knox’s Historical Ceylon book at the time when he lived in the Kandyan kingdom, there was no flesh eating. Only the King would partake of meat and even that was just a bird or a deer killed in hunting. Not massive industrial scale farming practices which subject these innocent creatures to unbelievable agony before they are killed for feeding the gluttony of those who are already overfed.

    There are so many alternatives for protein available that it is unbelievable that human beings would still eat the flesh of other creatures. Our bodies need only 1 gm of protein per Kilogram of body weight. Therefore our needs are very small. Yet most of the restaurants in the West and those in cities all over the world, serve 40 oz steaks rare done with the blood still dripping. It has now been proven that the epidemic of heart, kidney and liver disease is due to excessive meat eating. Many hospitals in the USA now offer the method developed by Dr. Dean Ornish for reversing such diseases which involve switching the person to a vegetarian diet. Ex-President Bill Clinton is someone who benefited from this procedure among many other VIPs.

    To make complete proteins from vegetables :
    The best combinations to make complete vegetable proteins are: Combine ​legumes ​(such as beans & Soy) ​with grains​ such as Rice, wheat etc., ​Combine ​legumes with nuts and/or seeds, animal dairy products (eggs, milk, and other products) with any vegetable protein.

    When it has been proven that meat consumption causes illness why do we persist in eating meat? Now ​the new thinking is that people over the age of 60 yrs or so do not need three meals a day. It is more healthy for the body to have one large meal midday along with a small breakfast. This has been proven by our Buddhist priests who eat only one main meal per day.
    There are exceptions to this rule​ such as those who do hard manual labor, soldiers, growing children etc. ​

    The problem is that eating has become a source of entertainment for the senses instead of a means of sustaining life for its higher purpose of gaining enlightenment from the cycle of samsara.

    ​There is also a massive environmental impact from the methane produced by cattle, the damage to grasslands and the waste products which pollute the rivers and lakes. ​

    Thank you​,​ Shenali​,​ for drawing the attention of our people to these inhumane practices. I feel these activities are promoted by some of our Government members who are going completely against their true nature and the wishes of the majority of our people. The Govt should have awarded you a “Deshamanya” award for all the great work you do for the country instead of giving ​the title ​to traitors such as Dr. Radika Coomarasway who were only trying invoke the R2P for the Tamils only to create a separate state for them.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:


    Actually, concerned priests from ALL sectors (not only Buddhist & Hindu) can join up and bring alternate solutions to the Meat as Protein Problem.

    Most of the western countries produce Soy alternative meats.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    What does Protein got to do with killing animals? HIGHEST protein foods are vegetarian stuff.

    NO! NO priests!

    That will make a DISCRIMINATORY religious affair.

    We need SCIENCE. ZOOLOGISTS. The problem with Zoologists is sometimes they end up like their study material or worse some zoologists BECOME PARTY to animal cruelty!!! But we need them to stop this cruelty.

    Know any good zoologist?

  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    Zoologists can contribute to this topic, but little compared to Nutritionists, Food researchers, etc.

    Priests should participate in such a program, also Media, Environmentalists, Nuritionists, Doctors, Food reseachers, Marketing agents, even politicos.

    Here we are talking about Meat Alternatives for better health.

  9. Christie Says:


    I am for exporting animals over exporting our women to slavery.

    You are blindly following what Indian are doing to us. Have you ever been to a Kovil where Indian colonial parasites live be it anywhere in the island?

    Unfortunately you are becoming part of the Hindu extremists. Sinhalese (there are no Sri Lankansn another Indian job)

    See what is awaiting us:

    Indiais the largest beef exporter in the world.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:


    Your level of knowledge of the specialties relevant to this topic is too confusing to the Katussa (Lorenzo).

    The sum total of his knowledge is that ZOOLOGISTS deal with “such things”.

    You are taxing Katussa (Lorenzo)’s mind beyond its narrow limits! Be careful …. it may explode …. like a suicide bomber of his EELSMIST paymasters.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    No Fran. I insist we need to engage ZOOLOGISTS on this for the sake of these animals. HINDU and ISLAMIC priests themselves perform some animal sacrifice rituals so there is a conflict of interest. Buddhist priests SAVE these animals complicating it. So lets keep religion aside and get zoologists involved. I met a good Tamilian ZOOLOGIST in MD, USA and she is willing to help voluntarily in saving animals. Although a vegetarian I love the smell of her blue crab cakes!! Just like Jaffna.

    Animal protection should also extend to FISH. They are animals too (not just cows). In fact FISHING is far worse than cow killing. Small fish, eggs and entire FAMILIES of fish are netted out leaving orphaned and vulnerable young fish.

