The Government should immediately give up the enactment of a new Constitution
Posted on January 6th, 2017

Dr Sudath Gunasekara. President Mahanuwara Sinhala Bauddha Jestha Puravesiyange Sanvidhanaya saha Udarata Urumaya Surekiime Jatika Sanvidhanaya

  1. Jan 2016

This Government should immediately stop its diabolical conspiracy to enact a new Constitution that will end up the 2500 year old Sinhala Buddhist State and its Civilization in this Island.

On the other hand

The Joint Opposition should immediately withdraw from the Constitutional Council in protest against this Great Betrayal by this Government

This Government should immediately stop its diabolical conspiracy to enact a new Constitution to give Tamils and Muslims two separate autonomous regions as bribes for voting it in to power at the 2015 Presidential and Parliamentary elections, as it will first, kill the millennia old Lankan Unitary State and finally it will end up in the formation of an EELAM (for Tamils) and a Kalisthan (for Muslims) in this land of the Sinhalese and mark the end of the 2500 year old glorious Sinhala Buddhist State and it’s Civilization that had been jealously and valiantly defended and protected against all enemies and invasions, both South Indian and Western for more than 2500 years by our ancestors with their sweat, blood and lives.

The Joint Opposition should immediately withdraw from the Constitutional Council in protest against this Great Betrayal by this Government and take all possible steps immediately to defeat it, if it wants to survive and wants to have a country to come back to power, without continuing its hide and seek policy on this issue any longer.

The following map shows how Sri Lanka will look like tomorrow, if we allow the proposed new constitution of Sirisena–Rannil-Chandrika-Sambandan-Hakim-Digambaran-USA-UK and India, to see the light of the day.


This is exactly what the vicious Ranil-Chandrika-Sirisena  Trio’s so-called Govt’ is conspiring to do to this country with the new Constitution.

The report of the Task Force on Ethnic Reconcilliation prepared under the Chairmanship of Chandrika Kumaratunga to be submitted this week to the Government has already laid down the strategy for this Great betrayal. What Chandrika has planned  here now  is to get her vicious dream of destroying this country and the Sinhala Buddhist civilization, as she has openly declared many a time, which she could not do in 1997 under her famous Package (POTTANIYA- so named by JR). Those who have read the article on the recommendations of the  Task Force on Ethnic Reconcilliation by  its Secretary Pakyasothi Saravanmuttu, (a sworn EELAMist), appeared in the Daily Mirror few days back, would have realized how dangerous it is going to be, and how they are planning to get the referendum passed with Tamil and Muslim votes in a divided Sinhala electorate between the , and the two SLFP camps of MR  and MS. under the prevailing  chaotic poliotical situation in the country. What they are trying to do is to fish in troubled waters or to makehay while the sun shines.

Their forecast will definitely come true

  1. a) If President Sirisena and Mahinda Rjapaksa camps continue to fight within their rank and file as they do now without bringing all SLFP voters together (who love the country more than members of any other political party in this country)
  2. b) or a sizable number of UNP Sihalala voters refuse to be a party to this ongoing Ranil-Sirisena–Chandrika treacherous betrayal
  3. c) or forget their party and colour (that is UNP and Green) and decide to unite with the patriotic Sinhala masses in the SLFP as a national force giving up all their political party afiliations in the broader interests of thecountry , to save this nation,

the Chandrika- Pakyasothi  conspiracy cum strategy  as given in the Daily mirror few days back by Saravanamuttu will definitely succeed.

That will mark the end of this glorious nation that was the envy of the whole world, both medievL and modern, for millenia.

The religious dignitories of the three Nikayas together should immediately get down MR and Maitri and advice them, (more particularly Maitripala Sirisena) to stop animosity towards each other and refrain from vituperative talk at least now and join hands in the broader interest of the nation. What the country badly need today is not  a mere puppet leader but a  strong patriotic and benevolent Sinhala leader to rescue this country from the abysmal depth in to which our poloiticians over the past 68 years have dump it.  Now that  MR has already extended the olive branch to MS, things should be easier for MS to adjust his stubborn attitude and form a friendly alliance. This was how feuds between rulers were settled in the ancient days in this country. I remember,  how a small man like myself once adivised Lalith and Gamini to iron out their ego differnces, respecrt each others special capabilities and join hands in the broader interest of the nation. Both being intelligent men reponded positiverly and Lalith rang me up the next morning to confirm me their happy union. Therefore I don’t know why the prelates who hold the highest positins in Sri Lankan society can’t do it and why MS and MR cannot listen to them, if summened  and adviced.

