Posted on January 9th, 2017


One country, Cuba, positioned in the Caribbean,   right under USA’s nose, managed to withstand the USA. Fidel Castro, leader of the Communist Party, took power in Cuba in 1958. USA tried to strangle Cuba economically with a decade long trade embargo. US tried repeatedly to bump off Fidel Castro, once with an exploding cigar. USA’s attempt to overthrow Castro in the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, failed miserably, adding to Cuba’s stature.

Russia supported Cuba from 1960 onwards, otherwise Cuba could not have survived.  Under Castro, Cuba, with generous Soviet aid, provided basic food and housing, cradle to grave health care and free and universal education to its people. Cuban doctors, working all over the world, were considered excellent.  Russian subsidies were withdrawn in the 1990s and Cuba was in difficulty. Then China came to the rescue. Venezuela and Bolivia also became allies.

In 2015, USA re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba. But America still deeply resented the success of Cuba, This was openly demonstrated when Castro died in November 2016  and his life was celebrated. TIME said, inter alia, thousands of dissidents languished in his prisons or were killed. This was a severe price to pay for free doctoring and schooling.     In Sri Lanka it was noted that Castro and Cuba show that a country can face challenges from world powers provided it had a leader of the caliber of Castro.

The first strategy employed by USA in its foreign meddling was direct and brutal Regime Change”.  This was achieved by marshalling opposition political parties, NGOs, ethnic and religious minorities groups, and the English language media to create an ongoing low intensity internal conflict, with the objective of to installing a proxy government.. The regimes it installed were always repressive and corrupt.  The US turned a blind eye to corruption and human rights abuse in their ‘client states’. The countries governed by these regimes were kept unstable,   so that they could be easily controlled and manipulated.  Regime changes manoeuvred by the US have usually been disadvantageous to the people of the country and have created immense suffering.  Iraq today is far worse than it was under Saddam.  Afghanistan is no better. As a result, USA was hated in the countries it dominated.

In the 21 century however, the US is trying a different strategy, it is going for smooth electoral change. The US has engineered electoral changes in several countries. There was the Rose revolution in Georgia (2003), the Orange revolution in Ukraine (2004), Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan (2005).  None of these ‘revolutions’ were genuine, critics say. They were coup d’etats engineered by US.  The new rulers simply shifted their foreign policy towards US interest, without any benefit to the people.  The   uprisings in Venezuela and Thailand in 2014    are also blamed on the US. Venezuela said ‘US wants our oil and that is why they are encouraging a Ukraine like coup’. Hong Kong’s Umbrella movement (2014) is considered another US attempt.     In 2016 China said it would not tolerate any independence movement in Hong Kong directed at damaging mainland stability.

In Venezuela the US moved from supporting opposition parties and NGOs to create new political parties, led by youthful fresh faces. Over one third of US funding was directed towards youth and student groups in Venezuela, including training in the use of social networks to mobilize political activism. Student leaders were sent to US for workshops and conferences on internet activism and media networking. They were    shown   tactics to promote regime change via street riots. Also, how to use media to portray the government as repressive. In 2007 those student groups took to the streets in Caracas. The protests were composed mainly of middle and upper class youth and opposition politicians.

The   second strategy used by the US, is to   break up a sovereign state. Fissiparous separatist organizations are set up in selected countries and financed for the purpose. USA engineered the creation of South Sudan. Sudan’s oil is in the south. A Sudan caucus was set up in USA. Western humanitarian aid groups and American evangelical groups promoted the South Sudan secessionist movement. US provided huge quantities of arms to the rebels through the client states of Uganda, Eritrea and Ethiopia.   Every step of the process involved ‘carefully managed plots by the US and its collaborators’.  South Sudan achieved independence in 2011 with the help of the US. It is today, an unstable country with fighting between the government and rebel forces.

A third strategy is planned for the near future, ‘Responsibility to protect’. The term Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) was first introduced in 2001, in response to the genocide in Rwanda. The Report of the International Commission on Intervention and State sovereignty (ICISS 2001),   argued that state sovereignty does not mean unlimited power of a state over its own people. States must respect the rights of its citizens and their human dignity.