  12. Christie Says:

    Sinhalese have been eating meet for more than hundred thousand years. Harak Hru (Cattle Hustlers) Dhadayakkaarayoe (Hunters) are part of our culture and civilization.

    Vegetarians go and drink Sacred cow urine bottled by RSS India. The best protein according to them.

  13. Christie Says:

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    mind beyond its narrow limits! Be careful …. it may explode …. like a suicide bomber.
    first think I read your comments about your Demila Sakodaraya before any other news & comments in LW .

    Thank God at last we mother lankan are living normal life now !

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Readers,

    The idea here is MEAT ALTERNATIVES.
    Those who still want meat, can go ahead and indulge. Alternatives must be available for those who want to quit meat eating, partially or wholly, either for the sake of health or sensitivity to killing of animals.

    Evolving Human physiology shows a trend toward a mainly vegen/vegetarian diet. Our canine teeth have virtually disappeared whilst some of the Ape Family still retains them.

    Entrepreneures interested in such a project should get together with ALL interested parties and get moving to produce MEAT ALTERNATIVES in Sri Lanka.

    Cananda exports large quantities of Meat Alternatives to USA. Such Meat Alternatives are produced in USA too, but I hear that the Canadian products are GM free.
    Sri Lanka must aim for Organic Meat Alternatives (MA), or at least GM free MA.

    Sri Lanka already has dried Soy meat pieces, but I am suggesting more sophisticated products which will require refrigeration.

    Without such Meat Alternatives, it will be difficult for Animal Rights Activists (such as Menaka Gandhi in INDIA) to be successful.

    Our heartfelt thanks to all those who will support this worthy cause.

    Thanks, Ananda.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:


    It is time to drop the “Tamil-ness” and become SRI LANKAN.
    So long as divisiveness happens in any way, without the Common HUMAN NEEDS APPROACH, no project will be successful.

    All Zooogists from any sector are welcome !


    Entrepreneures and Food Technologists etc are even more welcome !

  17. Senevirath Says:

    ක්‍රිස්ටි ට හරි තරහය් මස්මාලු කන එක හොඳ නැහැ කිව්වොත් .වසර දාස් ගානක් තිස්සේ සිංහලයෝ මස් මාළු කාව වෙන්න පුළුවන් හැබය් වැඩි දෙනෙක් නොවෙය .සමස්තය වෙනස් .ධර්මිෂ්ට සමාජයේ ජේ ආර් ලත් හිටිය ප්‍රජාතන්ත්‍ර වාදයේ චන්ද සිතියම් අකුලලා දැම්ම . මොන රටේ ද ”’දෙපා සිවුපා ,බහුප උරග ආදී සියලු සතුන්ටද භුමිය අයිතිය් සතුන් නොමරනු මහරජ ”කියන කියුම” බලගන්වුනේ සිංහලේ හැර ‘ මොන රටේද කිව්වේ ”’ඔය ගෙරිමස් කන බල්ලා බැඳ දමවූ” කිව්වේ . ලෝකේ මොනරටෙද ”මාඝාත ”’ නම් රාජලීය පනතක් පනවුනේ සිංහලේ හැර .රජවරු තුන්දෙනෙක් ම ඒ නීතිය නැවත නැවත පැනෙව්වා තමං කන නොකන එක වෙනම .ජාතිය පාවා නොදී

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    I mentioned her ethnicity because she asked me to mention it.

    Zoologists must NOT sell themselves to ANIMAL KILLERS and ANIMAL CONFINING industries.

  19. charithsls Says:

    It is said we all are human beings but when you look across the table & see the other you wonder is it in fact correct, a world in between the two (human Vs animal !).First I would blame none other than our’ Buddhists’ happily into this greed bringing whatever excuses they can bring to remain so. Hats off to the West (Christians) who has realized their folly in their religion & not only Vegetarianism but Veganism spreading; no credit enough for them who manufacture so many non meat products now you find people fight for them over meat. However as Buddhists you should NOT depend on finding good non meat to stop consuming meat & fish. Your ‘Chethana’ what is important.It has been the case with the West, their civilized nature due to education overcoming their religion to do good things ( if I say to include non belief in a creator etc). Of course it is still may be a minority but you see their progress. Then you come to the groups like Muslims, still backward & uncivilized, practising horror as an entity as in a millennium ago unabated. Poor access to education & their religious leaders keeping them under ransom & fear, any attempt by one of them to be realistic would be met with death & contempt. Hindus too in this category, you heard the Nepal earthquake after the killing over some thousands of animals.Two worlds here Shenali within ‘ourselves’ humans & animals!!

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