Are  all of us going to sleep and allow the aforesaid catastrophy to happen to our motherland before our own eyes and keep quiet like the proverbial Three Monkeys saying we can’t see, can’t hear or can’t smell ?. This is the million dollar question I place before  All my readers? and before the whole nation, the Mahanayaka Theras and the Sangha fraternity–the guardian Gods of the nation,  politicians who love the country than rotten foul smelling political perks (if there is any),  interlectuals and all others who matter both big and small. To you all Patrriotic Sons and Dauhgters of Sinhale, (whose priceless legacy this respledent Isle is) who have a Sinhala heart and a wee bit of love for your Mother Land, I plead you to fight tooth and nail to the bittter end to defeat this treacherous move, by this Government and save our 2500 year old motherland.

For the reasons given below in this note, the whole nation should force this clumsy government in one voice, to drop all treacherous moves and conspiracies to destroy this country  by puttting this sconstutional nooze round our neck.

1 First and foremost this Government has not got a public mandate to change the existing Constitutionm no have the people asked for a new Constituion either.

2 This is not a legally constituted government or a government. It is an illegally constituted, unconstitutional, un-ethical pack of politicians in Parliament and a classic political jumble unheard and unseen anywhere in the world in known history. It consists of a Prime Minister, a Leader of the Opposition, both of whom are unconstitutionally appointed and a bunch of national list appointees, either rejected by the people at the last election dragged in via the political back door or political stooges who have no political experience or any other outstanding qualifications. Therefore this Parliament has no legitimate power to make any law in this Parliament leaving aside a new Constitution for this country or even make an amendment to the Constitution.  I am no lawyer, but I feel, one day all proceedings of this House could be questioned in a court of law under a future Government and to see all key persons of this Government behind bars.

3 All expressed intensions of making this Constitution by stake holders are not genuine. Taking cover under words like reconciliation, devolution and human rights this so-called government is hell-bent to make a Constitution to appease minorities and to remain in power to enjoy the lavish luxuries of political office.

4 Nearly 5.9 million people have voted against  both Sirisena and Ranil at the 2015 elections.

5 A new constiution is  not an urgent priority  when there are far more serious national  issues that face the country and the people. The imminent food shortage in the near future due to cultivation failure in the country in view of the prolonged drought,  absense of good governance, the mess created by the Provincial Councils and the 13th Amendment,  social unrest, unemploymenand, poverty and the daily deterioration economic and financial crisis etc have to be given priority over Constitution making. A government has to give food, water, and employment to its people before it tries to give a new Constitution as people cannot certainly fill their bellies and quench their thirst with a new Constitution.

6 Problem of exessive and repressive taxes and burden of unbearable cost of living

7 The jumbo Cabinet, too many politicians and wastefull political instituions like the Provincial councils.

8 Lack of law and order and lack of governace at all in the country

9 Extravagance , rampant corruption and wastage in government institutions

10 Ineficient and lethargic public service

11 Few simple amendments to the present Constitution can definitely  bring about good governance that is good enough to solve peoples problems. As such why this mighty hurry and big fuss for a new Constitution?

12 unbarable cost of living

Further more one wonders whether we need a Constitution at all if the rulers are just and honest and committed to nation building in the light of following observasions.

First, if we could achieve all the wonders that stand testimony to a great civilization in the Oriental world like the massive Dagabas, Ocean like Irrigation tanks and a fabulous network of irrigation canals that have mesmerized even modern engineers, without a Constitution from 543 BC to 1815 Ad, why can’t we do it now without a Constitution?

Second, why have we failed to make the country self-sufficient at least in our staple diet- rice-  for 68 years since 1948, up to date, (a country once exported rice under King Parakramabahu) in spite of three voluminous Constitutions 1948, 1972 and 1978 we had, the last ironically with 19 amendments within 37 years?

Third, under these circumstances how can one say (as Ranil and cohort declare) that a Constitution is the only magic wand and the cornucopia that will bring reconciliation, peace and prosperity to this country?

Fourth, if that is so, where does lies the real fault? Isn’t it the way politicians have governed or governing?

