This illegally constituted, unconstitutional, unethical and unpatriotic Government should immediately drop its diabolical conspiracy to replace the present Constitution with a Federal Constitution
Posted on December 19th, 2016

Dr Sudath Gunasekara. President Udarata Urumaya Surekiime Jatika Sanvidhanaya


This illegally constituted, unconstitutional, unethical and unpatriotic Government should immediately drop its diabolical conspiracy to replace the present Constitution with a Federal Constitution


GO HOME in the alternative,

Without betraying the Sinhala Nation and their Motherland that was jealously and valiantly defended against all enemies and invasions and protected by our ancestors (and not by any Tamil or Muslim intruder who are asking for autonomous EElams and Kalisthans) ) for more than 2500 years with their sweat, blood and lives

 The following map shows how Sri Lanka will look like tomorrow, if we allow the proposed new constitution of this government to see the light of the day. Therefore, and further more, for the reasons given below in this note, the whole nation should ask the government in one voice, to drop all  moves to constitution making at this hour, rather than making alternative proposals or piecemeal amendments to the proposals of the Six subcommittees that are  all promoting the Governments attempt to devolve all powers including political, land, administrative,police and judicial to subunits on a provincial basis to appeace the Tamils, Muslims and their so-called intenational friends in the West and India and the so-called Tamil Diaspora ( most of whom are either Indian citizens living in other countries (NRI) and PIO and Tamils from Sri Lanka who have migrated to other countries in search of green pastures and become their citizens, none of whome has any legal, moral or ethical right to  talk about or interfear with the affairs of this country, other than their dream of setting up an EElam in sri Lanka.

Sinhale Of Tomorrow


This is exactly what the vicious Ranil-Chandrika-Sirisena so-called Govt” is planning to do to this country through the new Constitution

Are we going to allow this catastrophy to happen before our own eyes. This is the million dollar question I place before You All ?the Mahanaayka Theras and the Sangha fraternity –the guardian Gods of the nation-the politicians. Interlectuals and all others who matter both big and small. To you all Patrriotic Sons and Dauhgters of Sinhale, who have a Sinhala heart and a wee bit of love for your Mother Land, I plead to oppose this move to the hilt unti this government gives up this vicious conspiracy against our motherland.

We all know the present Government is an illegally constituted, unconstitutional, un-ethical and classic political jumble unheard and unseen anywhere in the world in known history. Nor has it got a popular mandate to enact a new constitution either. People also have not asked for a new constitution. Therefore it has no legitimate authority to make a new Constitution  for the Republic.

The general view of the people in the country about this Government is appalling and it has been aptly described by Sarath de Alwis writing to Colombo Telegraph of Wednesday, 14 December as a government beyond retrieval, recovery and redemption. So, don’t you think that it is high time that we throw it out in to infinity jn the outer space ASAP, rather than allowing a gang of rouges and defeated candidates bribed and bought over, to make a Constitution to sit on the future destiny of this nation?

Regarding the new Constitution, let us all stop beating about the bush. We should adopt a more pragmatic and direct approach to defeat this conspiracy of constitution making by this bunch of traitors. We need to hit directly on the head and it should be done today itself. Not tomorrow, lest these present day treacherous politicians sign the death warrant of a Great Nation and a civilization–That was Sinahale- The Pride and the envy of the ancient and medieval World.

I give below few suggestions for the benefit of all Sinhala patriots who could help to mobilize the whole nation to win this battle.

First, Demand the Joint Opposition to withdraw immediately from the Constitution Council and stop supporting any move to draw a new constitution, as the present Parliament has never got a popular mandate to do so. This I deem to be the turning point in mobilizing the masses against this deadly noose that is called the new constitution.

Reg the Constitution there are only three amendments they can move, They are,

1) To reduce the Cabinet to Thirty (3O) in terms of election promises (Instead now they have 112as at today)

2) To remove some excessive powers of the President and re such as Presidential immunity and his Executive powers

3) Electoral reforms to abolish the PR system. That is all and nothing more.