R2P was included in the annual reports of UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan and Ban ki Moon in 2005 and 2006. It was also pushed at the UN World Summit, 2005, as a doctrine to justify international intervention in domestic affairs of other countries. But member countries did not embrace the idea and R2P has not been formally accepted. ‘R2P is just another pretext to justify neo colonial intervention in the domestic affairs of developing nations,’ they said. The UN Charter   deals with this adequately. Also R2P flies in the face of the founding principles of the UN.  UN declaration of 1970 on international law concerning friendly relations and cooperation among states imposes an almost total prohibition on intervention.

There is no legal basis for R2P either. One of the basic rights of a sovereign state is the right to be and to remain independent. And for this the state is given sovereign rights over its citizens. This includes the right to defend and protect the state against external attack and internal subversion of its authority and protect its citizens. Other states are expected to respect this right and not interfere or intervene in the internal affair of other states, said G.H.Pieris. There was a plan in 2007 to convert Colombo’s International Centre for Ethnic relations (ICES) to the R2P centre for the region. The government stopped this.

The image of USA as a desirable country, perfect in all aspects, has now been dented. US politics is messy. The last Presidential election showed that. US administration is no better.  The Watergate scandal of 1971 showed that CIA and FBI engage in domestic spying.  While President Nixon and Kissinger were eavesdropping on officials, Department of Defence was eavesdropping on Kissinger.  White House and Camp David were also bugged. The President can order the assassination of a citizen without so much as a hearing, said one critic. Government   can spy on its citizens without a court order and its officials are immune to prosecution for war crimes.  The media are not independent either, they support agendas and spread misinformation. This also emerged at the recent Trump election.

The human rights aspect is also not good. Racism has been a major issue in America for almost a century. African Americans were lynched and no one was punished. The Ku Klux Klan   organization specialized in these lynchings and burnings. These killings are continuing. US Police   killed at least 102 unarmed black people in 2015 and more than 194 black people in 2016. This led to the recent Black Lives Matter” movement. The black minority still live in dilapidated and run down ghettoes in the inner cities. US has a high proportion of prison inmates, mainly drug users. Poor whites in America are called ‘White trash’.What other country labels a segment of its population as ‘trash’?

The US infrastructure is the most backward among the advanced industrialized economies, said TIME, with crumbling roads, highways and ancient bridges, some over 50 years old, in almost all the states. They were not designed to take today’s traffic loads either. US air traffic control relies on a 1960s radar system.  There is not even one high speed train in the entire continent, falling well behind Europe, Japan France, China and even Indonesia. The power distribution systems are still strung overhead.  Welfare expenditure is no better, continued TIME. Federal spending on education has been declining. The funding for the legal system is very low, and cases take many years to complete. National Institutes of Health, USA complained that Congress did not approve sufficient money for research into the Zika virus.

TIME magazine, 2016, has confirmed   that the US economy is in difficulties. Many Americans lost their jobs, pensions and houses in the    financial crises such as the Subprime Mortgage crisis of 2007.  This mostly affected the working class and the lower middle class. Families that earlier had comfortable lives, with cars and houses find that their children ‘now have to struggle’. There is high unemployment,   reduced incomes,   rising inequality and less chance of upward mobility, said TIME. The middle class is shrinking. It has fallen to 27% of the population. One extreme reaction is that California and Texas want to secede from the USA (Texit”).

We are clearly witnessing the demise of the American empire, continued TIME. US does not carry as much weight in the world economy as it used to. When US re-started diplomatic relations with China and Cuba, China and Cuba did not go to US to pay homage. USA went to them.  President Nixon went to China in 1972 and Obama to Cuba in   2016.

US is now losing ground to China and Russia. Russia is challenging the USA in the Middle East by giving support to Assad and Syria.  Russia’s powerful nuclear arsenal could destroy a significant portion of the US with a single attack, observed TIME. US was the single largest contributor to world growth earlier, not now, continued TIME.  The Chinese economy has overtaken US. China has greater economic power than any other country, today. Further, US lacks the strength to deal militarily with its formidable opponents, in one swipe. Even singly, it will be an immense and costly effort. US may have global dreams but its means are limited, said an analyst.

