Re: proposed marriage of the City of Brampton with Sri Lanka’s northern city Vavuniya as your gender specific, ‘sister-city’.
Posted on January 13th, 2017

 Asoka Weerasinghe Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

13 January 2017

Mayor Linda Jeffrey
City of Brampton the ‘Flower City’
2 Wellington Street West,
Brampton, ON. L6Y 4R2

Dear Madam Mayor Linda Jeffrey:

Re: proposed  marriage of the City of Brampton with Sri Lanka’s northern city Vavuniya as your gender specific, ‘sister-city’.

Wow!  What’s going on in your neck of the woods of Ontario?  I am told that Ontario’s City of Markham has been or will be married with Mullaitivu, a Northern city of Sri Lanka as their sister-city.

But at least Markham was smart to pick a historical city to join hands with, as that is the city where Velupillai Prabhakaran, the fascist leader of the Tamil terrorist organization Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE aka Tamil Tigers) was shot dead on the shores of the Nandikadal lagoon on 19 May 2009, after he haemorrhaged that beautiful little island with bombs, bullets, claymore mines and suicide bombs in a war of 30 long years. A war that killed over 100,000 peoples among them was two heads of states, Rajiv Gandhi of India and President Ranasinghe Premadasa of Sri Lanka.   All for the want of a mono-ethnic, racist, separate Tamil state, Eelam.

What pride have you got to speak of Vavuniya as your sister-city?  The only legitimacy that I can think  of is that you may want to change the name of your City of Brampton to, City of Bramptamil, sounding musically apt, after your city’s Tamil population will mutate  from 20,000 to 40,000 and then to 60,000 with Tamil immigrants, Tamil refugees and family unifications in a few years.  It will be a windfall of Votes…votes…votes for you and your party colleagues as City Councillors.  Isn’t that so Madam. Mayor!   To me it is cheap, disingenuous and stinks .   I am baffled that you did not want to have your city marry with the City of Killinochchi, also from the North of Sri Lanka, as this city has history.  That is where the Tamil Tiger Headquarters was, where our Canadian  Mission diplomats went to pay their hosannas to these Tamil Tiger terrorists, according to the UN was the most ruthless of all terrorist organizations in the world.  These are the guys who perfected the art of suicide bombing by perfecting the suicide body pack.  By the time the Tamil Tigers were militarily defeated they had detonated 388 human suicide bombs, over half of them were young kidnapped and brain-washed females.

The last census of 2012 told us that there were 141,269 Tamils in the District of Vavuniya and of them 119,286 were Hindus.  So I suppose you will want to hand-pick the best and high-caste Vavuniya Tamils to be brought over to your City of Bramptamil…I mean Brampton.  I suppose you got the best real estate to see a few Hindu Kovils of worship mushrooming around your City to beautify it architectually, and scores of eateries, like Bramptamil Curry Hut, Vavuniya Kanji Cafe, Tamil-Linda Restaurant,etc.,  popping up that will help the city’s economy.  Good thinking, Madam Mayor!

Madam I wonder which of the Ontario cities would want to marry with Cities like Jaffna,  Velvettithurai and Chavakachcheri.  There are plenty of Tamils in these cities who would love to and are dreaming of coming to Canada even in sardine-packed rickety, rusty boats endangering their lives.

It is luck of the draw and there are hundreds, and      hundreds, and hundreds of votes right there in the Tamil community.  And their moto will be, you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.  Bring our people to Brampton, and you will have our bloc vote.

And such is Canadian democracy, federal, provincial and municipal.  Cunning and nasty.

But let me make one prediction. Be careful what you wish for.  Down the years, these Tamils will finally want to claim the City of Bramptamil as their third homeland, as they already have Tamil Nadu in South India,as their homeland where 72 million of their kith and kin live.  They ethnically cleansed Sri Lanka’s North and East by terrorizing, killing, stoning and chasing away non-Tamils who had lived in Sri Lanka’s North and East provinces for generations.   And now these Tamils in Sri Lanka are claiming the North and East of the island as their second homeland.  And be sure that the City of Bramptamil  will not be claimed as their third homeland.  And I bet my last dollar you that down the road they will, and Bramptamil will be a trilingual city – Tamil, English and French.  Write this prediction, encase it in a metal tube as a ‘Time-capsule’ and bury it somewhere in  Brampton’s City Hall to be opened only on January 1, 2050.  My crystal ball reading says that the Bramptamilians will light crackers and jump up and down with joy sipping on imported small bottles of Vauniya- toddy when they find out that my prediction was absolute correct – BINGO!

You know Madam Mayor, ego is part and parcel of a politician that gives them currency to win votes.  So be careful of the Tamil cunning that will boost your ego by naming one of your ‘sister-city’  Vavuniya’s streets as ‘Linda Jeffrey Boulevard’ and expecting you to reciprocate by naming one of Bramptamil streets as ‘Prabhakaran Street’.  And that is the catch.  You won’t have created a precedent as Markham already has with aTamil-Eelam name.  Vanni Street which was unveiled on May 11, 2013, at the site on 14th Avenue between Middlefield Road and Markham Road.  And I bet there will be more to come.

The name Vanni is the name given to the mainland area of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province where the Tamil Tiger terrorists ruled for many years as their de facto separate Tamil state.  So watch it Madam Mayor.  You are now caught in their cunning-vice.

When it happens, all what I will tell you is, Holy-moly Madam Mayor, I warned you, didn’t I!”

How ever much it sounds  disingenuous and stupid, I wish you good luck, Madam Linda Jeffrey,  and may your dreams of winning the next election with the profusion of the Tamil votes will happen to boost your pathetic ego.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

  1. Councillor John Sprovieri

Councillor Grant Gibson

Councillor Elaine Moore

Councillor Doug Whillans

Councillor Michael Palleschi

Councillor Jeff Bowman

Councillor Martin Medeiros

Councillor Pat Fortini

Councillor Gael Miles

Coiuncillor Gurpreet Dhillon


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  1. Sarath W Says:

    Another political slut like Hilary Clinton. Selling their principles for a few votes and few dollars.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


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