Additionally since they have talked so much about ‘Good Governance” before the election

We must compel the Ranil- Sirisena Government, of course if they are sincere about what they meant by Good Governance and further to make it a reality,


1 Sack all those defeated candidates appointed through the National list

2 Revert all those who were high jacked from the Joint Opposition back to JO

3 Ask Ranil to resign and show Parliament that he has the majority to form a Government

4 Abolish the PR system and reintroduce first-past-post system

5 Revert to the old system of having an MP for every electorate to bring back meaning to representative democracy once again in this country and the people to have their representatives in place of the present system of being representatives of the Party Leader only responsible and answerable to the Leader of the Party at whose will they survive.

Thereafter First and foremost dissolve the 9 Provincial councils before next April

1 Abolish the 13 A and the Provincial Councils and the Provinces invented by the British as the first step to divide this country on ethnic basis in 1832.

2 Scrap the JR/Rajive Accord of 1987 that paved the first step in modern times by

1 Firstly, declaring the North and East as traditional Homeland of Tamils,

2 Secondly, providing provision for merging two or more Provinces, thereby laying the foundation for the Tamil EELAm in Sri Lanka by amalgamating the North, East and the Central Hill country and

3 Thirdly proving for the establishment of Provincial Councils, the first political conspiracy for a Federal structure paving the way for devolution of political power on an ethnic basis, again going towards the EELAM


4 Ban all political parties named after ethnicity like TNA, ITAK, and SLMs immediately

5 Take legal actions against all who violate the 6th Amendment and destroy ancient Buddhist sites in the North and Eastern Provinces.

6 Resettle all Sinhala and Muslim people who were chased out from the North and East by the LTTE from 1983 onwards

7 Make prior approval of Parliament compulsory for all Ministry advisers, top Govt posts like the Governor CB, Ministry Secretaries, Diplomatic appointments etc so that we can avoid appointing unsuitable persons with controversial records like Arjun Mahendrana and R Paskaralingam to such high positions

If this Government is not prepared to concede to these national demands the President should immediately dissolve his illegally constituted, unconstitutional, illegal and unethical Government which has been very aptly described as a government beyond retrieval, recovery and redemption by Sarath de Alwis writing to Colombo Telegraph recently.

8 Restore capital punishment immediately, to all those found guilty of crimes prescribed by law and all Drug offences, rape, Child abuse and theft and misuse of State property.

Mr President this is the only way for you to prove your honesty, integrity, patriotism and your leadership to the people who have voted you on Jan 8th 2015. Hope good counsel will prevail for you to make this a golden opportunity to absolve all black marks you have collected since you became the President, without been trapped in the illusion of your obligation, responsibility and duty to solve the problems of Tamils and Muslims on the ground that 90 % of them have voted you at the election as you have publicly declared many a time. I wish wisdom will dawn upon you to mark your niche in Mahawansa. Whether you decide to go down as traitor or hero in the annals of history in this country is entirely your choice.

If the President is not prepared to listen to this call and keep deaf, dumb and blind like a puppet and allow Ranil the vicious despot and Chandrika the destroyer of Bandaranaike policies to ruin this 2500 year old Sinhala Buddhist civilization on this golden Island, thrice blessed by the Buddha and Devas and glorified by Kings like Dutugeminu, Parakramabahu and Wijayabahu and be a party to wipe out it from the surface of this planet, then he should renounce this position as President immediately as he has already miserably failed to restore good governance as promised to the people of this country. We only wish that you don’t end up as an ugly cat’s paw of the above agents of the Mara.

Ever since you came to power all three of you have been talking only of minority grievances and nothing about the Majority Sinhala problems, there by betraying 75 % of the total population of this country. This Government should realize that it is catering to the needs of 25 % 0f the minority population only betraying 75 % of the population, when it talks about reconciliation including a Federal system of Government just because all the Tamils and Muslims  who are fighting for autonomy have voted for them.

