West’s Intervention and interference in Syria : Lessons for the world & Sri Lanka
Posted on December 10th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

Iraq military intervention was based on lies. So too was the invasion in Afghanistan, no different was the balkanization of Yugoslavia and the creation of a bogus independent state of Kosovo and later South Sudan. Liberating Libya has left Gaddafi dead and the richest country in the African continent is today the poorest country in the world after just 5 years of Western liberation & democracy. The Syrian story is being written a little different with the West unable to control their ‘moderate rebels’ who are now fast losing the ground they held. However, the manner that the preachers of human rights, the beacons of virtue armed, trained and supported terrorists, while its media engaged in fake news, lies and deception while the UN itself became an accomplice to the crimes they accuse others of revealed to the world the hypocrisy that prevails in diplomacy and international relations. We take a look at how far the West have stooped to dislodge a leader of a nation and divide a country for its geopolitical agenda. If Sri Lanka cannot learn from these lessons, we are doomed.

Just before being elected as President of the US, Donald Trump in an interview very clearly said that the US should be on the side of Assad and Russia who were fighting against terrorists and not arming people they did not know. He questioned the errors in getting rid of Gaddafi and Saddam resulting in 2 countries in turmoil. Libya is today the poorest country in the world after 5 years of ‘liberation’ by the West! That says much for the West’s failure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDEV3vo9TbY

Nevertheless, fortune was better for Syria. Aleppo has returned to Syria with US-backed ‘moderate rebels’ being defeated with the help of Russia. The news is a major blow. It comes within days of EU offering Assad money to allow terrorists to rule parts of Syria. A blatant case of open bribery!

Western Intervention in Syria started immediately after fall of Libya.

  • In 2011 – It was described as a ‘CIVIL WAR’ though the CIVIL were not Syrians but foreigners imported to Syria. They were called the Free Syrian Army
  • UN says that these Syrian rebels come from 29 countries!
  • While arming and assisting imported mercenaries the West used their ‘war on terror’ slogan claiming to attack ISIL inside Syria – On 22 September 2014, the United States, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates simultaneously attacked Syria None of these countries even sought permission from Assad to attack! Over 70 rounds of attacks had been made – of course UN did nothing for the illegalities taking place infront of their eyes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American-led_intervention_in_Syria
  • Eventually 59 countries became part of the coalition supposedly attacking ISIL in Syria. (In reality on the ground 2 groups of multiple players were being helped to oust Assad)
  • Over 500,000 lives lost
  • Millions of Syrians forced from their homes – resulting in mass exodus of refugees to neighbouring states and Europe.
  • Aleppo returning to Syria is significant as West-backed rebels have lost what they held for 5 years!

West’s imperial agenda

Hillary Clinton is on record for saying the US created Al Qaeda, therefore it comes as no surprise to learn that the US is aligned to terrorists fighting against the Syrian army. However, very little attention is paid to answer why US Govt would chose to arm the very terrorist group responsible for the murder of over 3000 American citizens in 9/11? Having learnt lessons from Afghanistan and Iraq, the West has found it easy to ask its Muslim allies to supply the men and then send them to the battlefield ensuring no white lives would be lost.

The US was angered when countries began ditching the dollar –Saddam Hussein started in 2000, Gaddafi was planning to in 2009, Iranian leader voiced same intentions and no surprise Syria had switched primary hard currency to purchase foreign goods and services from dollar to Euro.


Russia even accused the US representative in the UN of lying.