Fifth, If the United Kingdom that is hailed as the Home or mother of Modern Parliamentary system of Government and democracy could also create a World Empire where the sun never set for 150 years, why can’t we, who inherit a fabulous civilization for millennia long before Christ was born and were much richer than what the English were, do it now without such a useless bundle of papers, called a Constitution based on alien laws, traditions and practices.

Sixth, desperately looking at how our politicians have performed since 1948 with the three voluminous Constitutions, I can vouch you that even if we get the God in heaven to make a Constitution for us that will never succeed in achieving our goal in the hands as long as we have politicians like whom we have in this country.

Neverthe less still if anyone feels there is a need for a Constitution or Constitutional reforms to solve the burning problems in the country then,


1 Sack all those defeated candidates appointed through the National list

2 Send back all those who were high jacked from the Joint Opposition back to JO

And then

The President should remove Ranil or ask him to tender his resignation promptly the same way he was appointed and take steps to install a legitimate Government in office. If he still believes Ranil can deliver the goods then he may give him a second chance to show Parliament that he has the majority to form a Government so that at least he can legitimately form a government

If he fails then President should ask someone else in Parliament who can show the majority to form a Government without messing like what he did it last time.

Once a legitimate Government is formed we should demand the President to take the following steps to make good governance a reality so that we can use it as an acid test of his commitment to good governance and also his integrity and honesty in purpose and the love to the country.

In the mean time we would also like to remind him that it was he who was elected as the President by the people and not Ranil. Therefore people expect him take over the Governance in to his hands and not allow Ranil to run riots with his typical after dinner speeches in Parliament and his tyrannical behavior in office.

Thereafter he should ask the new Government to confine to the promised amendments to the Constitution. According to the 2015 election manifesto there are only three amendments this Parliament can legitimately move, of cause even that only after cleaning the Parliament by removing all illegitimate appointments made therein. They are

1) To reduce the Cabinet to Thirty (3O) in terms of election promises made to the country (Instead now there are 112 or more in it as at today)

2) To remove Presidential immunity and some of his excessive powers (but care should be taken not to touch his Executive powers as firstly, the Parliament cannot touch his Executive powers or remove him even by an impeachment without going for a referendum of the whole country as he has been elected by the people of the whole country. Furthermore this country has had a tradition of having King as the chief Executive for 2500 years. It is there in the blood of the people. This reminds me of the lament made by a monk at the Gangaramaya Temple Mahanuwara, Lewellla                             (Ane kumbiyane. Topatath Rajek inne etc) when the last king of Sinhale was dethroned and deposed to South India in 1815 by the British.

3) To effect Electoral reforms to abolish the PR system and reintroduce first-past-post system. That is all any Government in this Parliament can do and nothing more.

Additionally since he has talked so much about ‘Good Governance” before the election

he should also


4 Assign an MP for every electorate as we had under the old system to bring back meaning to representative democracy once again in this country and the people to have people’s representatives in place of the present system of their being representatives of the Party Leader only responsible and answerable to the Leader of the Party at whose will entirely their survival depends.


First and foremost

1 Hold local government elections as soon as possible

2 The abolish the 13 A and wind up the cancerous Provincial Councils imposed on us by force by India

3 Abolish the Provinces established by the British in 1833 to divide the country on ethnic basis to make their divide and rule policy much easier and to fulfill their avowed goal of destroying the Sinhala nation and this country with its long standing and priceless heritage

4 Scrap the JR/Rajiv Accord of 1987 that paved the first step in giving legitimacy to

Firstly, by declaring the North and East as traditional Homeland of Tamils ( a thing never existed before in the history of this country)

Secondly, providing provision for merging two or more Provinces, thereby laying the foundation for the Tamil EELAM in Sri Lanka by amalgamating the North, East and the Central Hill country and

Thirdly, proving for the establishment of Provincial Councils, the first political conspiracy for nullifying the Sri Lanka Constitution and giving a Federal structure for the first time for the Sri Lanka State paving the way for devolution of political power on an ethnic basis, again going towards the EELAM

Fourthly, making Tamil also an official language and giving citizenship to all estate Tamils outside all the legal procedures that had to be followed in awarding Sri Lankan Citizenship.