All public pronouncements by both, the PM and the President explicitly point towards their commitment in solving minority grievances and their aspirations only. They don’t speak a word about the plight of the Sinhalese, (75%) who are the real Bhumiputras of this Island, the architects of the civilization in this country. This applies more particularly to the Kandyan Peasants who had lost nearly 1.3 million acres of their ancestral lands to the plantation Raj on the central Hills and who had died in hundreds of thousands to defend the motherland against three colonial invaders Portuguese (1505-1656), Dutch (1657-1796 ) and British 1797-1948) in order to preserve it for their posterity.

The last Government abolished the only looker warm and teeth less Kandyan Peasantry Dept and Authority on 1st Jan 2014 and finally put even the Kandyan Peasantry Commission Report of 1951 to the dust bin.  What is worst and adding injury to insult, the present government having  won all the Kandyan areas has ignored all our requests made on behalf of them to restore  the rehabilitation Authority and restart the rehabilitation programe, has now set up  three separate Ministries to develop housing and infrastructure facilities including social and economic development for estate Tamils both with government funds and foreign assistance just to get their vote, thereby shamelessly betraying their own people, a crime no people in any other country have done in this world.

Public requests made to President

  1. to close down the separate Ministry for up country Tamil Village development, presently headed by Minister Sidambaran, a sworn RAW agent (this is the stepping stone to Malayanadu right at the center of the Island) as dreamt by the British to destroy the Sinhala nation and its priceless Sinhala Buddhist civilization.
  2. to first set up a separate Ministry for the rehabilitation of Kandyan Sinhala Peasants  before giving preferential treatment to Indian estate Tamils  who had been imported to work on British owned Plantation  in the late 19th century only, only a few of whom have legitimately become citizens of this country under the India and Pakistani Citizenship Act 1949
  3. Regularize the citizenship problem under the 1954 Nehru- Kotyalawala Accord by rectifying all irregularities in citizenship granted for political expediencies to get their vote
  4. Ban all settlements and plantations in all lands above 5000 feet and start Mixed village expansion settlement (for landless Kandyan Peasants and estate Tamils who qualify for Sri Lanka citizenship under the 1954 Agreement) in marginal tea estate below 5000, as the central Hill country has to be protected as the nations critical watershed, being the geographical Heartland of the Island that decides the entire life system and civilization on this Island..
  5. This request made by me from the President on behalf of Udarata Sinhala Urumaya Surekiime Sanvidhanaya on 20,12 2015 is yet to be acknowledged. The request made along with for an appointment to discuss this all important national problem too still remains unanswered.

Needless to say, all this clearly shows the indifferent attitude the President and this Government shows for the Sinhala majority of this country.

Meanwhile Ranil Wikramasinha and Minister Kiriella have already given outright grants to many estate Tamil labour just before the last general elections which benefitted them heavily at the August polls.

Latest it was reported in Daily News of 26th November (p1) as stated by Digambaran, that another Cabinet Paper has already been approved to give tea lands on upcountry estates to these Indian Tamil labourers on the basis of Out growing and Out sourcing Models”.

Under the Out growing model the company helps the worker manage the land but gives the autonomy to decide to the recipient to as to how much he would produce per day

Under the Out sourcing Model they propose to completely hand over a plot fr land to the estate worker to manage and then supply tea to the company

Both these methods amount to granting full power to the worker to manage the land and lay the foundation for a legal claim for outright ownership of the land.

Though the extent was not mentioned therein, it is reliably understood that the acreage agreed is 20 acres per labour family. Subsequently they will claim them on outright grant system. Now one can just imagine how the entire Hill country will be distributed to Indian labour in the days to come by our treacherous politicians just to get their votes. What will be the plight of the Kandyan Peasants-the legitimate owners of this land and ultimately what will happen to the Hill country – the prime watershed and the geographical heartland of this island Nation, as the future Malaynadu with a bunch of teaming millions of anti Sinhala, anti Buddhist and anti Sri Lankan south Indian Tamils will finally own it?

23 Responses to “This illegally constituted, unconstitutional, unethical and unpatriotic Government should immediately drop its diabolical conspiracy to replace the present Constitution with a Federal Constitution”

  1. Christie Says:

    Sudhath. we are not alone in this situation. Some are worse off. Look at Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Then Mauritius, Guyana and then Fiji, Ceylon and other tropical colonies.