Sri Lanka must understand that the US is an oligarchy not a democracy. ‘Oligarchy’ means    a small group of people having control of the country. This US oligarchy is no ordinary oligarchy.  It is also   a leading global economic power. The whole world, not only the US, is dominated by these global economic elite. This elite includes American billionaires, such as Soros, the big banks such as Goldman Sachs and the big corporations. These are all interlinked. This powerful group also owns the leading media agencies, such as CBS and Time-Warner and these are used to influence public opinion worldwide.  Only about 15% of the elite’s capital actually goes into the US economy.  The rest circulates within global high finance. 

The American public are given a delusion of power and control   but actually, US policy is controlled by this exclusive, high level elite. Decisions that affect the public are taken, in private, behind closed doors by this financial elite. A considerable section of the US public, including the youth, low income groups and minorities are   considered unimportant by this group.   The US cabinet is decided by the leading bankers such as Citibank.

In its foreign policy, America went in for alliances not colonies.  It has the highest number of embassies, consulates and missions. But USA is not liked in the countries where it has a strong presence. The unethical and criminal behavior of the USA has cost them respect of the international community, said   an observer. There has been long standing opposition to the   heavy US military presence in Okinawa, Japan.Philippines president Duterte on a visit to China in 2016, said it was time to say goodbye to the US. He said Philippines had gained little in its long alliance with the US. ‘Your stay in my country was for your own benefit,’ USA   retaliated and said its aid package to Philippines would be withheld, giving human rights as the reason.

Countries coming under US gaze, object strongly to American interference in their affairs. They see it as blatant interference in the domestic affairs of independent countries.  US interest is never compatible with local interests, they complained.   USA has for a long time pursued a foreign policy calamitous to the whole world, including their own, critics said, using bogus reasons such as human right abuses.  America never won its overseas wars. Those wars only devastated countries and created havoc, they observed. Today there is a huge anti American sentiment sweeping the developing world mainly because of its activity in the Middle East. The US has become the biggest source of international uncertainty said TIME. US is so regularly  blamed for any international  destabilization that it had  to actually deny that it had any involvement in the 2016  failed coup in Turkey . (CONCLUDED)


  1. aloy Says:


    Who is/was our main customer for our exports?. Is it not the US?. You have not mentioned that anywhere. Please note that I have no connection with that country except the fact that I use great software originated from there and their technical publications in my professional work.
    It appears to me this is some sort of propaganda to poison the minds of Sri Lankans against bigest world powers. It will be completely a different ball game when Trump takes over. Do not try to put our country to the level of Venezuela, Cuba etc.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Central bank report says more than 50% of SL’s EXPORT INCOME comes from USA, UK and EU.

    We should not get STUCK in 1950s as CUBA has. Or NORTH KOREA.

    The real enemy is ENDIA not USA.

    USA became our TEMPORARY enemy because of ENDIA.

    ENDIANS invaded SL 15 times.

  3. S.Gonsal Says:

    Only FOOLS will antoganise the west. Even MR tried hard to do what they asked. Ealm council is the best example, created to be the GREATES LEADER and to win NO-BELL price !

  4. Ananda-USA Says:


    The agitation by some people in California and Texas, and indeed in the all the Southwestern states, is not due to economic conditions as you imply.

    It is primarily due to Hispanic Americans, supported by recent illegal immigrants (14 million), wanting to carve out their own Hispanic majority country out of the former Mexican territories annexed by military conquest by the United States.

    If you search on Google under “Reconquista” and “Republica del Norte” you will find a lot if information on this movement that is increasing in strength daily.

    The apparent inability/unwillingness of the US govt to stem the tide of illegal immigrants across the border with Mexico is exacerbating the issue and permanently changing the demogrsphics if the Southwest.