And then,

5 Ban all political communal political parties named after ethnicity like TNA, ITAK, and SLMS immediately

6 Take strict legal actions against all who violate the 6th Amendment

7 Resettle all Sinhala and Muslim people who were chased out from the North and East by the LTTE since 1983 onwards

8 Ban all communal and racial propaganda

9 Make prior approval of Parliament compulsory for all Ministry advisers, top Govt posts like the Governor CB, Ministry Secretaries, Diplomatic appointments etc so that we can avoid appointing unsuitable persons with controversial records like Arjun Mahendrana and R Paskaralingam to such high positions

10 Immediately withdraw the decision to pay Rs 2500 per sitting for MPP and the payment of RS 200 000 pm as rent for an office and ask them to operate from their homes in their electorates Ask those who refuse to abide b it to go home as they are no longer suitable to represent their voters in Parliament

11Stop the leasing of 58 vehicles to be given to MPs.

12 Stop appointing Chairmen for non existing Pradesiya Sanvardhana Sabhas and stop setting up of such additional and overlapping political institutions as we already have a plethora of such useless institutions like the Provincial Councils that have become a big burden to the govt coffers for no service done to the country.

13Also remove all adheekshana MP and withdraw lavish facilities given to all politicians forthwith

14 Remove all political advisers appointed to Ministries for nothing

15 Recall all political appointees for diplomatic positions and replace them with career public servants

16 Stop all extravagant tamashas and politically motivated function like awarding certificates, and appointments etc All govt appointment could be sent by post with very little cost

17 Ban inviting more than one or the most two politicians or Government officials for any function and stop lining them up on the stage like film stars and getting all of them to show off when one can do the job and thus save enormous waste on transport, travelling, subsistence, fuel and ware and rare, overtime and wastage of time otherwise could have been used for public service

18 Scrap the Upcountry Tamil village and Infra structure Development Ministry immediately dissolve the 9 Provincial councils before next April and the UNDP funded special Authority to be set up for the same purpose immediately.

19 Immediately restore the Kandyan Peasantry Development Department and the Kandyan Area Development Authority abolished in Jan 2014 and implement the recommendations of the KPC Report of 1951

20 Immediately set up a Ministry for the Rehabilitation and Development of Kandyan  Peasants

21 Restore all crown lands back to reserved forest encroached by Minister Badurdeen in Wilpattu and Muslim encroachers in the eastern Province and  sack the Minister and take legal action against him for violating Fauna and Flora Acts and connected other offences committed by him

22Restore all Buddhist historical places vandalized by Tigers and Muslims in the North and East

23 Remove Arjun Mahendran and Paskaralingam as Advisors to PM and Take legal action per Cope Report against Mahendran

24 Also take action against Navy Commander for assaulting a Rivira Media man

25 Abolish the Pension scheme given to politicians under Act NO 1 0f 1987 and thereafter.

26 Stop issuing duty free vehicle permits to all politicians and selected state officers forthwith Give them loans by vehicles as it was done in the past so that wt he govt can cut down enormous public expenditure on drivers ,maintenance, salaries , repairs, subsistence and overtime etc.

27 Immediately do away with the National list which has killed the sovereignty of the people and has become an A class bribe to purchase votes in Parliament

28 Along with this also abolish the constitutional provision for 2/3 for bills and replace it with a national referendum instead so that thereafter the President or PM wan’t be able to get politically motivated legislation passed in Parliament by buying corrupt MPP. The same procedure should be followed in case of an impeachment against the President as well.

29 Stop giving allocations to MPP and Ministers and channel all Government expenditure through Ministries, Departments and Public Officials who should be made solely responsible and accountable to the Public Accounts Committee for their proper disbursement

30 Replace all political Governors of PCC and replace them with retired Professional Public servants

31 After abolishing the Provinces and Provincial Councils restore and re strengthen and completely reorganize the District Administration

32 Restore capital punishment immediately, to all those found guilty of crimes prescribed by law an all Drug offences, rape, Child abuse and theft and misuse of State property and those who vandalize ancient Buddhist sites in the North and Eastern Provinces.

33 All politicians starting from President downward should reduce attending public functions and various extravagant tamasas and should devote their time more for serious thinking, planning and expeditious action on public welfare

34 Stop blaming the last government and at least now get down to positive action

35 Ban import and telecasting of all Indian soap opera programs that destroy our culture

36Close down India Consulates in Kandy, Hambantota and Jaffna and send back the Indian Oil Co and bring its functions under CPC to save our assets draining to India.