    Indian direct involvement in our politics were sewn in by Mohandas Karamchand the worlds most celebrated pedophile in visiting the island in 1927 at the invitation of Indian Colonial Parasites Socialists. The seeds of our Socialists and Socialism.

    The current government is directly run by India and Indian colonial parasites.

    Sudhath, It is India and Indian Colonial Parasites who financed and set policies for SWRD. I am sure you know who are the personal friends of Banda’s family. Not poor beggars from Attanagalle or Balangoda. India wanted to get rid of John and they did as they did with Mahinda.

    At last time has come for the Sinhala Buddhists, Christians and Muslims to unite and fight for freedom from the Indian Empire.

    We are the Chandals.

  2. Christie Says:

    and the Multi cultural, multi religious, multi ethnic and multi lingual land will be run by the Socialists. Muslims will be like Kashmiris or Muslims in the Indian Union and Christians will be the same.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Sudath! Very Well Said!

    This ILLEGAL & TREACHEROUS Yamapalanaya Government OF the MINORITIES, BY the MINORITIES, FOR the MINORITIES is trying with all its might to DISINTEGRATE our Unitary Sovereign Nation with the GOAL of DISPOSESSING the SINHALA people of their ONLY HOMELAND in this world!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    NPC wants a POWERLESS EUNUCH as Nominal Governor; not an Executive Governor!

    Why have a “Governor”at all??

    We might as well save the money and abolish the NPC!

    REPEAL the13th Amendment!
    DISSOLVE ALL Provincial Councils!
    REPLACE with DISTRICTS administered by a District Governor APPOINTED by the CENTRAL NATIONAL Government!

    NEVER DEVOLVE any part of the NATIONAL Government’s power to any SUB-NATIONAL unit of administration!

    These BUGGERS want to CON US into gifting them a proto-EELAM!

    And, the Yamapalanaya will be only TOO HAPPY to GIVE IT!

    God DAMN the Yamapalanaya TRAITORS!! They shall REAP LATER what they SOW NOW!

    NPC wants nominal governor with no executive powers
    By Amali Mallawaarachchi
    Monday, December 19, 2016 – 06:30

    The Northern Provincial Council (NPC) has requested the government for a nominal governor instead of one with executive powers.

    NPC Chairman C.V.K. Sivagnanam speaking to the Daily News pointed out that their request is not to abolish the post of governor.“We have not requested for an abolition of the post of governor. What we have really suggested is that it to be a nominal head appointed by the President or the government. It is not a matter of reducing or enhancing the powers of the governor but that we need a nominal governor, instead of an executive governor,” Sivagnanam said.

    TNA’s M.K.Sivajilingam said reducing the powers vested in the governor is not applicable only to the Northern Province but for all Provincial Councils.

    “The powers vested in a governor in Sri Lanka is too much. Not even the governors in India are vested with such powers. The powers that a governor here has equals to executive power. Our suggestion is not limited to Northern province only, but to the whole country. We do not have a personal vendetta against the governors. We, as the NPC forward this proposal along with few other proposals,” Sivajilingam said.

    “We also propose that there is no need of a title as ‘governor’. Our suggestion is that it should be a title meaning ‘an agent of the central government,” the MP said.

    “We also forwarded proposals for the new constitution steering committees on a federal state and making North-East region a single administrative unit within which the Muslims shall have an autonomous region,” Sivajilingam added.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    We thank Dr Sudath Gunasekera for this well analysed article of the problems and the solutions.
    Agree also with what Ananda has written.

    Reiterating :

    Agree that the ILLEGAL 13-A, which is the most DIVISIVE piece of legislation in Sri Lanka, must go.

    Sivajilingam says : “. …. federal state and making North-East region a single administrative unit within which the Muslims shall have an autonomous region”.

    This means that the “autonomous” region for the Muslim people will come first under the JOINT Administrative unit – odd combination there. Sivajilingam has got ‘his knickers in a twist’ here and his words do not make any sense !!

