No other port can be built from Oluvil to Galle – JHU Hambantota harbour deal
Posted on December 23rd, 2016

The Jathika Hela Urumaya yesterday called on the government to clarify if the agreement between the Sri Lanka Ports Authority and China Merchant Holdings prohibited any other ports being built along the belt stretching from Oluvil to Galle.

Jathika Hela Urumaya Western Provincial Council member Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe, addressing a press conference in Colombo, said that the 99-year lease agreement reached with China Merchant Holdings was shrouded in secrecy, with terms of the agreement not made public.


“We are told that the accord prohibits any local or foreign company from building a port along the stretch of sea from Oluvil to Galle. It behoves the authorities to clarify this issue,” he noted, alleging that a USD-100 million commission had changed hands.

Warnasinghe also demanded an explanation on conflicting reports emanating from the government over the number of acres to be released to a Chinese company to build the proposed Hambantota Industrial Zone (HIZ) with figures ranging from 1,500 acres to 15,000 acres being mentioned.

Pointing out that the Bombay Industrial Zone in a huge country such as India, was only 7,000 acres in extent, he queried how the HIZ could extend upto 15,000 acres.

All the 14 Industrial Zones in Sri Lanka covered only a total of 3,000 acres , the JHU member added.

Warnasinghe said that good governance could not be confined to only politics. “One of the reasons for the people to have sent the Rajapaksa’s home was mega corruption. If the current rulers do not clear suspicions that exist with regard to the Hambantota Port, it is only natural for them to be accused of corruption as well.”

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  1. aloy Says:

    We shouldn’t hand over family silver to outsiders. As we are militarily weak they will push us out and own it at the end. Hand over both ECT and Hambanthota to a company like John Keels which are efficiently run local entities. In any case not more than for a 35 year period. Perhaps they can even syndicate loans to pay back the Chinese loans. We must not get foreigners involved as they will create rifts among local communities and set minorities against the majority and ultimately put them into second class status. This was what all colonial powers did in our history.

    Keep in mind what happened in Malaysia also. They too had a bloody civil war against mainly Chinese in 60s. They allowed them to come in and settle during the Chinese revolution on sympathetic grounds. Now they are a strong community the Malays fear. Probably that is the reason they cannot take action against corrupt Malay rulers. They know if the majority is divided the minorities takeover.

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