37 Scrap the Trinco Oil tanks deal with India and vest it in the  CPC

38 Relieve the Judiciary and the Public Service from political interference and make them

Fully  independent so that the public will get an efficient and impartial service


Next I would like to suggest.

Fifteen Prerequisites for sustainable and just reconciliation in Sri Lanka to make it an everlasting,  peaceful, prosperous and righteous Land

1 Strong Government at the centre with a true Sinhala Buddhist Leader” as its head run by Govt Ministries and Departments and Gam sabhas and Nagara Sabhas

2 Abolish 13th A and Provincial Councils & Abolish the 9 Provinces

3 Declare this Country as the Sinhala Buddhist Country. A Unitary State. To be called, the Republic of Sinhale as it existed for 2500 years and accepted by United Kingdom on 2nd of March. One Government with 25 Districts, Divisions, Korales and Village Councils with maximum decentralization of Administrative power to the Districts’ (San Provinces and Provincial Councils)

4 Declare Buddhism as the State religion

5 Make Sinhala the Official Language of the State of Sri Lanka

6 Declare Nationality as Sinhala /Sri Lankan meaning the people of Sinhale. All minorities should accept  this as the status quo and renounce their dreams of calling themselves as separate nations or their claims for autonomous States within this tiny country. Those who decline to do so can go back to their true Mother countries.

7 Ban all ethnic or religious political parties only National Parties like SLFP

8 Have one Law for all Sri Lankans abolish Thesavalamei and Muslim Laws

9 Everybody must accept this as the Sinhala country

10 Enact a Constitution based on history, traditions, religion, customs and manners. This should be done by local experts in Law, History, Politics and traditions etc and not as foreigner want or India

11 A permanent National Advisory Council. Non political

12 Set up a powerful National Planning Council

13 Restore independence in Judiciary and Administration

14 Declare all lands above 5000 ft mean sea level as strictly protected national watershed that should never be touched for development or settlements

15 If the Government feel  smaller administrative units are necessary for easy administration then  it can go for the Tun Rata concept as Ruhunu, Pihiyti and Maya, of cause with the consent of the people with a suitable l simple and  less expensive political machinery as it had been from 327 BC to 1815 AD in this country.

Appeal to the President

Mr President this is the only way for you to prove your honesty, integrity, patriotism and your leadership to the people and the world. Hope good counsel will prevail upon you to make this a golden opportunity to absolve all black marks you have collected since you became the President, without been trapped in the illusion of your expressed obligation, responsibility and duty to solve the problems of Tamils and Muslims on the ground that 90 % of them have voted you at the election as you have publicly declared many a time. They may have voted you as a block. Please remember that Tamils and Muslims voted you not because they like you or trust you but because that is the only way they could have ousted Mahinda and put UNP Ranil at the steering, on whom they had the full trust to get their political agenda implemented.  Once they get their jobs done they will discard you and put to the dust bin in no time. Also please don’t forget that this country had been the Land of the Sinhalese for 2500 years. Neither you nor anyone else has the right to betray it. I wish wisdom will dawn upon you to mark your niche in Mahawansa. Whether you decide to go down as traitor or hero in the annals of history in this country is entirely your choice. Also please note that I have made all these observations in good faith, purely in the interest of the my country and the people, with malice towards none

.Finally, I would like to remind the President and the entire coterie of those who are trying to enact  a Constitution against the wishes of the Sinhala majority that they must remember nearly 5.9 million of Sinhala people have voted against them at the last elections. The weeping and wallowing ghosts of these people and the descendents of the nearly 4 million UNP misled and blind folded voters who will later realize their folly, together constituting the entire dispersed, displaced and destroyed nation will follow and haunt you as long as you trek through this endless Sansara. You will never be pardoned for this Great Sin and their eternal curse will be upon you forever.

We would remind that the main objectives of any Government in this country should be

1 Security of the country

2 Public good

3 Protection of the Sambuddha Sasana and protection of their culture, traditions and customs and law and order

7 Responses to “The Government should immediately give up the enactment of a new Constitution”

  1. Charles Says:

    Maithripala Sirisena is a snake under the grass. He is with Ranils bandwa

  2. Dilrook Says:

    I oppose the Tun Rata System which will worsen the plight of Sinhalese and further empower minorities. Agree with the rest.