    At any rate, the Tamil area proposed is far larger than the Muslim area proposed (about one fourth, per map shown above). So likely that the JOINT Admin Unit will have a corresponding much larger number of Tamil persons than the Muslim people ?

    Also, what happens when Tamil/Muslim conflicts happen ?
    The poor, dumb ‘waiting to serve minorities’ Sinhala fools will be called to solve the problems and later be accused of some sort of Genocide/War Crimes etc.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Another point to note :

    Almost all the Tamil speaking Muslims of the East are Tamils who have embraced Islam.

    So, that makes them Tamil too.
    Then the N and E are really both Tamil speaking units with religious differences ….
    Bound to have conflicts there for dumb Sinhala GoSL to solve !

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    Dr Sudath Gunasekara at last agreed .

    Saiva TE (NPC), Muslim TE (EPC) & Bhudist Sinhala Lanka (Other 7 PCs) – United Sinhala Lanka (RPof SL) !!!

    Fully implement 13A &6A .

  8. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Who put the foundations to break up Sri Lanka by introducing 13, 13A? It was traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only)
    thambi mudiyanselage jr@. Still a lot of Sinhala modayas think the traitor was a master brainer and even have a
    centre named after him. Sinhalaya modayas? If they aren’t, I don’t who is.

    Today 350-mile long island has ps ministers, state ministers, mps, deputy ministers, ministers, etc. etc. etc. more
    blood sucking deshapaluwans than ordinary citizens,whose only job is to plunder, plunder and plunder whatever little
    we have. Now they are ready to do the ultimate betrayal by dismembering Mother Lanka to please tamils, mussies,
    catholics, india, catholic west etc. etc. The list is too long who are waiting to feast Mother Lanka when she is

    Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil wickramaSinhala
    killer (leading the carge), his pussy cat puppet maru (hora) sira, pongal mongal, kirixxxla, champakaya, arjunaya durjanaya, minister
    of erection (permanent) john baas, karu paiya, gonja ranja, xxxx harin, somersaulting banda, parajithaya,
    pigneswaran, Tamil Nadu Alliance (TNA), Sri Lanka Multiplying Community (SLMC), hisballa, thibbotte devidaththara
    etc. etc. in a frenzy to mutilate her. Traitors tamils, mussies, catholics and the catholic west eagerly waiting to feast.

  9. Cerberus Says:

    Dear Dr. Gunasekera, Thank you very much for drawing attention to the lies that are being perpetrated in the name of good governance. Unfortunately, the evil trio has caught literally a Tiger by the tail by promising Tamils a federal state. They all know that unlike the kind hearted Sinhalese the Tamils are very vicious and if this trio does not deliver on their promises they will likely meet with the same end like all the people that crossed Prabhakaran. RW is desperate and though he is listed as a Buddhist in Wikipedia he goes to Tirupathi and other temples in India and donates huge amounts of money to appease the deities there. I heard that My3 is also having Poosaris in the Presidents palace to do pujas on his behalf. Not sure how true it is. As for the rogue queen, she emerges from whiskey torpors to make insane speeches against President Mahinda Rajapaksa. What a trio! Whither, Sri Lanka at present rate of progress.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:


    You shed light on an interesting point: Why do these Sinhala BUDDHIST leaders go to India and make offerings to various Hindu gods there?

    Are they BUDDHISTS or are they HINDUS?

    As Buddhists, we are free of this worshipping of 300,000 Gods in the Hindu pantheon! So why do it?

    And here we have, a Presidential Pambaya and a token-Buddhist but dedicated-Catholic Ranil grovelling before mud statues in India!

    These are addlepated believers of a KAVALAM religion!

    I am SO ASHAMED of the behaviour of these Yamapalanaya con artistes pretending to be national leaders who represent Sri Lankan Buddhists!

    God Damn it, at least wait until you are OUSTED from office …. very soon now … to do this kind of abject grovelling!

  11. Randeniyage Says:

    Most commentators here are against UNP and appears to be supporters of JO.

    Almost all commentators are against provincial council system (13A ) which obviously is a deadly decease introduced by India to kill Sri Lanka and annex it to India at a later stage.