    If left unaddressed by the United States govt, there will inevitably be an attempt by these states (Texas, California, Arianna, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado) to secede from the United States. It is only a matter of time given that Hispanics (legal+illegal) are now a majority of the populations of these states.

    The government looks aside at the increasing flouting if federal kaws by Hispanic Americans and their sllies pandering to local voters, the use of Spanish displacing English in schools, the rise of sanctuary cities that flout federal laws and shelter illegals, and even the state of California pandering to illegals by granting them driving licenses! Given that there is no national Identition Card system in the USA, it will soon be impossible to distinguish between citizens and non-citizens.

    The election of Donald Trump who advocated deporting all illegals, was strongly supported by those who resent this undermining of US citizenship by the unrestricted inflow of illegals. If this problem is not solved during Trump’s preaidency, the sotuation will worsen and thete could be formal calla for secessipn. In California a State Proposition has been filed to prepare the ground for secession in the next elections.

    If push comes to shove and a violent secession of the Southwestern states from the Union breaks out, will there be a National will to fight a Civil War to keep the country whole? Will another Abraham Lincoln with the wisdom, will and determination come to the forefront to convince e the people that the goal of keeping the nation is worth the price in blood and treasure? I strongly doubt that the American people have the necessary convictions and the will to do that …. once more! It could well happen that the Federal System with a weak govern at the center would fail to meet the challenge.

    Sri Lanka should learn from this impending demise of the United States by unrestricted inflow of foreign illegal immigrants, and take steps to protect and preserve the rights and culture of its Sinhala Buddhist people.

  5. Christie Says:

    Well written, well presented, well concluded Indian brain washed work.

    India may loose most of the US$ fifty billion dollars they get from USA under new Visa restrictions when they are introduced after Trump. Thai my wishful thinking.

    According to Indians for Trums, they could only muster about 25, 000 votes fro Trump while 2-3 million Indian vermin voted for Clinton and Democrats. Though Clinton lost vermin won with 5 Indian legislators.

  6. Wetta Says:

    I was once a great fan and an admirer of America, However the same America successfully managed to take that off me, not because it did something bad to me personally, no never.

    In my opinion, American foreign policy and their CIA has been the biggest single curse to the entire world. Therefore even if I feel for those poor and continually mislead people who lives inside America, and also those rich and well-off people who live there in comfort, I feel more for the people who live outside America who continue to suffer due to USA.

    USA is responsible for estimated over 10 million human deaths in the world outside USA since the end of WWII, let alone the endless sufferings by their kith and kin and also the living injured and disabled. Nearly a million reported deaths were in Iraq alone, mind it that is only “reported”! Do not forget Vietnam, Afghanistan, Sudan and now Syria, keeping the smaller versions for later. Which other country in the world has killed so many people world-wide? Which such evil, what is the logical reason to protect America?

    Therefore if in case USA gets disintegrated and weakened, that will be, in my opinion, the best thing could happen to the world since the end of WWII. I wish and pray for that, daily. They did the disintegration and regime change and induced suffering around world, this is their own turn, you cannot avoid turning the wheel of fortune all the time.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Despite the truth of much of what Wetta has said, that is not capture the ehole of what the United States represents. The USA is a great and good country for the most part, that does have many warts, and is still engaged in the making of its more petfect union.

    I for one love and highly value the United States just as I love and highly value my motherland of Sri Lanka.

    I will do all I can to protect and preserve the United States as one great undivided country, just as I strive with all my might to preserve Sri Lanka undivided and whole.

    I support Donald Trump partly because he pledged to deport illegal aliens, prevent the unrestricted inflow of illegals in the future, and restore US citizenship to a valued and treasured right of the American people, just as we must do in Sri Lanka.

    I also supported Donald Trump in the hope that he will keep his pledge to bring sanity to US foreign policy, and let other countries live and let live in peaceful co-existence, unlike Hillary Clinton whose hypocritical disastrous foreign policies in pursuit of her half-baked ideas to impose US hegemony on the world destroyed the security and livelihoods of millions of innocent people worldwide.

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