Most people waste energy in careless cooking then pollute the environment
Posted on December 29th, 2016

Dr Hector Perera     London

If anyone could save around 60% energy every time they cook rice and curries would you think it is a good idea? If I am not mistaken majority of Sri Lankans eat rice and curries on daily basis as the main meal, some people eat rice and curries for lunch and supper.  In those cases if those people could save that much energy such as gas and electricity in cooking their main meals, I think that is a great saving.

50% saving in shops

Only in certain times of the year some shops give 50% off the normal price of the goods then the people rush to those shops for bargains. Even if the goods are expensive but if 50% is off the price then they know it’s cheaper than any other time so they rush. Say for example on Boxing Day that is the day after Christmas day, some shops sell TV, washing machines and many are sold 50% off the normal price. This happens only once a year. Again there may not be enough goods for the whole crowd that queued for many hours.  Here I am trying to tell you a similar situation in energy saving cooking that can be used throughout the year from your home cooking.

British TV cooking

I have witnessed quite a lot of cooking programmes in British TV but I can safely say none of the chefs cook by saving energy or avoiding cooking aroma depositing on them while cooking. Sometimes those so called chefs run run all over the kitchen area while they are engaged in cooking, is it a part of show off? One must understand that kitchens are not meant for running or jogging. There could be drops of oil, water or pieces of vegetable on the floor so they might slip or have an accident. I treat kitchen as a chemistry laboratory because we deal with chemicals. In cooking competitions there are a few so called judges watching those chefs cooking but they never help the chefs as they are in competition, all what they do is to stand there or sometimes walk around asking some questions then shout the time to indicate how long is left to finish the cooking. Quite recently I saw some chefs served beef as the main dish. When they sliced, anyone could see the red or pink coloured slices of beef. I am sure anyone would judge that it is either under cooked or virtually raw. Who would like to eat raw beef or under cooked beef? They are full of germs and bacteria, so is it safe to eat them? Then the chefs add this and that sources to cover it up then put some dressing by adding slices of carrot then some leaves. Most of the times they put spots of sources just all over the plate then taken to more other judges waiting to taste the food. Those judges never seen how they were cooked. Once they were served they just eat then talk to each other as well. In the meantime those chefs have to serve the judges in the kitchen. Then one at a time goes in front of the judges for their comments. I can remember one judge told one of the contestant, The taste is divine”. Then I knew the judges go by the taste of the food not taking into account of any other matters such as energy wastage in cooking or showering in cooking aroma and any other.

I am not forcing anyone to follow my scientific energy saving cooking, it is up to anyone to follow it or just leave it and waste energy. If anyone use any energy such as gas or electricity, they have to pay for them.

My work is officially recognised in Sri Lanka

I am wondering if my work was accepted by The Sustainable Energy Authority in Sri Lanka then The Invention Commission added my work to their official web site, would it be not good enough to a country like Great Britain? Even with short notice I was given a chance to appear in a live cooking programme in Sirasa TV and the work is still found in Google search under my name. If anyone wished to waste energy then they have to pay for whatever they waste, in the meantime they have to inhale the unhealthy cooking aroma while cooking. All what I am asking these people is to use energy efficiently. Your comments are welcomed

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