    The strange thing is JO is not interested at all to remove 13A. Aren’t all these people wasting time appealing to remove PC system?
    Can we name just one politician against 13A ? Then why are we fighting to remove current government just to install another one which will essentially be carrying on with the same national ( destruction) policies.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    Randeniyage My Chignkala Sakotharam ( Sinhala Sakodaraya)
    Almost all commentators are against provincial council system (13A )- Not almost ALL.
    13A is untouchable Indian baby (Indo-Lanka accord) .
    First person against 13A is our Thesiya Thalaivar VP . he has paid his life to remove but failed (that why he kicked out IPKF even though Indian offered him in gold plate).

    so now live with in 13A or live with it 13A ( no option left ) unless VP come back – VP where are you Thalaiva ????

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    *offered him NEP

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    Yo SA Kumar, My dear Damila Sakodaraya…..

    Here you go again committing the DEADLY SIN of INCONSISTENCY …. and I don’t mean being able to hold your water in!

    In ONE comment you urge: Fully implement 13A and 6A

    In the NEXT comment you wail: First person against 13A was Thesiya (?) Thalaivar; Where are you Thalaivar!

    Make up your mind dear Damila Sakodaraya

    this ERRATIC INCONSISTENCY in your support for 13A is making us DIZZY! We are simple-minded folks here!

  15. Ananda-USA Says:


    As you well know, politicians are job hungry, and also root for the winning side.

    We are not looking for PC jobs, and stick to what is better for Sri Lanka in the long term by wanting the 13A REPEALED and PCs DISSOLVED.

    If we explain our reasoning to the ordinary voter, and get the majority of them to support our proposals, the politicians …. JO included …. Who are always VASI PATTHATA HOIYA … will also join the chorus against the 13A and the PCs.

    The next thing is to REPLACE the PCs with a DISTRICT SYSTEM administered by the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT having JOBS for all the KEY politicos displaced by DISSOLVING the PCs.

    You really don’t expect politicos to do anything from which don’t profit do you? Let’s give them a STAKE in the game, and they will trample each other underfoot in the rush to join the fray!

  16. Ananda-USA Says:


    Likewise, I remember a time in Sri Lanka during CBK’S time in office, when you could not find any politico in favor of fighting and eliminating the LTTE.

    I was one of the few who always wanted a military solution to the national security problem posed by Tamil Terrorism. During those days most of my Sri Lankan acquaintances were PEACENIKS and demonized me everywhere as an incurable warmonger who lacked compassion despite my telling them it is my compassion for the victims of terrorism that makes me espouse a military solution

    It took nearly abother decade of bodies piling up in the streets for my message, and those of others like me, to be heard and a groundswell of concurrence and support to build up. MR and the UPFA rode that wave to victory in the elections and the rest is history.

    The point is, politicians rarely originate movements; concerned citizens in their millions do.

    Today, millions of Sri Lanka are concerned about the disastrous direction in which the Yamapalanaya is heading, and ordinary citizens among them, myself included, are voicing their dissatisfaction and solutions.

    If we feel so strongly that 13A should be REPEALED, and the PCs DISSOLVED, let us CREATE that tsunami to ACHIEVE it, that the professional “patriotic” politicos can make their own and ride to VICTORY!

    DEMONSTRATE the SUPPORT and the political bloodhound will follow the TRAIL!

  17. Randeniyage Says:

    I agree 99% with you. Sure now it the time to push for removal of 13A even though it could have been done in 2009, when we were stupidly celebrating.
    1% is on the statement “.. CBK’S time in office, when you could not find any politico in favour of fighting and eliminating the LTTE “. I was living in the country and I know it is not true. People and politicians were questioning the “Hingannage Thuwaale”.
    There were a lot of politicians who wanted to defeat LTTE militarily, I would say majority those days. Some even wrote books on it and how to do it. Problem is ” when leading politicians ” give up the right thing, it becomes irreversible unless people give them immediate reply.
    This idea of reconciliation was initiated by none other than Ranil. Others followed ( including Mahinda, who borrowed the idea from him , even though he was the man to introduce the word “reconciliation” in 2009).
    Do you remember he said ” I will remove all “POLU” ( barriers) and won the elections ? That was the turning point. If people defeated him, then that would have been the end of “reconciliation” nonsense. Problem was , that time, majority of people thought of “Giving Jaffna to Demala”.