  3. Charles Says:

    Maithripala Sirisena is a snake under the grass. He is with Ranil’s bandwagon to destroy Sri Lanka . His taking revenge from Mahinda Rajapakse is allowing the Tamils and Muslims to divide Sri Lanka, clear forests and start new Muslim and Tamil settlements. This is exactly what the JVP wants too. The Sinhala Buddhists should unite and rise against this government. There is no unity amoung the Sinhala Buddhists, we allow the minorities to walk over us following this gutless,spineless President Sirisena and the scheming Western boot licker Ranil Wickramasinghe

  4. aloy Says:

    I am intrigued by the way the prez approach issues. He made a statement that no agreement has been prepared yet for giving 15,000 acres to investors on long lease (200 years?.) in the south. He is telling that the whole thing has to go through the due process in the parliament and all. But the PM and his loyal ministers went ahead yesterday to kick off the project in Hambantota despite vehement protests from locals and MR’s faction. Prez also said that RW will be the PM until 2020 and that there will not be a change in the government. Has he already pardoned PM on issues associated with Bond scam?. He is the one who appointed a non Sri Lankan taking the full responsibility for his good behaviour. Or is he following the style in Sinhala proverb “like Uguduwa eating atikehel”?. But one thing is sure: you need to pressurize him, like hell, to get him to do the right thing as he seems to be such a weak person.
    What ever it is the politicians should keep in mind that the Hambantota protests can escalate into a Syria like situation where our country will be the playground of various powers. This will be the ideal situation for the separatists.
    The investors also shouls keep in mind keep that without going through the due process, they will not be able use this as a long term investment as a subsequent GOSL can cancel it without compensation. Perhaps that is the reason RW wanted to create the super ministers.

  5. LankanDon Says:

    I don’t think Thun Sinhale is a good idea. Sri Lanka is a small island and can be managed from the Capital City. I also agree that the Indian Oil Company should be nationalised or heavily taxed. Trinco Oil tanks should be handed over to Petroleum Corporation.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    No division of Sri Lanka should be tolerated by all the Concerned People from any sector.

    This small 25,000 sq miles of country can be managed by the Centre Govt.
    For administrative purposes, the unit of the District can be used.

    Yahap folk are crazy to think that they can solve the Tamil CASTE problems coming from Tamil Nadu. Likewise Yahap folk cannot solve Cold War problems either.
    Giving Sri Lankans a sense of Security & Wellbeing ought to be the top priority of any GoSL in Lanka.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    I STRONGLY agree with Dilrook and LankanDon: the Tun Rata system proposed in this article is a VERY BAD IDEA and would revive a historical weakness of the nation.

    I had said so in my comments when Dr. Gunasekara proposed that in a previous article at LankaWeb.

    The historical Tun Sinhale was a reflection of Sri Lanka’s internal weakness and internal divisions; it was NOT A STRENGTH of the Sri Lankan Nation.

    That division into three competing regions was one of the factors that encouraged foreign enemies to invade and occupy parts of Sri Lanka in our historical past. If Sri Lanka was able to marshall of its respurces and strength from the entire nation, fewer of those foreign enemies would have dared to invade, and if they did invade would have been quickly defeated.

    Today, we are faced with a great danger to the future integrity and security of the nation through the New Constitution proposed by the Yamapalanaya; a Constitution proposal crafted by a KALLIYA of separatists and foreign puppets. It MUST BE, CAN BE, and SHOULD BE rejected OUTRIGHT.

    Sri Lanka does not need to be divided FIR ANY REASON into self governing SUB-NATIONAL regions. Instead, the National Government at the CENTER should be it’s only elected government and ALL issues should be addressed only at the Centre.

    Instead of DEVOLVING POWER to separatism-prone self-governing sub-regions, the Central National Government should be further STRENGTHENED and STREAMLINED to reduce the financial and regulatory burden on the people.

    I have proposed ELSEWHERE such a STRONG system of NATIONAL government with appropriate security safeguards against centrifugal separatism while enabling sufficient franchise to protect the rights of citizens, and remain sensitive to their wishes. That system has sufficient individual franchise for everybody except those nursing separatist dreams.

    This moment of GREAT DANGER to the integrity of our Motherland is also a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to create a system that will place Sri Lanka beyond the threats of its enemies.

    Let us SEIZE THE DAY, and do so! CARPE’ DIEM!

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