The UN convoy was bombed by West’s jihadists though propaganda was used to claim it was not. https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201609201045521488-aleppo-un-convoy/

UN hypocrisy

When Sri Lanka offered 2 opportunities for the LTTE to lay down arms and surrender they refused claiming to fight till the final man. While the UN and its officials are ever ready to take out their books and manuals on how to conduct wars and put up red cards on what was done wrong and then steer war crimes tribunals, when they got the chance of saving civilians who were about to be taken hostage by the Western-backed rebels the UN, UNSG, UNHRC did absolutely nothing. How dare they come preaching to Sri Lanka on how we should have fought the war when the Sri Lankan Army not only eliminated the LTTE ground force but brought to safety close to 300,000 Tamils? They did sweet nothing for the Syrian refugees when the UN was well aware that they were to be taken as hostages or used as human shields. What is reiterated is that in the case of Sri Lanka, UN came out with ‘how Sri Lanka should have conducted the military onslaught’ and are now proposing war crimes tribunals but when UN had every opportunity to take action before the rebels rounded up Syrian civilians – the UN DID NOTHING.

Some 200,000 Syrians were cut off from food and medical supplies – instead of demanding the West to release the civilians from the West-backed rebels the UN is finding fault with Syria! It was identical situation Sri Lanka experienced. We urge all parties in Syria to adhere to international humanitarian law, including the Geneva Conventions.” Customary words from UNSG, followed by ‘war crimes have been committed by Syria”.


He sang the same song about Sri Lanka too!!

INGO/NGO – footsoldiers of Western imperialism

The expose of the NGO white helmets is the best thing that could happen to embarrass the many goody-two-shoed HR activists who pretend to be Gods’ gift from heaven. Western media and PR agencies promoted this group as being real-life heroes. Reminds us of how well timed C4 EDITED documentaries without any supporting evidence emerged ahead of UNHRC sessions and were screened in foreign Parliaments with budding MP actors and actresses shedding tears at war crimes committed by Sri Lanka. Yes, both white helmets and C4 were nominated for global prizes too. We then come to know that PR companies like Bell Pontinger have actually been paid millions by the US State Dept to create fake videos and clippings on Al Qaeda to justify US attacking them! The entire world has been taken for fools. We have sucked every lie told.

It emerges that the White Helmets were set up by USAID’s Office of Transitional Initiatives – the wing tasked with regime change. It has been given $23million. Its role has been to use the UN to denounce Assad and Syrian army – no different to the LTTE Diaspora linked NGOs that operated in Sri Lanka who were wailing and crying about humanitarian catastrophe’s just to save the LTTE from getting decimated.  In May 2015 White Helmet spokesperson Raed Saleh met PRIVATELY with UN and EU officials to strategize on pushing a no-fly zone – another reminder of how various stunts were attempted to stop the military offensive against LTTE.

http://www.alternet.org/grayzone-project/how-white-helmets-became-international-heroes-while-pushing-us-military#.WEh-UvAjVc8.facebook (A good overview of how people have been fooled)




Media lies

When media does not have much to say on dictatorships in Saudi, Yemen, Bahrain and elsewhere but has a lot to say about ‘dictators’ the West want to depose and their writers spend much time justifying why ‘dictators’ must go, it is a clear sign that the media are simply puppets of their paymasters tasked to fool the masses using the tool of communication. What is disgusting is how they continue to project western-funded terrorists as ‘rebels’ despite glaring evidence admitted by Western governments themselves.

https://www.facebook.com/EDTVProductions/videos/462702683896749/ Please watch this.

The news projected this child being shot while trying to save his sister. Blame was put on Assad’s troops. In reality it was a film (notice film crew) made by a Norwegian Film Institute paid $30,000 given to make this video by the Norwegian government. Both children were child actors! But the entire mainstream media went to town – calling Assad a war criminal. We in Sri Lanka know how much our army were ridiculed by the C4 documentaries. We can safely assume this to be another fake video stunt! The acting by ‘patients’ brings memories of the coverage against Sri Lanka

The EDTV presentation captures exactly the replica of the coverage that was targeted against the Sri Lankan Army to which the media played their role. How BBC lied is revealed. We know how the same media turned ‘allegations’ into ‘evidence’ during their coverage on Sri Lanka.

Please watch this clip too – https://www.facebook.com/EDTVProductions/videos/vb.461615744005443/529750207191996/?type=2&theater










Who are these Terrorists?