  18. aloy Says:


    You are day dreaming.
    The JO has already declared that they will support the new con-stitution; they are well and truly check-mated and have no option. Others are being amply rewarded financially. All stinking pigs in Diyawanna will vote not with one, but with all fours. Our hopes will be in a referendum. I hope Venerables like Omalpe et al will rally the masses and people like this writer continue the struggle.
    If JVP comes in I am sure there will be another Batalanda as there will be enough alugosuwas in armed forces; we saw one in action at Hambantota and Fony is also being put into the scene, by nariya.

    Will January 27th be the day of the Jackal?.

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    Here you go again committing the DEADLY SIN of INCONSISTENCY
    If Any one of Tamil ( include Your good mate, DD,karuna, pillaiyan etc…. include myself) say We do not want TE (Thani -Separate) that is lie !!!

    Since Elra (Eela Raja) to VP We tried but We could not get a hair ( masir) out from you Chignkalavar(Sinhalase).

    than what is alternative solution for our TE 2000 years old day dream ???

    fully implimendation of 13A .

    will my Sinhala Sakodaraya allow this ? NO

    Why not? because Sinhalese has only one country so they fight for end to stop .

    ok, than We fully implement 6A similar to 16A India that will make sure country never ever will be divided.- now my Sinhala bros&Sis are happy ( not We Tamil but we Tamil have have to comparamise ) .

    Our Thasi Thalaivar VP deadly against 13A is he know very well if implement We never ever get Thani(separate) TE.

    Am I INCONSISTENCY or talking truth for as a Mother Lankan ???? or you want to go back to our 2000 years day dream , Naalai pirakkum TE (TE will born Tomorrow – not today , will repeat Tomorrow).

    Why this Kolaveri ???

    live & let’s live until Eelam war V (We have to keep this jilmal otherwise you will start your 1956 to 1983 Demila Vesak Festival, Velu where are you ?) !!!

  20. Ananda-USA Says:


    Are you not saying the same thing I said, but in a different way?

    The referendum is in fact one of the ways in which the voters will express their wishes relatively independently of the politicians. Once that message gets across, and is reinforced by the fate of politicians in the local elections scheduled for later, what will the politicos do?

    Oppose public sentiment and run in front waving the same flag in the hope of saving their jobs, or dig their heels in opposing public sentiment and live with the consequence of being ousted?

    I don’t think I am day dreaming; it us upto those who know the issues and their consequences to alert the public as to what is in store for them.

    Remember those public servants who got Rs. 10,000 bribe to vote for the Yamapalanaya? Well, the devaluation of the Rupee (from 128 then to 152 Rs/USD today), the increased VAT taxes, and commodity price increases since the election on Jan 8, 2015 have completely wiped away that pay increase and more than that by far.

    Conservatively, I estimate that people have effectively lost 30% of their buying power in the last ten years of Yamspslanaya. That is one consequence. The division of the country into egho-religious fiefdoms will be a far more important consequence in the long run.

  21. Ananda-USA Says:


    I meant to say, AGREE with public sentiment and run in front waving the same flag in the hope of saving their jobs, or OPPOSE public sentiment and live with the consequence of being ousted?

    It is upto us who care to generate that public sentiment by clarifying and publicizing the destructive nature of the current path of the Yamspslanaya.

  22. aloy Says:

    The parliamentarians and the puppet should be told in uncertain terms what the consequences are. Perhaps an indication of something like the French Revolution and execution of all those involved in financial crimes against the people should be the answer.

  23. Lorenzo Says:

    No matter which politician comes to power the SLIDE to FEDERAL will continue as long as 13 amendment is there.

    Only a MILITARY TAKEOVER can save SL.

    Now politicians want HELICOPTERS to come to parliament!!

    What a bloody joke is this.

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