Sinhale Unity Charter to Unify the Nation and Accelerate Development
Posted on January 10th, 2017

Sinhale Mahajana Peramuna

2600 years of recorded history of our motherland upholds the independence and sovereignty secured by Sinhala people. Defeating invasions by petty war lords of South India, hold up of, the Portuguese, Dutch and the British who invaded the country was accomplished the Sinhala people.

LTTE terrorists who waged a terrorist war for ever thirty three years have been eliminated by the Sinhala people. During these struggles, traders from South Indian territories such as Tamil Nadu, Chola, Pandy, Kerala, who settled in our land have legued with the foreign invaders to undermine our heritage and Sinhala Interests.

The British left our shores in 1948 leaving their rule in the hands of their acolyte under a façade of western style democracy. The local political party leaders seeking power to rule over the last 68 years, had been completing with each other under multi ethnic political party system seeking the vote been changed to Sri Lanka to hide its identity with the Sinhala Nation, The national flag has been changed by including two stripes to represent Tamil and Muslim minority interest. The official language has been declared as Sinhala and Tamil. The unitary system of governance has been has been undermined by devolution of power to sectarian ethnic provincial Councils.

These acts of treachery have resulted in an impoverished state where the majority are neglected. This has led to our women in large numbers are being sent to the Middle East countries as slave s. S sizeable portion of locals live on poverty relief under Samurdhi or Janasaviya. Most of the andyans who were disposed of their lands by the English are still struggling to live. The minatory value of the rupee has be devalued 1500% since independence.

In the meantime the ruling party caucuses elected by the people to power have abused their power to a life of luxury with unencumbered imports with the foreign exchange derived from slave labour of women and foreign loans, casting a heavy burden of public debts. Nothing this situation, the Sinhala youth led by the JVP rebelled from 1971 till 1989. Tamil youth led by LTTE terrorized the country from 1976 till 2005. President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the valiant Sinhala soldiers defeated the LTTE terrorists in 2009. But this had angered India and western neo colonialists who had supported the LTTE. Soon after the LTTE terrorism was ended, they joined hands to bring war crime charges in the UN Human Rights Council against the country leaders who defeated terrorism.

Subsequently in 2015, the combined efforts of the minorities, western powers and foreign funded NEOs brought about a regime change engineered by Tamil Diaspora funds. The new regime had pledged to carry out a program to reconcile with terrorists and divide the country on an ethnic basis. Now they are to bring in a new national constitution to uphold Tamil and Muslim demands for separation of the North and East of the country by the transfer of the powers of the Legislature to sectarian Provincial Councils. Already the racist TNA , an appendage of the banned LTTE, is busy

driving the Sinhala inhabitants from the North, while the Muslim Congress which was with LTTE at times, are busy driving the Sinhala from the East, The Chief Minister of the Provinces has pledged to remove symbols of Buddhist civilization from the North and drive away Sinhala residents from the region.

Of the political parties represented in Parliment, 14 parties are amorphous multi ethnic groups, where the Sinhala are herded for political favors, while 8 parties are racist Tamil and Muslim ethnic groups, who have pledged to carry out a racist agenda. These minority extremists are pressing the government to comply with electoral pledged to car ve out an ethic Tamil enclave in the North and a Muslim enclave in the East, leaving them the right to share the rest of the country. The western powers behind the last regime change are in league with the right to share the rest of the country. The western powers behind the last change are league with the separatist groups with their own global agenda.

Facing the imminent threat erosion of sovereignty of the people by transfer of legislative powers to sectarian provincial councils, an assembly of Sinhala Patriots that met on 15th October 2016 pledged to mobilize the public to from the Sinhala Mahajana Peramuna (SMP) to defeat the surreptitious attempt to balkanize the country on ethnic grounds and to enunciate a Sinhale Unity Character to address the lost rights of the majority indigenous people (Bhumi Putra) and to assist in accelerating economic reconstruction.

The Sinhala Unity Character call for the following inalienable rights of the indigenous people

  1. This country stretching from Dondra to Point Pedro Shall be a named Sinhale.
  2. The nationality of the people Sinhale shall be Sinhala.
  3. The national flag of Sinhale shall be the Lion Flag.
  4. Buddhism shall be the state religion and the culture of Sinhale shall be Sinhala Buddhist.
  1. There shall be a new constitution providing for the rights and privileges of the indigenouspeople of the country (Bhumi putra) and Assimilated people, a National delimited electoral representatives 160 elected by people under delimited execrates and 65 National list representatives 15 of whom are elected by each of professional services. entrpreneurial services. trade unions services. And 20 elected by cultural and religious services who are registered under the Election commission.

