Posted on December 14th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

We have nowhere to go >>>>>>>>>>

Today I am about to leave home to Road Development Authority to meet the legal division which I counted (it may be the 10th time)( to expedite the eviction of some encroachers along the road reservation in Galle next to Maglle bridge .The reservation is to have  access to our land where we intend to establish a foreign funded Marina related Investment.

The encroachers do not live in the huts bur rented out for various businesses. This  reservation clearly   belongs to RDA and I have requested RDA to evict them and no action was taken .I took the matter up at the OEDB chaired by Hon Minister who advised RDA to take action .RDA directors who attend these meetings undertake to take action and nothing happened for the last two years .Then under my pressure and after meeting with Director Legal ,RDA issued eviction letters and promised to take legal action ,still no result

I went to RDA office several times and explained to them that our investment is  held up due to the obstruction and so far RDA head office and Galle RDA office is playing cat and mouse games blaming each other .

I hope today I will meet the Director and request again ,I waited two years !!

Afterwards  I plan to meet UDA Chairman  to expedite Preliminary Planning approval for a mixed development related to Marina investment in Galle next to harbour .Galle UDA office being unable to take a decisions has sent the papers to UDA head officer ,I called UDA chairman and seeking  an appointment to  meet him to expedite approval as  the Director in charge of Southern are is not taking any interest .

Hopefully I will meet him today -Wednesday ,which is the public day ,despite the fact that  secretary did not want to give me the appointment as she had to speak to him !

Problem faced by every citizen and investor is that Government Officers do not give a hoot about the importance of investments.

I keep wondering whether I should resort to un ethical action to persuade them ?

May the state can abolish FCID for a while so that these officers can take bold decisions without fear of being prosecuted?

I am not sure where we are heading?

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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