The Free Syrian Army are mercenaries. In Oct 2011 they had just 60-70 people and were getting trained in Turkey. That same month US press release announced 10,000 defections from the Syrian Army. By November FSA was holding forte over large areas of Syria. By 2013 Al Nusra had entered the scene.

In February 2012 Britain pledged to send advanced communications equipment to the FSA to help them coordinate their forces

As of August 2012, US President Obama started funding ‘Syrian rebels’ — presumably FSA—with money, weapons and goods

In April 2014, according to Charles Lister at the U.S. Brookings Institution, 40 different rebel groups first began receiving U.S.-made BGM-71 TOW missiles costing $50,000 each, through the CIA

In 2014 Robert Fisk was asked who are the FSA. His response was I think that the FSA is a complete myth, and I don’t believe that it really exists, and nor do the Syrians [i.e. the Syrian Army], because they say if we do come across them, we don’t mind ’cause they always run away; it’s the ISIS people who don’t, they fight to the death”

Its media operations are said to be run by the British Government – http://www.moonofalabama.org/2016/05/the-free-syrian-army-media-efforts-are-a-british-government-operation.html


In 2013 the controversial NYT claimed arms aid was airlifted to Syrian rebels by CIA – http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/25/world/middleeast/arms-airlift-to-syrian-rebels-expands-with-cia-aid.html

In 2013 the Guardian also announced that US and British intelligence was training rebels in Jordan https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/mar/08/west-training-syrian-rebels-jordan

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky has given an excellent account of whose involved in trying to topple Assad http://www.globalresearch.ca/syria-british-special-forces-cia-and-mi6-supporting-armed-insurgency-nato-intervention-contemplated/28529

The UK Guardian announced £1bn of weapons were flowing from Europe to these fighters.  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jul/27/weapons-flowing-eastern-europe-middle-east-revealed-arms-trade-syria

How ‘united’ are the Muslims

The victors were Syria, Assad, Russia, Putin, Iran

The losers are the US, EU, NATO, the Saudis, Qatar, Turkey Jordan where CIA trained the ‘armed moderate rebels’

You can understand the West trying to topple Assad but who can explain why Muslim nation – Saudi, Qatar etc are also on the side of the West and supplying the Muslim men to kill the Muslims in Syria? Muslims are killing each other and the West is sitting happy watching.

Immigrant crisis

No one seems to understand that there would be no Syrians fleeing their homeland to safety had the West not started bombing Syria or sent maniacs with weapons from 29 countries claiming to be ‘Syrian rebels’. The Syrian people have been dislodged from their homes for no fault of theirs. People who were living peacefully are having to beg to be welcomed into countries and treated as shit. our way of life is getting affected’ says Frederick Forsyth – well they would not be going anywhere if the West were not bombing them! Their helplessness is such that some of them have even agreed to convert to Christianity. 8.4million Syrian children have been affected.

Many of these ‘refugees’ flooding into Europe are jihadists – another way to force EU to be aligned to US proxy wars.

Usefulness of powerful allies

The role Russia played in Syria can be attributed to the saving Syria from becoming another of West’s regime change success stories. It is a lesson for smaller states like Sri Lanka who need to align with allies who will support them in trying times. Russia showed Syria what friends do when friends are in trouble. In 2008, Syria agreed to allow Russian missile defense systems into their country while China has become Syria’s number one supplier. These allies are helping Syria as well as expose the lies and hypocrisies that prevail because these allies have interests in Syria which they want protected.

No one expects countries to openly and unashamedly arm, train and even assist terrorists to strike targets. No one can fathom how media and journalists can write lies. No one would believe the extent of PR campaigns used to create fake videos to fool the masses. No one would want people posing as human rights activists to spread lies and concoct stories for payment. It is because of these that terrorism thrives and evil prevails over good. Thankfully people are not accepting their stories and are questioning every news item released.

