Posted on January 11th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

During my stay in UK ,I have noted that UK Police is trained to be polite to the people .When you drive the car erroneously and  violate a regulation such as dropping a cigarette butt on the pavement ,or drink or eat while driving ,they stop you. Once they approach they call you Sir” or Madam irrespective of your car or your attire and politely ( sometimes politeness does not come from their heart if you are a foreigner with a beard ) and yet talk to you calmly ,explain the rules of law ,Then they will tell you that you will have to pay a penalty or you will be charged .Unless you are absolutely sure that you have not violated any law you have no chance of talking him out not to charge you argue that he is at fault.

Their black Uniform in Winter and white shirt in summer does not give you shivers.You can stop them and  ask a road way and they will almost salute you .I do not say that the capitalist police is the best in world but ,I can assure that that they are trained to handle public  in a professional manner .Even if you are  the Price of Wales law ,is equal .


I remember few years back, there was a traffic policeman near Liberty Junction who keeps smiling all the time and sometime salute you .But today we have young cops who do not know how to smile or to be polite .When they stop you they call you Mister” without knowing that word mister can only be used only as a prefix to your surname.

They will then ask you where are you going ? or where are you coming from ?!! These questions seem absurd ,because some people may not give the correct answer in the  if they are  on an illegal mission !

In big corporate entities,  talk about Rebranding” to uplift the marketability of their products .Similarly we may have to use some famous cricketers ( some of them appear in advertisements o sausage selling ! which is very unhealthy )   and put get them to wear a police uniform and advertise Police  using them in a very hilarious act or some other attractive manner .


We need to change the minds of the people that Police is bad” I even suggest that when there are demonstrations they should use Navy or Army ( of course last  episode  in Hambantota was a debacle as the Navy Commander like to squeeze the chin of a  journalist ( may be he likes squeezing chins like we do to small kids!)

And yet Army and Navy is more respected by the people (except in Rathupaswela and in Hambnatota ) hence they can control crowds better ?

My opinion is that changing name to Sri Lanka Police did not help .We need to give a complete new name like Rajapurusha” !!!!!!! ( We have to be careful because Rajapurusha may support much hated word Rakapakse” among some  politicians .


Next step is to change the colour of uniform form Khaki” to a much pleasant colour after holding a referendum to get the best colour people like then to wear ( I suggest pink ! because DIG gave the impression that he is more feminine because he cried recently at a public gathering  )

Last resort for the time being may be to give them Pink Uniforms and Pink Masks they were at traffic junctions

Dr Sarath Obeysekera



  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Change the drunkard POLICE MINISTER!

  2. Christie Says:

    Dr Sarath;

    We have an Indian Police now.

    The Commissioner of the Police Commission is on Sabbatical leave in a German University sponsored by an Indian vermin in Germany.

    He was a direct appointment by the Indian Empire.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    If the new Constitution passes, giving equal status to unconventional sexual relationships in Sri Lanka, PINK may indeed become the appropriate color for Police Uniforms!

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  6. Nimal Says:

    One cannot compare UK with Sri Lanka,just like the Sri Lankan police every dpt, almost every professional have brought the country to the gutter level and in a matter of time with the help of psedo patriots who stirr the pot from the comforts of the Western world. Latter describe or suggest what is good or bad for the country. This is exactly that is happening in the Muslim world where they are tearing themselves apart because their own faith is being divided among themselves like a business. This has made way to the extreme form of Wahhabism. Innocent Muslims have no time or freedom to follow various sects in their countries as they have to work hard to make a living and it is the outsiders who are settled abroad have brought doom and destruction.
    Syria is a good example of a progressive modern country where there was intermarriage between the Christians and Muslims,inter marriage between the two sects of the Muslims.
    International meddlers who are settled abroad have made the atmosphere acidic that is leading to inner fighting even in a family. While they are divided among themselves that division is further worsened by arming the factions that was created. This arming seems to be done by the western countries. There was an ulterior motive for Chaos in Syria and that was averted by the Russians.This is making the Western countries and their agents desperate. They are now putting preassure on Russia because they are scared of the new dawan,where Turky,Iran and Russia are getting together to create lasting peace which is not in the interest the out side trouble makers. They are getting so desperate that settlement is getting ever so closer, think the Israelis have bombed a Syrian special services Air base.
    My advise to patriots living abroad is to strive for reasons that unite our country, strive for good governance that is in line with that is practised in UK,even if we have to bring them to SL to guide us.
    One must observe how progressive and erect the developed world is.They show no tolerance to industries that break their laws like US prosecuting The major car companies and now France prosecuting Renault,South Korea impeaching the sitting President and Perhaps Trump could be next.
    Do you honestly think that this will ever happen in or Darmadeepaya?
    We must not follow Cyprus where another religious idiot,Makarious brought the down fall of that island where the eventual folly was the division of the country.
    The way we are going about,Sri Lanka is friendless because our leaders since the so called independence exploited the country, made money that is stashed abroad while robbing the hard working tax man,putting the country into further debt. This will bring eventual resentment among the people leading into more trouble that would allow India to play local politics to please the TN voters that would bring eventual doom to the innocent Sinhalese. Then who will come to our rescue? Our leaders are good in targeting what is left among the Sinhalese. Examples are. We were the biggest land owners in the country and that was destroyed by the people like Hector Kobbekadwa by the land reform act,they took our busses owned by Sinhalese, They took our Dry Fish shops by TB Illagratne and made it in to Co OP,a den of thieves.I know one dry fish Mudalali(from Mathara) who had his shop in Colombo street Kandy took his life.Then the old powerful and the flagship of the Sinhalese business the Clylinco was nearly destroyed in early 60s by confiscating most of their business,the life policies by Felix Dias B to form the Insurance corporation. And the final blow to that company was to undermine that company recently where the people pulled out their deposits, where the rule of the day for our such finance companies to run a Ponzi like schemes, where Cantal bank never did their job, which was very convenient for some notorious people to asset strip the company and further insult the Chairman by putting him on remand. We Sinhalese are friendless and who need enemies when that is among us.

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