All of themshall be are free from political rivalry, enmity distrusted, mutual denigration and decentralize executive powers to representatives of the three traditional territories – Ruhunu, Maya, Pihiti – the Three Sinhale doing away with ethnic provincial Councils imposed on the Country.

The sinhale Mahajana Peramuna appeals to the patriotic public to defeat sectarianism and division of the country and calls upon all people to support Sinhala Unity Charter to unity the country and accelerate its development on the basis of new national constitution enacted by representatives to be elected to the succeeding Legislature. The SMP pledges to support candidates who support the charter at the next election and defeat those who do not undertake this pledge.

By Order of Supreme Council and Executive Committee

Sinhale Mahajana Peramuna

12, Templers Road, Mt. Lavinia, Sinhale (Ceylon)


2 Responses to “Sinhale Unity Charter to Unify the Nation and Accelerate Development”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Today Sinhalese have been the door mat in Sri Lanka thanks to catholic-run UNPatriotic party. UNPatriotic party
    have relies heavily on traitor tamils, mussies and the catholics to win power and have been promoting the three
    lots to guarantee their support. Meanwhile some Sinhala modayas who think it is fashionable to be UNPatriotic party
    supporters also vote for them. UNPatriotic party, simply divide the Sinhalese and make the minorities king makers.
    To make matters worse for the Sinhalese, Sri Lanka and Buddhism, the biggest traitor ever in the history of Sri Lanka traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil wickramaSinhalakiller ruling Sri Lanka today.

    Batalande Wadakaya’s mega crrimes against the Sinhalese, Sri Lanka and Buddhism are numerous. But catholic-run
    Sri Lankan media paint him as MR CLEAN to get more and more damage done. Batalande Wadakaya also the
    darling of the catholic west who make sure their pet is safe to do more and more damage in order to establish a
    catholic country in Sri Lanka. These things have made Batalande Wadakaya above the law in Sri Lanka.

    Some of Batalande Wadakaya’s mega crimes. MR CLEAN?

    * torture and killing of Buddhist jvpers in Batalande torture camp with his catholic police top brass buddies, minister
    of erection (permanent) john baas, joseph michael, douglas peris, merril gunaratna etc. Victims’ eyes gorged out
    while alive. Batalande commission found the Wadakaya guilty. Nobody dared punishing.

    *dragging the jvp insurgency to kill more than 60,000+ Buddhists in 6 years (no rehabilitation like Sirima B did,
    it was kill, kill, kill. A Sinhalese cull!)

    * giving half the country on a plate to his catholic buddy hitler mala paharan in 2005 with the CFA (contrast this with
    Batalande torture). Nobody criticised the Wadakaya

    *when all that didn’t work, sending millennium city intelligent officers to the catholic tigers of tamil drelam to
    expedite the creation of a catholic drealam

    *dragging the war for 30+ years saying catholic tigers of tamil drealam were too strong to get rid of Buddhism
    and Buddhist temples in the north and the east; also getting rid of 100,000+ Sinhalese inc. Buddhist monks, men,
    women, children, tri forces personnel and the police by not making an effort to stop the real terrorists

    * Rs 5585 day light robbery at the CB with his catholic buddy maha horandran. Nobody dared punishing Wadakaya

    * abolishing state pension for the new state employees soon after getting the PM (pathala man) post through the
    back door in 2015

    * stop teaching history at schools when the Wadakaya was education minister

    * planned new constitution to break up the country to please his ardent supporters tamils, mussies and catholic

    Unfortunately for the Sinhalese, Sri Lanka and Buddhism Batalande Wadakaya isn’t finished yet. He has plenty more
    treacheries in store for them. Batalande Wadakaya is in perfect health and no sign of leaving this world any time soon.

    The above treachery list by Batalande Wadakaya isn’t all. Read Shenali’s article today about the UNPatriotics to
    see more. Also the following links, which you won’t see in catholic-controlled media in (so called) Buddhist Sri

    Sinhalaya famous for being modayas are easily hoodwinked. Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist
    Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil wickramaSinhalakiller utilising that to maximum effect. Poor Sinhala modayas,
    poor Mother Lanka, poor Buddhism. How long before the Sinhala modayas understand the UNPatriotic party’s

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    For the Sinhala modayas who support the UNPatriotic party. Please click at least one of the links. See if you can

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