10 Responses to “West’s Intervention and interference in Syria : Lessons for the world & Sri Lanka”

  1. Christie Says:

    Replace West with India and we are Syria.

  2. S.Gonsal Says:

    We have 1 enemy, pretending to be fried.
    Just the opposite of what Rajapaksa said ” India is Our Friend “. We need not create more eneimies and perish. Just work with others to control this enemy, MR’s friend. RW/MS is simply following MR to pacify this India with more vigour.

  3. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Ex-Trump adviser: Ukraine, Crimea coverage is example of ‘fake news’

    Carter Page, a businessman who advised Donald Trump on foreign policy matters during his presidential campaign said

    “The recent history of Ukraine in general and Crimea in particular over the past several years may be among the most egregious examples of ‘fake news’ in recent memory,

    “The level of misinformation which has guided related decisions by outside actors and their impact on this country is tragic. I am confident that there will be new possibilities to resolve these misperceptions and the wrong direction it has created for Ukraine.”

    “It is my firm belief that the opportunities for private sector cooperation in the Russian economy have never been as great as they will be in the coming years. Although the failures of many hostile western policies as well as the inevitable, logical responses from Moscow have constrained such possibilities throughout recent decades, the possibilities today are unparalleled.”

    Page also said he was keen for the Russian market to reopen for American investors who had been stopped from doing business by sanctions.

    “US and European companies are very interested in returning to the Russian market,” he said. “Their interest cuts across a vast array of sectors.”

    “The hostile efforts to punish Rosneft and their senior management team through western sanctions have primarily hurt western companies, rather than their intended target.”

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    “Just the opposite of what Rajapaksa said ” India is Our Friend “.”

    Please do NOT lie.

    MR never said Endia is our friend.

    MR said Endia is his relative. Blood is thicker than water.

    Endia created ISIS with Saudi and USA. Very strange ISIS NEVER attacked Endia even with world’s second largest Muslim population. WHEN TAMIL SPEAKING ISIS TERRORISTS return home from Syria after ALEPPO DEFEAT, we are in VERY SERIOUS DIRT.

  5. S.Gonsal Says:


    May be it is a lie if you don’t remember . Sure he said “India is our relative, brother etc. etc”, but in he also said India is our friend.
    Check it out , I don’t lie, I remember he said few times and my memory is good ( long term)


  6. Lorenzo Says:


    You are right.

    My apologies.

  7. S.Gonsal Says:

    No problem mate.

    I have no joy in repeatedly repeating MR’s blunders. I feel sorry for him but 1000 times more sorry for Lanka and for our sons and daughters whose lives are wasted for nothing.

    After wasting 7.5 years, now he is blaming voters doing everything to sabtage the country, destroy it further to come back to power.

  8. Nimal Says:

    Can’t understand West’s agenda. Seems to have double standards on human rights.
    Syria was a very secular country where the iron rule of the Assads had firm control.
    They all sing from the same hymn book by calling the Assad government a ‘regime’.How dare they?
    I doubt if this problem develop in their own western countries and they would not hesitate to take draconian measures to get rid of the terrorists, like they shooting down the IRA fellows in Gibraltar, or dropping Napalm and Agent Orange in Vietnam not forgetting the Mi lai massacre. Decent people in the West are very much against their politicians over their policy on Syria. Vietnam was not even their country and no one invited them.
    They must learn to respect their own standards without pointing fingers. If they feel so sorry for the ‘victims’ of Syria then why not invite them to their countries.
    Hope Assad and Russia will deal with the terrorists who have brought ruin to that one secular country.

  9. Randeniyage Says:

    It is Saudi and Qatar behind the whole thing. USA and the west support their friends for economic reasons. The west has no morals ( on th esurface they are champions of morals). Saudi and Qatar are expanding their type of supressive Islam thoughout the world.
    We in Sri Lanka should not get involved or even accept any donation from these two countries.

  10. Nimal Says:

    We shouldn’t send our maids and our people to work in the Middle East.

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